Thursday, June 17, 2021

Up and Away Singapore's Favourite Balloon Delivery

It was a painful 2 years for some of us, ever since the pandemic era started. I bet some lose their income, struggle to make end needs, some of us longing to see the loved ones who are stuck on the other side of the border. 

If you are looking for something special for your long-distance BFF, relatives or someone you care about, I have a good recommendation. BALLOONS!

WHAT? Balloons? Isn't this too childish?

Balloons carry a happy vibe. No doubt about this! Balloons is not just for kids or birthday. The balloon vibes impact people of all ages and on any occasion. Every one of us has that childish feeling hidden somewhere. Trust me balloon can work like magic to bring up the mood. Just make sure you select their favourite colour and shape to suit your gifting reason.

Nowadays, there are many types of balloons to choose from. You may spoil with choices and don't know which one to choose a suit to your message and needs.

Here are some tips for balloon delivery gifting, if you are planning to send one. There are many types of balloons to choose from. The most common one :

1. Latex Balloons

Type of Balloon

2. Chrome Balloons

Balloon for gift

3. Foil Balloons

Singapore Balloons Delivery

There many other types such as Confetti, bubble and many more to list here.

Here are some ideas to choose balloons for a perfect occasion.

Balloons for Happy Birthday

You can choose a mix of star foil balloon mixed with chrome and confetti balloon. The star foil balloon is a great centrepiece to your balloon Happy birthday gifting or even for your decor. 

Another option for a balloon for Happy Birthday, you can choose a bubble balloon bouquet.

You can opt for simplistic to choose a gigantic number foil balloon

If you are having a Unicorn concept, this 40 inch Unicorn foil balloon is perfect to match the party.

Balloons for Anniversary

Convey your love with a big love foil balloon as a centrepiece and pair it with 3 chrome balloons to make a romantic bouquet

Or you can choose a classy 18 inch Happy Anniversary balloon and pair it with some latex or chrome balloons to create a huge bouquet.

Balloons for Graduation Day

Show you proud of them with a bubble balloon bouquet. Mix a 24-inch bubble balloon with the mini balloon colour of your choice for example 2 black marble balloons and 3 latex balloon.

Father's Day Gift

Father's day is around the corner. Here are some ideas on what to get for your Dad on meaningful Father's day 2021 to show your appreciation.

Pamper your Dad with some Shiraz Cabernet and Semillon Chardonnay and pair it with one box of Godiva Chocolates and a bubble balloon with customizing message from your heartfelt.

These are all the ideas, you don't need to wait for a special occasion to send wishes to your loved one. Survey shows that sending a gift to someone you care for can boost up their mood and emotional support. 

If you have someone you care about in Singapore and planning to cheer up that precious person, please visit UP & Away Balloon deliver Singapore.

What I love about this Up and Away balloon Singapore delivery website is :

πŸ‘‰ They have customized balloons. Just name it, the team can create and cater to your wild imagination. 

πŸ‘‰ Up & Away is they offer full service which can be arrange customized on special events or occasion.  You can do customisable text on balloons for a more personal touch and they even offer hampers selection too.

πŸ‘‰ Fast and reliable balloon delivery service. They offer the same day and next-day balloon delivery service to every region in Singapore. 

The price offers are reasonable and yet they deliver good quality products for that price.

Here are some tips on how to decorate with balloons :

1st step: Think of the colour scheme 

You can choose whether to use a solid one colour or two-toned or maybe something with the ombre effect. You can even go for the entire rainbow.

2nd step: Decide on the type of balloons

There are many types of the balloon in the market as mentioned in the earlier post. The latex one is the most common. But the downside is if you are planning an outdoor party and with children, this type can pop easily. However, latex balloons are the most versatile and easier to work with.

3rd step:  Plan according to the event location and how many do you need?

