Saturday, July 29, 2017

Alishan Forest Train Down to Chiayi

Continuing my Alishan Travelogue in April 2017. 

Most people visit to Alishan will at least ride on famous Alishan Forest Train. I love taking old train especially the routes which give me good natural view. The Alishan Forest Train is famous during Cherry Blossom Season. You need to book the ticket very much earlier or you end up with disappointment. I went there end of April and I miss out the pretty Cherry Blossom view. WTH! I need to finish my work before go for long leave. So got to miss that and satisfy with jungle and green view. Aihhhh!!!

Seriously , it really confusing when I was planning for this trip. Being a foreigner and Chinese illiterate, ,not easy to book Alishan Forest Ticket online. I end up get help from 'Mingsu Owner as Sizhao to help me with it. Thank God! he manage to buy the seating ticket. He drove out around 1 hour all the way downtown to get me the ticket because online seems no the seating ticket. I don't want to stand for 2 hours plus all the way down to Chiayi with my bad knee. 

Warning! The bus and train timetable keep changing. So please get the updated one before you heading there.

My routes at Alishan :

Chiayi THSR - Alishan (by bus) - Shizhao (by bus) - Fenqihu (Mingsu Owner drove me) - Chiayi Railway Station (by Forest Train)

I requested the Mingsu Owner to drive me to Fenqihu around 2 hours earlier because I wanna explore that old town. Many things to see. Love the atmosphere there too. I visited Fenqihu the day earlier and tried many of street food here too. I keep my backpack into one of those coin locker near train station with hope I know how to open it back to the last minute boarding the train. kekekeke...Sweating and almost faint miss the train when I was trying to open the luggage and holding on to my pee. Who knows the toilet can be that crowded ? I end up ran up to opposite road for toilet before board that 2 hours plus train. phewwwww!!!!

Things to do at Fenqihu Old Town Street


1. Visit Old Train Museum

I spent sometimes  exploring the Old Train Museum at Fenqihu again. Its free entrance anyway. The Alpine Routes train I took in Japan few years back is the sister train of Alishan train.


2. Eat Fresh Stir Fried Cook Mountain Vegetables

The Mingsu Owner suggested to try this. I don't regret it a bit. Now I wish more people join me so I can order more. Its a vegetarian old shop. Cook by one uncle and assisted by his Old Mum and Dad too.

Everything was superb and tasty. I sat at the corner digging in this Omellete with some veggies which I donno what type, Monkey Ear mushroom, Spicy Bamboo Shoot slices , Ginger Dragon Beard and one bowl of brown rice. I don't order rice at first but can't help it. So healthy that day and I am loving it every moment the spoon of food enter my mouth.

3. Famous Crispy Doughnut

This famous doughnut really have long queue. But not sure whether I can eat or not. So end bought the vegetarian one near the train station. Regret! I didn't buy more than one. Aihhhh!!!! So delicious!

4. Jungle Trekking

Mingsu owner keep asking to try the jungle trekking nearby. I thought just a short walking trail. Who knows I got lost and almost late for my train. Nice view but too much of staircase and by that time my bad knee was in super duper pain. End up crying all the way up to the train station. Ya.. Ya.. there were people there too look me weird for walking and crying at the same time. But the pain was unbearable at that time. Nothing or No one can stop me from crying. Not even that doggie! Stress up at the same time and regretted to dare myself for short jungle trekking. Where got short walk??? Its a long up and down staircase trekking through out the jungle. isk isk isk . I should have just sit at one cafe sipping on the hot black coffee while enjoying the view. What have I done????

Praying hard my knee will be alright when reach Kaohsiung or I will end up stay put in the hotel most of the time. If this really happen! So lame, right?

5. Quench your thirst with Aiyu Jelly Drink

I finally reach to the train station area. No more crying. Then saw many people sitting chatting and drinking. Oh! this is the famous Amma Aiyu Jelly Drink. Bought one and join the sitting crowd sipping through the Jelly Drink. Phewww!!! I made it, despite all the crisis!

6. Taking the Forest Train down to Chiayi Train Station

If you bring big luggage with you , there are some limited space for it. The top compartment is very small. I brought a small backpack with me. But the backpack was super fat. Aiyahhhh!!! fat lady carry ma...sure fat like the owner one. End up can't fit in above compartment. The backpack end up on my lap through out the journey. The seating leg room is pretty much small. A bit uncomfortable if you are sitting next to big people. huhuhuhuh

There some people who standing through out the journey. The unique features of Alishan Forest Train are Spiral railway, zigzag switchbacks and Horseshoe turns. There are few small stations stop along the way down to the city. The journey going through jungles , mountains and more than 30 tunnel all the way down is something not everyone can do. Seriously, if you have that motion sickness you will get really sick. Thank God! I was OK during the journey.

I reached Chiayi Train Station almost late afternoon. Quickly exited the station for the bus to Chiayi THSR to take the speed train back to Kaohsiung. By the time reached Kaohsiung the sun was halfway down. Do I still have energy to go out for dinner ?

Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Butterfly Project July 2017 : My Fav Face Mist

What is your first impression if I mention the word 'Face Mist' ?
Refreshing ? Oh yeahhh!!! you bet during this hot weather season.
My first thought when Face mist is hot item for beauty addict ? WTH? This is just a scented water spray onto face.
Envy the face spray fashion, I then started to follow the face mist vibes and own few of it too. goes with my 'WTH?'
Isn't this just a spray toner ? Well.. I got that part wrong! 
Toners used after the face cleanse while this face mist can be used at any time. Just spray over as long as you don't get drunk overdosed of spray. kekeke

What is face mist function ?

