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How to Buy the Right Bra ?

Warning! This post is all about 'boobies'. If you have an allergy to 'boobies', please do not read this post. Don't blame me for not warning you. Read at your own risk.😝

I really love shopping. Who doesn't? My most favourite shopping items are clothing and beauty care. There is one thing will give me an eerie and heavy heart if you even give me free shopping money for this item. Bra! For such a small item of clothing, bras are the hardest task for me. 

First of all, I have bad experience shop for my own bra a long time ago. My perception, the salesperson who man the bra section mostly aunties who just care about the commission. Unlucky me always met the sales person who will criticize my 'poor boobies'. I have experienced one salesperson scoop up my 'boobies' just to check on my size. WTH! Super rude! I was taken aback at that time. Immediately made a 'U-turn' and never return. I was so puzzled and confused at that time. Why she wants to molest me like that??? I would rather wear my old bra for the next 10 years. Hurllll! 

You women we can't really do that. It would be more harmful if we use the bra that doesn't suit our 'boobies'. If we end up gain 5kg more of weight, same goes for your 'boobies' too. This is what happens to me too. Mine has increased at least 10 from my original size. WTH! No wonder my weight increased a lot. It must be my 'boobies' weight. lol...kekekeke

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Look around if you see any woman around has not so smooth 'boobies' shape? If you see any awkward shape 'boobies' means that woman is having a problem in selecting the right bra. Guys! beware of your eyes. Don't get slap because you stare others boobies. lol 😂

Nowadays, there are many types of bra selling at the counter. Beautiful colours from plain to the lacey one. Mine always black and plain. Yeah! yeah! boring choice right?
I always wondering, how would I find the right bra for my 'boobies'. My current bra either the strap is hurting my shoulder skin or the bra keep moving placement every time I move around. I feel super uncomfortable to wear mine.

I was so excited when Butterfly Beauty Bloggers community invited me to attend 'Neubodi Fit For A Different Workshop'.
The workshop held at Neubodi Kota Damansara (Opposite Encorp Strand Mall),52A, Jalan PJU 5/20D, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor. It's just a small boutique. My perception on entering into a bra boutique turn around 360 degrees now.

About Neubodi

NEUBODI was established in the year 2008 by founder Ms Ann Tan. Proud to announced that Neubodi is Malaysia's first fitting specialist retail chain store to offer customers the service and knowledge of buying the right-fitted bra. Neubodi adopted propriety holistic methods approach of personal fitting synonym with its tagline " Every Woman Deserves the Right Bra".

Each bra from Neubodi goes through at least 45 stages of assembly with over 60 different parts of materials to create an impeccable fit. Neubodi's retail collection comes in a variety of hand-sewn comfortable innerwear and lingerie care products spanning over 600 sizes including plus sizes and is produced in an extensive range of designs and colours. 

The company also has an active sportswear line. Neubodi headquarter located in Kota Damansara and today has 70 team members across 10 retail outlets nationwide. Neubodi was awarded " Asia Pacific Top Excellence Brand " in May 2011 proving its product innovation, business performance, service capabilities and societal impact.

Neubodi recently continues to soars and spreading its wings to 2 new outlets in KL City Centre and Johor Bahru. Awesome! for a local company. You can check out on more of Neubodi outlet at their official Facebook 

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Before attending the workshop by Neubodi, my bra look like the left one. Yes! I am not joking about this. This is true! I was glad to spend my 3 hours at Neubodi and learn more about 'boobies' and get bra fitting by friendly Neubodi's Bra Specialist. They know your size by scanning your Boobies, yo! No joke about this!

The lady who was attending me that day can get the right size fit me just by one look. Hurll!!! She then uses her hand to measure my rib cage to ensure it again.

I wanted to pick more bras to bring home but due to my enormous boobies size...huhuhuh.. That expanded boobies size kind of unintentionally though. I have a weight gain of 12 kg over the years which comes along with my boobs. Nothing to proud of. I have not many choices to bring home. Anyway, I end up brought two bras back home.