If you need more balloons to suit your concept. Latex balloons are the most budget-friendly

4th step: Make a decision between helium or non-helium

Decorate your place with non-helium balloons is fast, economical and super easy too. You can also mix between helium and non-helium which make it look better and more eventful.

Anyway, it will take much of your precious time to plan and decide on all these happy occasions. Why don't you talk to the expert? UP and Away also offers a customised balloon Singapore to cater for your needs perfect for the occasion of your dreams.

Here are some tips to care for your balloon to keep it looking good for as long as possible :

1. Keep it away from direct sunlight warm places.

2. Avoid very low temperatures as this can affect the float time. Best to keep balloons a comfortable room temperatures

3. Keep it away from open windows, doors and breezy spots to avoid any sharp object bursting out of the balloon.

4. Be gentle and careful with your balloon

For more balloon tips, please follow UP and Away, the Balloon expert Singapore Instagram.

Monday, June 14, 2021

Power Up Your Glow With New Melano CC , Japan's Vitamin C Premium Essence


Dark spot

I am a big fan of Melano CC since last year. In fact, I am using the full range of Melano CC skincare by Rohto Mentholatum. What makes me fall in love with this range is because it really does what it claimed. So far, this is the most suitable skincare for me. 

My daytime Melano  skincare routine :

Step 1 πŸ‘‰ Melano CC Foaming cleanser (I used to start my morning with Melano CC foaming cleanser but now change to other cleansers because it is hard to get it nowadays)

Step 2 πŸ‘‰ Melano CC Vit C Brightening lotion 

Step 3 πŸ‘‰ Melano CC Vit C Brightening Essence

Step 4 πŸ‘‰ End my daytime skincare regime with Melano CC Brightening Gel (no joke this is a superstar. I have been using this for one year plus now. Good product for my skin)

The Melano CC Essence especially has been the No. 1 whitening essence in Japan for 5 consecutive years. Recently, they improve it to a better one. The new Premium Brightening Essence is formulated with 4 types of vitamin C, which is :

🟠 Pure Vit

🟠 Penetrating Vit C

🟠 Oil-soluble Vit C

🟠 Long-lasting Vit C

The Melano CC Premium Brightening Essence ingredients is designed to :

⁕πŸ’ To fight dark spots

⁕πŸ’ Lighten stubborn pimple marks

⁕πŸ’ Lighten acne scars

⁕πŸ’ Minimize pores

⁕πŸ’ Revive dull skin

⁕πŸ’ Rebalance skin tone to become brighter

⁕πŸ’ More radiant complexion

It also contains vitamin B6 to help control excess oil production and minimize large pores as well as vitamin E that softens and hydrates the skin for glowing, radiant and healthy skin.

Other awesome ingredients to my fav upgraded essence include:

πŸ‘‰ Allantoin - helps in soothes redness and calms irritated skin. It gently removes rough and dead skin cells for smooth and radiant skin from beneath and boosts up skin moisture to keep it plump and youthful.

πŸ‘‰ Alpina seed extract - a ginger extract that helps brighten and balance skin tone.

πŸ‘‰ Grapefruit and lemon extract - famous for antioxidant properties and can rejuvenate dull skin and even out skin tone.

Japan no. 1 Skincare

Just like their previous brightening essence, the Melano CC premium brightening essence comes in an aluminium tube and special nozzle to prevent oxidation while keeping it fresh until the last drop.

Well, the previous essence tube is all in silver colour with the yellow cap. This new premium brightening essence comes in a yellow body front and the cap remains a yellow colour.

Brightening skincare

I tested on my skin for its texture feels. To me it similar to the previous essence but it's thicker. I thought this may influence the absorption.

Asian skincare

I was surprised to compare to the previous essence which is more diluted than the premium version, this one has better absorbption.

I tried it out on my skin for a day and it gives my skin better radiance and moisture the whole day. Can't wait for it to lighten my dark spot and make my skin even brighter.