  • Revive the tired skin
  • Helps to control break out
  • Skin hydration
  • Set make up 

How to use face mist for your skin condition ?


  1. Oily / Acne Skin - Spray face mist with lightly astringents to ward off  breakouts
  2. Dry Skin - Get the face mist with hydrating ingredients. You can spray it over all day long to rejuvenate your skin.
  3. Sensitive Skin - Best to get the gentle spray face mist with skin calming ingredients like rose water.

I have 2 favorite face mist from different Brand. One is Melvita Rose Water and the other one is Mamonde Floral Hydro Mist  Narcissus.

The Melvita Damask Rose Water perfect to bring along during my travel time. Love the pocket size and convenient 28ml bottle. The Rose Water smells is super refreshing after touring round. I know this is not mist but still the same function. It just you face will wet drenched with water every time your spray on. kekekeke

Another favorite face mist is Mamonde. But I can only use it when I am in the office because it came in 120ml bottle. huhuhuh...Too big to even keep it in my handbag. I feel like carrying Bygone Spray. Anyway, I love Mamonde Floral Hydro Mist because its light spray. So soft like feather when it hits to your skin. The hydration ingredients perfect for air conditioning environment.

Can you share which Brand become your favorite Face Mist ?

Monday, July 24, 2017

How to Win Back Lost Customers ?

For those who have been reading my blog , might know the delivery blundered of my online purchase during Mamonde official launch at famous online marketplace If you miss the whole story please read it at this link to get to know the whole picture.

For those who are in online business and soon to be online business owner , please read on. 
Do you know that exceptional customer service will drives the best online businesses ? 

As business owner the right attitude are important :

  • Stay Humble
  • Listen to your customers
  • Train you staff well in handling the real situation

Here are ideas on how you could win back lost customers ? 

1. Find out why they left

Customer won't leave you without any reason. First you need to decide whether you want to win back this customer. Second , you need to find out why they leave you. Third , make sure this customer are leaving happy and will continue to return.

2. Listen and Empathize

If customer complaint on your service, don't just stick to your script reading responding to such inquiries. You need to hire a Human to handle this situation who can relate to customer problem and best if he / she can relate back to customer problem. Customer service who understand the whole situation and give them the solution.

3. Apologize

Don't just say sorry and then blame it to someone else.This is irresponsible!

4. Time, Cost and Quality

Time , Cost and Quality is the key to right packaging which ensure products reach to customer in one piece and mint condition.

5. Go beyond expectation

Seller who 'Wow' the customer and get lots of praise for fast delivery and keep customer informed and generous in giving away freebies on top of item bought , will always earn extra point. 

This Mamonde Basic Skin Set had found the owner. Glad my dreams to gift my friend with Mamonde item comes true finally.

In my case with Mamonde Online store, I received a personal handwritten postcard from them on top of replacement form items I bought from them earlier. sincerely added in some freebies like Daniel Wellington Bracelet and a voucher as token of apology to my long ordeal nightmare shopping experience with them. Thank you from bottom of my heart!

I have rejected number of times for all these. However, they have shown their sincerity for a redemption to win me back. I really glad they are showing some sense on improvement to their service. Will I shop at Mamonde Online again ? YES! I will.Why would I minus out for my online shopping spree? I just give it a 'cool off' time and I will be back soon.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

6 Benefits of Whole Grains

For those who are looking forward to lose weight might read and research around. Many said we need to ditch wheat or gluten to lose that pounds. Do you know that our body need more grains so that our body can have enough fiber, plant based mineral, vitamins which is important for our well being? This is not applicable if you falls under gluten allergy or anything similar.

1. Whole Grains contain lots of fiber

One main reason to eat whole grains is FIBER. Fiber is important to control blood sugar level, lower down cholesterol, and reduce colon cancer risk.  

2. Helps Digestion

Fiber content is good for bowel movement because whole grains contain lactic acid which promotes good bacteria in our large intestine. Healthy intestine helps to boost up body immune systems.

3. Weight Control

Women who consume more wheat germ, brown rice had lower risk in gaining major weight gain.

4. Redistribute Fat

Eating grains aren't actually will make you lose weight but can help to reduce body fat. Eating whole grains especially can help in reducing belly fat. 

5. Whole Grains contain resistant starch

Many thought whole grain is carbs and relate it with fat. This is carbs that acts more like a fiber so its good in helping out in digestive system and burn more fat. Brown rice are good whole grain sources of resistant starch.

6. Lower Blood Pressure

Women who consume more whole grains like brown rice benefit to lower blood cholestrol, blood pressure and insulin level. This helps to reduce heart disease risk. 

As a working woman who lives alone , I didn't prepare my own food especially during weekdays. My daily meal prepare by those many outsider cook. 

Morning breakfast is either sandwich or nasi lemak or smoothies if I am so in good mood to blend one early in the morning before leave home. Such a big hassle for me. 

Lunch time another one scoop of white rice , veggies and some protein. Tell me which street food Auntie sells brown rice at Jalan Tengah here ?

Dinner just fruits or don't eat due to my laziness which hard to cure until now. haihhhh...isk isk isk. The conclusion with this kind of lifestyle, at mid age, I suffer with imbalance nutrition and less fiber in my body. Our body need at least 42% serving of fiber a day.

Recently , when NutriBrown Rice instant beverage reached me was like blessing to my lack of fiber and nutrition body. Seriously , I am at one point thought my colon clog like those un-flush drainage. I feel so unhealthy until need to swallow some laxative just to pass on in the morning. Ewwwwww!!!

