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Singapore - One morning at Raffles

My main transportation is MRT. I bought one day unlimited tourist pass.... smart girl!!! hehehe as early as 9:30am on Sunday @ One Raffles Place CBD strolling.... Uncle ar!!!! what you do last night???? working hard? party hard? look extremely tired at this hour??? Pigeons???? mmmmm not bird feeding Tall and mighty building!!! remind me of Shanghai and Beijing This is the lay out... Quiet on Sunday morning Beautiful Sunday Clear and Blue Sky spend too much on food and hotel.... to ride on this boat is the last option

Singapore - For 21 above

I am very naughty girl in Singapore!!!! kekekekeke actually my camera lense is the one..... Hahahahaha below the naughty me....snap snap snap Near Orchard Road The Butt!!!! .... and The Butt again!!!!! kekekekeke The bird bird.... wakakakaka  The merchant Sir Raffles... I think so!!! more merchants The naked lady at Marina Sands Bay At Raffles The Olympic Walk at Marina Sand Bay The Olympic Walk The plan at Marina Sand Bay Damn!!!! forgotten what is this all about but you could see this if you come from Raffles walk towards Marina Sands Bay

Foodies - Singapore

Me and my nasi lemak at airport before departure.... the first want taste horrible!!!! I go for another plate at other place...:) Here goes my second plate of nasi lemak within one hour of waiting time 'Gula Melaka' Iced Tea from Orchard road Brownies from Orchard Road butter milk toast from Orchard road hehehehe my favourite fried dough from orchard road Famous Fish Mee hoon.... ahhh the taste is far beyond my expectation... seriously nothing great!!!! Malaysian food still the best .... I miss that Sabah Fish Head Mee Hoon from Paradise Cafe @ Tropicana City Business Centre Petaling Jaya...that one yummy!!! Mr Bean oh Mr Bean Do you know 'kaya' ball??? this is the bigger version with different taste and different fillings! New Toffee Latte & Spinach Quiche for breakfast at Raffles Bought Lychee pop to satisfy my thirst during the day.... damn I am sweating for too much outdoor walking... The Famou

Singapore - China Town

China Town experience in Singapore... as you can see this place is almost similar to our Malaysia , Petaling Street aka China Town

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