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Not hardworking

I am so happy today is Friday! Weird thing I received 2 unexpected visitors  this morning but I manage it well although I don't wish to see them. Can't wait for 6.00pm but when I went out from car park just now. Oh hell!!!! deadlocked every where and I no where out.  Horrible! Thought of going to KLCC just to wait jam subside but it is impossible. and that shontelle song keep coming to my head singing.... NO WAY NO WAY NO WAY... arrrggghhh!!! Shontelle song don't have that arrrggghhh sound ...ehehehe.. Back to office parking and up to my office. My habit could not relax at all .... when I am in office.. I start working!!!! huhuhuhuh force to work la... Stupid traffic... trouble people..everybody will be thinking the same like me too Why these people buy car hor??? Can't take public transport meh??? Me?? I have excuse my place not convenient to public transport la... My excuse??? I think everybody have the same thoughts and that is why its jam every

Surrender to Orthopedic

I don't have chance posting my entry yesterday. Not feeling well. I went to see GP yesterday morning for my neck and shoulder pain. She then referred me to Orthopedic Specialist whom I visited this morning. Took time off. and waited since 8.45am at the hospital near my house. Finally got to see that Doctor at 10am and he ask me do some exercise and when he saw me doing it while he is holding my arm. He said no need to explain is very obvious! hahahah... safe on the explanation part. He then asked me to go for X Ray and come back right after. X ray result turn out my tendon is slanting on the odd way that is the reason it affected my neck as well. and the klak klik klak klik sound is due the movement is touching the slanting tendon. Even my shoulder joint is not like normal people. Other will shows black color but mind is in white which is very not common and mean exhausted. This is my left hand condition and I am left handed. Doctor said he don't suggest for surgery

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