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Wednesday, October 21, 2020

6 Awesome Christmas Tree Ideas For The Year 2020

Wednesday, October 21, 2020 0 Comments

Christmas Tree Ideas

By now most of us in this world are living with the new norm with some restrictions here and there imposed by respective rulings government to flatten the global pandemic hit us world wide.

How is  Covid-19 going to affect Christmas in the year 2020? 

It's hard to predict how will Christmas be like during Covid-19 year.

Will some of us in this world be in the lockdown during Christmas day?

Are there any specific Covid Rules for Christmas season?

Can some of us meet other household and even see their own family during Christmas?

Since the normal life shuts down around us, we need a balm to the soul. Life must go on. Festive need to be celebrated even if it's in small scale to cheer us up!

That is why setting up a Christmas tree in the year 2020 could be more important than ever.

Budget Christmas Tree

1. The Wallet- Friendly Christmas Tree

Some of us has lost employment during this coronavirus situation. This means loss of income and living out of retirement savings. This doesn't mean no Christmas feels. Nowadays, you can find a fair good quality Christmas tree suit your budget. 

Christmas Tree for Studio Home

2. The Space-Saving Christmas Tree

Not many of us blessed to live in a spacious home. Don't end up purchase a shorter and smaller Christmas tree just to save some space.   For those who live in a studio or much smaller space, you can shop for a much slimmer Christmas tree. 

Millennial Christmas Tree

3. The Millenial Christmas Tree

If you are into cool theme Christmas, then the hybrid tone of green and light green may suit your style. The hybrid tone Christmas tree blends well with white, silver and blue decorations. You may end up owning a millennial Christmas tree in the year 2020. 

Premium Christmas Tree

4. Luxury Christmas Tree

For glamourous and luxurious type can opt for the premium Christmas tree. Just get yourself the bigger and taller tree. If I were given the choice to decorate this premium tree, I would mix the gold ornaments and light sparkling blue I bet this year 2020 will be the most glamourous Christmas ever to have such tree in the house.

Halloween Deco
Image credit to Pinterest

5. Dark Christmas Tree

Some of us may choose a darker colour Christmas tree. It can be a black or darker green colour tree. Darker Christmas tree doesn't mean a bad omen or something. The theme may sound like gothic kind of look but I would I say it would be an insta-worthy impact if you decorate it tastefully. You can even put it out on the 31st October for Halloween fun event at home. This may be more suitable for those who have a modern contemporary home decoration The darker theme Christmas tree is definitely dramatic and for those who love loves defying the traditional theme. 

Frozen Theme Christmas Tree

6. White Christmas Tree

" I wish for a Christmas "

Bring the white Christmas into your home. Create the 'Frozen theme' with a white Christmas tree in the house. White Christmas can give you an angelic vibe It can give you the winter Christmas feels and luxurious. White goes with many colour choice of ornaments. I bet it can be a good home project together with your loves one.

If you are in Singapore and still searching for the good quality Christmas Tree you can check out this  website at

The Pine Concept is one of the most favourite Christmas Tree Singapore delivery.  You can get the most hyper-realistic artificial Christmas tree. Expect the Ultra-dense Christmas tree quality with affordable price suits your budget. The tree from here can last a lifetime with a guaranteed 10-year warranty. There is no need to shop for the Christmas tree every year. All you need to do is to change the decoration creatively with Christmas Ornaments.

Just like yourself, I personally worry about receiving a product purchase online. Product misrepresentation is the biggest concern for all online shoppers. Pine Concept gives assurance on the misrepresentation on all their products since they are a consumer-like all of us too. Building up and maintaining a good online repo is one of their biggest mission for long term business continuity. After all, who wants to live the life by ruining other people Christmas celebration which only comes once a year, right? By the way, they have a showroom if you still in doubt and would like to view the Christmas trees live in front of your eyes.

Most of the Christmas tree at Pine Concept comes as self collapse branches Christmas tree for convenient assembling and dismantling. Obviously storage space saving for next festive season.

The Christmas tree is considered the main decoration for Christmas season. Whether it is cheap or expensive, it's all about decorations which will reflect your personal style and innovative to bring out the spirit of festive joy and celebration.

This year 2020,  may be not a perfect Christmas like many other usual years. But it is something we couldn't miss out and\will be the most important one for all us. Why? After a long year of uncertainty, full of worries and lack of movement freedom, we should celebrate the Christmas with joyful than ever. Setting up a good and beautiful Christmas tree, will be fun activities and create special bonding if you are staying with family. Even if you are alone, you may find the activities are satisfying and will bring you the happiness you are longing. 

