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My name is Rina. I call myself 'Cindyrina' because I was a big fan of Supermodel Cindy Crawford during my younger days.
I am a Malay by born but my daily life influence by Chinese and South Korean cultures. I live out from my family since I was 20 years old and most people close and around me is Chinese and non-Malay. I love to watch Korean and Taiwanese Drama so pardon me if my language is a mixture of wrong grammar English and mixture of Malay, Korean and Chinese.

I love Kimchi and seaweed with my rice compare to curry. My only Malay connection is family whom I only meet a few times a year.

I started blogging a long time ago as a channel to rant about my stressful life studying and hectic working at the same time. Back then I was just ranting to myself with just random people and less audience to my blog. I then active in my freelance online creative writing back in the year 2015. Currently working full time as Office Manager at one investment company and blogging is just my part-time passion. This is sort of online diary and I don't make money out of this blog. 

My writing style is a mixed and match of my owns daily mother tongue and ignorance of grammar. I speak less Malay language and terrible English with some mixture of some Korean or Chinese words.I sometimes mixed some humour to my writing to entertain myself and audience. 

Travel Blogger
I started active traveling since the ear 2013 after many years working and saving to fulfill my dreams to see the outside of Malaysia. I was very thrifty during my younger days just to do this. I always known as a passionate solo traveler and has own unique independent free styles traveling. I don't like travel companion because I hate to have that feeling to care for others opinion. WTH! So selfish of me! hahahaha...
My traveling routes mainly Southeast Asia Countries and I want to explore to every part of China and South Korea.

Beauty and Lifestyles Blogger
I am not a beauty addicts or a fashionista. I write on a beauty product simply for fun because I love to buy and try out new things.

I normally write whatever came through my mind and the most post was written in advance.

pssss...apart from travel as my hobby my other passion is to do online shopping. Online shopping is one of my favourite pass time.  So if anybody need my review on your online shopping services .... email me. 

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Our life is our choice. So live your life the way you want it not the way others want it to. They will not take responsibility to your life.