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The Butterfly Project July 2017 : My Fav Face Mist

What is your first impression if I mention the word ' Face Mis t' ? Refreshing ? Oh yeahhh!!! you bet during this hot weather season. My first thought when Face mist is hot item for beauty addict ? WTH? This is just a scented water spray onto face. Envy the face spray fashion, I then started to follow the face mist vibes and own few of it too. goes with my 'WTH?' Isn't this just a spray toner ? Well.. I got that part wrong!  Toners used after the face cleanse while this face mist can be used at any time. Just spray over as long as you don't get drunk overdosed of spray. kekeke What is face mist function ? Revive the tired skin Helps to control break out Skin hydration Set make up  How to use face mist for your skin condition ?   Oily / Acne Skin - Spray face mist with lightly astringents to ward off  breakouts Dry Skin - Get the face mist with hydrating ingredients. You can spray it over all day long to rejuvenate you

Do SugarBearHair really Works ?

If you are following some famous Hollywood Celebrities last year or the year before , you will notice some of the are promoting those cute little blue bear. I don't follow any Hollywood Celebrities or whatsoever. Told ya..I am on Korean fandom. ahak.. ahak... I get to know about this blue gummies aka hair vitamin by chance reading the gossip magazine while getting my hair treatment done at Pavillion, KL early this year. Serious, this people really good in writing. So convincing until I can't get over it and finally clicked purchase it. The most expensive gummies ever I have in my entire life. This is all the Kardashians fault! I need somebody to blame. hehehe.. The sentence , Chloe can't get enough of this gummies and wish she can just dig in a handful of those...whoaaaa!!! I was like...want this too. Not to mentioned their well groomed hair. That look so beautifully thick hair. Errrr...did I just forgotten about extension sort of thing exist too. Whatever! I just got

How to Manage BO ?

How would you feel if somebody near to you have this unpleasant Body Odor (BO) ? Annoying, right ? If He / She is somebody you can't afford to offense , will make thing worst! Meaning you can't even tell them and you have to put up with the smells ! Die! suffocated ! What is BO ? BO stands for Body Odor. Body Odor is unpleasant smell released by bacteria on skin that break that down acids  through sweat.  Who will likely to get BO ? * Anyone who are reaching puberty. * Men are more likely to have BO because they tend to sweat more than women. What make BO , worst ? * overweight * eat too much of spicy food, spices , garlic and alcohol * on antidepressant pills How to manage BO ? The evil skin bacteria normally affected are like armpit ! So it it best to keep that area clean and dry.  1. Shower twice daily You need to clean your skin thoroughly with at least twice shower a day to kill the bacteria. Use appropriate s

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