Happy Merry Christmas Tree Shopping!

Friday, October 16, 2020

What is the different between Oven Toaster and Air Fryer

Friday, October 16, 2020 0 Comments

My birthday falls on the 12 October and since this year was unlike any other year, I will be away travelling abroad to enjoy my solo moment forever. This year, I decided to just have another day and not doing anything at all. I already glad to be still alive and stay healthy on that date. isk isk

I turned off the Facebook birthday reminder, so others don't feel obliged to wish me just because of that notification. It was a quiet birthday, as I wanted in the year 2020.

My sisters pool money to purchase an Air Fryer as a present for me. So kind of them! Here I end up adding a Haier Air Fryer in my little kitchen. As a first time Air Fryer user, I search on YouTube to use this new kitchen tool. My air fryer adventure begins from here.

While using the air fryer, it came to my mind...."What is the difference of Air Fryer compare to the Oven Toaster"? The basic function in the surface kind of almost the same to my simple mind opinion.

I owned an oven toaster at home. I usually toast bread. There was time once I tried baking using oven toaster but end up with baking disaster all the time. So I stop baking and just use that when wanting my food warm. hahaha... yeah! 


I was talking about this with my sister and both of us came to a conclusion both air fryers and oven toaster has an almost similar function which is both create hot air. However, the heated air from the oven toaster is pretty much basic and weaker than air fryer. I would rather compare air fryer with convection oven which my mum used to own. Even though convection oven is powerful but it doesn't offer the fried food style like air fryer though.

My first experience using the air fryer

I was very impressed when first try out the air fryer to cook a hash brown. Check my video guide on how to cook a perfect hash brown in the air fryer. I don't need to use any oil to greased or what so ever. Just throw in the hash brown into the air fryer and leave to my morning shower. The hash brown turns out perfectly crispy in the outside and moist in the inside after I have done with my shower. Non-oily and not greasy at all. That morning... I was definitely ...Wow! all the way with what else this thing can do for me.

Way of Cooking

I owned a very basic function selection oven toaster. Typically, it can bake, grill and roast. I only know how to heat up my food use this oven toaster. The air fryer has all the functions I mentioned with some additions such as air frying and even dehydrating to the mix. So honestly, I find as a newbie kitchen tool user, air fryer is easy to use and straight forward too. One thing that makes me fall in love with air fryer right away is the fried taste. I love fried food but was advised not to eat that often since its oily and unhealthy. Furthermore, fry food requires more oil. Air fryer saves the oil money and also save me from the hassle of cleaning up the oil splashing on the wall. huhuhuh

Safety issue

I still doubt about the safety issue of air fryer no matter how I love this. I used to own a microwave oven and end up with a kitchen disaster twice which I almost burnt down my whole kitchen by heating up a 'bao' and chicken dishes respectively in separate horror event. The 'bao' frightening event cause the whole apartment unit cover with smoke and the auto fire extinguisher was triggered. While the heating up a bowl of chicken dishes experience cause the whole microwave oven caught fire. huhuhuh.... frightening, right???

As for oven toaster, I barely have that frightening experience as microwave oven apart from I end up burning my food in that toaster most of the time. problem was I am bad with the manual. 

With the air fryer, since the heat is so intense and strong as if a combination of a convection oven and microwave oven, so I worried a lot. The noise from air fryer is almost microwave oven loud noise but softer than that. So I don't feel it scary for the air fryer. I did overcook my soft bun in the air fryer, though. Check the video on how to make a no-knead soft bun with the air fryer here.

In my opinion, invest in a trusted and good quality air fryer if you need one. Make sure you do a lot of research in the Do(s) and the Don't (s) with the air fryer. If you think cooking with the air fryer is faster...mmmm...I don't think so. To fry a perfect fish you require 15 minutes of cooking time. While a simple hash brown requires around 18 minutes of your time. So there's no short cut to this. 

I am still discovering the use of air fryer and so far I have done basic fryer, basic toasting, baking which I baked bun and bread for the first time in my life. Yes! I even cook spaghetti in the air fryer too. No oil in the process which is the beauty of using air fryer that I love the most.

Visit my YouTube Channel CindyrinaRina for more of air fryer adventure. Don't forget to subscribe and like me to give more encouragement. Thank you!

By the way, I am using Haier brand 4 litres analogue version.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Does the cheap 3 In 1 Robotic Cleaner works?

