Tuesday, June 2, 2009

When you are married...

I was in the lift with this couple. I am not trying to be nosy but can't help since both of them were arguing.
Husband : ' For 5 years you have been listening to me. Why this time you are so stubborn?'
Wife : ' Because the 5 years I 've been listening la .. this time I am not listening. so... '
Husband : You have to listen to me because I am your husband '
Wife : 'No! I am your wife you should listen to me sometimes...'
This goes on and on until both of them left the lift.
I obviously support the wife... not because I am a woman myself but don't you think married life about sharing life therefore both says matters? not just one party decide but need consent from both. Anything should go through a discussion and consent, right?
I have a girlfriend told me that she regret to get married because everything have to be decided by the husband she got no says at all.
Husband were different during their courtship. She misses her singlehood life.
She have freedom and have her own money. Now since she is jobless after got married most of the time very much depends on husband.She got pregnant when she is not ready to be a mother. She really go into a depression!Poor lady! Hope she stay strong.. Its here decision at 1st place...
Another girlfriend of mine have to threat the husband by moving out from their house, leaving him taking care of the 2 children. Why did she took this drastic decision? Simple to teach the husband from not to just listen to one woman (his mother). She just need to teach him there is another woman that very important and her opinion matter! She live with me for 6 months and took her husband that long to woo her back! hahahaha seriously I watch live drama everyday during the 6 month.Now both of them happy family and I am glad for both of them.
Sometimes I wonder did people really change after you live together?
Why people whom got married wish to be single again? If married life really that bad then this will scare people like me to get this partnership commitment!!!!
Do I one day will be married to somebody?
Do I one day will have my own children and have family?
Everybody told me each of us were created with a suitor (partner), I am 35 years old do I really have one???? Doubt it now!
Wait until I 50 years old ???aiyohhhh 15 years to go....not much time left.. hahahah...can't imagine getting married at age 50 years, rather stay as old virgin then...
Anyway, since my life as single is happy now... why bother all that hahahaha all I know enjoy my life and grow old in style...
Ah!!! here goes my hectic month again.. studies and workload always comes together one to feed you one for future use... I got no choice here..

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