Friday, June 29, 2018

GIVEAWAY TIME : I Am Feeling Generous



If you follow my blog, I have been busy with my new working place. My updates are totally irregular. Very busy these days and by the time reach home its night time. Weekend busy trying to catch with my 'me' time. I wanted to document most of my personal experience here but can't find time for that. Believe it or not...I don't even do laundry for 3 weeks now. hahaha...I am going to have undies shortage soon. muahahaha... Time to get my life organized soon!

I am excited to announce my FIRST GIVEAWAY for the year 2018. What is the prize ladies? See the photos below. Really the backpack came to me look exactly as photo below. So happy!

I ordered 2 ways style backpack. You can wear it as a backpack or you can sling on your shoulder like a hobo. Interesting, right? This back totally suitable for those travellers or love the chic styles. Best this backpack even have a small hole on top behind the bag for you to wire up and pluck in your earphones for your favourite song. This bag can even fit in mini iPad or tablet and even your favourite magazines in it too. At each size, there is a pocket for you to slide in you bottle water to keep you hydrated all day. The items reached me early this week exactly as photos. I am so happy for those the lucky one. 

Two backpack for this giveaway. Yes! two.... Only 5 steps and this could be yours!

1st backpack is made of Oxford material . I prefer this one because it look simple.

2nd backpack made of PU Leather. For those who love to look more chic would prefer this one.

How to win this 2 ways style backpack from ?

Step 1. Subscribe to follow my blog HERE.

Step 2. Follow my Facebook page HERE.

Step 3. Follow my Instagram HERE.

Step 4. REPOST my Giveaway photo in your Instagram and TAG THREE FRIENDS with caption. ' I want to win giveaway. Follow her Insta@cindyreena .' #princesscindyrinagiveaway #princesscindyrina 

Step 5. Then comment on my blog and instagram comment box with word, 'I joined your giveaway'

Terms & Conditions :

1. Open to all Malaysian who completed all 5 steps above with delivery address in Malaysia. (This including those in East Malaysia too)

2. If you choose to Re-post the photo once a day , please make sure you tag 3 different friends each day. The more friends you tag the higher chances to win. 

3. Please ensure that private Instagram accounts are made public so that we can view the post.

4. All winners are final and have the rights to change the winners if you are caught being unfair to others. For eg. buying likes and followers.

5. Giveaway period starting 29th June - 15th July 2018. have rights to extend or shorten the period of this giveaway anytime.

6. All winners will be contacted after 22th July 2018 onwards or maybe earlier. Give us time to check on each of your post. IMA working too you know.

7. don't entertained any DM in Instagram or email or any form of messages regarding this giveaway. Please join this giveaway as it is. If you are too fussy. Please go elsewhere.

8. will send the backpack in random to all winners. No direct request on your preference. Both also a nice backpack exactly as photos shown.

9. have rights not to select any winner if the participant doesn't complete all 5 steps mentioned above.

Good luck to all who join this GIVEAWAY!

Tuesday, June 26, 2018

5 Minutes Clay Mask with ID.AZ

Recently, I have a chance to try out ID.AZ Dermastic Clay Mask. Well, for those who are not that familiar with Korean Beauty World. 

ID.AZ is a cosmetic brand from famous Cosmetic Surgery Hospital called ID Hospital. ID Hospital or better known as ID ABC (ID Asian Beauty Center) build up the largest scale of the Cosmetic Surgery centre in Korea and Asia. They also have Polyclinic class of High Tech system building. 

ID Hospital focus on:

* Orthognathic Surgery Center
* Facial Contouring
* Eyes, Nose Surgery Center
* Breast Surgery Center
* Anti-Aging Lifting Center
* Anesthesiology, Pain Management Center

As for Global ID Hospital invested 90 million for establishing JV with Suning Group from China where they aim to open 50 Suning and ID Hospital within the year of 2020. 

On top of being the largest scales Cosmetic Surgery landmark, ID Hospital surpass the Dermastic (Dermatology + Cosmetics) and create Placosmetic which is a combination of Plastic Surgery + Cosmetic. This new concepts of ID Cosmetic expects as effects of cosmetic procedure. Hurl!!!!

The Brand ID.AZ is a combination of ID Hospital which combine with letter A & Z. Which means everything from A to Z. If you notice notice the symbol of ID.AZ is a person projected inside a blooming flower because they give a message of hope that will you will have a happy life and blossom like a blooming flower.

I get a chance to try out ID.AZ Dermastic Home Care Facial Mask. The 150g different variants clay mask reached my home just before Raya Festive. I totally have fun trying out this awesome clay mask. I said this awesome because I just need to use up 5 minutes of my precious time for awesome skin indulgence. 

