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How to Manage BO ?

How would you feel if somebody near to you have this unpleasant Body Odor (BO) ? Annoying, right ? If He / She is somebody you can't afford to offense , will make thing worst! Meaning you can't even tell them and you have to put up with the smells ! Die! suffocated ! What is BO ? BO stands for Body Odor. Body Odor is unpleasant smell released by bacteria on skin that break that down acids  through sweat.  Who will likely to get BO ? * Anyone who are reaching puberty. * Men are more likely to have BO because they tend to sweat more than women. What make BO , worst ? * overweight * eat too much of spicy food, spices , garlic and alcohol * on antidepressant pills How to manage BO ? The evil skin bacteria normally affected are like armpit ! So it it best to keep that area clean and dry.  1. Shower twice daily You need to clean your skin thoroughly with at least twice shower a day to kill the bacteria. Use appropriate s

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