I started my morning routines with this Brown Rice Whole Grain on the go every morning for 5 days It really helps in my bowel movement. I feel more energetic. I skip my morning famous 'Jalan Tengah nasi lemak' queue for a week. That 's the hardest ever. I really like something spicy to start my morning. Bad Habit! 

At first this NutriBrown Rice cereal make me feel a bit skeptical. I hate instant beverage the most because of their overly sweetness. I hate sweet thing the most for breakfast especially. 

I give NutriBrown Rice instant beverage a try. Since it came to me with 5 flavors, I decided to try out one flavor each morning. By the way there is No Sugar Added series and Low Sugar Series.

NutriBrown Rice - Low Sugar Series - Chocolate Flavor

NutriBrown Rice No Sugar Added Series - Original No sugar added

NutriBrown Rice Low Sugar Series - Original Flavor

NutriBrown Rice No Sugar Added Series - Honey Flavor

NutriBrown Rice Low Sugar Series -Oat with Soy Lecithin Flavor

First time I made it with hot drink. The texture a bit starchy and thick. Then the next day I use warm water and the texture came out a bit better than the first day. My first impression was like... I was eating porridge in the morning ? Add more water and give it a go. The taste is not bad after all. I love the chocolate flavor. Not overly mix chocolaty taste in here. Even the sweetness is just to taste. I was thinking about giving my Mum to try out the no sugar one this weekend.  This whole grain things idea is very convenient for busy working people like us. Not only its easy to mix and delicious, its pack with benefits - antioxidants , a low gi food , lower blood cholesterol, help in digestion system and assist in weight control.

Feed your body with whole grain for better long term health benefit.

More information on NutriBrown Rice visit , Website :

Monday, July 17, 2017

5 Tips To Choose The Right LipBalm

Unlike other skincare, Lip Balm is something you ingesting almost immediately after you apply. So make sure you choose the product that you feel happy to eat ! WTH! Sounds like horror , right? We eat our Lip Balm? You still in denial? Come on who still denying they never taste a tooth paste before? Same goes to Lip Balm too.

There thousands of Lip Balm brand on shelf. I am sure all of us are spoil with choices. Some of us scratching head to choose the right one suit to your lip condition. Well...I list some simple guide for you to select your next Lip Balm.

Guide to Choose Lip Balm 

1. Packaging

* Jar
* Tube
* Stick

If you prefer to use fingers dab then jar or tube Lip Balm is your choice. As for me , I prefer to glide away on my Lip, so I go for stick.

2. Smells and Flavor

While some of you may turn off with anything aromatic but not me. I personally love fruity sweet smells for my Lip Balm.

3. Multi-Tasking Lip Balm

I prefer Lip Balm with SPF and key nourishing ingredients to assist in hydrating and moisturizing my pout. While if it has minty flavor is way better because it can help to freshen up my breathe too. Another factor I personally will look at is the Tint to give that natural bitten look. Yeoooowww!!!!

4. Treatment

For those who are dealing with extremely dry , cracked and peeling or chapped lips, just get yourself the medicated balm that sooth and treat the problem

5. Lip Balm with Benefits

I would suggest to go for Lip Balm with high grade oils such as Olive Oil, Avocado Oil, Argan Oil, Vitamin E which will sooth and moisturize your pout without any greasy feeling. Make sure to choose something contains at least SPF 15 and free of parabens.

Recently Mentholathum launch Premium Rich Moist Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm for pampering and caring to your pout. This is a super nourishing Lip Balm that pamper lips pack with the best moisturizing ingredients.

Mentholathum Premium Rich Moist Lip Balm are formulated with 8 ingredients :

  • Olive Oil ,
  • Honey,
  • Avocado Oil,
  • Argan Oil,
  • Jojoba Seed Oil,
  • Royal Jelly Extract,
  • Shea Butter, and
  • Moringa Butter  

This premium Lip Balm helps to relieve dry and chapped lips while you lips stays velvety silky smooth. If you are looking for outdoor use then this Lip Balm is ideal because it comes with SPF23PA++ for protection against the UVA and UVB rays. On top of that this new Mentholathum Premium Rich Moist Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm also fortified with Multi-Ceramides that helps to maintain and restore the skin barrier function for intense and long lasting moisturizing.

How to Apply Lip Balm ?

For best results and long-lasting results , just gently slide two or three layers on the lips.

Important note on Lip Balm :

1. Use Lip Balm sparingly. If you over applying will result to dry out your lips in long run.

2. Beeswax effectively protects against chapping and harsh weather conditions while butters and vegetable oils provide daily conditioning for soft and supple lips.

3. Try to avoid petrochemicals such as super common petrolatum because this ingredients linked to various health concern and it may get sensitive to skin too.

Mentholathum Premium Rich Moist - Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm cost RM22.90 and available widely at well known pharmacies around you. It comes with two variants namely :

Premium Rich Moist - Fragrance Free which suitable for those with more sensitive skin. I comes with beautiful dark blue color stick.

Premium Rich Moist - Natural Honey which is suitable for those like me who prefer a tinge of sweetness scent. It comes with lovely leaf green stick.

If you are not aware about Mentholathum. Mentholathum has other famous brands under their wings - Hada Labo, Seisun, Rohto C Cube, Lip Ice, Oxy and Deep Heating Rub.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Looking Good in the Kitchen with Mamonde

When everybody happily eating and drinking away in the living room...I was that person who stuck in the kitchen cooking away for them. Hard to believe..huh? Yes! I cook too. Whether its edible to far no complaint. 