What I learn from Neubodi's Bra Specialist?

1. Wear the Right Bra

I learn how to wear the right bra to fit me. No joke it is a huge difference when you wear one that fits you well. Even the posture look so much different. I thought just me. The other butterflies who were with me that day acknowledged it too.

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2. Wash Bra Correctly

Do not throw your bra into the washing machine. Since our bra is not that dirty anyway, just soaked it for 10 minutes with chemical free detergent then rub it against each other and then hand it upside down while putting on the buckle on both bands.

3. Many types of bra

Well... I only familiar with 3 out of the list. Since I have been using wired push up bra all the way, it makes my boobies kind of soft and not firm. Damn! The shape kind of run a bit. So currently need more effort to make it firmer and beautiful. kekeke...If guys reading this post they will be...😣

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Image Credit to Neubodi

4. Anatomy of a Bra

You know what??? All these years all I know if bra strap and bra buckle. The rest....mmmm.I don't even know what is the name. What I learn at Neubodi that day was a really priceless experience. Thanks for my ignorant for over many years.
The best to wear the bra with great underarm support. You can get them at Neubodi. In fact the bra specialist would encourage you to go for this type especially if you are a plus size like me.

Image Credit to Neubodi

Image Credit to Neubodi

Image Credit to Neubodi

5. It is not scary anymore to walk into a bra boutique

Neubodi representative said, Neubodi always open door to all ladies to walk into their shop and get a bra fitting by their bra specialist for free. It is ok if you walk out with an empty hand. It is not necessary to buy any bra from their shop. They are sincere in helping the woman out there to wear the right bra. All you need is 20 minutes of your precious time. I can assure you will feel this is the best time spent.

Image Credit to Neubodi

I want to end my post with 6 Tips for buying the perfect bra.

1. Know your body type - for example 'apple shape' or 'pear shape' body

2. Open minded about body size - bra size is just a number. The most important is the bra fits yours well.

3. Be flexible - I love a certain type of bra but those bra doesn't even suit me. I am ok with it as long as my boobies are well protected.

5. Do a list - for example, colours and bra type.

6. Go to the right place - I would recommend you to visit Neubodi soonest to get the bra fitting by their Bra Specialist and at the same time take this chance to ask them some questions that you won't get to ask anywhere else. Most of all, Neubodi bra specialist don't talk down at you and very professional in what they are doing.

Neubodi Bra pricing range is super affordable with no compromise in high quality.

Image Credit to Neubodi

Are you wearing the right Bra ?

Get your Bra fitting today at any of  Neubodi Boutiques : 

  • One Utama
  • Aeon Bukit Tinggi Shopping Centre
  • Bangsar Village II
  • Empire Shopping Gallery
  • Encorp Strand
  • Mid Valley Megamall
  • Gurney Plaza
  • Imago Shopping Mall
  • Suria Sabah Shopping Mall
  • Vivacity Megamall
Or visit their offical website

Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Best Online Gift Shop in Malaysia

Best Personalized Gift Ideas

We are now in the 3rd Quarter of the year 2018. Nowadays, time flies very fast. Soon we are moving towards the end of the year where everybody is busy to get some gift ideas for our festive season.  We have Christmas coming and New Year soon. Well if it is not the end of the year, we are still cracking head to get a good gift for friends, acquaintances and many more.

For me buying a gift for somebody is always a difficult task especially for a man and somebody you are not really close to. Sometimes when we want to do the gifting, we are looking for something more personalized to create long-term impact and its something to remember and suitable for the keepsake.

Here I compile some of the possible unique personalized gifts based on each personality which you can use for your gifting ideas soon.

1. Coffee / Tea Drinker

Find out their drinking habit and 'Bingo' you will get some ideas on what to give them. We always have these people around you who are coffee and tea drinker.

I would say a mug or coaster is perfect gifting ideas for this type of people. I don't talk about any regular mug. Get him or her a Magic Mug. Yes! you read it right. A Magic Black Mug! 
The receiver will feel the magic when the Magic Black Mug turns into a full colours mug after pour in any hot drink. Isn't this a greater surprise to your friends and beloved ones?

