Friday, July 30, 2021

What is like to live in a 60 years old body with a 30 plus years old look?


I read somewhere, being in the 40s is important to maintain healthy bones to avoid osteoporosis. My last bone density test was 5 years ago. At the age of 41 years old. At that time, I was advised by the Doctor to drink more milk or at least start to add calcium and vitamin D to my daily diet. Well, I was busy working to care for that! Yes! neglected my health to earn money for my surviving sake. I never thought my ignorant took a toll on my health really bad.

Not sure whether you are aware of this fact, to maintain bone density, one must consume 1,000 to 1,200 mg of calcium daily along with vitamin D and make exercise part of daily habit.

Back to my experience, who are now in the 46 and going to be 47 years old this year. I am blessed with a youthful look but believe, it's not a complete package. My body is as perfect as a 60 years old woman, minus menopause. My gene is blessed with late menopause too. What is it like to live as a 60 years old woman body with a 30 years old look? 


I am so confused. So does people around me. I thought, I am young and act like one. But there is certain movement, make me feels worst than an old woman. Climbing up and down the staircase was a heavy task. Not able to jump like any other people my age. I can't even do hiking like those days. My movement is so limited. So sad! Anyway......

At least my knee pain has been progressing well with no pain for 2 years now. I can bend it better now but far from squatting down. I couldn't jump or run or bend my knee since I was 39 years old. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis back then. I met with 3 specialists for my knee and joint pain. All three thought, I am an athlete. Not even athletic. I use to hate sweating. Duh!!! Obviously, regret it now too.

Lack of Vitamin D and Calcium too will affect your back too.

In late May, I fall down ant my back was badly affected. I can't sit for more than 10 minutes. Very difficult to bend down and hurt even lying down on the bed. It was a stressful 2 months for me. I am still trying to recover. Thank God! I am getting better day by day. Really glad about my biggest decision ever to just focus on the treatment. I really see it progressing really well.

I have adopted a healthy lifestyle a long time ago but only recently did it in the right way now. After all these years, finally admitted my method has been proven wrong. WTH!

Anyway, at least still alive to repent, right?

As the mid-40s going to be late 40s really soon, I am now trying my best to take good nutrition as a supplement on top of a daily not so well balanced diet. I am blessed with so far a good immune system until now. I am maintaining it well with Mead Johnson Provital Immuna Plus 2 doses in my daily diet. 

For those who haven't heard about Provital Immuna Plus. This is a skim milk powder for age 40+ people. 

* It's high in calcium, Vitamin D, magnesium which is essential nutrients requirement for 40+ years old people to maintain mobility. 

* Pack with protein which helps to build and repair body tissues

* Contains Yeast Beta-Glucan, Selenium and Vitamin C to support the immune system

💔 Yeast Beta Glucan - helps to support the immune system associated with colds. The amount of serving recommended for the effect is 0.2g a day.

💔 Selenium - an antioxidant found in almost all immune cells types

💔 Vitamin C - enhances absorption of iron from food.

It tastes just light as any other skim milk you have ever drunk before. It's a creamy but light taste of milk and not so sweet at all. It tastes delicious to my palate though. I can finish a cup and craving for more. I am glad they recommended 2 doses a day for me to enjoy. 

If you are 40+ years old people like me, it is better to take extra care of your health by adding some good nutrition to your daily diet. Protect and maintain a good immune system is vital at our golden years time.

You can check your immune system status by completing this quiz from Provital Immuna Plus official website HERE.

You can also visit Provital Official Facebook HERE.

Sunday, July 25, 2021

Play Online Games To Keep My Sanity On Check


The world changes drastically ever since 2 years ago. Most of us has lost our freedom. We can't go travel to rewards our hard work. We have to work from home and kids have to do online studies.  The most unfortunate case, some of us have been away from family and loved ones for years by now. Many people livelihood has been affected with some forcefully lost their job and some even quit the job because it's not easy to work from home. The number of suicidal cases has been increasing in every part of the world. Even as an extremely introverted person, I am personally affected by this global pandemic situation. How on earth, we could stay sane during this community-wide lockdown? 

I started to play online games!

To be honest, I never play online games until early last year. I used to think the online game is a waste of time and only those who are lazy to work play the online game. No hard feeling, my dear online gamer! It all started when the first lockdown started in March 2019. I was jobless and at the same time lost my freedom. I feel like an almost a mental breakdown. I started to be forgetful. I thought I am losing my mind and develop amnesia in my 40s. So I read, and the readings suggested playing some games for mind therapy. I did it for 2 weeks and see the difference. 

