Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Long Lasting Moisturizing Water Lip Tone Up CC

CC not just for your facial skin. Now we have CC for lips too. Its not CC stands for Cover Cream but this one stands for Color Correct. Lip Balm Color Correct nourishes and moisturizes lips for an intense and long lasting moisturizing.

Mentholatum introduce The Water Lip Tone Up CC with unique formulation with three color correction functions.

* Revives Dull Lips
* Enhances Lip Color
* Brighten up the lips

The formula combines powerful nourishing ingredients such as Vitamin C derivative, Vitamin E and Vitamin E derivative to keep lips feeling soft and hydrated. It also contains Olive Oil and Jojoba Oil that nourish the lips.

The formula further enhanced with 3D Pearl to vividly enhance your natural lip color thereby improving one's overall appearance. It fragrance free and contains SPF20 PA++ to protect lips against UVA and UVB rays.

The Mentholatum Water Lip Tone Up CC is priced at RM16.90 and available at major supermarket and leading pharmacies.

Made in Japan, The Water Lip Tone Up CC comes in 2 variants :

Pure Red

Rose Pink

My favourite is Pure Red. I am loving this.


  1. I love Mentholatum products. It always helps to moisturize my lip. Great to heard they have launch new products. Time to check it out!

  2. I have dry lips. Normally i keep on applying the vaseline gel to my lips. Will try this product soon.

  3. I likve Mentolatum products too! Yea, I need that too, esp when sitting in air-conditioned room all the time, my lips seriously need to be moistured!

  4. Wow another lip collection of Mentolatum. Their produxts are awesome! Hope Watsons PH have this already.

  5. never heard of this brand before, but will give it a try =) nice color of choice you have there.

  6. CC lip tone is new for me. I'm using normal lip balm but don't mind trying this.

  7. I love this brand! I tried it at Japan for the first time and I love using it!

  8. I love lip balm over regular lipstick. This colour is awesome!

  9. I like pure red color and price is also very affordable.

  10. This is such a great lip balm, especially with the moisturizing effect.. Nice one..


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