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Beauty Inside Out with Newly Launched Hada Labo Hydrating Water Gel

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What happen when I am so bored at home??? I go crazy become the Princess of Narcissism! Oh gosh! another personality disorder coming up? Anyway, I was having so much fun trying out the product received from Butterfly Project Dinner the other day. Thank you to all generous sponsor! Getting ready with all bare face to scribble... 1. KOJI DOLLY WINK LIQUID EYELINER (Deep black)  - It has a ultra fine and flexible point tip which gives people like me (so inexperience in handling eyeliner) greater precision and easy to handle. - The deep dazzling black really gives me a more defined look yet so natural. (not  so black and look like panda eyes....hihihihih) - This eyeliner is waterproof, sweat proof and have the quick dry formula. So it stay on for hours without a smudge.  - I like it because it not too watery or too thick Retail Price : RM49.90+ Origin : Japan  2. MAYBELLINE ELECTRO POP (Pink Shock with Watermelon Flavor) - Awesome moisturizing lip b


Dear all, To date, more than 160,000 Malaysians were evacuated due to the flooding situation in Pahang, Kelantan, Terengganu, Johor, Perak and more. According to The Star, the east coast states have it worst, with Kelantan alone accounting for 81,925 evacuees. The flood situation in Pahang is also critical, with at least 8 major rivers breaching the danger level. The number of evacuees in Pahang is at 35,564. Terengganu has 35,246, Perak has 6,730, Johor has 1,096, Perlis has 195, Selangor has 85 and Negeri Sembilan has 80 evacuees. Access to some of the east coast states is almost totally cut off, because most of the main roads in the affected areas are submerged in water. At the moment, there is no sign that the situation will improve. The Meteorological Department has also issued a statement to warn people of the possibility of monsoon rains occurring from today till Wednesday. States affected by the alert are Perlis, Kedah, north Perak, Kelantan, Terengganu, Pahang, Jo


Happy Monday! I wake up feeling bless with all these gifts waiting for me to unwrap. Let me introduce to you to my New Year gift one by one before I busy myself to do the details review in later post. This box is from Butterfly 's gathering on 23 Dec 2014. Heavy box! There you go a sneak preview to what in the box..... 1. GlamGlow - Thirsty Mud Hydrating Treatment Masque 2. Matrix Biolage - Shampoo 3. Shizens - Lip Tatoo 4. Hotlights - Lipgloss 5. Maybelline - Electro Pop baby lips with watermelon flavor 6. Dolly Blink - Black Eye Liner 7. Maybelline - Color Show 8. L'occitane - Hand cream 7. Shizens - RM50 cash voucher 8. Indeed Laboratories - Hydraluron moisture boosting mask and Nature Republic Snail Solution Hydrogel Mask 9.Always - Aloe Vera Soothing Gel Mist 10.L'oreal Garneir - Sakura White Facial Cleanser and Moisturiser My Secret Santarina for that day gorgeous Elvina Chua presented me with this organics brand from Claire Orga


The best thing happens to me in year 2014 , when I decided to join this great bloggers community called the The Butterfly Project. This community lead by Tammy Lim who was the Cleo's Next Top Blogger Winner too. O lalalalala!!!! Amazing Lady !!!! Why I said amazing?? Hey, its not an easy task to manage this huge of ladies group and put them under one roof. I could say Tammy has a group leadership skill and I give her big salute to her initiative! Thank you Tammy for accepting me into your group. This year event gathered 99 Butterflies from different background, age and multiracial at The Apartment, Curve Damansara on 23 Dec 2014. We are all having fun get to know each other. Yeah! I have opportunity to meet new friends with same passion, not just online world but also real life people! I brave myself to join the crowd and overcome my Agoraphobia.  I wish I can get rid of this passive attitude and mingle around with more people. I am not that active in crowd and my social s


Hello! I am having fun accessorised myself with line camera. WTH! So free ar? hehehehe...I am so free now. Watching Korean Drama whole day long until like freaking die tired ledi! isk isk isk...I ate goguma with kimchi for whole day too....huhuhuhuh... Tomorrow , I am on long driving mode to visit my parent far at northern side. Huh! at this point wish my home town near to airport so I can just fly there instead of driving. Too damn lazy to drive at back KL Sunday. Many of you out there taking extra long holiday and on clearing your annual leave? Happy Holiday and enjoy this festive season...