There are 4 variants of ID.AZ Dermastic Clay Mask :

* Brightening 
* Moroccan Lava for Hydrating
* Oil Control
* Pore Clean

ID.AZ Dermastic Brightening Clay Mask

If you are looking out for skin brightening effect, can try out Dermastic Brightening Clay Mask. It does not just brighten up and brings your skin back to life. It helps to vitalize and tone up your skin too.

The key ingredients of Dermastic Brightening Clay Mask are :
* Amazonian White Clay
* Calamine
* Vitamin C (Ascorbyl Glucoside)

ID.AZ Dermastic Moroccan Lava Clay Mask

I always looking out mask which can keep my skin hydrated and energized. This is my skin is dry skin and by keeping it hydrated, it can maintain the moisturizing to my skin and soothing out the dryness.

As for the key ingredients , I am loving the fragrance from Pomegranate which is part of this awesome Clay Mask. It contains :

* Moroccan Lava Clay
* Calamine
* Pomegranate

This clay mask is in pink. Whoa!!! see the photo. I tried out this during my fasting month. It really has a different feel from usual clay mask I had tried before.

 ID.AZ Dermastic Pore Clean Clay Mask 

I am one person who doesn't visit any beauty center for facial treatment for many years now. I really hated that black and white head removing process in the beauty center. Super painful. Just to maintain good skin care, I just ensure to keep my pore clean all the time. That is why the clay mask is crucial and a must for me on weekly basis.

I really glad ID.AZ has Pore Clean Clay Mask and I can tell you this one really squeaky clean my pores. It also helps to tighten up the pores and exfoliating skin.

Key ingredients in ID.AZ Dermastic Pore Clean Clay Mask :

* Hawaiian Sea Silt Fermented Clay
* Charcoal

ID.AZ Dermastic Oil Control Clay Mask

I think many of us have this oily 'T' zone problem. Sometimes it is embarrassing to have that oily nose line shining brightly compared to the rest of your face area. huhuhuh...IMA always have that problem.

ID.AZ Dermastic Oil Control Clay Mask helps to balance up skin oil for fresh and healthy looking complexion. Especially the 'T' Zone oil area if you emphasis it when applies the weekly clay mask.

Key ingredients :
* Canadian Glazier Clay
* Calamine 
* Avocado

Since I have a combination skin types and each area has its own problems - certain part is too oily, dull, dry and pigmentation. Haihhhh...too many problems on this just one 'small face'. hehehehe... small? I dream of that every night. Well, correction - on this just 'big face'. 
I did crazy stuff last week. I applied each ID.AZ Dermastic Clay Mask according to my skin area problem. I have fun playing with this awesome colourful clay mask.

For your note, I feel a bit sting sensation which last few seconds for me. I don't worry much because more clay mask has that effect on my skin. Since I don't leave this clay mask on my skin for too long. Nothing to worry and the result with ID.AZ Dermastic Clay Mask is so instant!

Do you notice that ID.AZ use different types of Clay as the ingredients to suit each skin problem ?

8 Facts About ID.AZ Dermastic Clay Mask :

1. You just need to apply this for 5 MINUTES. Awesome right? You don't need to wait 10 to 15 minutes for the clay mask. Just rinse off thoroughly with warm water and remove all residue.

2. ID.AZ Dermastic Clay mask has completed skin irritation test. So you can apply this without worry.

3. For better result on your skin. You can use this once or twice a week.

4. ID.AZ Dermastic Clay Mask is a dermatology brand and safe to use.

5. Safe for normal to sensitive skin

6. It comes in 150g Tube

7. Price RM59/ tube

8. Available only in Watson for your purchase online and offline stores

You need more information on ID.AZ Brand. You can visit :

Official Website :
Official Instagram :
Official Facebook :

If you are not sure on how to use your clay mask correctly, please refer beauty tips below.

Tips to use your Clay Mask correctly

If your skin type is oily or acne-prone then the must-have item in your skin regime will be clay masks. Why you need clay mask? It helps to soak up all traces of dirt and grease from your skin.

However, using clay mask the wrong way can do more harm than good to your skin. Why do I say this?

Indulgence requires time to spend. Most clay masks need at least 10 - 15 minutes of our time. Some even take up to 20 minutes. I really hate to wait! So impatient of me.

Well, many of us end up to let a clay mask fully dry on your face before wash it off. Some even wait for the clay to crack and become flaky.

Get to know 3 phases of clay mask to ensure you do your weekly clay mask the right way.

1. Damp 

- your skin drinks in the beneficial minerals from the outside

2. Drying

- the mask will change to lighter colour but it still feels a bit stick and this normally the best time to wash that clay off your skin before it sucks out your skin youth.