Wednesday, October 14, 2020 0 Comments

Recently, I bought a robot cleaner. Dirt cheap version. Well, with the price I paid less RM60, I don't really have high expectation. I am more than happy if this thing is working when it reaches me. Hopefully, this fella can help me to reach out to all dust or do the wiping under my bed. Yay! my main focus is under my bed and bedroom area. I was sceptical when purchasing this. Really pray hard it won't a waste of my money.

It is a one-key cleaning as it claims. You need to press the button to let it run and you have to press the button again to make it stop. I did have a hard time when this thing running under my bed and refuse to come back outside. kekekeke
IMA has to use the broomstick to pull this naughty thing out!

Charging time around 4 hours and it will run quite long since my room isn't that big so its hard for me to track on how long it will last. I haven't use the moping function yet. You just need to open the top part to clean up the dust collected , every now and then. In my opinion, this is easy to maintain too.

So far the swivel thingy spinning well to collect hair fall and small dust. The function is good and the value as the price paid. 
I recommended this to my sis and she immediately bought this too. She also agreed on this vacuum help for dusting and hair fall collection. It works well on the carpet too according to her. 

To purchase a good quality robot vacuum cleaner is kind of expensive for me, so I settled with this for the time being. Since it helps, why not?

As long as you don't have high expectation, this is good.

Monday, September 28, 2020

How To Choose A Home Water Filter

Monday, September 28, 2020 0 Comments

If you are an Asian like me, it's common hearing mum or elders nag to drink more water all the time. Well, nothing annoying about this. In fact, this is a good reminder since drinking water at least 8 glasses a day good for your body and immune system. Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate!

I am not sure about other country but especially in Asia, we don't blatantly drink water from our pipe in the sink. We either require to boil water or get a good water filter. At least water filters remove contaminants. There are many types of water filter in the market. Some even offer hot and ice cold water features. It can be difficult to choose the best water filter. Here I list down some of the basic checklists to help you to make a good decision on which water filter suit your needs.

How To Choose A Home Water Filter?

1. Study on POE (Point Of Entry) and POU (Point Of Use) systems

Commonly, there are two types of water filters available for home use. POE systems treat all the water that enters your home and then connects to the water meter or some pressurized water tank. While POU systems, treat water at the point where it is being consumed such as the sink or even shower head. POU systems can be installed externally or internally.POU that is installed internally, filter the water usually passing through the pipe.

2. Research more information on different types of POU systems

POU filters such as built-in filters, refrigerator filters and even pitcher filters can be mounted directly to the faucet, under the sink or the countertop.

3. Check on Water Contamination level and evaluate based on your needs

This is the most important information required for your decision making to narrow down your water filtering system best suit your needs. Usually, you could easily find this information from your local government website, newspaper or any other online channel. The contamination can be in the form of visible particles or invisible bacteria.
Well, if the contamination in the water is toxic, then the POE filter is suitable since it cleans all the before entering your house water. A POU filter on the faucet, if you are only filtering the water for taste.

If you are in doubt, consider consulting a Certified Water Treatment Professional or someone who has experience in doing so.

If you are looking for water filter Singapore, you can consider who has vast experience and a passionate team with water filtration and purification. My SG friend highly recommended them for not only provide professional advice but also helps in solving the problem in their area of expertise.
Most of their water filter selection centred on lean engineering that exceeds conventional device while maintaining its effectiveness. Mostly designed for maximum simplicity in usage. Good news for us who favour a plug-and-play concept and less maintenance costs.

I was using a countertop twin water filter at home since all I need is just a peace of mind kind of filter water with better taste. Basically, the water safe for my consumption. But there are many countertop twin water filter in the market. You are spoiled with choices!

Xeltro CT22-Countertop Twin Water Filter

My Singapore friend recommended Xeltro CT22 - Countertop Twin Water Filter.

Xeltro CT22 - Countertop Twin Filter features :

  • Designed and manufactured in Japan
  • Filtech Technology for cleaner and better-tasting water
  • 7 Layer Ultra Twin Filteration
  • Eliminates up to 99.99 percents of Bacteria, Impurities and Chlorine
  • 3 mode-switch: Filtered, Unfiltered Shower, Unfiltered Stream

Xeltro CT22 - Countertop Twin Filter specification :

  • Overall dimensions : 320mm x 230mm x 100mm
  • Weight : 0.8kg
  • Flow Rate of 21/minute
  • Lifetime of 6000 L or approx. 6 - 8 months
  • Pressure: 0.1 - 0.4 Mpa

Warranty - 1 year

7 Stage Ultra Twin Filteration
1. The first filtration process is 5mm thick ceramic filter to filter sediments, heavy metal, rust giardia, cysts and bacteria of larger or equal to 0.1 micron in size while a the same time still preserves necessary minerals. Common bacteria such as E-Coli and Cryptosporidium are rejected.

