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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Crush on somebody

Have you ever crush on somebody before?
You dare not tell the person?
Afraid of rejection?
No doubt most us feel the same way.

I have fall into somebody thrice in my life.
Of course this does not include all those artist.
They are countless..
Start with Tommy Paige, Johnny Depp, Jet Li, Jerry Yan, Ming Dao, Jay Chou, Lee Wei and more and more to list down. The latest Lee Min Ho... arghhh I still crush on him.. over the moon over the rainbow over the star ...huhuhuhu

No no.. not talking about artist but I am talking about people you met before and you fall for them.
Did i talk to them?
Did I approach them?
Did I spell out my feeling?
Are you crazy????
I am another looser, afraid of rejection.
So, I still end up single.
How many times I go out on date..
Once! argh! looser...
Who to blame?
Nobody. Just me.

So.. moral from this story... don't be afraid.
Try your best to get to know them and show your interest.
Maybe Cupid on your side?
You never know...
Opportunity comes only once...GRAB IT! before it pass through your life just like that..

Lee Min Ho!!!! how I wish you are not just in my dream...