3. Dry, crack and flaky  

- for those who love to wait until the clay mask crack and flaky, then take that funny pose for your sake of Instagram selfie. Well, beware this is the time where your clay mask is drawing out moisture from the surface of the skin which will cause dehydration and irritation. 
The longer you wait , your skin will become dry, tight and itchy. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

There are Times...

image credit to google

Yesterday was not so good for me.
I was trapped in a massive traffic for 3 hours.
For that amount of time, I could have reached my home town.

It was a fasting month and I was still in the car at around 8 pm. My mind was busy thinking about my dinner too. 
What should I have for dinner? 
By the time reach home, it was late. I don't think I had the energy to cook my own dinner.
I drove to the nearest Mc D and the queue was damn long.
My back up plan was the nearest restaurant. I parked my car in a hurry and walked in to pack some dinner. Most customers were finishing their dinner.
I was told by the waitress the kitchen is closed. I unable to order anything.

I feel like crying. I was getting so sensitive and emotional at that time. Being trapped for many hours in a massive traffic jam really rot down my mental. Of course, starving for one whole day added to my breakdown.

I drove back home with nothing. It was almost 9 pm. I don't get a single drop of water to my dry throat. So upset!

I was contemplating within myself. Should I eat? Or shouldn't? I have this rule within myself not to eat anything above 8 pm. Fool!

In the end, I fried 2 eggs for dinner. That was so blessed of me.
After quick dinner and shower, I sat down on my bed thinking hard about the life I chose. So...this is how its going to be too? No one will wait for me at home ? No cat too ? Ewww...can't stand the smell of cat ! Only the lizard who eat all the mosquitoes at home ? They are not waiting for me at all. It is better for me not to see them around. I hate lizard too. The dropping are massive and need to be cleaned all the time.

Oh! That is why God created Adam and Eve. At least we human can support each other. If I have someone waiting for me at home.... I can just order the food through phone on the way back. I thought , my life is fine without someone. Ironically ,this is the only time I think about the needs of partner in life. lol.. Somebody who can wait for me with home cook food.

If I think in another way, I am still blessed for being able to get 2 fried eggs for dinner and unlimited water supply. Imagine for those who at war or starvation due to poor? I feel thankful for God to give me this lesson in life. I feel thankful to God for at least letting me have eggs for dinner. I repent for a moment.

I also feel very sorry to the person who involve in massive accident last night. I hope no casualties involved. Well, by the way at the accident site...unlikely no casualty. The small white Viva was trapped under a big trailer. My heart goes to his or her family. I hope he or she recover well. Or I pray for her or his soul R.I.P.

I was almost gotten sandwich by one long trailer earlier too. That driver really an 'asshole'! Opps!!!! I am not sorry for being vulgar at all. I think that driver deserve more vulgar word from me though! He almost squash one motorcyclist behind me too. I was so terrible jam and this heavy don't know how many tonnes long trailer swaying here and there through the slow moving traffic even to the emergency lane. Bad driver!

There are times we feel unlucky...take a moment and think how unlucky are you if things can be amended are consider bless. Some people has the worst luck like death and fatal injuries which unable to be amended at all.

For those who are driving back to home town , please drive carefully. Don't follow your desire to be F1 driver on the highway and cause fatal accident to others. If you want to die...just die alone. Seriously, don't drag others with you! No 'U Turn'!

Selamat Hari Raya!

Drama Queen mode On...

Saturday, June 2, 2018

Kawaii Beauty Care with Tsum Tsum Collection by Mentholatum

Have you heard about Tsum Tsum by Disney?
I am a 1970s baby...eheh...still baby? When I think of Disney , character like Donald Duck, Mickey Mouse comes to my mind. Totally 'Old School'. Yeah..I grew up with this character. For those who are the same batch with me can relate to this.

While Disney Tsum Tsum only introduced in Japan in year of 2013 as an accessory to Disney Tsum Tsum mobile game. Hurl!!! I was like late 30s moving to 40s. isk isk isk...To be honest, Disney Tsum Tsum is something new to me. I read Tsum Tsum become a hot item and spread out to US and Europe accordingly. Tsum Tsum comes from Japanese word 'Tsumu' which means 'to stack' . Make sense... That is what the toy for. They are my favorite Disney character in form of collectible small item at different sizes and look great if you stacked up. 

For those who love 'Kawaii' plush toys would love this little one in their room.

Recently, the famous Japan Brand Mentholatum launched 'Kawaii' looking packaging beauty care items called Tsum Tsum collection. Isn't they look adorable????

