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Travel China : A Day At Qinghai Lake and Tibetan Plateau

It was supposed to be a highlight of my journey to Xining, I was not so sure why I feel this place a bit overrated for me since the travel from the City kind of almost 2.5 hours. I hired a private driver which I found from TripAdvisor even before flying to Lanzhou. Everything was pre-booked and the journey started at 7am. The old man with a gold sedan car came to fetch me. He doesn't even speak a word of English. I booked an English speaking driver. It makes a lot of difference since the price paid was for English and I received only Chinese. Haihhhh... compare to the driver whom I met the day before this trip he even offered to bring me to Qinghai Lake at almost half of the price I paid. aihhhh...too late to cancel though!

I decided to just accept and try to enjoy myself throughout the journey.

The journey kind of scenic and with yellow rapeseed flower everywhere and at some of the grassland, I can see some Yaks having a feast.
Toilet break kind of very challenging throughout the journey. I experience the worst toilet on the way to Qinghai Lake and hold on to my pee on the way back. Just because my first toilet break stop kind of horror and it still haunts me with lots of treasure discovery. WTH! 

Before reach to Qinghai Lake, the driver stops at the Tibetan Plateau. I love the green grassland at this place. The wildflowers here are so beautiful and pleasing to my eyes. Since this place is managed by Tibetan Autonomy, I can learn some of the Tibetan Cultures here. 

For those who love to ride the animal can try on Yaks or horse. I am against animal just take some photos and say 'Hi'. hehehe

I finally, reached to Qinghai Lake area and there are so many people here. The driver shows me the place to buy the entrance ticket and then told me he will come to pick me up in 3 hours time at the same place he drops me. 

It was drizzling rain so I end up rent a bicycle instead of walking. You can rent the electric bike there too. I was really glad to rent a bike. The place was super huge to go on foot.

Even though it was raining, I still able to enjoy the view. Along the way, grab some meal because the weather was super cold so a hot bowl of Beef Noodles and refreshing yoghurt drink was a good treat.

Other than cycling and enjoying the view there is not many activities here unless you are into water sports.

Love the flowers here. If you are into the cafe, can drop by to some cafe nearby but the price will be super tourist price. huhuhuh

No need to stop at the roadside, here also can enjoy taking a photo in the rapeseed flower fields. A beautiful scenic place which I think that Instagrammer would love this place.

If you have time can stop at the salt lake or can even combine this with Guide National Park trip but I separated the trip to enjoy more time at one place.

For those who prepare to go Qinghai Lake be prepared for a 2.5 hours to drive away from Xining City and pack some food for a picnic here. That will make your trip more fun. Like I said the view throughout the journey kind of scenic with some yellow rapeseed flowers fields and herd of yaks along the way.

If you ask me about Qinghai Lake itself...boring to me. I only enjoy the flowers field around rather than Qinghai Lake. huhuhuh...


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