Play Games for Mind Therapy

Playing games gives me mind comfort and distraction. I love any games with cooking or farming-related. Any game doesn't require me to think so hard but just plays with the flow.  I know! I know! the game sounds very childish. To my nightmare, cooking games are not just about cooking. It requires lots of time management and anger management skills too. Even though it annoyed me at the early stage, slowly it became fun and addictive too. I noticed my brain was kind of active and able to stay focus. It's a kind of mental exercise. I forgot about the lockdown happening and looking forward to continuing with my life as usual. 

Play Games for Mental Distraction

The online game keeps me away from depression and reduce my anxiety problem. Like I said, I prefer easy games and totally avoid any puzzle, war or fighting games. Then I started to play this one game that requires me to compete with other players from other parts of the world through some event. At first, I totally ignore it completely. Then, one day out of the blue, I compete in one event and end up in first place and won some tokens.  My competitive personality makes me completely hook with the games and end up won the numbers of the tournament too. I feel good about winning and happy with the accomplishment. The online games make me forget about the disaster happening around the world and make me look forward to the next day every day.

Play Games To Develop and Improve Thinking Skills

Then I started to play some battle games. From that game, I end up thinking about the strategy and becoming more like a thinker. It's really fun. I thought battle games are so violent but through this game, I end up becoming more persevering and optimistic. Every day playing games gives me new discoveries and learn a lot from them. I tend to develop skills outside of the box and be more creative in problem-solving to win the battle. 

There are a few things, I hate about online games is the pop-up advertisement and it has to be played on my phone or tablet. It would be great if my fat finger was able to press my keyboard and play it on my desktop browser for my old age sake.

Thank Goodness! A few months ago, I found one awesome free browser-based online game, Most important, all games are unblocked free HTML games which can play directly in the web browser with no app download. What makes me fall in love with is they don't have ads and no retargeting crap online games.

The website is easy to navigate and they constantly adding new games too. Each game comes with a detailed explanation of the games and how to play them. There are many categories of games for you to choose from:

💫 Arcade classic

💫 Awe Shoot!

💫 Cartoon games

💫 Education

💫 Solitaire

💫 Sports games

💫 Retro Pixels

💫 Pinballs

💫 Base defence

💫 Simulation games

 Here are my personal 3 favourite online games from

 1. "Cafe Penguin: Restaurant Serving Simulation Cafe"

This game is suitable for both children and adults. It's based on the popular pizza restaurant game genre but with an arctic twist! You have to serve the demanding customers as fast as possible. There are 25 icy levels and it gets more challenging in each level. This kind of simulation game able you to test out your multitasking and work under pressure kind of environment. 

2. King Rugni Tower Conquest

This is a fun base defence strategy game. You need to place towers in the spots where a tower can be built and start to defeat the enemies. This game really challenging your strategic thinking and emotional intelligence skills.

3. Adventure Time Break The Worm Beat -Em- Up Game

I called this a stress relief game. This game requires you to beat up enemies and use special powers to navigate your way through 3 fun and exciting levels to break the worm. The 36 levels are the Ice Kingdom, Dand's Dungeon and the Candy Kingdom. You have to beat the level to unlock a second harder version of the game called the Nightmare Mode. Totally good to channel the anger here.

I would say the games at are kind of fun and addictive too. It's a totally healing moment while playing their various games. To be honest, I am a big fan of any simulation genre games. 

The most latest craze game for me now is Powerpuff Girls Unordinary Week Beat-em-up Fighting Game. The background music is so upbeat and makes my adrenaline high. This is a fighting based game that challenges your patience and finds the right time to attack the enemy. You can choose your favourite Powerpuff girls. I always go for Blossom. 

I am so glad to find and able to entertain myself to cope with the stay at home situation. If you are facing the same situation as me, check out some exciting online games to channel out your stress and level up to the calm and healing mental state level. 

Thursday, July 22, 2021

Mentholatum Limited Edition Kitty Cat All In One Therapy Lip Balm

Kitty Cat



An All-in-One Therapy Lip Balm That Offers Lasting Cooling Sensation

with a Cute New Packaging

Twist now to moisturise and heal your lips!