2. Homely

If you find any of your friends who really get comfortable when they hide at home most of the time, you can get them an eject kind of cushion. I don't really mean a cushion with an eject button. You can be customized a cushion with a nice print out to remind them to get out more. Squeeze out your creative juice out with funny or sarcastic print out on the cushion. What will I print on the cushion? I would just print out 'I am married to every Oppa in Kdramas ' or 'Anti Social'.

3. Mobile phone Addicted

Do you know anybody around you who spends most of their time on the phone? I have a good idea for this mobile phone addicted person. Just get them a customized phone casing with uniquely creative text or photos on it. Just get creative and best if you can make it funnier or even with some evil words on it.

4. Workaholic

Do you know anyone who is at the workplace almost his or her home? I have 2 uniques gift for this workaholic. Customized a creative message on a mousepad or lanyard. Some of the message you can print - 'I am not Homeless' or 'I am a mad dog' or 'Boss! please notice me'.

5. Travelholic

What will you present a travelholic? A bag would burn out your wallet. Every traveller would find luggage tags useful. So get one for them. All you need is to do an extra mile by giving him or her a customized one. Just customized nice luggage tags and make it feel special.

6. Home Chef

There is always one of your friends who are a passionate chef. All they do is to feed you a good food. How I wish to have this kind of friend around me. I would grow into one big 'Hippo' in no time. I would give her a beautiful customized print out of Apron.

7. Expecting Mum 

If you have expecting mum around you, don't buy them a boring stuff. Just get a customized baby tee for remembrance. It will be good if you can print out baby's name on it. 

8. Timid Friend

I am an introvert. I am timid but can be outgoing too. A bit conflict kind of character. I tend to motivate myself to stay positive and I have the ability to do that by myself. Well, to be honest not many people have this bless ability. eheh...Some people may need others to motivate them. If you know some friends who always need such moral support or reminder, I suggest to present them with a customized inspirational wording rock.

9. Shopaholic

I personally can't go home without buying anything. Nowadays, when they impose payment for a plastic bag when you buy stuff, the shopping bag is a must to bring along with you. Do you know anyone who is a shopping queen? Get them a special customized tote bag. I personally would want this to show off outside. 

10. Outdoor Person

Healthy living is a trend. I know many friends who love hiking and do outdoor activities. It is important to cover up from ultra ray when doing outdoor activities. I would suggest presenting such person a customized cap. Just print a nice wordings suit the person character on the cap.

There you go 10 best-personalized gift ideas for the year 2018. For customize personalized gift suppliers you can check out online gift Malaysia printcious. I would say they are not only one of the leading online printing company but also a well known creative gifts shop in Malaysia.

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Sunday, August 19, 2018

My Favourite Pants

I want a place to rant my unhappiness for these few months.

Current workplace opens up myself to a totally different new world. I am kind of introvert who love to be left alone all the time. Being among many people make me feel super uncomfortable. The previous workplace, I would have the most is 25 people and this new one...I am talking about 400 minimum. When I accepted the offer, I was quite nervous myself. There are many eyes looking at you. Finding faults and so on. I become paranoid and restless.

Almost quit after being told off I can't wear my 3/4 pants to work. huhuhuh... so hate those corporate styles. Stiff and fake too. 3/4 pants is a fashion la 'Ah Soh'!!! You can wear 'Ah Soh' sweater to work like you have 24/7 fever? Why I need to sacrifice my most comfortable 3/4 pants? Tell me why???

Suddenly I feel a bit childish after writing this post. But 3/4 pants are still my favourite pants ever. They have been with me since 10 years ago. These days, I will tend to glue my butt on my chair if I wear my 3/4 pant to work. If that particular fella around, I won't lift my butt even my bladder is going to burst out. huhuhuh...
You can say that...don't even bother to listen or just ignore her. Unfortunately, ever since my age reaching 44 years old, I become more and more care on what people say about me. Hormones change and I become more and more sensitive and paranoid. Things get worst nowadays too. Totally blame my hormones for this.