2. FIR (Far Infra Red) layer is used to soften hard water which eliminating offensive odours and preventing bacteria growth. As FIr resonance with water, it activates and ionizes water molecules, which make the water tastes fresher. This provides health benefit which helps to balanced acidity level in the body and rises the oxygen levels.

3. Ion Exchange Resin percolates water through bead-like spherical resin materials. This sodium ions are exchanged for every calcium or magnesium ion removed from the water and subsequently preventing bacteria build-up.

4. Anti Bacterial Ions kill bacteria and deter bacterial growth by breaking down organic compounds that comprise of bacteria such as bacteria cell membranes.

5. Alkaline Medium raises the pH level of the water which ads in neutralising acid in your body, which can lead to various health benefits including preventing diseases such as cancer and liver disease.

6. KDF Activated Carbon which KDF stands for Kinetic Degradation Fluxion. KDF granular activated carbon incorporates absorption and catalytic reduction mechanism for embellished and augmented purification efficiency.since its equips with activated carbon filtering for removal of residual chlorine up to 99.99 percent, VOC's and other impurities, so it deodorizes, improve colour and taste of water.

7. Finally, the Filtech Hybrid Carbon Membrane Technology for further pervasive particle exclusion filtration to discard hanging colloids and eliminates up to 99.99 percent bacteria and maintain the quality of drinking water.

Filtech pledges :

* A Free delivery for all orders above SGD60 and receive the item as early as the following day

* State of the Art Purification Technology - strive to adopt the most advance and effective purification method

* Hundred Percent Tested and Certified product safe for consumption and usage

* Impeccable Quality Standards - designed and manufactured in Japan by trusted and reliable suppliers with only premium materials and ensure the highest standards for quality.

There are many reasons why every home and office should install a water filter. Why? Water is a basic human need. It just we need to keep it on top of our mind that all H20 is not created equally. You require a filter for clean water.

If you are in Singapore and currently looking for a water filter and air purifier, do browse Filtech or make an inquiry with one water filter professional consultants.

Monday, September 21, 2020

Why Flowers Make Us Feel Happy

Monday, September 21, 2020 0 Comments

If you could see the miracle of a single flower clearly our whole life would change

In my youth and younger days, I used to hate flowers. Why? The flowers will be withered and it such a waste of money. Now I have grown older, I see the thing in very different ways. I have grown wiser and matured a bit!😊 Flowers will definitely withered, but the value of emotion and psychological is priceless.

Flowers are linked to immediate happiness and feeling which relates to satisfaction towards life. If you noticed, flowers are always linked to alleviation of stress, mood-lifting and ease away anxiety and depression symptoms.

Did it ever cross your mind why people used flowers in the social environment? Is having flowers decoration around just mere eye candy? The power of flowers can help to enhance the environment to create a more welcoming ambience, cheerful and warm. 

Many only think about flowers when it comes to birthdays, proposal and romantically love. Do you know during this period of pandemic and the new norm era, many people have lost their job, lost hopes or many other effects during the current slump economic situation? Life is tough for some of us? Every time, we read about a new suicidal case. It's heartbreaking news! These people have lost hope to continue living when there is a sudden change in their normal life.

Words alone are not enough to console these people. Send a simple flower delivery to someone you care. Flowers is a natural visual healing property for both physiologically and emotionally. It brings hope, uplift confidence, self-esteem and definitely positive vibes.

If you have someone in Singapore and would like to spread a 'Happy Virus' mood to him/her, just a click away. All you need is to find a good florist Singapore to send a natural healing guarantee happiness to someone you care.

I have a friend in Singapore who highly recommended Fav Florist a flower delivery Singapore . I immediately browsed over to their website and loves the unique, minimalist and rustic flower bouquets collection. The price isn't expensive at all. They offer affordable prices and free delivery. My SG friends said their flowers are what you see in the photos. No misrepresentation at all. All flower arrangements are designed by a passionate florist with at least 10 years experience and each bouquet is intricately arranged and made with love.

