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Exclusive Althea Makeup Collection Review

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I am back with more makeup review. If you have been following this blog, you will realize that I am a big sucker when it comes to Althea. I don't heart them for no reason yo! I find them brings me a reasonable K Beauty online shopping store. The price is super reasonable and most brands from the store are carefully selected by the Althean. No wonder they are currently the fastest growing start-up online beauty store.

Starts with selling others Brand, Althea for a few years back starting to create their own beauty brand. I am already a big fan of Althea exclusive. One of the best sellers is the Althea Petal Velvet Powder. One of the latest range which I am going to introduce to you in this post.

Read on...dear...there is many to discover from this new box reached my doorstep early this month.

Starting from the skincare, Althea now ventures into makeup and brings more colour to all K beauty lovers out there.

* Althea Palette Sunrise and Moonrise BCL X Althea, Retail Price RM140 each
* Althea Flawless Creamy Conceal6g, 6g, Retail Price RM15.00 each
* Althea Watercolor Cream Tint,4.5ml, Retail Price RM20 each
* Althea Spotlight Eye Glitter, Retail Price 4.5ml, Retail Price RM24 each

Althea Palette Sunrise and Moonrise BCL X Althea

This is the first ever eye shadow palette exclusively from Althea. This special Althea Palette Sunrise and Moonrise made in collaboration with an Indonesian singer and actress, Bunga Citra Lestari. Synonym with Bunga Citra Lestari or better known as BCL personality and image, this eye palette will give you effortless glamorous feminine style.  

Althea Eye Palette Sunrise and Moonrise comes with eight shades which have superb pigmented and glide easily onto your eyelid. Even an amateur like me can do that blending like a pro beauty blogger. ehemmmm....ehemmmm.....

The shades in random order :

* Shimmery nude with pink undertones
* Matte light brown
* Luxurious metallic rose gold
* Metallic gold
* Brown with golden shimmer
* Wine
* Pearly pink shadow (contains Carmine)
* Purple

I usually blend the colour with the finger but for the sake of look like a pro, for this post I used a brush to look like a real beauty blogger. WTH! I am far from being a beauty blogger. Just an amateur trying my best to look pretty. kekekeke

I used shade no. 1 as a base then blend in no. 2 and 3 from the inner corner of my eye and then added on no. 4 and nicely top a dash of no. 5 to bring out the colour to brighten up my eye. Nice or not? The first time, I use this kind of reddish shades on my eyes. Gosh! for the first time, my eyeliner was drawn nicely! Owhhhh!!! so proud of myself in this tutorial.

Althea x BCL collaboration eyeshadow palette can be worn for both daytime and nighttime suit its name - Sunrise and Moonrise. It has everything in one palette, from glitters, shimmers and mattes that easily blended to create down to earth natural innocent look to a glamorous sultry look. 

Althea Spotlight Eye Glitter

I am totally a big fan of eye glitter. I love to use it previously to create that sparkle eyes effect which I learn from some K Beauty makeup tutorial.

Althea Spotlight Eye Glitter comes with two shades :

1. Gold Light
2. Pink Light

Why I recommend to add this sparkly glitter under yes or even liner it on your eyeshadows? Well, it helps to brings out and light up the eyes and for somehow I love the effect. 

Don't worry! Althea Spotlight Eye Glitter is easily blended and set down real fast which don't have time for it to smudge after you apply it. Practically become budge-proof. My favourite colour is the gold glitter but in that photo, I use pink glitter to match up my eye shades.

Althea Flawless Creamy Concealer

I am not ashamed to admit, I unable to step out from home without any concealer blend into my skin. Not that I want flawless skin. It is more to cover up the panda eyes which is no cure even I sleep or go under hibernated like a bear and one big spot hyperpigmentation on my right cheek. Hurl! afraid people feel disgusting with my ugly flaws!

I am totally glad this concealer comes to me. Why? Read on...

First of all this concealer comes like a lip gloss kind of bottle which is mobility.

Althea Flawless Creamy Concealer comes in 4 shades :

1. Mocha (Deeper Yellow),
2. Ginger (Warm Ivory),
3. Honey (Warm Peach), 
4. Vanilla (Pink Beige)

I find that shade no. 1 suit my skin the most. This concealer not only a pigmented blendable concealer, but it also contains Aquaxyl to keep the skin smooth and moisturized. It helps to improve the skin for its long-wearing on the skin.

How to use Althea Flawless Creamy Concealer?

The pro beauty blogger style - dot onto targetted areas and then blend out with the sponge. How the amateur beauty blogger like me apply the concealer?  I just smudge it on my targeted area to cover and dab it like an amateur until I satisfy flawless. WTH! kekekkeke

Why no photo me apply the concealer to cover my flaw?

I am not exposing my flaw to the world!!!! hehehehe

Althea Watercolor Cream Tint Set 

I always thought this is lip gloss from the start these things reach me. So call beauty blogger who can't even differentiate between lig gloss and lip tint. ** Face Palm**

Althea creamy lip tint comes in 4 awesome shades -

1. Strawberry Cream,
2. Marron Cream,
3. Peach Cream,
4. Plum Cream.

I kind of find the shades are overwhelming dark on my lip and I look super fierce or should I put as fierce sexy if I just apply the lip tint in a layer by itself.