Don't ask to bake or anything else. I can just do a simple stir fry using my survival common sense instinct. Being stuck in the kitchen all the time during Raya doesn't mean I need to look messy and oily face. I was happily dolling up and freshening up with Mamonde. 

Apply BB Cream and lip tint is a must to look pretty welcoming the guest.

I brought back Mamonde Long Lasting Liquid Eyeliner. I chose the long lasting so don't need reapply it all the time. It last until I wash off at night before go to bed. Perfect for busy kitchen person like me.

I love the sturdy brush tip. It easy to apply and less shaky line for not so pro make up Goddess like me. ahahaha.. Don't need eye shadow or whatsoever. Just a simple super black Mamonde Eye liner to highlight my eyes. How do I look????? 'Cantik???' kekekeke

Taiping weather suppose to be wet and moist. But...when I went back there last week, the weather was super duper hot. Hot until I feel like fan or anything don't work at all. I really afraid of the heat attack would harm my skin. Thank God! brought back Mamonde Floral Hydo Mist Narcissus. The fragrance smell from this mist wakes up my skin from the heat sleepy mode and moisture dry skin. 

I remain this fresh face even until night time last guest. Thank you Mamonde for sponsoring this awesome products at our Butterfly Birthday event. 

Mamonde has many great products from flower inspired in store. Visit their website to know more. Did I mentioned that Mamonde also available online at Somehow that online store doesn't work for me due to their logistic Ninja Van is not that smart in delivering the items. I ordered 6th June 2017 and until today I haven't receive anything. I end up cancel the order and request for refund. You can get Mamonde products at their Counter which located at AEON. Faster and better because you can sample the products before hand.

Get more of flower inspired product from Mamonde here.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

PIKA PIKA No Mirror Make Up Challenge

Last Saturday attended PIKA PIKA NO MIRROR make up challenge organized by Watson Malaysia. first time make my time to attend event organized by Watson. All Butterflies who attended the event require to come with bare face or the most minimal makeup and also bring along the waterproof make up set.

I brought over my humble water proof make up pouch. isk isk ...

We were told to do the make up during the event. As the title it was the NO MIRROR make up event. I was struggling to apply make up without the mirror. isk isk isk. I didn't event wanna use eye liner for this. I failed to even draw proper line with make up. Hell no without it! Afraid to end up look like Chinese Opera Singer. kekekeke

Then we were told to remove our make up using PIKA PIKA Deep Cleansing range.

Here comes...the real STAR for the day. PIKA PIKA Deep Cleansing range which contains natural fruit extract. Now it make sense on that bunch of fruits on the table to complete the setting. PIKA PIKA products complete with AHA and BHA to help dissolve dead skin and impurities in clogged pores.

We were told it also contains mineral and whitening complex to help purify dead skin and absorb excess oil.

To me this sounds like a self facial at home. Beauty center easily charge range of RM300 and above for this service which includes that painful extraction. huhuhuh... I really hate that part when it comes to facial time. In fact I skip my facial just because I couldn't stand the pain of extraction.

PIKA PIKA is a Japanese word which means Sparkling. This product range is made in Japan which are safe and good quality product. 

There are 3 products in PIKA PIKA Deep Cleansing range :

* Sparkling Bright Fruity Cleansing Liquid , Retail Price RM79/190ml
* Sparkling Bright Peel Off Mask , Retail Price RM49 / 80g
* Sparkling Bright Hot and Cool Cleansing Gel RM39 / 35g

Sparkling Bright Fruity Cleansing Liquid , Retail Price RM79/190ml

Claimed :
  • Contains natural fruit extract AHA and BHA
  • Helps to dissolve dead skin and impurities in clogged pores
  • Easily removes makeup in the shower
My experience using Sparkling Bright Fruity Cleansing Liquid :

It easily removes water proof make up - YES! but when you rub it on lips , you will get a bitter taste from it. yikeeesss!!!!
I love the sweet fruity smells from this cleansing liquid. It does it job well in cleansing my skin and I feel like my skin get brighter than ever after just my first cleanse. Not bad! Apart from that bitter taste (who ask me to lick on it , right?) hehehe, I got no complaint to this cleanser.  

Sparkling Bright Peel Off Mask , Retail Price RM49 / 80g

 Claimed :
  • To help purify dead skin and absorbs excess oil
  • Contains ARBUTIN to helps inhibit dark spots and freckle and prevent skin aging
  • Helps you to revive dull skin shortly

My experience using Sparkling Bright Peel Off Mask :

I tried this peel off mask at home early this week.  Duh!!!! don't expect me to try this during this event. The texture of this mask is very light and not as sticky as that black clay peel off mask. Oh! forgot to mention this mask is made of White Clay. I apply it thinly onto my skin (gosh! not too thin until you can't even peel off from your skin). Then leave it for 15 minutes or best until it dry up.
I then peel it off and ...jeng.. jeng.. I saw red marks on my skin. I was like.. WTH! Am I having a skin reaction? It was red like when you after facial did the extraction. I checked myself on the mirror. Uwaaaaa!!!! don't like that la..I need to go to work tomorrow.  

The next day I woke up with clear and bright skin. Sparkling!!!! (that sparkling part - I lied ) kekekeke... but it really make my skin look clear and bright. Even my CC Cushion place evenly well on my skin on the next day. That red spot? It disappear, though! 

Please note : Since this mask contains Arbutin, you need to extra careful if  you have sensitive skin. My skin is fine using this.