The previous essence really makes a difference and helps in even out my skin tone. So I am pretty much put high hope on this premium brightening essence. If you have uneven skin tone and some dark spot on your skin, try Melano CC premium brightening essence. 

When it comes to pricing, it is expected this one is more expensive. The price is RM75 per tube. WTH! hahahahahaha πŸ˜… My current Melano CC Brightening essence cost me less than RM50 during sales at Mentholathum Shopee store. 

The new Melano CC Premium Brightening Essence will be available exclusively at Watson starting July 2021. I will definitely be looking out for online sales to stock up. Shop smart people! πŸ˜‚

For more information on Melano CC Premium Brightening Essence, please visit their official website Melano CC

Thursday, June 10, 2021

Ujuwon Ba Zhen Clean Detox and Ba Zhen Bust Up Nourishment Drink Review


Although I am not Chinese, the word Ba Zhen is nothing new for me. Ba Zhen herbal soup is a popular remedy among Chinese women and men to maintain good health and well being. It is a way to "replenish qi and blood".  Well, I would say it helps women more since the formula is good in restoring balance and vitality during and after the menstrual cycle.  Those days Ba Zhen soup was boil based on special prescribed Chinese herbs by a trained professional to ensure safety and effective use. You can get any Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner for the right prescription based on your specific needs. Ladies! for those who don't know this, we have to boil the Ba Zhen for hours with control heat to get good nutritional benefits out of it.

Face the fact although many of us are working from home now, doesn't mean we have plenty of time to boil a good herbal soup to maintain our health. We are too busy juggling work and home. Most of the time we are overworked, stress, exhausted and lack time.

In laymen term, "where got time to boil a good nourishment concoction?" I am not Chinese. How to boil Chinese herbs? Well, nothing is impossible in this tech era. We have many things ready-made to make our life convenient possible. Do you know, nowadays, you can get a nutritious Ba Zhen in just one minute? Let me tell you how....

I was delighted when I got to try out the Ba Zhen Instant Nourishment drink from Ujuwon.   Muslim friend, don't worry. Ujuwon Ba Zhen is a vegetarian based drink. The ingredients are clearly plant-based premium herbs as TCM prescribed.

I tried two Ba Zhen instant nourishment drink. 

1. Ba Zhen Clean Detox

2. Ba Zhen Bust-Up

Your body needs some Ba Zhen nourishment if you have these symptoms :

πŸ‘‰ Back pain

πŸ‘‰ Bad mood or mood swing

πŸ‘‰ Cool hands and feet 

πŸ‘‰ Period cramps 

πŸ‘‰ Irregular period

1. Ujuwon Ba Zhen Clean Detox

The box contains 25ml x 8 packs. This is ready to serve drink. So you can conveniently drink it on the go from the sachet or drink it warm. Just place the pack in the hot water for one minute and the nutritious warm Ba Zhen is ready to drink. I tied both room temperature and warm. For me, it tastes familiar. Perhaps, I have tried this type of drink before? Can't remember. But I use to drink something like this in my 30s. Ujuwon Ba Zhen Clean Detox tastes slight sweet after taste. So, nothing unpleasant about drinking herbs concoction. In fact, I love the taste!

When you read the word detox the first thing that crosses your mind is weight loss. Well, my dear friends out there, this drink is clean and detox so it has the benefit to eliminate body dampness and toxins from the body.

What Ujuwon Ba Zhen Clean Detox can do for your body?

☯ Improve blood circulation

☯ Replenish and nourish blood

☯ Revitalize body stamina and energy. ie. Qi

☯ Regain body strength

☯ Improves menstruation pain

☯ Regulates irregular menstruation

☯ Eliminates toxins and dampness from the body

☯ Promotes healthy digestive system

As mentioned in the earlier post the Ba Zhen Clean Detox ingredients are plant-based and vegetarian.

