Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Skincare Review : Innisfree Green Tea Seed Eye and Face Ball

Recent travel, I did some advance duty-free shopping at AirAsia online Duty-Free and get the items delivered in flight to my seat. I took advantage of year-end sales!

I would say that it was a pretty good deal since it was a festive season sales and most items I get at least at 50 percent off.

For example, this Innisfree Green Tea Seed Eye and Face Ball, 10ml price at RM60 and I paid only RM30 after-sales discount. Good buy, right? I can assure it is authentic Innisfree product from AirAsia.

I checked other online shopping sites like Hermo, the price around RM84 and Shopee depends on the seller the lowest I found is RM50.

At first, I was trying to save this until I finish my AHC The Pure Real Eye Cream for Face. usual, I couldn't wait any longer. hahaha...I apply it for my very first day in a foreign country. I was hooked by this. I tell you why...

Innisfree Green Tea Seed Eye and Face Ball come in a rollerball applicator for a soft massage around eyes and face. Super cute and convenient, right?

How to apply Innisfree Green Tea Seed Eye and Face Ball?

Press the applicator and the serum gel appear out of it. Then gently roll over the applicator around eyes and face area. Super easy, right? I find this applicator is hygienic too.

Why I love Innisfree Green Tea Seed Eye and Face Ball?

1. Rollerball applicator.

2. The cool texture of green tea which suit for tired eyes and skin fatigue

3. The green tea and other ingredients in this product really keep skin bright,  moist even in harsh dry winter weather conditions. 

4. The product texture is lightweight and easy to absorb into skin.

I really experience good and moist skin using this product during my recent trip. The place I went to was under a dry and harsh winter condition. I was amazed at my own skin throughout the trip. I then realized it because I applied this product and ditch my other skincare. I usually keep skin routine at a minimum during the trip. I only applied toner on the cleansed skin, then use Innisfree Green Tea Seed Eye and Face Ball and my usual moisturiser. 

The ingredients in Innisfree Green Tea Seed Eye and Face Ball really did a good job!

* 16 kinds of amino acid with 3.5 concentrate beauty green tea ingredient opens moisture way for bright skincare.

* Dual -Moisture-Rising Technology with fresh green tea water prevents moisture loss keeps firm, seed oil forms protection shield.

I was happy with this good buy from AA online duty-free store. I will buy again if they happen to have another sale near to my next travel date.

I finished the whole 10ml after my 10 days travel trip. I used this twice daily. 


  1. wow.. untung dapat harga offer! produk pun bukan sebarangan..

  2. Waa that is indeed such a good buy! The item looks great, would like to try this kind of rollerball for eyes too 😁

  3. Biasa Bella guna yang jenis krim dan sapu sahaja. Rupanya siap ada rollerball aplicator utk urut bahagian mata. Later boleh try Innisfree :)

  4. Seronok kalau dpt beli barang dgn harga offer. Huda pun sejenis yang kalau nak beli barang, akan tunggu time offer hehe.

    Eye rollerball tu nampak menarik, plus dari brand Innisfree pula tu. nak try lah sbb huda pun minat gak innisfree ni.

  5. memang suka produk innisfree guna. lain kali boleh la try eye& face ball ni

  6. Ohhhh ini role kat sekitar mata ker hehehe tengok alat tu macam best dan juga senang nak guna berkesan juga untuk jaga wajah wanita asia hehehe...

  7. Eh... very cheap!! Seriously!!! I bought the blue one, salt water version. It cost me almost rm100

  8. wahhh berbaloi gila dapat RM30 je dah lah small-small convenient nak bawak pergi travel

  9. I have never use any roller applicator product before but seeing this, it makes me feel want to try it

  10. That roller ball is d bombbbbb....
    Memang bagus la kalau guna roller ball dekat area muka n esp dekat mata kan... And u got it at cheapestttt price i guess... Nak kena cari dekat hermo jugak la.. Thanks for sharing this

  11. Wah murah ya lepas ada diskaun. Saya tak pernah pakai barang2 macam ni. :)

  12. Serius la murah cmtu? Sebab selalu beli innisfree mahal juga... Xsangka murah lak.. Dan yg roll tu xpernah try lagi.. Baru keluar ke? Nanti nak terjah heemo la..

  13. I guess bau dia pun mesti best kan? i suka betul dengan apa2 produk skincare yg diperbuat dari tea tree. Bau dia best.


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