Here, I pulled out some of my best pick from their website, if you have a hard time to choose one.😊

Forever Young: Hydrangea Bouquet

Eternity: Mixed Rose & Carnation Bouquet

I adore you: Red Rose Bouquet

Preserved LED Flower Domes: Beauty and the Beast

 Preserved LED Flower Domes: Mystic Blue

You can choose a traditional bouquet style or a more long-lasting option such as preserved LED Flower domes where each dome is specifically designed against a unique theme such as childhood favourites - Peter Pan, Frozen, Beauty and The Beast and many more fantasy and mystical vibes. To bring smiles especially for someone you care and love.

Fav Florist does not just offer flowers, they recently introduced a one-stop solution where you can also bundle up flower joy surprise with artisanal cakes. All cakes are freshly baked by professional and experienced bakers with premium ingredients.

All delivery comes with a complimentary message card. Don't just send your surprises empty. Pour in your heartfelt note with it. Be good, be kind, send a flower to someone in Singapore today.

Fav Flowers is a middle person for you to touch someone heart sincerely. Fave florist pledged :

🎕 Handmade flowers bouquet with love - Handmade by highly and passionate florists with more than a decade of experience each and the bouquet are guaranteed to be the best of the best.

🎕 Free instant delivery - Fav flowers provide Free delivery for all flower bouquets and even a 2-hour express delivery for urgent requests.

🎕 Only fresh juicy flowers - Only use fresh succulent flowers which are air-flown for all bouquets. Pesticides free and organically produced.

🎕 Super Affordable - overpriced flowers are a BIG NO NO. Fav florist strives to ensure you enjoy the most bang for your buck spends with them.

  • Flowers feed compassion.
  • Flowers chase away worries and anxieties
  • Flowers boost up energy and happiness

Send a bouquet of flowers with Fav Florist today and spread the positive vibes to someone you care. You can change someone perception in life too

You can follow Fav Florist official instagram and Fav Florist Facebook for more information.

Thursday, September 17, 2020

Same Day Fresh Flower and Cake Delivery in Singapore

Thursday, September 17, 2020 0 Comments

The year of 2020 has been declared as Social Distancing era globally. We have been advised to minimize gatherings to reduce the spread of our invisible enemies. This doesn't mean we can't stay connected with our friends and clients. Some of us who are natural-born introvert doing just fine by this social isolation order but for those who are extrovert, this new norm will drive them crazy which led to psychological distress.

There are many ways to stay connected, the most guaranteed way to uplift the mood of our dear friends or love ones is by surprise event. There is no need to be physically present to organize the sweetest event to remember. All you need is to place your order with the right and trusted place.  

If you have someone you treasure and to pleased reside in Singapore, Whyzee is definitely the right place you should be looking for. Whyzee offers freshly baked cake and flower delivery Singapore.

Whyzee was born from a name combination of two passionate home bakers, Yina and Zeb. Both started off baking home for family and friends. Their sincerity in the cakes baked shown and the words of mouth have eventually lead them from a humble home-baker to baking commercially. The business flourishes to retail and eCommerce to cater to client increase demand day by day. From only 2 passionate bakers, the team now increased to more professional and passionate baker like Yina and Zeb.

Recently, instant flowers and cakes delivery has been popular in Singapore. Tapping on their expertise, Whyzee offer freshly baked cakes and flower delivery to be delivered on the same day for a surprise and last-minute event. The service caters for busy people who sometimes overlooked or forgotten special occasion. They noticed that not many bakeries in Singapore offer same-day delivery. Whyzee goes extra miles by providing islandwide 1-hour express delivery service for customers who urgently require a cake delivery Singapore.

Some of the Whyzee popular express cakes includes Chocolate Desire Cake, Mango Mousse Cake, Chocolate Brownie Cake, Tiramisu Cake. Other popular signature collections are Tripple Chocolate Fudge Drip, Ombre Rosette Cake, Banana Cake and Kit Kat Cake. If you have tried the Banana Cake frosted with whipped mascarpone from Whyzee, you will come for more. They use real bananas and no artificial flavouring added like others in the market. The combination of Cheese and banana may sound a bit beyond your imagination but the taste is to die for!

Chocolate Desire Cake

Triple Chocolate Fudge Drip Cake Slide

Bunny Cake

For vegan...worry not! Whyzee has varieties of eggless and vegan cakes just for you. Highly recommended to check out their eggless and non-diary Tripple Dark Chocolate. They also cater for those who have special dietary requirements or allergy. This is the reason Whyzee is unique compare to other bakeries. More and more people are adopting a healthy lifestyle and becoming more health-conscious. All Whyzee's cakes are reduced sugar and freshly baked with no preservatives added.