Wearing a mask in public places is mandatory as we continue to combat the Covid-19 infection. While we all know that this helps to prevent virus infection, prolonged mask use especially under hot and humid weather may cause dry and chapped lips. Therefore, it is always useful to carry a lip balm around in ensuring lips stay moisturised and protected.

Mentholatum’s NEW Therapy Lip Balm with multiple cool features now also comes with a Limited Edition Kitty Cat packaging design to offer a more youthful and appealing look!


Unlike any other lip balms in the market, the latest Kitty Cat Lip Balm is specially formulated to help repair and moisturize dry and chapped lips. It contains Eucalyptus Globulus Leaf Oil and Pinus Sylvestris leaf Oil which has effective antiseptic and anti-inflammatory treatment properties. It also contains Camphor for effective healing of dry, chapped and windburned lips.


Apart from its effective treatment properties, it is also formulated with Lanolin a key moisturising ingredient that functions as an emollient to soothe and moisturise the lips.


In addition, this lip balm also offers a fresh cooling sensation as you glide it over your lips. So, never leave home without applying the Kitty Cat Therapy Lip Balm especially in this hot weather as it also offers UV protection with SPF 15. Going to bed with the air-conditioning on? Apply the Kitty Cat Therapy Lip Balm prior to ensure that your lips stay moisturised throughout!


It’s only a twist now to moisturise and heal that lip of yours! Be sure to pick up the limited-edition Kitty Cat Therapy Lip Balm when you visit the pharmacy next and start applying the lip balm anywhere, anytime and whenever needed to keep your lips moisturised! The Mentholatum Kitty Cat Therapy Lip Balm retails at RM14.90 (3.5g).

For more details please visit Mentholatum official website.

About The Mentholatum Company

The Mentholatum Company, Inc. Founded in 1889 is a manufacturer and marketer of non-prescription drugs and healthcare products. Headquarters are in Orchard Park, New York, the U.S.A with operations in Australia, South Africa, Canada, Scotland, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Mexico, South Korea, P.R China, India and Japan.

Manufacturing is carried out in 26 locations around the globe and marketing/distribution in over 150 countries. The company, privately held for 99 years, was acquired by Rohto Pharmaceutical Company Ltd. of Osaka, Japan in 1988. Rohto is a major player in the Japanese pharmaceutical market with top selling products in the eye care, topical and stomach relief categories.


Since 1889, The Mentholatum Company has grown and prospered from a small purveyor of soaps and toiletries into an international company, marketing quality proprietary medicines around the world. In the United States, and in many countries around the world, the Mentholatum family of products has earned a reputation for quality and value. Every Mentholatum brand is sold with an unconditional guarantee of satisfaction.


Brands under Mentholatum: Hada Labo, Sunplay, Rohto Eye, Mentholatum Lipcare, OXY, Selsun Deep Heating Rub, 50 Megumi.

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

PROVITAL Immuna Plus’ “Activate Your Immunity, Activate Your Life” Campaign



Mead Johnson Nutrition today kicked off its Activate Your Immunity, Activate Your Life campaign by introducing its first adult nutritious milk, PROVITAL Immuna Plus, featuring its unique proposition that provides Triple Immunity Protection from yeast beta-glucan, selenium and vitamin C that strengthens the body’s immune function [1,2,3]. PROVITAL Immuna Plus partnered with Watsons Malaysia to invite Dr Kent Woo Chee Keen, Consultant Physician, Allergist and Immunologist of Gleneagles Hospital Kuala Lumpur to share the importance of immunity during the launch. 

“Mead Johnson Nutrition is proud to continue to introduce products that we believe will help build healthier Malaysians. The introduction of our first adult nutritious milk, PROVITAL Immuna Plus aims to offer Malaysian adults a nutritional source to activate and strengthen their bodies’ natural defences. The Activate Your Immunity, Activate Your Life campaign was launched to support the overall awareness and education on the importance of nutrition in caring for our health, especially in enhancing the immune system in our later years,” said Gonzalo Balcazar, General Manager of Mead Johnson Nutrition Malaysia, Singapore & Vietnam. 

Health is a fundamental aspect of our lives especially in this new normal here currently. Watsons understand the challenges consumers may be facing during the time of the pandemic, hence initiated Health 45+ programme, a value-added programme for those who are 45 years and above, hoping to ease some burden to Watsons members when shopping for their health products. PROVITAL Immuna Plus’ unique proposition is a great addition to Watsons’ selection of health products to cater to the specific needs of adult customers in their golden years. With this partnership, consumers who sign up for this program get to enjoy the additional discounts when purchasing PROVITAL Immuna Plus. 

In conjunction with the launch, Mead Johnson Nutrition shared vital insights into the perceptions and attitudes of Malaysians towards nutrition and immunity, gleaned from a survey conducted with close to 3,000 respondents recently. [4]. 

Amongst the key insights revealed by the survey was that there has been a positive shift in the level of awareness on topics of immune health amongst 60% of Malaysians since the pandemic, where 67.5% of respondents had consumed more nutritional products to strengthen their health. The survey also revealed that 44.5% of respondents believe that nutrition is a key factor for strong immunity. This correlates with their behavioural changes in making healthier nutrition choices, where 91.5% of respondents have included more fruits and vegetables in their diet whilst about 60% have added or increased the intake of nutrition products. A large majority or 78.7% of respondents aged 40 and above think that their immunity levels grow weaker as they age. 

Gonzalo added, “Now more than ever, concerns around our immune health has come into sharper focus; and it is for this specific reason that PROVITAL Immuna Plus was formulated. This high calcium and protein milk powder can be integrated into one’s daily diet to enhance our immunity and mobility. Its key ingredient – yeast beta-glucan, helps to support immune system associated with colds, and 2 glasses of PROVITAL Immuna Plus provide 204mg of yeast beta-glucan which is the recommended level to show effect.”2 

“As immunity declines with age and the immune system become weaker, human bodies will become more susceptible to infections and illnesses. Proper nutrition which can aid in the development and maintenance of the immune system, together with a healthy stress-free lifestyle is one of the best ways to strengthen the immune system. Nutrients such as yeast beta-glucan are shown to enhance the immune system. Beta-glucan from different sources provide different health functions, while yeast beta-glucan is the type of beta-glucan that support the immune system. [1,5,6].” Dr Kent Woo shares. 

Calling for all Malaysians to embrace life positively, 

PROVITAL Immuna Plus also would like to celebrate the admired efforts of local heroes who have contributed to society in their own ways as part of the ‘Activate Your Immunity, Activate Your Life campaign in conjunction with Malaysia Day. 

Known as “Healthier Malaysians, Stronger Malaysia”, this programme aims to recognise, honour and celebrate ordinary Malaysians doing extraordinary things in making a difference in their communities today. We urge the public to join our efforts in showing our appreciation for inspiring Malaysians who have been championing a cause for the betterment of society by nominating them to be a Local Hero too. 

The programme is now open to nominations. The public can nominate deserving Malaysians who have carried out activities or initiatives that serve or meet a community needs. Nominations can be submitted via this form from 19 July 2021 until 8 August 2021 midnight. Each Local Hero will receive a one (1) a year supply of PROVITAL Immuna Plus adult nutritious milk and have their stories featured on PROVITAL Immuna Plus’ digital platforms. 

About PROVITAL Immuna Plus: To find out more about PROVITAL Immuna Plus, visit its website ( or Facebook page (Provital Malaysia). PROVITAL Immuna Plus is now available at all Watsons Malaysia stores and its online store. As part of the Watsons Health 45+ programme, Watsons members aged 45 and above can enjoy special discounts on PROVITAL Immuna Plus too. 

If you would like to take proactive steps to care for your health and find out about your immune status, you can check out your immunity score at By answering a series of health-related questions, the tool will be able to give an indication of the strength of one’s immune health in the past 12 months using a scoring system. 

Disclaimer: The information provided is for educational and communication purposes only and it should not be construed as personal medical advice, nor for medical diagnosis or treatment. At all times, please ensure you seek the advice of your healthcare professional when you require medical advice and do so immediately in cases where there is an emergency.3 

References: 1.) Fuller R Nutrition 2012. 2) Guillin OM Nutrients 2019. 3) Carr AC, Maggini S. Nutrients 2017. 4.) A survey conducted by Try & Review from May – June 2021 with 2,975 respondents on immunity and health. 5) Bacha U Biomed Research International 2017. 6) Bacha U Journal of Chemistry 2018. 

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

Cosmoderm Tea Tree Oil and Vitamin E Product Review


I was so excited to get an opportunity to review the Malaysia famous skincare brand Cosmoderm, this week. So in love with their Vitamin E Bi-Phased Tonning Essence. If you are a big fan of Cosmoderm skincare, you will know that they have few dedicated series for specific skin conditions. One of their famous skincare series is the Tea Tree Oil. 

Last week, I got my hands on the new improved look CosmodermTea Tree Oil and Vitamin E series.

* Tea Tree Oil Facial Cleanser

* Tea Tree Oil Refining Oil Control Serum

* Vitamin E Facial Cleansing Foam

* Vitamin E Bi-Phased Toning Essence

Cosmoderm Tea Tree Oil skincare series is suitable for oily and acne-prone skin. To be honest, I in love with their new subtle colour packaging. It looks more classy compare to the previous packaging. The Cosmoderm Tea Tree Oil series a proven natural antibacterial with soothing properties to reduce acne and acne spot. The most important,  price for each of their skincare is affordable for anyone.

Cosmoderm Tea Tree Oil Facial Cleanser

Texture :

* White colour cream
* Don't expect the usual facial cleanser foaming foam cleanser
* This is a creamier and thicker kind of texture but it's not a problem at all

My skin experience :

* Overall, my skin will feel well cleansed after using this.
* It does a good job in cleanses gently and deeply remove oil, unclog pores and control skin oiliness.
* Super in love with the refreshing tea tree oil fragrance. It wakes up my skin cells.
* Other obvious experience is my skin don't feel too stretched up like some other cleanser.

Ingredients :

Tea Tree Oil - no doubt this is the famous ingredient in all acne and oily skincare.
Vitamin E - Do wonders for the skin

How to apply Cosmoderm Tea Tree Oil Facial Cleanser?

This is the 1st step in a skincare routine. Squeeze a small amount of cleanser. I usually added a drop of water onto my palm and ladle the cleanser until it smoothen and gently massages on my skin in a circular motion. Then rinse it with water and gently pat dry your skin before move on to the next step of the skincare routine.

Cosmoderm Tea Tree Refining Oil Control Serum

Texture :

* Translucent colour liquid like any other serum I have ever used
* It looks runny and  sticky by one glance 

My skin experience :

* Surprisingly the liquid is lightweight on my skin
* Easy absorbent

Acne and oily skincare solution to control excessive sebum secretion and helps to balance the skin's complexion. It promotes skin exfoliation by removing excess dead cells from the skin surface to prevent clogged pores.

Ingredients :

Tea Tree Oil - no doubt this is the famous ingredient in all acne and oily skincare.
Vitamin BHA + AHA & Vitamin B5 - These are powerful ingredients when it comes to acne skincare.

How to apply Cosmoderm Tea Tree Refining Oil Control Serum?

In the box mentioned this is the 4th step of skincare routines. I personally apply the serum on my 3rd step after the toning steps and then follow with Moisturiser.
All you need is to drop the serum on the 4 points of your face and gently massage it until the serum fully absorbs.

Cosmoderm Vitamin E skincare series is suitable for normal, dry or combination skin. I personally have a combination skin type. Cosmoderm Vitamin E skincare series is my personal favourite. It packs with antioxidant that protects the skin from oxidative damage by fighting off free radicals.

Cosmoderm Vitamin E Facial Cleanser

Texture :

* Translucent gel-based. My favourite kind of texture.
* It gives a mild foaming texture
* Very easy to handle

My skin experience :

* Overall, I feel my skin feels smooth and  effortless well-cleansed
* I feel my skin not dry out after use this cleanser
* Super love the lovely floral and sweet citrus smells 

Ingredients :

Vitamin E  - An antioxidant that protects the skin from oxidative damage by fighting off free radicals. It also has moisturizing and skin rejuvenating benefits that help to strengthen skin barrier function.

Chamomile, Lemon and Rosehip oil - Great for brightening and anti-ageing and dark spot treatment too.

How to apply Cosmoderm Vitamin E Cleanser?

This is the 1st step in a skincare routine. Squeeze a small amount of cleanser. I usually added a drop of water onto my palm and ladle the cleanser until it smoothens and gently massages on my skin in a circular motion. Then rinse it with water and gently pat dry your skin before move on to the next step of the skincare routine.

Cosmoderm Vitamin E Bi-Phased Toning Essence

Texture :

* Yellowish colour runny liquid
* Soothing feels
* Quick absorbent into the skin

My skin experience :

* My skin feels soothing 
* It makes my skin brighter
* Balanced up and even out my skin tone
* It makes my skin feels hydrated all day long

Ingredients :

Vitamin E - An antioxidant that protects the skin from oxidative damage by fighting free radicals. It also has moisturising and skin rejuvenating benefits that help to strengthen skin barrier function.

Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) and Vitamin B5 - Perfect ingredients for combination skin like mine

How to apply Cosmoderm Tea Tree Oil Facial Cleanser?

In the packaging mentioned this is step 5. Well, I personally use this as Step 3 after toning then follow with moisturizer. I will skin serum if I apply the essence. I usually use the serum in my night routine and essence for my daytime skincare routine.

Cosmoderm Bi-Phased Toning Essence is my latest skincare craze. This is a perfect dual power oil and water toner. In fact, I skip toner after cleansing and jump into this powerful essence for my skincare routine. It consists of 2,000 I.U of Vitamin E and Vitamin B5 that soothes and protects the skin from harmful UV and environmental pollutants. It also helps to balance skin's microbiota, brighten and rebalance uneven skin tone.

Cosmoderm skincare :

* Dermatologically tested
* Paraben-Free
* Mineral Oil-Free
* Halal Certified

For more information on Cosmoderm skincare, please visit Cosmoderm Official website

Saturday, July 10, 2021

Starting To Blog Is The Best Decision I Ever Made

Blogging Guide


How it started?

My journey as a blogger began in the year 2009. This blog started as a place for me to vent and rant about my stressful workload. I hailed all the way from a small town in the northern part of Malaysia. I was all alone in this big city,  to make ends meets with no one to rely on. I feel so lonely struggled to survive in this big city. This blog started with the name 'Single Woman Story' then change to 'Princess Cindyrina. My life changed from loneliness to full of activities outside work. I was invited to events, launching, experience new beauty products and even visit new places with many other friends with the same interest.

Blog Change My Personality and Lifestyle

I am an introvert. I used to focus on my day job without having any hobby in particular. It's all about work and home. No hanging out with friends after work or on the weekend. Trust me! I used to lead a boring life. Through my blog, I received few event invitations which give me the opportunity to mingle and hang out with other blogger friends. I learn many things through that priceless experience. I started to see more colours in my life. I am more daring to talk to a stranger and even challenge myself with a series of solo travelling abroad.

Blog Direction

Starting from an online diary and now become a Beauty, Travel and Lifestyle blog. I write whenever I feel like doing it. The topic depends on my personal interest. If you ask me, what is my preferred topic? I prefer to writes about the personal travel experience, beauty reviews, health tips and online shopping experience. I love to do online shopping in my past time.

Blog Trends

Things won't be stagnant forever. In this world, you need to change according to times and trends, if you wish to stay relevant. As time pass, blogging has been perceived as an old school way of advertising. Most brand has started to shift their ways towards video marketing than writing. Although online writing is still relevant it's better to complement it with video marketing. I started to open my YouTube Channel. It's more about sharing my cooking which focuses on the first time try out the recipe. I am not professional in cooking but cook to survive. I also did some unboxing videos. I learn to shoot and edit the video. One of my favourite websites which I frequent for some guidance to learn some best practices for personalized video content.

Now in the year 2021, most brands and PR approached me with a requirement to post the content in the TikTok account. I have no choice to start one and slowly build in the contents. I am still a newbie in the TikTok world. But have you heard about this saying? Never too old to learn.

In my opinion, whether you like it or not, over the years until now a blog post helps the brand online presence the most. A video may be fun and more interactive than a write-up to create awareness. However, a write up in the blog gives more comprehensive and detailed content about the brands and a permanent online presence for the brand.

Blog Monetization

I never imagine that one day this blog can give me some side income. My blog monthly earning is enough to pay for my broadband and telephone bills. Some people may think can become a full-time blogger and quit the day job. You can do that if you are a hotshot blogger or influencer. As for me, I treated blogging as part of my hobby. I only do this for fun. Getting paid from my blog is a bonus for me. It's not consistent earnings and not enough to cover my living cost at all. I registered myself in a powerful end-to-end influencer marketing platform called intellifluence. Some of the writing jobs came from this website. If you are a brand and would like to engage an influencer for your marketing campaign can get a good quotation from them too. Influencer management can be a big headache if you have lack experience in this area. Let the professional do the job.



Now that I am in the semi-retirement mode due to my back pain. I have more time to write and create online content. I am really glad to start this 12 years ago. At least, I can have more activities and stay busy in my daily life. For those bloggers and influencer wannabe out there. Don't dive into this industry without any clear direction. Well, unless you are more like me who a more focused to be a micro-influencer than a star influencer. You can get more online reading on what to expect and how to be an influencer as a profession. One of the successful influencers is Christina Calph. As she said everyone is an influencer. If you have 10 followers around you. You are a micro-influencer. So don't feel intimidated if you don't have followers in your social media accounts. Just keep on creating the content and maintain an online presence. Well, that's what I am doing right now. I did it as my hobby and passion. I find joy in creating content. I will continue doing this as long as my strengths to do this.

Thursday, July 8, 2021

My 1st Dose Sinovac Experience

Sinovac Vaccine effects

I bet some of us are nervously waiting for our turn to get vaccinated. I was there once. I registered mine on 1st March 2021. I received a notification on 3 July 2021 for the 1st dose vaccine appointment on 6 July 2021. The place is the mega vaccine place and it was my first time to be at that place.

Ever since my back injured at the workplace on 25 May 2021, this will be my first time driving long hours. I was a bit nervous about my health condition, though! I was so positive my back is recovering well. Now, I have to drive, walk and sit for long hours. I seriously concern about this more than the vaccine.

Everything went smoothly for me. I manage to find the place easily. Then parked my car in the open parking space. I need to pay RM3 for that. To be honest my appointment was at 2pm. I reached around 12:30 noon. Not a big deal. By 1:30pm, I was walking back to my car. To be honest, that place is super mega big. I have to walk quite a lot. I was so worried about the aftermath of the whole journey that day.
From the car park, I just follow one guy who is on the way to pick up his mother. It was his first time too. 
I asked his permission to follow him until the entrance. He was ok with me tagging along. Along the way, I got to know he is a frontline. Working in the lab at one of the University Hospital. Meaning he has completed his doses, Pfizer of course!

Reached the entrance, said thank you to him for being friendly to me. Then when at the entrance the usher will guide you on where to go from there. That place as I mentioned is so huge, So from that entrance, I was accompanied by another lady. She has the same appointment as mine. So, we decided to tag along and be together till the end. Not bad after all. Although, I have been lacking of human contact ever since they locked down and whatever movement control, I still have that social skill in me. Hoyeayyyy!!!

Oh! I don't even know what vaccine, I am getting until reach the place. Yeayyyy! I received Sinovac as I wanted.

When my turn at the Doctor, to get the jab. I told the Doctor to jab on my right hand because I am a leftie. hehehe..The Doctor laughs at me. Whatever la....

I received my 2nd dose appointment right away which is by end of this month.

Any side effects after the first dose of the Sinovac vaccine?

I would say no at all. Nothing at all. In fact, I woke fresh the next morning. I sleep well at night too. Oh, it was my third day when typing this blog entry. Not like any other vaccine which gives you diarrhoea, big appetite, fever and other suffering sicknesses. The Sinovac kind of working this naturally. I feel better every day.

The only sad thing for me was, on the second day, I woke up with my waist down feeling super painful. It was my back due to long hours driving and walk quite a distance. and sit long hours too. Yeahhhh... this is my personal existing back pain. It came back. I can't bend. Having problems even sitting on the toilet bowl. I can't even sit. So end up designing a form using a laptop while lying like a superman. WTH! 

This morning the pain is lesser than yesterday but still suffering. I think I am not able to work in the office ever again. Accepting my fate with an open heart.

Tips for those who are going for vaccine appointments.

1. Bring your own pen

2. Standby some water to drink too

3. Be humble and remain friendly to others around you. (Jangan la stuck up sangat)

4. Remain patient and calm at all times

5. If you are covid positive, please cancel the appointment and wait for a new date. The place you should be in the hospital to get treated. Not to get a vaccine. Common sense la weiiiiiii... That one also needs to teach meh????

To be honest the day after my appointment there was this incident of a mother and daughter came to the vaccine canter (yeah...the one I went). Both are covid positive. No sure why the system unable to detect this.  Both went all the way to the level where they suppose to get vaccinated. Both cause the others vaccine procedures to get halt. The centre has to be sanitized. I won't say these two did a foolish act. It's a selfish act indeed, both mother and daughter.

There is another case, I heard from a friend. The whole family was positive covid. Most of them have vaccine appointments, during quarantine time. One of the brothers, cut off the pink bracelet and went to get his vaccine. WTH! This type of person endanger others and don't deserve sympathy if the worst scenario happened to them. Why? They are selfish. Why care about selfish people? They reap what they sow.