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I Lost My Second Tooth While Drinking Morning Coffee

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Pros and Cons of Buying A House

  When I was young, I rather save cash than purchase a property on my own. I don't want to commit to a huge monthly commitment. To be honest, I felt insecure able to keep my job for the long term.  What if I lost my job? I really don't want to put myself in a debts situation. Another factor to take into consideration is the surrounding environment may change in a long term. So, I don't buy property until my later stage. I make sure to have enough cash to settle off my house loan before committing the loan. Well, this is my way. For those young people out there who are planning to buy a house, take the factors below before making your long term commitment decision. The Pros Of Buying A House Better Privacy and Control Over Your Space You can create your dream living space freely. As long as the local authority permits, you can renovate and decorate your living space to your liking without house owner approval because you are the owner.  Long Term Stability You are unlikely t

L'Oréal Paris to reward local online content creator trips to Paris

  Calling all Online 'Beauty Guru'!!! One Malaysian content creator to win two tickets to Paris, contract awards to five be the brand’s live streamers on top of cash prize RM5,000 each   L'Oréal Paris, the world's number one beauty brand, takes its relationship with Shopee to the next level after a series of success stories selling on Shopee Live Platform.   The new collaboration involves organising a L’Oréal Star Search,  competition in which one Malaysian live-streamer will be selected as a winner of two tickets Paris, five contestants to be awarded contracts to be the brand’s live streamers on top of a cash prize of RM5,000 each.   Commenting on this collaboration, Tran Hoa, Marketing Manager of L’Oréal Paris in Malaysia said that the brand had experienced “impressive results participating in 11 hours live streaming program during the Shopee 11.11 Big Sale in which unique viewerships exceeded 103,000 and translated to sales breaching RM31,000.”   This time around, t

Finally Boosted

  I was planning to go for Booster hunting last week but was not well. So today 12 Feb 2022, finally made my way to PPV Axiata Arena, Bukit Jalil. My sis told me they have all three here and can pick too. I have a few PPV on my list but pick this one since this is the nearest to my house.  Earlier last week, I was planning to go to PPV PWTC, Kuala Lumpur. I was reluctant because I hate the feeling to visit places that I am not familiar with. Then on Friday night, my sis sends me a few lists and I pick the nearest. Jeng...Jeng...I hit the bull eye straight away. My experience at PPV Axiata Arena was kind of smooth. They were super fast too. As usual, my morning person syndrome made me wake up as early as 6am and out of the house around 7am. 'Kiasu' nak mampus ni kan???? The PPV operation starts at 8am tho. I just walked in and keep telling them my booster choice. I told them I don't want to mix. When I reached one station, one lady asked me to take the 'P' brand. I s

The All-New Crimson Crunch Chicken from Texas Chicken Malaysia

  Texas Chicken Malaysia is drumming up the festive spirit with the all-new Crimson Crunch Chicken. Inspired by Malaysians’ Chinese New Year favourite snack, the dried chilli shrimp rolls – this new Crimson Crunch Chicken will send your palate tingling with the explosive combo of sweet, spicy and savoury flavours. The lingering umami taste comes from the coating that features a mixture of breadcrumbs and crispy prawn chilli which have been combined with key ingredients like garlic, dried chilli and fried onions.   Tham Yue Foon, General Manager of Texas Chicken Malaysia shared, “ At Texas Chicken, we are constantly innovating with flavours in order to provide new and unique sensory experiences to excite consumers. This time around, for Chinese New Year, we were inspired by this simple yet delicious condiment which is familiar to the Chinese community – the crispy dried shrimp sambal or hae bee hiam - which goes well with bread and rice, and is also the flavour of a popular crispy rol

How To Achieve A Healthy Mind and Body During This Pandemic Time

  By now most of us has been missing out on our usual normal life like previously, right? Step out from home with a bare face (no mask up), don't have to concern about social distancing. We enjoy our high flying job with a monthly paycheck, eat out and take out and so on. I am not sure about you, but I personally miss the freedom, I used to have back then. Some of us has begun to start living a normal life but not some of us are so lucky as you, thought. Many of us lose our job due to pandemics and are forced to explore other possible available opportunities for survival sake. It's really hard to cope with losing the job and at the same time freedom was taken from you too. Everything is within whatever space you have at home. Those who are in a rented place is worried about paying the next month rent and so many other commitment. Totally mental health affected for some of us. This is where the news gets sadder and sadder when we read the suicidal rate has increased drastically

