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Glamping Experience at Tiarasa Escapes Resort , Janda Baik Pahang

Recently, I have an opportunity to experience Glamping for the first time in my life. It was more of a short family vacation with two sisters and my parent. We drove all the way from KL to Janda Baik, Pahang. We reached there around 3pm on Friday. We chose a weekday to avoid the havoc weekend crowd. 

Tiarasa Escapes Resort is the luxury tented accommodation spread across 7 acres surrounded with beautiful lush green rainforest and small streams. You can find many dragonflies here. That shows the non-polluted environment. The brainchild of this amazing place is non-other than Puan Sri Tiara Jacquelina who is just like me a big fan of Enid Blyton 's Faraway Tree and Secret Seven series. I would say this place is more like a great city life escapes place.
She gets her inspiration from her stayed in Berber tent at Sir Richard Branson's Kasbah Tamadot in Morocco. 

This is the lounge near the reception area. The Pua Kumbu motive print spread and Iban styled handicraft decoration is everywhere.

I fall in love with the terrarium here. Don't forget to try out their welcome drink such as Lemongrass cooler. Taste super refreshing. 

There are 20 safari styled tented villas and 5 treetop villa sprawled around this beautiful landscape place.

Since there are 5 of us in the family, we checked in to Rajah Brooke 1 which is located near the reception with a beautiful blue lagoon pool front. You will see many lemongrasses around this place which makes the place fragrance with lemongrass scents. You can't find any mosquitoes flying around due to this awesome lemongrass scents.

There you go...our first safari styled tented experience. Rajah Brooke has 2 rooms which divided with the living room as a partition and it has 2 bathrooms too. The villa here has plenty of light due to the windows from the mesh. We draw down the curtains for our privacy since the pool was just right in front of our tent.

This is the look from one of the room. If you want to see the other room. Please check out my room tour video HERE.

Like I said earlier, there are 2 bathrooms. One with the door lock and one is a spacious bathroom with this open space tub and no door at all. Just a curtain. My sisters and I were so insecure to use this bathroom. It looks obviously stylish and like a dream house bathroom but ....we don't use to it when we have the chance. 

We ordered a picnic set by the stream. Since we are not a big eater so we ordered only one set which is for 2 people. 

I have the full view of the stream in my video. The small stream here comes from the Enderong River that runs along the resort. Yes! you can play inside this stream too. You can check out there. Love the sounds of water flowing and it was a sunny and windy day at the same time. I kind of love the atmosphere. It was not a usual activity for any of us, so it was wonderful to experience.

My sisters and I just have some photography session and explore the surrounding while waiting for our hi-tea set to be served. You can enjoy the swing and hammock but we just enjoy the swing while waiting.

The hi-tea set came with 2 packs of fried mee hoon, 3 tiers assorted local cakes like the mini banana balls, onde onde, dimsum, tarts, samosa and spring rolls, assorted fruits, orange drinks and hot tea.

Nighttime came. You can pay some money to the resort for a BBQ dinner and an open-air movie night. They also have a bonfire night where you can grill marshmallow too. I heard they will serve you with popcorn during dinner too. Our family are not wealthy to spend our hard earn money,  just like that. We wish to do all that too. But we spent quite a lot on this vacation already. Sooooo...

We ordered the room service for dinner during the check in to be served at 8pm. We only ordered 3 sets and 1 dessert to share among 5 of us. As I said we are not a big eater and the food came in a huge portion too.

We tried the highly recommended such as Nasi Ulam with Ayam Merah, Laksa Sarawak and the oxtail soup which serve with white rice. My Mum especially loves the oxtail soup and the brownies with ice cream. After dinner, we played some MGAG The Malaysia Dreams card and the Bad Dog game. ALERT! No TV here. So plan some activities to kill time.

Time to sleep. The room only has the fan and noisy portable air-cond. We off the air-cond since it was so noisy. We pull the canvas curtain down but since this is a tent-style concept, it still has the outdoor atmosphere with the wind pass through the mesh wire surrounding the tent. So, expect a chilly cold night with the sounds of crickets, frogs and other animals to accompany the rest of your night. 

For my case, I have froggy and cricket trying to invite me for karaoke session all night. huhuhuh....Did I sleep well? Obviously no. I am a light sleeper. The chill weather makes it worst for me. 

Since I don't really enjoy my sleep here. I went out for a morning walk to explore the resorts surrounding. I walked up to the treetop styled room and the vegetable farm which located right at the end of the resort. You can watch that in my video. It was a lovely morning and the air was so refreshing there. 

Both my sisters enjoy the trampoline jump for their first time in life. If my waist and knee are in good condition, I would jump in too. muahahaha....but I chose to walk and did some light run around the resort.

You can opt to have your breakfast picnic style by the stream or in the room too. We requested our breakfast to be served at the resort outdoor restaurant.  I was really glad that the weather was super nice that day. We enjoy our east meet western style of breakfast. The nasi lemak here was super duper delicious. The hot coffee was awesome too. 

We spend our time lazy around the resort and not once we feel bored here. Everything was awesome here. Money well spent! If you come with children, your children will enjoy it too. There are many fun activities waiting for them here. 

Overall, I will rate my first glamping experience here at Tiarasa Escapes as 5 stars for the ambience. I love the fresh air here which I seldom get it when in KL. Splurge a bit of your hard-earned money to reward yourself and enjoy this as once in a lifetime experience. Life is short!

Tiarasa Escapes - Glamping Resort @ Janda Baik Address : Persiaran Enderong, Kampung Janda Baik, 28750 Bentong , Pahang.

Check out below Video :

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