I feel a bit awkward to wear long pant to work. Well...I shouldn't use the word awkward at all. The truth is.....

I can't wear my favourite long pant because my waist is expanding side way a lot over 10 years. I manage to fit up to my tigh now. Good progress, right? It is a matter of time I able to zip off the pant around my waist soon. Can't they wait? What you want me to do? I can wear it but can't zip it up. Is that my fault? My cutie belly just doesn't subside like it uses to be. It keeps popping up and unable to get flatten. Blame it on my hormones again. hehehe

I hate buying new pants just for the sake of others. I must go to work with my favourite pants because this can guarantee my happiness. hehehehe...

Wait up! until I can fit in my old pant patient. I will cover up my ankle at work soon.

I pray for God to give me all the mind peace at work and stop being so paranoid. I can do this! Hope my hormones come back to normal soon.

This is just my rant for the 2nd quarter of 2018.

Tuesday, August 7, 2018

10 Secs Real Fresh Skin Detoxer

Have you heard about Korea's no.1 Beauty TV show, Get It Beauty?
'Get It Beauty' was started in the year 2006 gaining popularity with its beauty contents like food, exercise, life, makeup, fashion and many more. The first host was Gong Hyun Joo and then pass the baton to former S.E.S member Yoojin and then subsequently Yoon In-na followed by Lee Honey. Recent main host position of Onstyle's Get It Beauty is top model Jang Yoon-Ju.

Get It Beauty offers various and broad beauty experiences. Synonym to its contents, Get It Beauty recently creates a new beauty ritual with Althea, the trend leader of K-Beauty in Southeast Asia for beauty enthusiast like me. 

There are many times your skin trying to communicate with you. 
I need a detox! If you don't turn in- you may miss them.
This lack of awareness towards yourself may lead to your skin don't look the best.

Some of the signs you may notice :

1. Pimples pop up out of nowhere
2. Blackhead and Whitehead clogging your pores
3. Dull skin
4. Lack of radiant and glowing
5. Skin change, for example, either too dry or too oily recently launch 10 seconds Real Fresh Skin Detoxer. I could say totally suitable for people like me who claimed myself very busy. But in reality, I am just too lazy. WTH!

Althea's Real Fresh Skin Detoxer is a 2-in-1 cleanser pack created to suit people who has hectic schedule like me. All you need is 10 secs of precious time for its fresh ingredients incorporated into a system that allows a deep, clarifying cleanse while boosting the skin with nutrients and goodness. When I first received it I thought this is just a facial mask. I am so wrong about that. This is a mask and a cleanser in just one tube. Holly Molly! I can bring this along during my travel to save my luggage space too.

Althea Real Fresh Skin Detoxer comes in 2 variants :

* Rose for Refining 
* Green Tea for Purifying

Specially made from premium ingredients beauty recipe which contains real premium May Rose Petals from Grasse, Southern France and young Green Tea Leaves from pristine Jeju island plantations. Trust me you can see the real things in there. 

How to use this Althea Real Fresh 10 seconds Skin Detoxer?

1st Step -  Squeeze out the generous amount of gel
2nd Step - Apply a thick layer onto the dry skin
3rd Step - Count 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10
4th Step - Add a little bit of water to your fingertips
5th Step - Gently massage your skin in a circular motion until the petals bubble up
6th Step - Rinse your skin and pat dry gently.
7th - You have a squeaky clean skin.

Recommendations from Althea Beauty team :

Night Time tips

Add the Green Tea Real Fresh Skin Detoxer for your 10 seconds nighttime beauty routine to calms down and purifies the sensitive skin.
I think most of us here know that our skin cell regeneration is most active at 10 pm. Althea Real Fresh skin detoxer, help to boosts the skin's natural regeneration process by ensuring the skin is purified and ready to rest.