Sparkling Bright Hot and Cool Cleansing Gel RM39 / 35g

Claimed :

  • Hot - The Thermal effect helps to enlarge pores for removing blackheads and dirt
  • Cool - Menthol helps to soothe your skin and shrink pores!
  • Helps purify dead skin and absorbs excess oil 
  • Doubles function - cleansing plus repairing !

My experience using Sparkling Bright Hot and Cool Cleansing Gel :

I applied it at my 'T' zone area and leave it for around 10 minutes. It gave me that hot effect and then when I wash off the products it left with a bit of cooling off effect. I notice the 'T' zone area is clear and my pores is smaller. The smells a bit a mix of thermal and menthol which I really don't know how to describe.  Other than smells, I will gives this a thumbs up! It really does a good job in removing blackheads and dirt from my 'T' zone area. I notice it look brighter than ever.
    PIKA PIKA event was held at lovely  and Unique Dessert Cafe called Foret Blanc Patisseries near Petaling Utama Avenue. Apart from full of surprise 'kawaii' dessert , all of us brought home that lovely 'unicorn macaroons'. I love their Macaroon and Chocolate Bon Bon.
      Here are group photo with table mate lovely Butterflies. Aiyak!!! my face look too distorted here. hahahaha... Glad to attend this event and made few new friends. 
      Do you interest to get your hands on PIKA PIKA deep cleansing range?
      You can only get PIKA PIKA only at Watson Pharmacy. Get RM10 off if you use promo code : PIKA10A when you shop at Watson Online Store . Note that this promo code valid until 31st July 2017. 

    Tuesday, July 11, 2017

    Why Lip Balm is Important in your daily life ?

    We care so much about our skin and other part of our body but how many of you pay attention to your lips? 
    I am one person who really hate dry and chapped lips. Especially the one until bleeding. Not only my lip look super ugly. It hurt too. isk isk isk. To me getting my lip healthy looking can boost up my confidence too.
    I always apply lip balm before apply anything on my lip. Even if I am super lazy to apply anything...lip balm is a must for me to apply.

    There are so many lip balm out there in the market. You are spoil with lots and variety of choices. I usually choose the one made by well known company , Mentholatum and their famous brand LipIce. I bet you gals heard about this brand call LipIce. LipIce is famous with its lip moisturizing formula.

    Recently , LipIce launched LipIce Tinted LipBalm. Best of all it now comes in a brand new Disney look. Wuhuuuuu!!! your young and teenage daughter would want this. Even I am way over that teenage young age, I am all for this first of its kind in the market.Taddddaaahhhh!!!!

    Disney edition LipIce Tinted LipBalm package comes with contrasting black and pink designs to give a young, vibrant and fun feel. 

    Who is the Disney fan???
    I grew up with Disney. So no matter young or old I would want to get my hands on this new design.

    LipIce Tinted Lipbalm is an ultra-nourishing tinted balm and its not only moisturizes lip but also protect and best of leave a soft natural pink tint with great sweet refreshing berry flavor. 

    You just need a one glide of this onto your lips for instant revitalizes and moisturize your lips.

    LipIce Tinted Lipbalm formulated with Super Hyaluronic Acid which works to seal in moisture in the lips for long lasting hydration. The formulation includes Meadowfoam Seed Oil and Collagen to help improve lip texture for bouncy and smoother lips. 
    Did I mentioned it contains Collagen which is an anti aging ingredient to helps restore elasticiy to lips. Vitamin E is also included in formulation for effective antioxidant to help repair dry lips and keeping them smooth and healthy.

    The LipIce Tinted LipBalm Disney Edition available in 3 shades that comes with different Berry Flavors and available at leading pharmacies and major supermarket outlets at RM12.50 each.

     Baby Pink - Strawberry Flavor

    Poppy Pink - Raspberry Flavor

    Berry Red - Wildberry Flavour

    Friday, July 7, 2017

    Do SugarBearHair really Works ?

    If you are following some famous Hollywood Celebrities last year or the year before , you will notice some of the are promoting those cute little blue bear. I don't follow any Hollywood Celebrities or whatsoever. Told ya..I am on Korean fandom. ahak.. ahak...

    I get to know about this blue gummies aka hair vitamin by chance reading the gossip magazine while getting my hair treatment done at Pavillion, KL early this year. Serious, this people really good in writing. So convincing until I can't get over it and finally clicked purchase it. The most expensive gummies ever I have in my entire life. This is all the Kardashians fault! I need somebody to blame. hehehe.. The sentence , Chloe can't get enough of this gummies and wish she can just dig in a handful of those...whoaaaa!!! I was like...want this too. Not to mentioned their well groomed hair. That look so beautifully thick hair. Errrr...did I just forgotten about extension sort of thing exist too. Whatever! I just got sucked up to this advertorial.

    I search the internet and read many reviews. So convincing! I am a fool again.I am a blogger myself. I should have known all this thing, right??? Snap out!

    At the end...I lost on this blue gummies battle. 
    Haihhh!!! I feel like a loser when forked out my own hard earned to try this out. (**face palm and head down to this statement**) Freaking RM400++ after the expensive conversion rates. Damn! big hole to my wallet. WTH!

    I bought pack of 3 bottles of this direct from website. Greedy and Happy! after notice they ship my gummies via DHLwith though its gonna reach me in next 5 days. WTH! Don't be so happy. They use standard snail mail via DHL. I am a fool again! I only received it after waiting for almost a month and this gummies reached me rolling. Of course I lied! How you expect the gummies came to me rolling? LOL . It came in big box with beautiful blue comb. 