8 inches cake flower bundle

9 inches cake flower dome bundle

If you are planning for a surprise event, delivering just cakes will not complete the thrill. Flowers and other gifts are a must. You can't be purchasing with few different for flowers and cakes delivery, right? That's doesn't make any sense since things need to be delivered at the same time!

Whyzee has everything under one platform for your convenient. You can check out their beautiful flower bouquet, preserved flower domes and balloons to complete any kinds of occasion. They prepare different bundles for different cake sizes for best deals. The flowers are fresh air-flown daily with each bouquet is designed and arranged by a professional florist. While the balloons are customizable to brings a unique and special experience celebration.

Since it will take some time for us Malaysian and Singaporean residents to cross-border freely, if you have someone you treasure and cherish in Singapore, make use of Whyzee one-stop solution to show you care with a personal gesture from afar. It is the best way to stay connected rather than just a Face Time session!

Check out some of other Whyzee best and delicious cakes at Official Instagram and Facebook

Thursday, August 27, 2020

First Time Kombucha Brewer

Thursday, August 27, 2020 1 Comments

If you have been following my blog for many years, you will notice that I am a sucker when it comes to Kombucha. Not only Kombucha has a good health benefit but it also tastes delicious and I can drink some fizzy drink without any guilt. But to purchase shelf Kombucha kind of expensive. Imagine one bottle of this fizzy drink cost me between RM10 to RM16. Damn! That's expensive for my purse!

So I decided to brew it at home. I was really nervous to do this kind of brewing at home. Who knows instead of brewing good bacteria for guts, I will end up brewing and breeding bad bacteria. Anyway, as this post was published, I was at my 3rd batch of my own homemade Kombucha. Yay! Success and still learning along the way.😍

What Do You Need To Brew Kombucha?

1. Good SCOBY with quality starter tea

2. Glass Jar

3. Tea Concentrate

4. Sugar water

5. Cotton cloth to cover

6. Patient to wait

What is SCOBY?

SCOBY stands for,





Yes! it is a bacteria and yeast fermentation process so please expect your Kombucha drink has hints of a sour taste.

Can you make your own SCOBY?

Yes! you can make your own SCOBY but if you are a beginner like me, it is better to purchase SCOBY. If you still insist to make your own SCOBY from scratch, you can try it. All you need is to combine tea, sugar and some good pre-made unflavored kombucha. Get the kombucha with some little blobby things floating at the top or bottom of the bottle. I can't explain this in details since I am just a beginner brewer who started my home brewing with online store purchase SCOBY.😜

The SCOBY, I bought coincidently the good quality one. YEAY! 🙋🙋

Three Steps of Kombucha Process

First Fermentation

Kombucha first fermentation process consists of mixing tea concentrate (advisable to use green tea or black tea) with some water, sugar, and SCOBY with its starter tea in the glass jar. I use a 2-litre glass jar which I bought just for this project. 🤣
Measurement for the first fermentation. Seriously, I am not that type of person who likes to measure things. So, I just add in whatever based on my gut feelings. Yeah! I learn all this from YouTube and do whatever I wanted after that! Pour everything in the glass jar and then secure the top with a cotton cloth and tied it with a rubber band. Then I place the jar in my book cabinet and leave the cabinet door a bit open just enough for air circulation. So my jar not in complete darkness place. I left it for 7 days. I don't even bother to check the bottle in there before 7 days. I only open the cabinet when the time comes.😁

Oh! by the way, for your information since I love doing whatever I want, end up use Earl Grey Tea for my Kombucha tea. Seriously, I realized on my mistake after the second day of fermentation. I was ...let God decide on my Kombucha tea.

Second Fermentation

When I finally opened the bottle after 7 days, my SCOBY has multiplied to 2 SCOBY. Yes! the mother SCOBY not only grew thicker, but it has also given birth to one baby. So, I end up become a God Grandmother to baby SCOBY. WTH!

I place the SCOBY into the glass bowl together with some tea from my first fermentation jar as a starter for the next batch of first fermentation. I decide to use green tea on my next batch. If you are not ready to do the second batch, you can always place the SCOBY with the starter tea and feed it with some sugar in a glass jar which we call it SCOBY Hotel. Since I want a continuous supply of Kombucha in my fridge. So I started the second batch at the same time with first batch second fermentation.

What do you for Kombucha second fermentation?