The young tea leaf used as fresh ingredients in this products has 5 times more Vitamin C than lemon and also will do a good job of protecting the skin from UV damage.
On top of that, the Jeju green tea powder helps to relieve the stressed skin real fast by controlling the sebum and purifying the dust on the skin.

Morning tips

Use the Rose Althea Real Fresh skin detoxer in the morning to smooths away the roughness and gives the skin a radiant glow in just 10 seconds.

The premium May rose which blooms once a year in Grasse, France for just 5 weeks is used in this product. This May premium rose helps to balance out the skin's PH 5 times more effective than regular rose. I notice they use Rose petal pieces in the product which a great help to purify and improve blood circulation, ensuring skin stays revitalized, supple and bright.

My says about Althea Real Fresh Skin Detoxer

 " I tried this routine for 2 weeks now and my experience with Althea Real Fresh Skin Detoxer results to radiant skin. My skin really squeaky clean and I managed to get rid of dull skin problem easily. Oh! just another plus note, this helps my whitehead and blackhead issues too. Amazing, right? Just 10 seconds daily detox gives so much different to my now Happy Skin. " 

Where to get this 10 seconds Althea Real Fresh Skin Detoxer ?

You can purchase from official website HERE.

As at 7th August 2018 the price is RM43 per tube and there is some limited time promo for both green tea and rose tubes under Real Fresh Skin Detoxe set at only RM77. Grab yours now.

Sunday, August 5, 2018

Part of Althea Beauty Ambassador Community

Hello! I am Althea Angel Cindyrina...

Thank you for selecting me as part of your Beauty Ambassador Community. 

I remember knowing this online beauty store since it started in the year 2015. Yeah..since Althea is a baby. I think they are the fastest-growing start-up that expands tremendously in Southeast Asia. A well known online beauty store to K Beauty Addict like me spread their wings and love virus from Malaysia, Singapore, Philipines, Thailand and Vietnam. Awesome right? In only 3 years they grow like Giant and conquer the online K Beauty store and bring us more awesome products at a good price.

They a very famous for its Beauty Box once. So sad when they discontinued that now. isk isk isk. Then they introduce their own skincare brand called Althea Bare Essential which I heart it so much. I also love their Althea Petal Velvet Powder. You see..all this have good quality at a very reasonable price. That is one of the reasons I love to shop at 

When I received an invitation to be one of Althea feeling was very overwhelming. OMG! my loyalty to them over these years paid off. 

8 Reasons Why I Still Loyal With

1. Guaranteed Authentic Korean Products

2. Fast Delivery

3. Always brings the latest K Beauty Trends

4. Althea Box

5. Reasonable price

6. Good promo

7. I can use my shop back and earn back some cash back from my spending. WTH!

8. Althea make me look prettier (kekekeke...see below la...not pretty meh??? Pretty what?)

This beautiful Angel has done its job even before being selected as the Ambassador.  Haihhhh!!! you can't find this kind of hardworking Angel like Angel Cindyrina.  Hard Sell....kekeke

What I did even before being select as Althea Angel?

Has anybody asked me why my hair is always shiny and nice like that photo? I will direct them to Althea,kr to where I bought my favourite CP-1 Raspberry Hair Treatment Vinegar. Two of my sisters bought it too after one try. Then my ex-colleague too. See? This is one high influence Angel, right? Do you throw up reading on my statement? Well me too. My narcissism mood on. Just let me be for once, OK!  

I am so excited when was told being an Angel comes with some perks. Whoaaaa!!! syiok wor!

* Welcome Gift
* Monthly K-Beauty Giveaway
* Seasonal Annual Shopping Credits
* Exclusive Discount Code
* Exclusive Althea Reviews
* Althea Studio Access
* Many more fun activities

My first surprise Welcome Gift Box came by mid last month. Super excited! Almost died! Lucky I have a strong heart. kekeke

Tadaaaaaa!!!! my surprise Welcome gift doesn't stop with just this box. I received 120 online shopping credits from Althea too. 

