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10 Insta-Worthy Places You Wish You Knew About On Your First Visit To Sydney

Have you ever been to Sydney?😃

If you are planning to visit Sydney, please don't miss out 10 insta-worthy places you wish you’d known about when you first visited. If you haven’t yet checked these places out, it’s still not too late to put them on your bucket list. 

Paddington Reservoir Gardens, Paddington

This is part of my bucket list which is to visit Hanging Garden in Babylon. Right here in Sydney they a little bit like Hanging Gardens of Babylon and a touch Roman baths. This heritage-listed public garden sits in the city’s East. This place was once a vital source of water in the 19th century, the reservoir was transformed back in 2009, preserving much of the original brick, timber and iron framework. Take a stroll along the boardwalks, admiring the fusion of contemporary and old elements, sit on the rooftop near the sunken garden and watch the light change as the sun sets in this magical haven. Awesome feeling!

Hacienda Bar, Circular Quay | @haciendasydney

If you feeling a bit mellow. Visit this place to sip a rum-inspired cocktail and drink in the stunning Sydney Harbour Bridge views at this hip drinking hole. The interior is as Insta-worthy as the view, with a nod to the grand plantation architecture of Cuba and a touch of 1950s Miami with lots of botanicals, pastel pink seating and neon signage. I bet this place can brighten up your mood.

The Grounds, Alexandria | @thegrounds

Get a warmth feeling at this place. Built into the remnants of a heritage-listed factory in Sydney’s industrial centre, The Grounds has become a Sydney Insta icon with its kitchen-garden vibe and hearty, innovative eats. Snap a selfie in front of vegetable gardens, flower pots and old-fashioned stalls selling homemade soda and donuts. Just make sure your memory card isn't full. Lots of photos taking here.

Henry Deane at Hotel Palisade | @hotelpalisade

Just bring your loved ones here. Perched atop the historic watering hole Palisade Hotel, is a beautiful, airy cocktail space. Settle upstairs on one of the millennial pink couches with a cocktail and take in the breathtaking bird’s-eye view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Fantastic place for a SURPRISE lifetime questions to the chosen one!

Icebergs Pool, Bondi | @icebergsclub

Bondi Beach is home to the world’s most famous ocean pool, Bondi Icebergs. Named after its Winter swimming club, the bright white pool dates back to 1929 and is an Instagram favourite during the Summer months. From Bondi, take the coastal walk around to Bronte Baths, built in 1887. My all-time favourite place!

Chinese Garden, Chinatown

Who would have known? Located in the heart of Chinatown, the Chinese Garden of Friendship was modelled after the classic private gardens of the Ming Dynasty, offering an insight into Chinese Heritage and culture. Be whisked away to the Ming Dynasty for an afternoon and explore the very grounds that Hugh Jackman stood on when the filming of The Wolverine was done!

Green Square Library, Zetland

Feeling dramatic? The new underground library that opened end of last year boasts a floor-to-ceiling colourful shelf of books that’s perfect for snapping your Instagram shot. Located in the light-filled reading room in the tower, this shelf doubles up as a gorgeous art installation. The entire library is flooded with plenty of natural light – thanks to the 40 over skylights across the roof, and because of its innovative use of space and architecture, also won the Architectural Review Library Award 2018.

Angel Place, CBD

Few know about this little nook in an alley, but for those who do – you’re in for a treat. Empty birdcages hang above Angel Place, casting an ethereal glow around the area and making it perfect for any sort of hipster-ific Instagram shot. Aptly titled ‘Forgotten Songs’, the display designed by Michael Thomas Hill allows you to take in the sounds of the birds as you stand beneath the cages and admire the gentle sway of the cages as you capture that super artistic shot. You’ll want to come back again for more.

The Calyx, Royal Botanic Garden Sydney | @thecalyxexperience

Girls! dress like a Princess and pose as if you are the most beautiful girl in the world. Located in the heart of the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, The Calyx is a horticultural exhibition space with an integrated mix of indoor and outdoor areas and changing exhibitions. The Calyx has the largest green wall in the southern hemisphere and stunning contemporary architecture.

Hornby Lighthouse, Watsons Bay

This iconic lighthouse is painted in distinctive red and white candy stripes. It’s positioned in a spectacular spot too – standing tall at South Head, near Watsons Bay in Sydney Harbour National Park with views of Sydney Harbour to the West. Built in 1858, it was designed by colonial architect Alexander Dawson.


  1. Cantiknya. Hopefully 1 day i ada rezeki ke sini so dapat la bergambar puas2 kat tempat ygu suggest ni hehe

  2. Hi cindy! thanks for sharing, i havent go to Sydney yet. But after reading this on your blog i am looking foward to go there. Please keep on writing and share with us! lots of love ��

  3. Cantiknya view pemandangan di Sydney! Kalau laaa dapat melancong ke sana, semua tips yg Cindy share akan nina cuba praktikkan. Makaseh di atas perkongsian yang bermanfaat ini. Dave bookmark. :)

  4. I wish I knew about all these places before. My IG would have looked better when I visited there if only I knew about these places then. Hehe.
    Perhaps for my next visit then. TQ Cindy

  5. Nice story. I wish I will be there soon.

  6. Awh, so nice! I've never been in Sydney yet kak Reena but will be someday! Hehehe. I really wanna witness the fireworks on New Year. Heard it was one of the best fireworks.

  7. Terima kasih sudi berkongsi tempat yang menarik di sana. Lihat pemandangan yang indah , mesti dapat menenangkan fikiran dan mendamaikan jiwa kita bukan. Selamat bercuti ya

  8. Never knew such places exist in Sydney! Totally in awe with Hacienda Bar and Angel Place because the floral decorations and view looks amazing.

  9. So nice place. Baru je dalam perancangan nak p sana tahun hadapan. Nak p jalan2 sana nak jumpa kawan2 yang tinggal dan kerja kat sana. Bolehlah guna info ni masa trip nanti. Trima kasih atas perkongsian ini

  10. Wah semua tempat menarik kan. Kalau nak snap gambar di sana memang cantik gambar. Kat sana memang cantik pemandangannya. Teringin nak pergi Sydney tau ambil gambar banyak banyak kat sana

  11. Wahhh. Mernarik ni. Kalau hajat nk ke sydney lepas boleh la bergambar kat tempat-tempat ni. Semua cantik-cantik and memang insta worthy. Thanks for sharing ya!

  12. Sydneyy..wah..i want to go..tapi dont know when..hahaha...hope ada la rezeki pergi travel negara orang..cantik semua yang awak suggestkan ni..boleh la masuk dalam list



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