I decided to tone it down by blend the fierce look with concealer. The result? Look at the 4th photo. What do you think? Is this work? Tone it down well? I think I did it! yeayyyyy!!!! In this photo, I used Strawberry Cream lip tint.

How is the texture of Althea Watercolor Cream Tint?

It has strong pigmentation and bold colour (you can see that in that 2nd photo). One thing I love about this Watercolor cream tint, it has a combination of a long-wearing and a hydrating gloss. When I said long wearing...I mean it real longgggggg wearing to the extent I need to use double makeup remover to clean it from my lip. No joke babe!

I have fun to blend it and create from bold to soft look using my own creativity to play with the colour.

This is another look, I created with all the colours reached me. My normal day to day look. Really??? Nayyyy! I got you there. I don't look like this on a normal day. I am too lazy to look like this all the time. I won't say I am that any other girl who is trying to act innocent by saying I don't wear makeup. I wear makeup but don't put too much effort to make it better. kekekeke I really like how I able to define my eyes in this photo. The spotlight glitters really brings it out well!

What do you think? Did I pull this whole makeup thingy well? Do you think I have that hidden talent in me? 

Where you can purchase your own Althea exclusive makeup range?

Just swing my favourite online k beauty store at

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Things To do in HuaHin : Into the Wild at Kaeng Krachan National Park

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I was determined to visit Kaeng Krachan which is about one and a half hours from HuaHin to check out this untouched National Park and also a border to Myanmar. You can't just visit this place without any tourist guide. So I  hired one private car with a driver to guide me into the jungle.

When I reached the National Park area, I feel thrilled. Fresh traced of Wild Elephant is everywhere. I read before if got lucky or rather unlucky, you can witness live panther roaming around. I don't pray to meet one. I must be crazy to pray for one??? huhuhuhuh

My tour guide brought me into some simple jungle trekking because I told him my disability to go for a harder trekking course due to a day before I was on a difficult hike. Check out my painful hike at Pranburi

I have to take off my shoes to cross the Pranburi River to get to the other side of Kaeng Krachan National Park.

I don't meet many animals here. Just fresh elephant dunk, a glimpse of giant hornbill, shy dusk langur, a snake and some wild insect. I even found another species of Rafflesia here. The rafflesia here is smaller and bright in colour compare to the one I found during my trip to Sabah. Check out my Sabah journey HERE

My first-time encounter with wild wood mushroom is really fascinating too. I end up spending more time in the jungle and totally forgotten that I am in thick jungle with potential prey of wild animals like leopard, elephant, tiger and even bear. My tour guide told me there is a high chance to meet bear here. He even prepares me with some survival skill before went into the jungle. Thank God! no need to use any of those. I think I'd have a genuine heart attack if I meet one of those.

My knee wears out easily that day. So I told him, I wanted to go back to based camp. 

On the way back found some fresh porcupines shit lying around and green snake on the main road. I just spend my time browsing through the nearby wildlife museum before we head to next place which is Kaeng Krachan Dam.

Kaeng Krachan dam is a huge beautiful damn. It is a good place to walk around and if wanna have a quiet stay, you can rent bungalows and homestay overlooking this beautiful place. I went there on the weekend and many local people have family and friends picnic and camping activities there.

I was looking forward to check out the longest suspension bridge but was told this place has poor maintenance and not safe to walk on. Monkeys are the only visitor to cross over this bridge which connects between the mainland and one little Island in the middle of the reservoir to get some food.

I end up have some fried fish with some rice at one of the local restaurants with a fantastic view overlooking this beautiful dam for lunch. So peaceful and relaxing here. After lunch , I just walk around and enjoy the blissful view in front of me while waiting for my boatman who will bring me to cross over this huge damn to a place call Monkey Island.

My boatman was accompanied by one small kid who is more excited than me to feed the monkey. They came with 2 full bags of cut banana to feed the monkeys.

It was an awesome view to feed the monkey or should I write it here, I just watch others fed the monkey. I don't wanna touch those slime bananas with my hand. hahahaah Princess syndrome!

Watch my video below to get an awesome view on what is happening on Monkey Island.

This post concludes my HuaHin journey last December.

Here some idea on a place to visit if you are visiting for HuaHin 

One Full day - Explore Cha-Am

Second Full day - Mystical Visit to Pranburi

3rd Full day - Into the Wild at Kaeng Kranchan National Park

Don't forget to check out places to shop and eat at HuaHin HERE

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Things To Do in HuaHin : Night Market and Shopping

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Current mood totally doesn't feel like updating anything in this blog. My motivation super low to the extent I feel everything going down to drain. Look at my HuaHin trip last December 2018 entry. Super slow to finish. huhuhuhuh

Reason? Well...recently change job and the workload is super amazing impossible for a weak mind. Mental breakdown to see all the deadlines which eventually make me feel like I am on the death row kind situation. Damn! So horrible dramatic meh??? Yeah! a bit exaggerated to say it is like a death row, right? To me...this is my life choice. Keep telling to put on that brave face and confront all heads on! isk isk isk..stay mental strong!