People say, 'sharing is caring'. I share out some of my credit with my Sisters and here are my second box from reached me last week. Damn! my sisters are super lucky to have one Angel in the family, right? Syiok sendiri again. WTH! Narcissism overloaded!

Althea Turns 3 this year. So if you head on to Althea website to shop they have many good promos too. Like early this month I manage to grab the buy 3 free one promo. Last week they have the Althea Petal Velvet Powder giveaway. 

Happy Birthday Althea!

In conjunction with Althea Turns 3 celebration, is having an awesome best Instagram sharing of the “Birthday Book” with the caption mentioned above and hashtag #AltheaTurns3 will stand a chance to win the following prizes:

Grand Prize: 
AirAsia Round Trip Flight to Korea for Winner + a friend
Oh My Oppa Tour for 2 pax
STARPASS’s The Show x 2 invites
Althea Korean Dinner for 2 pax

2nd Prize:
Samsung S9 x  1 Winner

3rd Prize:
USD300 Althea Shopping Credits x 1 Winner

Consolation Prizes: 
Althea Birthday Gift (worth USD80) x 10 Winners

*Terms and conditions apply.

Here are the super simple steps to join:
  • Shop - Make a purchase on Althea and be one of our lucky fans who receive the limited edition Birthday Book box + Birthday Book miniatures!
  • Get Crafty- Fix up the miniature boxes according to the instructions.
  • Snap - Take a creative photo featuring your finished Birthday Book miniatures.
  • Submit - Upload it to Instagram and caption it telling us why you’d like us to fly you to Korea! Be sure to use the tags @AltheaKorea #AltheaTurns3 #AltheaKorea to enter.

Super simple right? Just show off your “Birthday Book” creation featuring the miniatures on Instagram from 2nd July until 31st August 2018, 11.59pm MYT to participate!

Who knows, lady luck is siding to you this year?

Follow me on my Instagram to check out my entry too. I bought some props for this purpose but I end up eating up all the props. WTH! Hopefully this week I manage to snap some photos before I eat all the props again. This will be my 3rd attempt since last week. kekekeke

Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Brand New Glamora - NATURE meets TECHNOLOGY

Before I get invited to their official launching, I never know this brand exist. I was told Glamora has been in the market for quite sometimes but recently get a major rebranding. Synonym with its tagline 'When NATURE meets TECHNOLOGY, you Skin Reformation begins', Glamora believe beautiful skin is healthy skin. It combines the power of nature and progressive technology to create safe, high-quality skincare that is good for you. This is really something new to me. 

Glamora introduce four amazing skin care series cater to different concerns :

1. Snow Glow for Radiance and Brightening (suit all skin types) - this range is the combination of Edelweiss Snow Flower and X50 Capsule Technology.

2. Age Limit for those who are looking for skin repair ageing skin (suitable for aging skin like mine) - this range is the combination of Australian Lime Pearl and 3D Prolonged Release Matrix.

3. Clear Capture (suitable for normal to oily / acne-prone skin) - this range is a combination of Canadian Willow Herb and 4-Phase Synchronous Boost Therapy.

4. Purefection (suitable for all skin types) - This range uses Green Marine Algae and Prebiotic.

I love the packaging of Glamora skin care because it looks so elegant and minimalizes labelling, It doesn't look overdone and yet full of goodness for the skin.

I would say the new Glamora has higher class and value. Especially their pledge to a high-quality product that is effective, safe and good for skin. They have their own formulation which each product contains high tech plant and mineral actives and are free of toxic ingredients and supported by advanced technology for optimal results.

Glad to hear Glamora do not test their products on animals. Totally against animal cruelty and I heard 1% of each purchase receive will be contributed to the selected charity organisation and charitable initiative for a better world and place.

It was a short but memorable introduction presentation of the new Glamora. If have any further interest in getting to know more about Glamora, please visit official website

Did I ever mention throughout the write-up Glamora is a Malaysian brand? I bet the founder and team of Glamora feeling super proud for this most waiting moment after a hard work. Congratulation to Glamora for its new look and new brand revamped.