Type of People to Stay Away From

  Recently, someone who I last met 20 years ago, contacted me. I never change my phone number. I'm not close to her at all. She was an acquaintance. Not even my ex-colleague. She somehow found my blog thru my ex-colleague. Out of the blue, message me. She was saying, I wasted my life at this age. Why go for early retirement when you are not even in the 50s yet. You know, that typical 'Kaypoh' Auntie talk. Of course! I was annoyed by her messages. I don't really reply to her much. I tried to give a short answer possible.  I don't even know her well. The way she talks is as if she has been stalking me for so long. I recalled only meeting and talking to her thrice in my entire life. Then she went on......Jeng...Jeng...Jeng..she was trying to recruit me as her MLM downline. At this point, I just hit the 'three dots' on the right-hand side and click blocked. Adoi!!!! Yeah, man! stay far away from this type of people. I know some of you may say she just trying her

How to Set Up An Ergonomic Home Office?

  I bought a new writing desk from shopee but after the setup, it is far from stable. Ah! what do I expect from a less than RM90 table, right? So, I end up swapping it with my dining table, which is more solid to spend time working for hours there. I still haven't gotten myself a proper chair to sit on. As you can see in the photo above my so 'old school' home office set-up. Feeling like a teacher with no students.😅 We are living in a digital era and most of us spend more hours in front of computers at home. So traditional home office set up, which is just table, chair and computer kind of outdated trend. Improper set-up could lead to body stress by staying in an uncomfortable position for long hours. Prolong for this ignorance could result in MSDs (Musculoskeletal Disorders). How to set up an ergonomic home office? Proper Ergonomic Home Office setup is necessary these days to avoid the possibility of bad posture syndrome and at the same time could increase work quality an

New Gaston Luga 2-In-1 Tate Bag

Unboxing the latest bag from my favourite brand Gaston Luga. This is the new addition to the waterproof collection bag. I would say this new Tate Bag is kind of suit for a fickle-minded like me. This bag is not only spacious but also versatile. I can carry this as a backpack and also as Tote slings it on my shoulder. Awesome! I find that this bag is even perfect for a 2 Days 1 Night backpacker. As long as you pack your item light. I won't go dididada..with my story. I will go directly to my point on what I love about this new Gaston Luga Tate Bag. Gaston Luga Tate Bag key features include: 💕 Versatile styling - Backpack and Shoulder Tate 💕 Waterproof and easy to clean  💕 Made of premium waterproof material and recycled polyester lining 💕 Spacious with a padded pocket to slip laptop size up to 13"  💕 Zip-and-go in the front pocket to secure and easy access to your phone, keys, hand sanitiser, wipes tissue or any other items. 💕 Latch or detach the fixed-length shoulder str

Let's Make Slushy In One Minute

  Gosh! the weather now has gone hair wired. It supposedly isn't this hot in the month of Nov onwards, right. But seriously, it has been freaking hot, nowadays! I don't usually drink ice because it will make me sick. Let me use the hot weather as an excuse to indulge myself with ice cooling drink. Once in a while, I need to stop being too good. Let's enjoy the paradise taste and worry about in hell later. Huh? Recently, a box from Ambrosial reached me. As far as my knowledge this brand is famous for its delicious Greek-Yogurt style drink. I have tried that before, it tasted delicious when drink it, chilled and good for guts too.   The ambrosial box contains : 👉 6 boxes of Yili  Youngfun Milk Flavoured Drink 👉 One Lazy Ghost Squeeze Cup Yili Youngfun Milk Flavoured Drink  The one that reached me is Yili Youngfun Milk Strawberry Flavour. To be honest, I am not a big fan of strawberry milk. Sacrifice my palate for this review. WTH!  How does Yili Youngfun Milk Strawberry Fla

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