    What is SugarBearHair ?

    Errrr...bunch of blue sweet smell gummy bears.
    Well, SugarBearHair contains 5000mg of biotin which is used to stimulate the process to create fatty acids in the scalp which is necessary to promote growth in the scalp. It can help hair growth at faster rate.Don't worry much! SugarBearHair doesn't promote growth to entire body. Guess, if it really does that then they just create the entire planet of apes species. I did notice my mustache grew longer.  LOL! Kidding!

    Other ingredients and vitamins in SugarBearHair which essential in stimulating hair growth are :

    * Vitamin A
    * Vitamin C
    * Vitamin D
    * Vitamin E
    * Vitamin B-6
    * Folic Acid
    * Vitamin B-12
    * Panthothenic Acid
    * Iodine
    * Zinc
    * Choline
    * Inositol

    SugarBearHair is vegetarian and apparently the sugar level is from the fruits. No artificial flavours or sweeteners as what they claimed. I can't proof that unless the diabetes hit me. kekekeke

    SugarBearHair claimed this blue gummies :

    * Can grow your hair longer
    * Boost up and Hair Strengthen
    * Nourish hair from within
    * Improve hair elasticiy
    * Stop Breakage

    When I first open the bottle , the sweet berries smell run out hitting my nose. Haihhhh!!!! Its hard to just take only 2 a day as recommended by the company. I want more and more gummies. I still eat 2 gummies a day as recommended though. Afraid to be overdosed of Vitamins if I eat more. 

    I just finished my first bottle and currently on second bottle. Yeah!!! I skip many days and very irregular intake. I wish can TagLa on my gummies. I seems forgot about it in many days. There are 60 gummies in a bottle and recommended to take 2 gummies a day or you end up overdosed of vitamins in your body. I suppose to finish it in a month. I only finished my first bottle in 2 months time. huhuhuh...

    Do SugarBearHair Really Works ?

    I have my waist long hair cut to shoulder length before taking my first bottle of gummies. Phewww!!! talk about passionate experimental blogger. I gave a big round applause to myself for sacrificing my hair for this. Like I mean it! hahaha... The truth is...I was dying for a hair cut because my head feel so heavy. LOL!


    My main reason to take this gummies is because of that baldness on the side of my head. WTH! Face palm and head down. I just announce to the world that I am bald. Yeahhhh!!! I am that bald woman. See??? See??? This is the reason why I never put up my hair in public. Other than that I also wanna fix on my breakage and brittle hair too. My nail was in bad condition too. Super crisp and break easily! Now..I make my nail sounds like a crackers, huh?

    This photo was after my finished my first bottle. Hair down like this??? Now you gals think that cute blue gummies work like magic ,huh??? Look nice, right?  In real my hair look like that after I was an dry my hair. This photo I took it early this month. The only think I can notice here is my hair look shining and healthier. So does my nail. But....

    This photo also after finished the first bottle. Owhhhhh!!! The baldness still there and its smaller. 

    I was fooling myself and in denial when took this photo. I can just write this post like ...yeayyyyy!!! see? Oh! my baldness getting smaller. 
    Then you gals go...Oh! I want this gummies. I wanna buy too. I wanna fill that gap too and bla bla bla

    GOTCHA! How can I think this little gummies can fill up that baldness?

    I was just fooling around and didn't reveal the baldness still there and as wide as it is since before I took that gummies. Face palm and head down. Forgive me this gummies is not for those who already bald. Dreams on! Go to hair center for hair growth treatment instead of buying this gummies.

    This photo I took it early this week when I opened my 2nd bottle. See the baby hair is growing on the side. As I mentioned baldness still there but can be covered by those unruly baby hair. Like I said my hair look shining and stronger...yeahhhhh!!!! many times my colleague keep praising my hair is so shining and look glowing. Oh yeahhh!! bring it on with all the praise. Hail Your Highness Princess Cindyrina !  WTH! I don't even apply any oil to my hair. Damn lazy woman to do that. I guess its the gummies work which I don't even notice. kekeke

    So???? Do SugarBearHair really works for me?
    Hell...yaaaa!!!!! eventhough its a slow result, well...this is not a Harry Potter world. Nothing works like magic here in reality. Shall I write it this way? You gals will wanna buy this gummies too ?

    The truth about SugarBearHair which I refer back to its claimed :

    * Can grow your hair longer - YES
    * Boost up and Hair Strengthen - YES
    * Nourish hair from within - YES
    * Improve hair elasticity - YES
    * Stop Breakage - YES

    Do SugarBearHair can fill up the baldness ? NO!

    Can reduce hair fall ? NO. My house floor is still cover with carpet of my hair. huhuhuh..

    SugarBearHair never claimed this gummies can do that. It was meeeeee...who assume it can do that magic to my hair. Isk isk isk.

    Here goes..I just did a free advertisement for SugarBearHair. Don't ask me to sell you the 3rd bottle. I am keeping it for myself. Go purchase at their website yourself and wait a month like me. hehehe.

    Honestly, you don't need this expensive gummies to get you crowning glory grow healthily. Just get enough of those vitamins  to your body and enough sleep too. This is gummies full of good vitamins and good for overall health. To be exact just get yourself enough Biotin, Folic Acid and Vitamin C for your body. This Vitamins are good for hair growth and strengthen nails.

    Is SugarBearHair legit? YES. They did as what its claimed. Nothing more than that.

    Do you expect me to pose like Kardashian or any other reviewer with gummies in their mouth look sexy inviting ? Goshhh!!! I am not Kardashian. You are reading the wrong blog.