Some of the notable ingredients used are :

πŸ€Chinese Angelica root

πŸ€ White Atrocytlodes rhizomes

πŸ€ Rehmannia

πŸ€ Eucommia bark

πŸ€ Codonopsis root

πŸ€ White peony root

πŸ€ Poria

πŸ€ Sichuan Lovage 

πŸ€ Honey fried liquorice root

Other than that, it also contains :

πŸ’– Ginger essence helps to boost blood circulation, improve metabolism, warm body, anti-inflammatory and antioxidants effects.

πŸ’– Colx seed extracts aids in uric acid excretion and improves metabolism. Other than that, it clears the lungs and helps indigestion.

πŸ’– Chilli extract improves digestive health and boost fat burning and reduce body dampness.

πŸ’– Corn silk extract helps to flush out excess water and waster from the body, soothe inflamed bladder and urinary tract, reduce the risk of bacteria build-up.

Not to forget comprehensive vegetables and fruit extract to improve gut health with good bacteria from probiotics, aids in detoxification, helps in neutralizing excess free radicals in the body.

Chinese Herbs

My experience after drink Ujuwon Ba Zhen Clean Detox instant nourishment drink for a week? Well, the first time drank, I immediately went to the toilet. 😜 I guess for the many weeks, I have been not relieving myself properly. I feel better after dump it all at once in the toilet. I keep on drinking it in the morning for 5 days now. No more lethargic feeling like I usually feel. Even the improvement in my metabolism is noticeable. It does bring improvement to my late 40s body. 😍 

2. Ujuwon Ba Zhen Bust-Up

Bust Up doesn't mean, I desire big breast. Don't get the wrong idea! Ladies! I am not sure about you but for me, I don't buckle up my breast with a bra when at home. I have been staying home for almost a year now. The gravity is pulling down my breast a lot and it becoming less volume. 😁 Trust me! It's not a pleasant sight even to my eyes. WTH! Ageing is killing my breast too. πŸ˜‚ Let's nourish it with the hope it helps to get less sagging breast with Ujuwon Ba Zhen Bust Up. Since this is the 1st revitalizing tonic to be formulated with the benefit of boosting bust firming and lifting effect, why not? No harm trying rather than me spend money at beauty centre to get it firmed.

Some notable ingredients used as Clean Detox :

πŸ€Chinese Angelica root

πŸ€ White Atrocytlodes rhizomes

πŸ€ Rehmannia

πŸ€ Eucommia bark

πŸ€ Codonopsis root

πŸ€ White peony root

πŸ€ Poria

πŸ€ Sichuan Lovage 

πŸ€ Honey fried liquorice root

It has different ingredients which are:

πŸ’Ÿ Chinese Yam Rhizome essence promotes hormone secretion and breast growth and anti-ageing properties.

πŸ’Ÿ Green papaya extract to promote breast growth, rich in calcium, iron, sodium, potassium, magnesium and other micronutrients

πŸ’Ÿ Pueraria Lobata extract to maintain youth and beauty promotes a healthy level of estrogen

πŸ’Ÿ Fenugreek seeds powder enhance breast development and help to reduce blood sugar and fat.

TCM in Malaysia

I kind of love the taste of Bazhen Bust Up compares to the Clean Detox. This one taste like logan and red dates. Ironically, I didn't see any of it listed in the ingredients. Did I miss something here?

Anyway, like I said the name is Bust Up but I would say if it does volume up and make my breast firmer, it will be a blessing. The most important thing is the ingredients of this nourishment drink brings other health benefits which women in the late 40s like me need to replenish.

I drank Ba Zhen Bust Up after dinner. Don't worry although I drank two Ba Zhen in a day for a week, it doesn't make my body feel heaty at all.

In fact, I feel more energetic and healthier than ever. If you are the first timer in adding Ba Zhen as a health supplement. Please note to drink it correctly. 

* First month drink it every day after menstrual of the month.

* The Second month drink it on an alternate day after the menstrual of the month.