This is the time where you flavoured Kombucha to your personal liking. I took out the SCOBY and some starter tea into another glass jar. Then add in some flavour to the remaining tea which has gone through the first fermentation for 7 days. I then cover the glass jar with the tight lid. It should be tight enough so no wind or anything could enter the jar. Place the jar somewhere on the shelf or anywhere, no need to be in the closed cabinet or what so ever. I just left it there for 7 days without even burping it out, like how those people in the youtube taught. You can check out some of the YouTube videos for the Kombucha flavouring process. 

Third Fermentation

This is the process where I filtered the residue from the second fermentation process Kombucha into another airtight bottle and left it in the fridge for another 7 days. This process is for Kombucha to get frizzier. Some Kombucha Gurus advise you to burp it out every day and you can even enjoy the Kombucha within 4 - 5 days after placing it in the fridge. 

This is my first batch of Kombucha after 5 days in the fridge. I flavour it with nutmeg, lemon and honey. My Kombucha taste really flat and sweet after 5 days. I left it another 7 to 10 days in the fridge and the taste getting frizzier and not sweet but it is to my liking.

My second batch of Kombucha using green tea and I flavour it with Dragon Fruits and Blueberries. I decided to just leave go for 7:7:7 process. First fermentation 7 days, second fermentation another 7 days and 7 days in the fridge. Oh yeah!!!! just like my favourite store-bought Kombucha. I did it! Just love this one. 
I am currently on the third batch of Kombucha first fermentation process. My SCOBY has grown really thick and healthier. I am a God Grandma to few babies now!

Have you tried brewing your own Kombucha before?

It was a great addictive experience for me now. I just want the continuous supply of Kombucha in my fridge and be more variety in the flavouring process.
Conclusion of my fermentation process took up to 21 days for one batch of Kombucha. I have been making it for 2 months now. 

Monday, August 24, 2020

How To Make Jjajangmyeon less 10 minutes

Monday, August 24, 2020 1 Comments

I always watch those actors and actress in Kdrama ate Jjajangmyeon deliciously. But when I ate this at Korean Restaurant, it's too sweet and too thick with starch. Totally not to my tastebud. 

What is Jjajangmyeon?

Jjajangmyeon is a Chinese style Korean noodle dish topped with a thick dark brown sauce made from black bean paste, pork and some vegetables. You can change pork with chicken or seafood. This dish usually describes as sweet and tangy taste. You won't miss out this dish if you are an avid Korean drama fan. Totally Korean people favourite dish. I just can't resist but want to try this out.

I tried Jjajangmyeon at a few Korean restaurants. Totally don't like the taste because they made it too sweet. It would be better if the taste is less sweet, less thick and have a little bit of spicy after taste. 

So....for the first time, I challenge myself to make Jjajangmyeon at home. 

First, I bought the Jjajangmyeon set from Marimogo at my favourite online shopping store, Shopee. may be thinking, I don't make a thing from scratch and this is a ready-made sauce. This is nothing to shout out, though! Super easy and anyone can cook this. Yes! Anyone can cook this, right? Whether it's instant or whatsoever, I still made Jjajangmyeon suit my taste finally. 

Marimogo Jjajangmyeon sauce came with Fatboi Noodles, Jjajangmyeon sauce and Danmuji which is a pickled radish. 

How to make Jjajangmyeon?

Prepare the noodles by boiling it for 8 to 10 minutes or to the texture of your liking. Some like it soft and some like it a bit chewy. Just like how you cook pasta. As for the sauce, I just did the basic stir-fried and season it to suit my taste.

First, saute the yellow onion. The more onion you put the sweeter and the taste will be nicer.

Then add in chicken meat. You can replace this with seafood. Everything to your liking. Stir fry this together until the meat cook.

Add in marimogo jjajangmyeon sauce into the wok. I just add around 5 tablespoons of this. Since I don't like it too thick, so I add in a bit of water.

Then add in the vegetables. You can add in some corns, carrots and green peas. As for me, I just made my life easier again by adding the frozen mixed vegetables. All in! So convenient. Let it boiled for a few minutes. I added some pepper, a pinch of salt and cayenne peppers. 

How to serve Jjajangmyeon?

Add the yellow noodles into the bowl. Top up the noodles with hot Jjajangmyeon sauce. Slice some cucumber and danmuji or pickled radish. 

I top my jjajangmyeon bowl with a fried egg. How was my jjajangmyeon taste? Omo! how come my homemade jjajangmyeon taste delicious and better than those I ate at a Korean restaurant? hehehehehe..serious delicious because it's not sweet and has that spicy after taste, I always wanted.