    Wednesday, July 5, 2017

    Poor Execution of Delivery from Well Known Online Marketplace in Malaysia

    I wish don't need to do such blog post. But I need to let this out health will damage due to unsatisfactory.  This is one 'emo' post!

    I was so happy when Mamonde launched Online Store at Yeayyy!!! convenient. Love online shopping plus super excited to shop. I received RM20 vouchers and decided to do some shopping for Raya gift.

    Plus you see that photo banner? First 120 buyers at Mamonde Online store will receive that beautiful pouch and 50ml First Energy Serum. Oh yeay! Happy mode to shop and race out to be the first 120 buyers.

    I ordered Mamonde Basic Skincare set on 6th June 2017 through Mamonde Online Dying to get my hands on those beautiful pouch. You see...Mamonde products are all flowers inspired products. Even their skin care pouch is hard to be miss. Super gorgeous to my eyes. I was nervously cross my fingers and wish to be the first 120 buyers. I waited for a week. No sign of shipping notification from Already not happy. Gosh! I never have to wait this long on Shipping notification when I bought something online. Normally, I just need to wait 3 - 4 days. This is the longest. Trying to be positive with thought, they just launched the online store. Too many orders and trying their best to manage. I just need to wait my turn. WTH! Whoever knows me well , I am not this patient in character. I am one impatient person. But for the sake of this items from Mamonde which only can be purchase through their online store. Inner peace! Inner peace! Forgive! forgive them! Yeahhh..that was my 'Mantra' for the whole journey of waiting for Mamonde order through

    I finally received my shipping tracking status on 14th July 2017.Gosh! super long waiting for just a tracking number. They are using Ninja Van courier service. Very the 'Ninja'. (feeling bitter with this word) Now I feel like ordering direct from China Seller.

    Do note on the remarks to seller which I clearly stated - " Please deliver during office hours. Mon - Fri between 8am - 4:30pm. Actually , my office until 5pm. But yet many days not even a sign of Ninja Van attempt to deliver the items to my office. No even a call. NO CALL!!!

    15th June 2017 - I received sms notification from Ninja Van asking me whether I am interested to collect the parcel at  somewhere near Ted baker which require me to walk far from my office. It was during Fasting month. You wanna me walk under hot sun and for sure I can't even quench my thirst after long walk due to fasting after that. Plus...I was so puzzle at that time. I paid RM7:30 for the shipping cost and I need to walk to get my parcel? What kind of courier service is this? I was thinking to myself , I should have bought it at the Mamonde Counter then. What are those convenient online shopping experience , then? Really? I have to go through this?

    Then I tracked the delivery tracking status and noticed they were trying to deliver to my office on 8:26pm and most of the time after the working hours. I still waited patiently. Inner peace, Rina!

    20th June 2017 - I notice another 'DELIVERY FAILURE' on the tracking status. They even tried to deliver to my office on Saturday. I received the sms notification while I was home during the weekend. I was like 'duhhhhh'!!!!! 'Beh Tahan' already!!!! I contacted Ninja Van support and highlight to them this is office address and please deliver the items during working hours which I stated 'Monday - Friday' between '8am - 4:30pm'.

    I then received a reply from Ninja Van support :

    " Upon checking, your item NVMYXXXXXXXX currently on vehicle for today delivery 20/6/2017 (9am-10pm) by best effort basis.
    We do apologize for the inconvenience caused and thanks for your patience and understanding. "

    Aiyah!!!! I also tracked my order online la...That is why I wrote to you and highlight what is the problem with hope you guys take note and do the work efficiently.

    It is good to know your delivery guy is working super hard even to deliver item until 10pm. Residential area maybe applicable on that hours. Oh! not ok for me. Who knows you call me at 9:30pm while I was busy trying to sleep on my bed? Annoying right? By the way, my delivery address is office address. Which is clearly stated! Duh!!!! 

    At this point, I give up to receive my Mamonde items before Hari Raya holiday. Actually , I gave up after receiving such reply from a Customer Service who basically reply a customer without even reading the message clearly. Scripted reply!

    Talk to them was like ...'Gik Hei' in Cantonese means annoying and irritating

    After Hari Raya holiday, I was in the office on 29th and 30th June 2017. I don't even give hope to receive my items because I was trying to be understanding. Many courier guy is on holiday and they will start delivering my item next week. 

    My mantra continue, 

    'Inner peace' 
    'Inner peace'
    'Forgive those people'

    In between of those days , I did contacted to highlight on my problem. What do I expect? The reply is fully scripted. 
    E.g. ' We will check with our delivery service. Please track your items using the tracking number provided'. 

    I was like 'duhhhh'!!!! You think this is my first time doing online shopping , is it??? 

    I then contacted the seller who is Mamonde Online which I thought this is direct Mamonde. I was told Mamonde Online is fully manage by Damn!!! no wonder the response on my inquiries doesn't even solve my problem. 

    4th July 2017 - Yeayyyy!!! Happy Independence Day!!! Independence day my foot...I was super 'angry bird'. I was driving back home at 5:50pm, for the first time ever through out my entire waiting process of Mamonde items from, I received a call from Ninja Van courier guy.

    Ninja : ' Ms Rina, I want to deliver your item. Your place is close!

    I feel like don't even wanna reply him. But I was thinking, he made his effort. I can't scold him. Its not his fault. His company don't notify him on my note. I then reply him nicely. 

