Thursday, January 9, 2020

Realistic Ways To Earn Through Online Shopping

I love online shopping for a few reasons such as I can search basically anything online. Moreover, no crowds or queues. I can do 24/7 shopping without worry about the store business hours. I can easily compare the prices and reviews before making the purchase.

For a smart online shopper like me, I always make sure to earn back through some of the cash spent online. 

What? Earn a Cashback through shopping? How is this possible? 

I wrote on OctaPlus last year. Click the link HERE. If you haven't downloaded this awesome app yet, don't miss out. Please download this app now. You can download the OctaPlus App HERE.

OctaPlus is not like any other conventional online shopping cashback app which only offers CashBack from spending. If you strategize well, you will end up earn passive income in this Year 2020 through this app.

3 ways to earn through cash online through OctaPlus

1. Refer your family and friends to download and sign up with OctaPlus. App download and sign up is free. For every friend sign up and verified, you will get RM3 into your wallet

2. Shift your offline personal shopping to online shopping. For example monthly groceries, beauty care and other shopping. 

3. Be a personal online shopper. You can always volunteer to shop on behalf of your friends and family/people around you. I bet many of us here will also envy people who hold a Personal Assistant/ Secretary and Administrative position in the office. These are people who can earn lots of cashback by travel booking and office supplies shopping.

Like I said OctaPlus don't just offer a cashback benefit for online shoppers. There are many other benefits waiting for you.

* Reward points - which you will get through a simple task such as daily check-in, refer a friend and participate in OctaPlus event if there is any. I bet there are many events now since CNY is coming up! 

* Product review - I don't know about others but product review from others always influences my purchase. OctaPlus give an opportunity for you to review a product and at the same time share others opinion in OctaPlus Community.

* Deals - OctaPlus deals are no joke! It can be up to 50% discount from the usual retail price.

* Wish Tree - This is something interesting and is like a dream comes true for all shoppers like me. A wish tree tab you can get some items at up to 50% discount. You just required to fill up the required amount of OctaSeeds. How to get OctaSeeds? Earn more OctaSeeds by referring to your friend.

We are currently in a challenging economy. Some people turn jobless and some even receive a pay cut. If there are any possible ways to earn a cashback for our necessities spent, why not? The truth is earning money and getting an awesome deal online is not that difficult. I just show you one of the easiest method available waiting for you to grab your portion. Why wait? Download OctaPlus App today!


  1. that's a good way to earn back after shopping. with today's challenging economy it would be better to shop using octaplus

  2. Online shopping ni platform yang terbaharu di zaman milennia. Semua orang prefer online shopping berbanding kena parking kat mall. Nanti nak tengok apps ni pula.

  3. Ni pertama kali dengar pasal octoplus, selalu dengan pasal shopback. Apapun, saya boleh cuba next time nanti. Nice review.

  4. Yes... this is what we want.. shopping and the same time we can get cashback even in a small amount. Even i also loveto use any apps which is can get the cashback.. later i will try octoplus

  5. Yes sekarang ni semua online shopping perlukan macam agent dari pengguna ini kita kena rajin dan pandai guna cara yang mereke telah sediakan. Ini kita tak pernah cuba lagi yang Octaplus ni baru tahu hurmmm menarik...

  6. Ena pon memilih personal online shopping sbb kekangan masa anak sekolah lagi nak beranak lagi. Haha. Letih jugak kalau nak bersiap cari parking nk angkut brang ke trolley. So kita pilihla online saje. But kena bijak memilih

  7. 1st time tau pasal Octoplus ni..nanti nak cuba guna jg la platform ni..tq for info

  8. Okay, would definitely going to check this out. A great way to shop, got something in return too.

  9. i only know shopback. is it similar?

    followed you here. #77

  10. Count me in! I need to earn all this passive incomes as I've decided to be self-employed as off this year. WHat pay-cut? Hahaahha I took a leap into zero-pay straight...hahahah bold, a little reckless move but was supported by my family. Whoops, side tracked a bit over there...but yea will totally give this a shot since I can earn on the sides.


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