Back to original post title....

If you read my previous post for HuaHin, this city is more layback and less touristy than Bangkok or any other part of Thailand. They immediately know I am from Malaysia because only AA fly directly to HuaHin. They even play Malay song at the airport during boarding back to KUL.

Shopping and eat here, I won't comment this is a cheap place due to our MYR is super tiny. Thank you to my dear country. This is why I think all those 'begpacker' kind of stupid to beg at our country. Why beg from small currency country like ours? They should do that in their own country and spend like the richer in our country! Well, guest, our country people mind still shallow think all the white is someone to look up for. Here money for you to travel the world. I can work my ass off to buy my first plane to Penang later. WTH!  Be generous to the right people la! 


BluPort HuaHin Resort Mall

I love this mall because of its great design and they also have many shops and eateries here. I won't say its a cheap place to shop or eat. At least you would pay twice as outside price. Of course, the ambience is the price you paid for. I don't shop anything here. I just had my late afternoon meal here.  My hotel provides free shuttle to this place but going back to the hotel is very challenging because I have to get on to one of the 'minibus' or to me just a mini truck with the price of THB10. I end up standing outside behind this min truck. Lucky is a short ride. ahak! an exciting experience for me.

I walked into one of the restaurants in Blue Port and end up ordering some of their food. I wanted to try the Tom Yam but kind of a bit too much to take this alone. The awesome seafood pancake and my all time favourite snack in Thailand called Kanom Krok or Coconut Pancakes. Super delicious. Since this is in a quite a high-end restaurant they sell this at THB60 for 6 pieces. You can get this at half of the price with the same amount. huhuhuhuh...advisable to get this from night market but still depends on which night market. Highly recommended Kanom Krok if you in Thailand or HuaHin. I first ate this during my Chiangmai trip a few years back. Die happiness to finally found this again on my first day here at HuaHin. hehehehe

Overall, Blue Port Shopping Mall kind of high-end mall to me. Pricey but worth to visit.

Market Village HuaHin

Well, this is the largest shopping complex in HuaHin. You will find a variety of souvenirs and food here too. The food court at the basement offers some local delicacies for you to try and the shop there is totally like its name, 'market style'. I ordered one Thai tea. I end up getting 2 glasses of this for the price of THB35. I was a bit puzzled at first. I had one with condensed milk and the other sort of 'teh kosong' style. Well, I was told to drink the sweet one and drink the other to wash off the sweetness. me this is just tea. hahahaha... What you expect me to comment? It's just a Thai Tea. I don't fancy this. Just tea!

I recommend doing some shopping here if you like Thai items and hate bargain at the night market. I am not a bargain type and I don't really shop much here. Just some cashew nuts. huhuhuh Price is better here compare to Blue Port. By the way, this place is just the same street with Blue Port. Just take a ride in one of those mini truck to bring you here. Worth a visit!

Tamarind market

There is 2 famous night market at 5 to 10 minutes walking distance from the place I stayed HuaHin. How convenient.....That's my main reason to stay at that place because transport will be a problem for me since I was so lazy to take one of those mini truck. Not easy to get one too if during peak hours.

Where I stay in HuaHin?
Check out my other post HERE. I wrote it there. 

Tamarind market open from Thursday to Sunday. I was there from Thursday to Sunday. hahaha..Miss Kiasurina never miss one night. She just chills out at Tamarind Market listen to live band and eat. That's a real getaway feeling!  Price is a lot cheaper here compare to the other place. The food is better here. I enjoy the food here more than the other market. 

From grilled seafood, freshly baked pizza, favourite pad thai to my all time must have snacks Kanom Krok. Everything is reasonably priced and over here I got to taste a different flavour of Kanom Krok at only THB30. Hurl!!! told you we can get this at half price. I still prefer the original flavour Kanom Krok.

By the way not many souvenirs you can get from Tamarind Market. Most stalls here sell food.

Cicada Market

Cicada Market and Tamarind Market are next to each other. It just Cicada Market open from Friday to Sunday. This is the most well-known tourist place since not many places to visit in HuaHin. huhuhu...It just over here you have to buy a coupon before purchase the food and drink. The price is pricey compared to the Tamarind Market.

This place kind of more happening too because they sell many souvenirs and many live shows from live performance to some water theatre too. I tried much seafood here.

All these my few nights foods with no rice. Eat like King and forget about that Princess look. Dig in baybehhhhh!!!!

My favourite Kanom Krok cost me THB50 at Cicada Market. Haihhhhh... this Nutella Rotee cost me THB30. 

Overall all places have their own charm to explore. Anywhere with food is a good place for me. hahahaha...its ok if they don't sell souvenirs but the food is a must for me. 

If you visit Cicada Market don't forget to visit one the shop sells all Pineapples product. Buy some of the biscuits. It looks like a normally weighted biscuit you can find at our country but seriously, I regret to buy just one tub. I brought some to the workplace and they said its super delicious. Serious so sedap!!! I am not a pineapples fan but loving that so much. No photo because at first thought that just regular biscuits! kekekeke

I have one more post for HuaHin then its done.