They are not just look super darn cute, but the floral and fruity scents complete this range. Hurlll!!!! you got to love this items inside out.

No... No... this is not for kids! Tsum Tsum Beauty Care collection includes - facial mask, hand lotion, facial cleanser and lip balm. I want this adorable things in my handbag all the time.

The Mentholatum Tsum Tsum face mask comes in 4 variants - Lavender , Rose, Tea Tree and Honey. Each of these mask has its own unique ingredients to improve skin conditions.

Mentholatum Tsum Tsum Face Mask , Price RM7.90/ sheet

1. Rose ( Deep Hydrating Face Mask) - Combines 4 types of super moisturizing ingredients and the famous Hyaluronic Acid for 24 hours long lasting hydration to the skin which make it more firm , supple and smooth. It also contains Wild Soy Bean   Seed Extract and Natural Yeast extract to help strengthen  skin's natural protective barrier.

I tried this last week, it really help to smooth away roughness and leave my skin feeling soft and supple. This mask suitable for dehydrated skin.

2. Lavender (Soothing and Hydrating Face Mask) - It contains my favorite calming effect flowers extracts Lavender and Chamomile to calm irritated skin and smoothen rough area and even suitable for sensitive skin.

I am saving this for the day before Raya. huhuhuh...
Why? It claimed contains 4 types of Hyaluronic Acid and soothing ingredients to help restore, nourish and strengthen the skin, leaving it refreshed and energized.

3.Honey (Revitalizing Face Mask) - For those of you who are having problem with dull skin can try out this one. This face mask combines Vitamin C, Tranexamic Acid and other brightening ingredients to help deeply hydrate, soothes redness and improve skin tone, leaving skin looking healthy and enhanced with natural radiance. The natural Honey and Yeast extract helps to deeply nourish and moisturize the skin. It improves skin elasticity and minimizes the appearance of fine lines over time to keep the skin looking plump and firm!

4. Tea Tree (Oil Controlling Face Mask) - For those who have oily and blemish prone skin can choose Tea Tree Face Mask from Mentholatum Tsum Tsum collection. Not just tea tree oil and Hyaluronic Acid to help boost skin moiture retention level and oil control. It has Chrysanthemum Flower extract , Houttuynia Cordrata, Wild Soybean Seed and other natural ingredients to effectively control excess oil , minimize pores for a mere refined and hydrated skin.

Mentholatum Tsum Tsum Face Wash, 100g Price RM14.90

Available in 2 variants :

* Hydra and Whitening Face Wash
* Pore Refining Face Wash

Mentholatum Tsum Tsum Face wash created to suit Asian skin in the hot and humid weather like ours, Malaysia.

1. Hydra and Whitening Face Wash - formulated with Arbutin and my favourite Rose extract helps to brighten up and improve skin radiance for more even skin tone. 

2.Pore Refining Face Wash - This is my first time using Lentil extract skin care. I only eat 'Pappadom' snack made from Lentil. hehehe.. Apparently , Lentil extract can help to minimize pores and re-balance oil for more refined smooth skin. Formulated with Rosemary and Witch Hazel extracts to helps deep cleanse and purify pored for a healthy clear complexion. The Aloe extract helps to soothes out ad moisturize skin while natural orange scents totally lift up your mood and refreshes the skin at the same time. 

Mentholatum Tsum Tsum Hand Cream , 50g Price RM16.90

It available in three variants :

* Rose
* Lavender
* Jasmine

Mentholatum Tsum Tsum Hand Cream contains ultra moisturizing Almond Oil and Sunflower seed oil as well as other ingredients to help nourish, protect and ensuring more youthful - looking skin. Skin feels hydrated and smooth as you further massage the hand cream into your skin while the great flower scents calms you after long hectic day. Furthermore apart from hydration it helps to strengthen the nails thus preventing them from becoming brittle.

Mentholatum Tsum Tsum Fruity Lipbalm, 3.5g Price RM11.50

This lipbalm contains Vitamin E, Argan Oil, Meadowfoam Seed Oil and other moisturizing ingredients that deeply nourish the lips. I love the ultra-smooth and lightweight texture of this lipbalm. The fruity flavor of Apple, Lime or Peach totally melts on your lips for long lasting moisture - keeping the lips smooth, healthy and protected from harsh environment and extreme weather.

Where to get your own Mentholatum Tsum Tsum beauty care collection ?

You can visit the nearest Watsons, AEON Wellness , Caring and Sasa nationwide.

More about Mentholatum Company?

Some of the famous Brand under Mentholatum : Lipice, Oxy, Hada Labo, Selsun, Sunplay, Rohto C Cube, Deep Heating Rub.