My first time try cooking jjajangmyeon is a success!

Next challenge will be making my own sourdough starter and bake sourdough bread. I just ordered the flour for my sourdough challenge from shopee last night.  Don't forget to subscribe to my blog and get the latest update on my next challenge!

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Wednesday, August 19, 2020

Let's Online Shopping at Malaysia No. 1 E Commerce Platforms - PG Mall

Wednesday, August 19, 2020 0 Comments

Ever since the pandemic spreading early this year, online shopping is our new norm. Personally, I prefer online shopping over offline shopping. Courier delivery like more than once a week to my house. Talking about my spending habit! Shy! shy! shy!
Not only that, I don't need to pay for parking and petrol but avoiding crowd which will expose myself to the virus is one of the reasons for me to choose online shopping. No need to mention that the promotion for online shopping store is really a good bargain and believe it or not, I have saved a lot through grabbing the online promotion and deals. Now, you want to know how to grab a good deal, save some money and win some great prizes? 

Have you heard about PGMall?

PG Mall is a Malaysia No.1 e-Commerce platform and the only local e-Commerce platform in Malaysia. Recently, PG Mall ranked as top 3 e-Commerce site at Iprice insight report.
PG Mall is currently my favourite not only online for shopping destination but also I am trying to make some cash online by becoming one of the sellers too. This e-Commerce platform has been established ever since the year 2017 and accept all e-wallets and of course, various payment gateway too. So it's really convenient for us shoppers with such options.
There are many good brand name on board at PGMall. For example, Nestle who also currently has a good campaign which is Nestle Top Spender.

Nestle Top Spender at PGMall - How it works?

  • Get RM8 off for a minimum spend of RM80
  • Be one of the 16 winners weekly and win RM50 Grab plus PG Mall vouchers
  • Be one of the 3 winners monthly and win RM100 Grab plus PG Mall vouchers
I bet each Malaysian household has a Nestle in their house. I have many of Nestles product store in my cabinet too. I have check out Nestle's Brand Store at PGMall and they have many other great promotions apart from what I mentioned above.

Check out this Milo Active Go Limited Edition Vintage Tin (1950) 1.7kg promotion at PGMall. 
Buy 3 tin of Milo Active Go Limited Edition Vintage Tin (1950) Free 2 Maggi Pazzta and 1 Maggi Sambal Tumis. Isn't this a good news for vintage item collector? This is my first-time encounter Milo Vintage Tin and I would want to buy and add this to my collection too. The tin looks awesome! Don't worry! It's authentically from Nestle itself so worry not on the fake item.

Nescafe Gold Coffee Jar 200g

Here's another deal from Nestle to shout out!
I bet the ladies will love to check this out and grab this deal. You better head on to PGMall right away while stock last. Buy 2 Nescafe Gold Coffee 200g, Get Free Sephora Gift Card worth RM20. I bet you, ladies, by now know Sephora by hard, right?

Nestle KitKat 2F Chocolate Share bag

Have you heard on this phrase before? Take a break and have a KitKat! Get yourself One Nestle KitKat 2F Chocolate Share bag (20 + 6) and Get One Free Minion Cooler Bag. Kawaii!
You can check out more Nestle Top Spender at PGMall at their page. Did I mention Free Shipping offer? Shop RM80 and above at Nestle PG Mall and you can get free shipping. Shop now, save more and have a chance to win some prizes too.

Nestle Top Spender campaign is not the only good news to highlight at PGMall.

Shake the World 

1st step - Sign up to PGMall use this link.

2nd Step - Find the Globe icon located below the homepage as shown in the photo above.
3rd Step - Shake it!
4th Step - RM3 will be credited instantly into your C-Wallet.

Please note this RM3 is only for New sign up user and shoppers only. So it limited to only One (1) time redemption only. 
However, you can continue to 'Shake The world' up to Two (2) times per day (before and after 12:00pm) , to get PGMall C-Wallet and attractive promo vouchers to redeem.

What's in the Box?

Get PG Mall C-Waller daily by visiting and clicking on What's in the box at PGMall.

If you are using PC, just find the box icon as shown in the above photo. See what is waiting for you! Just visit this box every day and win daily prizes.
Let us do some shopping at PGMall today and save some monthly expenses for grabbing its awesome promotion. Shop now!

Find out more on PGMall by visiting their official website and don't forget to follow their official page for some awesome campaign and promotions.

PGMall Official website:

PGMall Official Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.PGMallMalaysia

PGMall Official Instagram Page: