Sunday, August 29, 2021

How To Reduce Dark Spots In 2 Weeks?


My skin problem is not just pigmentation. As I grew older day by day, hyper-pigmentation occur and eventually darken my skin tone naturally. 

Well if you are still at your youthful age, (WTH! I envy you!) don't think you can escape from dark spots and pigmentation. There are a few factors for dark spots and pigmentation hits you too. 

What cause dark spots?

The number ONE cause of dark spots is sun damage. Sun exposure itself is necessary and beneficial to our health. The harmful UV ray is our biggest enemy. When stimulated by harmful UV rays, melanocytes react by releasing melanin, which acts as a natural sunscreen. However, the sun can trigger the overproduction of melanin, causing the formation of dark spots.

Recently, I discover a solution to reduce dark spots without spending money on laser treatment.

How to reduce dark spots in 2 weeks?

Step 1 : NUViT Dermal White Brightening Spot Eraser, RM72

After cleansing applies NUViT Brightening Spot Eraser on the face and neck. Apply it in the morning and night.

NUViT Brightening Spot Eraser functions as a gentle metabolizer, melanin prevention, enhanced hydration and for soothing and calming. It's a fragrance-free liquid and has a soothing effect when touching the skin.

The texture consistency is translucent and non-sticky liquid. Easy absorption with one application.

This Brightening Spot Eraser contains :

💦 Alpaflor Gigawhite for Illuminating & luminizing

💦 Quadruple Hyaluronic Acid for Spot-reducing and keep the skin hydrated inside out.

💦 Luminosa (Palmaria Palmata Extract)  for Glowing & luminescent skin and ultra-refined skin complexion.

Step 2: NUViT Dermal White Brightening Spot Corrector, RM65

Apply Brightening Spot Corrector after the Spot Eraser step. Just apply a proper amount to the spot area or entire face in the morning only. Then follow with moisturiser and UV protection cream. Personally, I applied more on the targeted spot area for effectiveness.

NUViT Brightening Spot Corrector functions for correcting & perfecting, hydrating & protecting, glowing & translucent.

The texture is beige cream like but very easy to apply and smoothen into the skin. I like that this is fast absorption, non-sticky and lightweight texture. This is fragrance-free skincare.

Minus point because the pump up bottle took more than 30 times to pump out for the skincare to come out. huhuhuh...

This Brightening Spot Corrector contains :

💘 Alpaflor Gigawhite for brightening and even skin tone

💘 Anti-Allergy Restoring Botanical Complex to soothes, repair sensitive skin and strengthen the skin barrier.

If you notice both products contain Alpaflor Gigawhite. This is the natural radiant skin active that keeps skin at its luminous best with a unique combination of 7 precious Swiss alpine botanical extracts that are cultivated organically at high altitudes: - 

🌿 Cowslip - Anti-inflammatory;
🌿 Mallow - Soothing; 

🌿 Lady's Mantle - Antioxidant; 

🌿 Lemon Balm - Calming; 

🌿 Peppermint - Antiseptic; 

🌿 Heath Speedwell - Wound-healing; 

🌿 Yarrow - Antibacterial.

After 2 weeks apply these 2 steps into my skincare routine, I can see a significant improvement in my skin tone and the reduction of dark spots colour intensity. Ideally, for better results,you need to apply this for 2 weeks. Which I am faithfully applying until now with some hope for a positive result on my pigmentation and dark spot area.😆

If you are interested to get your hand on the NUViT Dermal White range, please visit their official website at  

NUViT products are available online too.

I am a big fan of the NUViT skincare range because they bring good skincare products that suit Asian skin.

Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Hada Labo's Upgraded Premium Whitening Range Review


Best skincare for dull skin

I am a big fan of the Hada Labo skincare range for many years ago. I started using Hada Labo Brightening skincare and then move on to the Hada Labo Lifting + Firming range and also the Melano CC range and stick to it until now.

If you are looking for the best brightening skincare, no need to look further. Recently, Hada Labo Japan's skincare brand has introduced its upgraded Premium Whitening Range to help women achieve three times the skin brightening effect! It now comes with fresh new packaging too!

Hada Labo's new whitening formula incorporated Tripple Whitening ingredients : 

💓 Niacinamide --- a form of vitamin B-3 which is good for dark spot

💓 Arbutin --- a type of skin brightening agent

💓 Vitamin C --- A must-have ingredient for skin brightening and helps to improve dull skin

On top of these ingredients, Hada Labo's new whitening formula is infused with Hyaluronic Acid to provides intense hydration and at the same time plumps up and brightens the skin which makes your skin healthier.

What to expect when you apply Hada Labo Premium Whitening range skincare?

Consistent usage of this range will do wonders for your skin :

💌 Glowy and translucent complexion;

💌 Well-hydrated skin

💌 Reduced visible dark spots\

💌 Skin cells are healthier and more plumped up and you can say 'sayonara to uneven skin tone

Hada Labo Premium Whitening range includes :

💗 Premium Whitening Face Wash, 100ml - RM34.90

Hada Labo Premium Whitening

I will rate this as one of my favourite cleansers. It is infused with Hydrating, Soothing and TRipole Brightening ingredients which penetrate deeply into the skin to uncover smoother, brighter and more radiant skin. It has the power full ingredients such as Niacinamide, Arbutin and Vitamin C to reawaken dull skin and even out skin tone for a luminous and radiant complexion. The Hyaluronic Acid inclusion provides a skin moisturizing effect and leaving the skin feeling soft, supple and hydrated after cleansing. This face wash has a special feature. It contains Triple Anti-Pollution Formula that helps to purify the skin and protect it from environmental pollutants.

💗 Premium Whitening Lotion (Rich), 170ml - RM69

Hada Labo Whitening

This lotion has a rich texture and is suitable for those with normal to dry skin. The Triple Brightening formula reawakens dull skin and helps to evens out skin tone. Hada Labo Premium Whitening Lotion (Rich) is infused with 2 types of Hyaluronic Acid to strengthen the skin's moisture. barrier and deeply hydrate skin. It contains seaweed extract which is an effective ingredient for antioxidants and protects skin from damage while keeping it healthy. Just apply this right after the skin cleansing step.

💗 Premium Whitening Lotion (Light), 170ml - RM69

Hada Labo Premium Brightening

Those who have normal to oily skin or combination skin type can try Premium Whitening Lotion (light).  It has a similar function as Rich lotion. Apply this after cleansing. It helps to brighten dull skin, hydrate the skin's moisture barrier with help of 2 types of Hyaluronic Acid. It also contains anti-oxidant Resveratol that helps to protect the skin from damage while keeping it healthy.

💗 Premium Whitening Essence, 30g - RM81.50

Hada Labo Premium Whitening

The new formulation for this upgraded essence includes combined Triple Brightening and Intense Hydrating ingredients to help :

* Fight dark spots

* Relieve visible redness 

* Rebalance skin tone

* Improve skin texture and make it perfectly luminous and translucent

Some of the powerful ingredients include: - Niacinamide, Arbutin, vitamin C, Schisandra extract, Carnosine, Hyaluronic Acid and Pisum Sativum(Pea) extract. 

Apply Premium Brightening Essense after the Premium Whitening Lotion using your palms and gently pat onto your face until it is thoroughly absorbed.

💗 Premium Whitening Mask - RM9/Sheet

Hada Labo Whitening Mask

This soft cloth mask is designed with the right thickness to fit the face perfectly. It contains premium ingredients such as :

* High purity Arbutin and Vitamin C to improve skin's radiance and visibly awakens dull skin for brighter skin complexion

* Infused with 3 types of Hyaluronic Acid to provide intense and long-lasting hydration.

How to use the face mask in your skincare regimen?

Ideally, you can use the face mask once or twice a week for better results.

1. Apply Whitening Lotion after cleansing face

2. Unfold mask over face and then press evenly with your fingertips

3. Relax for 10 - 15 minutes and then remove mas

4. Gently massage the remaining essence until thoroughly absorbed. I personally, use it all over my neck and also other parts of my body such as my arm and even my knee before throw away the cloth.

💗 Premium Whitening Water Cream, 50g - RM73.20

Hada Labo Premium Whitening Cream

I love the soothing texture from this new Premium Whitening Water Cream. This Water Cream contains :

- Triple Brightening formula (Niacinamide, Arbutin and Vitamin C) for Brighten Dull Skin 

- Contains 2 types of Hyaluronic Acid and Chaga Mushroom extract to deeply hydrates and strengthen the skin's barrier.

- Yeast extract and Trehalose (type of sugar) do wonder for antioxidants repair and protect skin from damage.

💗 Premium Whitening Water Gel, 50g - RM73.20

Hada Labo Premium Brightening Water  Gel

This is my first-time experience this NEW Premium Whitening Water Gel. I am in love with the ultra-lightweight texture and the ability to penetrate deeply into the skin. Superfast absorption!

This awesome water gel helps sin with the following :

* 3D moisturising - Hyaluronic Acid that forms a layer of moisture on the skin acts as a retention barrier to keep it hydrated

* Refining pores - Infused with botanical extracts to control excess sebum & refine pores.

If you are having dull, dark spot skin and are looking for good quality brightening skin, you can try out Hada Labo's Upgraded Premium Whitening Range today. The Hada Labo's Upgraded Premium Whitening Range is currently available at major pharmacies as well as on online stores Shopee and Lazada.

Monday, August 23, 2021

LazMall 9.9 Biggest Brand Sale Dates for Smart Online Shopper


Woohoo!!! Hallyu star Hyun Bin who garnered so much attention for his Kdrama hits Secret Garden, Memories of the Alhambra and the most recent is Crash Landing On You is the latest LazMall ambassador.

Get ready for the LazMall 9.9 Biggest Brands Sale starting from 25th Aug 2021 to 14th Sept 2021. Trust me, save the dates below and you can enjoy great savings such as :

📢 Up to 60% LazMall Brand free shipping for 48H Shipping

📢 RM9 Off for every RM99 on the RM9.9 and RM99 deals Mesti Beli Deals

📢 A big Brand surprise during the Crazy Brand Mega Offer and many more happening shopping events at Lazada.

Here is the list of dates for you to start your smart shopping at Lazada.

👉 PayDay       --- 25th Aug - 31st Aug 2021

👉 Teaser         --- 1st Sept - 8th Sept 2021  

👉 DDay          --- 9th Sept - 11th Sept 2021

👉 After Party  --- 12th Sept - 14th Sept 2021

Guide to shop during the 9.9 LazMall Biggest Brand Sale :

Look out for Lazada Bonus 

🎀 Collection period on 1st - 11th Sept 2021

🎀 Redemption date on 9th - 11th Sep 2021

Chup Dulu

🎀 Make deposit period on 25th Aug  - 8th Sept 2021

🎀 Checkout period on the 9th Sept 2021

Here is the list of Bank Voucher for you to watch out for and the date to claim the voucher on the 9th - 11th Sept 2021 :

1. Collectable vouchers

💳 Mastercard offer 9% off capped at RM9 

💳 All Citi Cards offer RM15 for min spend of RM100 

💳 Lazada Citi Credit Cards RM20 for min spend of RM100 

💳 RHB Credit Cards RM20 for min spend of RM150 

💳 CIMB Credit Cards RM50 off for min spend of RM500

💳 HSBC Credit Cards RM20 off for min spend of RM150

💳 HSBC Credit Cards RM100 off for min spend of RM1000

💳 Alliance Bank Credit Cards RM15 off for min spend of RM150

💳 Boost e-Wallet RM9 off min spend of RM90

💳 AEON Credit RM18 off for min spend of RM 150

💳 Bank Islam RM9 off for min spend of RM90

💳 StandChart MC Credit Cards RM20 off for min spend of RM150

💳 StandChart Credit Cards RM20 off for min spend of RM150

2. Bank Voucher Codes

💳 MBB AMEX Cards RM20 off for min spend of RM150, please use voucher code: MBBAMEX9

💳 Maybank RM15 off for min spend of RM130, please use voucher code: MAYLAZ9

If you are using the Lazada Wallet to pay please take notes on below event dates and methods to get a cashback :

💰 M2U offer RM5 instant cashback with min top up of RM30 with M2U on the 1st - 11th Sept 2021

💰 Mastercard offers 12% cashback when you top up the Lazada Wallet and save your Mastercard for the first time or 9% cashback when you top up the Lazada Wallet with your existing saved Mastercard on the 1st - 8th Sept 2021 (excluding 7th Sept 2021)

💰 HSBC offer RM10 cashback when you top up a min of RM50 into the Lazada Wallet and save your HSBC Cards for the first time on the 1st - 8th Sept 2021

💰 Standard Chartered offer RM20  cashback when you top up a min of RM100 into the Lazada Wallet and save your Standard Chartered Credit Cards for the first time on the 1st - 8th Sept 2021.

💰 Citi Cybersale offer RM12 cashback when you top up a min of RM150 into Lazada Wallet and save your Citi Credit Card for the first time on the 9th - 18th Sept 2021

💰 Citi Cybersale offers RM8 cashback when you top up the Lazada Wallet with your existing saved Citi Credit Card on the 9th - 18th Sept 2021.

Don't forget to use my Lazada Affiliates link to shop during this Lazada Sales. Click on the link below :


If you are new to Lazada, please signup using this link below :


Use my referral code 00007PZ9 and you will receive RM40 worth of rewards.

Happy smart online shopping everyone! 

Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Personalized Midnight Flower Delivery Service Singapore


We don't need an excuse like Valentine's Day or Anniversary day to bring happiness to someone we care about. If you want to impress someone, just do it in an unconventional way of gifting. One of the best ways to surprise someone is to arrange for online flowers delivery at midnight. Receiving gorgeous bouquets or floral arrangements at odd hours can be something to remember forever. 

Online flower and gift delivery in Singapore at midnight are very convenient with Little Flower Hut. You can personalize your surprise plan with other gifts together with flowers to complete your plan.  

I prefer Little Flower Hut online flower delivery Singapore service :

🌸 Free Same Day Flower Delivery which we are talking about one-hour express delivery

🌸 24/7 Florist in Singapore and open 365 days a year regardless of Public Holiday

🌸 Personalized Flower delivery service such as 00:00hours mid-night delivery on specified time delivery and even can cater an express delivery

🌸 Gorgeous flower arrangement by expert florist

🌸 Affordable price with a price range between $29 - $500

Little Flower Hut has over fresh flower designs offer for you to select. If you browse their website, you can opt to shop by flowers such as Rose, Lily, Cotton, Succulent, Carnation, my favourite Sunflower, Hydrangea, Tulip and many more to name. I love most of their flower arrangement since it is so simple, on point and yet convey the giver heartfelt message.

Here are some of my personal selections from Little Flower Hut :

Gerbera Cube 

Box - 25 Lace

Tulip Garden

My Fair Lady

Fruity Premium

On top of shopping by preferred flowers, you can also shop by flower arrangement such as 99 Roses for the romantic heart, Table Flower which I personally think Little Flower Hut has a cute design for this, Flower Box, Hand Bouquet and if you have trouble to choose one, get personal consultation from their friendly team expert.

Little Flower Hut is not all about flowers delivery. You can get Hampers delivery for every occasion since they have Baby Hamper, Chocolate Hampers, Fruit Basket, Get Well Soon Hamper and many more to cater to your personal wish.

There are few factors if you are choosing the best flower delivery Singapore service :

🌷 Reputation --- Little Flower Hut has been established since the year 2010 and has become the most trusted florist in Singapore.

🌷 Expertise --- Little Flower Hut has a dedicated florist team who will listen to your needs and offer a good recommendation suit to your personal occasion and reason of gifting.

🌷 Personalize --- The team offer personalization to the extends of express delivery within one hour, a surprise morning or midnight delivery throughout 365 days.

🌷 Sincerity ---Always offer a variety of options to choose from and the delivery will absolutely impress the recipient.  The 100% guarantee of fresh flowers delivery.

Little Flower Hut official website:


Address : 25, Jalan Chegar Singapore 578483

Contact number : +65 6503 9750

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Faber-Castell's Smoothest Gel Pen Review


The younger generation nowadays left handwriting behind after finished school. Most of them prefer typing on the computer, tablet and smartphone. I am a Gen-X who are still practising writing by hand. 

What is the benefits of writing by hand?

Useful for Visual Learners

I am a visual learner, so writing gives me the freedom to draw a simple diagram to help me in remembering facts. 

Boosts learning process 

I found that writing by hand boosts up my learning process too. It helps my memory to recall, what I have learnt. 

Helps to focus

I totally hate the teacher or lecturer who prohibited me from writing notes during the explanation time. Gosh! they don't even know, I need to write to remain focus. 

A Notebook and a good reliable gel pen is a must for me until now. One of my biggest concerns, when it comes to gel pens is its inability to glide smoothly and the constant ink smudges. Sometimes it is even slippery during long hours of writing. This really pisses me off!

If you are talking about my favourite gel pen. One of it is Faber-Castell. 

Recently, Faber-Castell Malaysia launched the Fast Gel Z, a new retractable gel pen that offers an unbeatable smooth writing experience.

Woohoo! I got my hands on the Faber-Castell Fast Gel Z and try it myself. 

What I love about this newly launched Faber-Castells Fast Gel Z Pen?

🖊 Ultimate smoothes in writing performance

🖊 Fast-dry ink with no smudges

🖊 Intense and vibrant inks

🖊 Extra-soft grip for superior comfort when writing 

🖊 Refillable

The latest technologies include the precision new precision tip technology and ultra-smooth ink feature. It glides effortlessly, a vibrant and intense line without skips, smudges and lags. No doubt! Faber-Castell Fast Gel Z Pen gives me a smooth writing experience. 

The Faber-Castell Fast Gel Z Pen comes in two variants - 0.5mm and 0.7mm, both of which are available in black, blue and red ink. The price is also affordable at RM5 a pen while its refills at RM3.50. They are now  available at major stationery stores and hypermarkets nationwide as well as Fabel-Castell's online Buy Stationery Online at Faber-Castell eShop Malaysia – Faber-Castell Malaysia