    " Inner peace"
    " Inner peace"
    "Forgive this person"

    Me : ' This is office address. We are after office hours now. I specifically wrote a note to seller and even contacted your support centre to inform on the delivery hours'. Don't you get that message?'

    Ninja : 'Then this item? How?

    Me : 'Can you come to deliver it in the morning tomorrow?'

    Ninja : ' Not sure ar!!!! This parcel may not be with me anymore. Then how?'

    Me : ' Send back the item to your center and I will contact them then.'

    I reached home yesterday evening with all my Mantra went 'Kapppooosshhhh'. Inner peace my foot! Forgive them ??? Angel no more! 

    Quickly , on my computer. I went to page. Clicked 'Return to Seller' and then went to Ninja Van support and message them to return the item to Seller. Don't even try to deliver the item to me. I hate you! I hate you all! Suddenly become super emotional. Goshh!!!! this is why...people says not to hold up your anger. I wish to release it out earlier so I don't feel that bad.

    5th July 2017 - Out of the blue at around 10:50am this morning , I received this shabby looking parcel. Ish.. ish ..ish...Look at that!!!!! Crumple packaging, look like the package from a seller direct from China. Yeahhh!!! Ninja Van..don't know how many times this package change hands ????

    Damn! I was like hesitate to even receive this at first. Reason? I just clicked return to seller and asked for refund. For goodness sake, I don't want any problem receiving the item and then the seller refund my money. Thats cheating! WTH! I was having that contemplating thoughts.

    But I look at that Ninja Van guy...aihhhh!!! so pitiful. He is just trying to do his job. Its not an easy job some more. I accept the items halfheartedly.

    Quickly, log on to and change the status 'Return to Seller' . Phewww!!! lucky manage to withdraw my 'Return to Seller' status. I then confirmed the purchase with moderate rating. I can't rate it dissatisfied because I love Mamonde products. Its not the products fault. Its the human's fault.

    I manage to open the package after my work done. To my despair, the items in the wet and sticky. That beautiful pouch with black stain. So sad! How am I going to gift this to my friend???? The hell!!!!

    " Hello! Seller... you are selling skin care products. Most of the items in liquid form. You think by throwing everything in one pocket bubble pack items will be reaching you buyer safely , isit???" sick! My beautiful pouch with black stain all over. The items in that pouch was cap lose and all sticky wet due to the liquid spill out. My Mamonde First Energy Serum cap was lose open too and spill out the serum. Yikesss!!!! Goshhh!!! speechless. Who to scold now??? I keep scolding myself for itchy hand click confirm my purchase. WTH!!! Foolish me!

    I bought many skin care products from They ship to me direct from South Korea and item reach me less than 7 working days without any hassle to my door step. Note that!!!! less than 7 working days from date of order from South Korea. Not a month!!!! All items is wrap individually with bubble pack. I never ever receive any items with lose caps or wet due to spill out.  Plus people don't  throw in one pocket  bubble pack! Do I need to teach them , this??? Gosh! how dare you becoming an online seller without even know this basic thing in packing the items.

    Normally, when I received items , I will shout out to instagram saying how happy am I. But this is the first time posting such unhappy instagram post to receive item. WTH!

    I wanted to return the item to seller. But afraid the need to going through such 'nightmare' again. Plus that yellow pouch is super pretty and afraid of losing it.

    I heard Mamonde was very upset due to way mishandling of their brand delivery to customer. Apparently, I am not the only customer having this problem.

    I received a call from Mamonde PR, Ms Angela from Circuit Communications and they really look into this matter seriously! Lucky , somebody can at least heal my pain. Feeling a bit cool off after receiving her call just now.

    Mamonde will be replacing that beautiful pouch for me directly. I told them its not necessary gesture. I don't mean to get FREE item through my post. I just too upset because I need to look for another gift from my friend after such long waiting and hassle I gone through. Yeayyy!!!! They insisted for me to receive it. Thank you. My friend is a lucky girl. I wish Mamonde hire internal people to handle their online store like other brand. Such ashamed if the good brand name and image tarnish just because of mishandling like this. 

    I receive the shortest ever call from today. : Hello! I am Jay calling from this Ms Rina?

    Me : Yes. Speaking. : So. you received your items and confirm its a delay shipping?

    Me : Yes! : OK. Thank you.

    Me : ????? You called me just for this? : Yes.

    At that point! feeling super annoying. Everything like starting to burst out from my head. Feel like wanna spill out #$%^^&**!! If this is a TV program the audio editor will be having a hard time editing my line, here. What the hell just happen here??? Scripted call???

    Really annoying! Don't call me better, right??? Just read my status update on your system. Seriously!!!! Do you even need to call me and add salt to my wound ??? WTH!

    Update 6th July 2017: Received a call from somebody call Ronny, and he apologized on my ordeal. He offered me RM20 coupon voucher which I immediately reject. I told him don't even offer me anything from sincerely don't want RM20 and go through another ordeal again. Seriously, I went through that bitter experience due to RM20 voucher to purchase Mamonde online at And here goes another RM20 voucher offer ? Thank You! Anyway what item I can get from RM20? A pack of 3 in 1 Nescafe for my de-stress? That if I can use up that voucher without terms and conditions like need to purchase above RM50 or RM100 to use up that voucher. Fork out another cash out of my wallet? Haihhhh!!! so much of the compensation and good deal, huh? Thank you , ya for your sincerity! Appreciate this offer.

    I am glad that has the urge to look into this matter seriously and upgrade their service to serve the customer better and brings good online shopping experience to all. Good Luck! 

    By the way, I am not trying to boast or anything but my time cost worth more than RM20 per day.