If you are interested in Ujuwon Ba Zhen instant nourishment drink please visit their website

Monday, June 7, 2021

NUViT Pristine Eco-Shield Sunscreen SPF50++

MCO again? I bet many of us feeling sick to live life this way for almost 2 years now. We wish to lead a normal life again. Pray hard and be patient everyone! Don't forget to apply sunscreen even though you stuck at home for most of the day. I have written about the importance of sunscreen HERE.

I usually applied sunscreen on my last step of Day skincare routine. 

NUViT skincare isn't a foreign brand to me ever since the MCO started. I have tried several NUViT skincare collections and they are as good as any other famous Korean skincare brand. Moreover, you can get NUViT product at any leading pharmacies and also your favourite online marketplace.😼

To be honest I am a NUViT SPF50+ Daily Defender fan ever since I tried it last year.

Clean Beauty

Recently, they sent me a pack of NUViT Pristine Eco-Shield Sunscreen. Unlike the previous Daily Defender which is in white packaging, this one comes in a sea blue pack. This new sunscreen using the tagline of "  Clean to Skin. Clean to Nature".

NUViT Pristine Eco-Shield Sunscreen boasted an eco-friendly and simplistic skincare feature. This is to align with the new skincare trend which is Clean Beauty.

What is a Clean Beauty Trend?

πŸ’§ Non-toxic beauty

πŸ’§ Ethically sourced 

πŸ’§ Simple & safe

πŸ’§ Cruelty-free

πŸ’§ Eco-friendly

How and what makes sunscreen ocean-friendly?

Well, according to EWG (Environment Working Group), there are four factors for sunscreens to have the least impact on the human body and the ocean? 

🌞 Biodegradable

🌞 No-nano product

🌞 No-spray

🌞 Does not contain toxic substances

Good quality sunscreen helps to protect your skin from a critical wavelength.

What is critical wavelength means?

The critical wavelength is the wavelength at which the sunscreen allows 10% of the rays to penetrate. A sunscreen with a critical wavelength over 370nm is considered to provide excellent UVA protection. NUViT Pristine Eco-Shield Sunscreen has a critical wavelength of more than 386nm which indicate it offers excellent protection from UVA rays.

Sunlight is indeed good for us but overexposure could damage our skin on the surface and at a cellular level too.

My experience tried NUViT Pristine Eco Shield Sunscreen :


Tested on my skin. The texture is creamy and not lightweight. I have a hard time even it out on my skin for the first time. Surprisingly it's not greasy on the skin and totally burdenless and breathable. 

Best Sunscreen

Don't think this is just another sunscreen. This new NUViT Pristine Eco- Shield Sunscreen have its own unique features compare to the other sunscreen I have tried.

As you see in the photo above πŸ‘† it has a tone-up effect on the skin which makes me feels like I applied a BB Cream. Anyway, I have tried to pour water over it to prove it claimed a sweat resistance. Well, proven! 

How to apply sunscreen correctly?

Apply a suitable amount onto the entire face and neck before outdoor activity. You are required to reapply sunscreen every 2 hours or immediately after swimming or sweating. But since now when staying indoors most of the time, I make sure to reapply another round in the afternoon.


NUViT Pristine Eco-Shield Sunscreen is formulated with high quality hypoallergenic and earth-friendly ingredients that are safe for both skin and the environment. It offers broad-spectrum UV protection and a highly moisturising formula to deeply hydrates and rejuvenates skin for smooth and healthy-looking skin.

Please note that effective from 2021, the US, Hawaii government officially banned the use of 4 specific chemical ingredients. In addition, Palau has also banned 10 kinds of skincare ingredients since 2020.

If you are interested to get your hands on NUViT Pristine Eco-Shield Sunscreen price at RM68. You can get it at independent pharmacy outlets nearby the residential area or you can visit their official website NUViT – Your Exclusive Skin Dermatology .