This is not the first time I visited Old Time Asia t One Utama. I ate here many times but mostly ate their specialty ''Fish Head Noodles' or Fish paste Noodles. That day , don't know what is my mood swing, I am so craving for 'Sang Har Mien'. Serious , I almost drooling when I talked about it to Chinggu. huhuhuhuh.... Serious, my 'Sang Har Mien' was so delicious and it doesn't cost us a bomb in the pocket. This is like RM21.90 together with glass of lemon tea. Yeah! the sell in set. Chingu were saying this is cheap because he ate at Jln Alor which cost him around RM70+ for a plate of this ...WTH! You got slaughtered at your country ar Chingu? But of course that one has bigger prawns, right???? right Chingu? Oh, my I finished my 'Sang Har Mien' but Chingu 'Special Fried Chicken' only show up after like 10 minutes when Chingu decided to call for the bill. This plate of meal shown up with a very disappointment to ou


Last Sunday, I was busy packing for my GIVEAWAY winners! Whoaaaa!!! all TEN Winners, your winnings is on the way via POS LAJU since 23 Dec 2014. I emails each of your tracking number to track your item whereabout. If there is some delays , is due to festive holidays. So please be patient and let our Mr Post Laju do their job.  This is the packaging of your winnings look like....hope you happy because most of you will receive mystery items in your package. Don't complain on the horrible packaging...k? I have horrible skills when it come to wrapping! So please expect for the imperfection. HO HO HO.....HA HA HA...All of these items are on the way to respective owners and also most of them will find 'Santarina' is giving away more than shown in the photo. hahahaha.. I am in good mood because I am thankful for your support to my first ever giveaway and show that I am not talking to myself all these years! WTH! 'Face palm' Seriously, I thought


Last Saturday, I was having a Saturday brunch with JJ...errrrrr...not that radio DJ 'JJ'. Oh well..I did met JJ that famous radio DJ  at Starbuck near BV last Saturday. Anyway! this JJ stands for Julie and Jack. They are my friends for almost 10 years now. Our generation gap represents the 30s , 40s and 50s. We were talking about it the next few years meeting we will be at 40s , 50s and 60s. WTH! Everybody it catching up so fast! Its a great feeling to know my friends are doing very well in life. I am glad for all of us to have this bless life. We met at Wondermama, Bangsar Village. Whoa! the Christmas spirit at Bangsar area really to the max. You can even see many cars dress like a reindeer. I bet on eve and Christmas day, this are will be a blast with festive mood. You can even find Santa , perhaps!! This is the Dessert Counter at Wondermama. Line up of local cakes. The view from my seat at the Restaurant. I reached before 11am and pick this seat which I coul


Happy Friday all! I received many entries for my first ever giveaway ! I decided to close the entry one week earlier. If I don't do this it will be more difficult for me to decide. For all of you who entered my giveaway please check your email from and reply to me with your FULL NAME , FULL ADDRESS AND MOBILE PHONE NUMBER. 1. Only Malaysia address is acceptable and will not deliver to address outside Malaysia and to PO Box. 2. If you decided not to give me you mobile phone number then I will send your prizes using normal post and please don't expect me to guarantee the delivery. There will be no tracking number will be given for those who reply me with just FULL NAME and ADDRESS. 3. I will send you prizes using POS LAJU if you reply me with FULL NAME, ADDRESS and MOBILE PHONE NUMBER. The tracking number will be emailed to you for tracking purpose. 4. I will not arrange for another delivery in case of item lost during postal. PSSSTTTT!!!!


I went into 'hiatus' for few days! Nobody noticed?? Nobody miss me???... haisshhhhh!!!! (head down like ostrich) kekekekeke use the word 'hiatus' to cover my lack of ideas on what to update here. WTH! Anyway...I really think a lot these few days....well, not just these few days. I have been on thinking mode since back from South Korea last 2 months. I think until my hair fall...and I have problem clearing my hair trails on the floor because the vacuum cleaner was full and I don't have back up bag. Adoiiiii!!!! I guess I will turn into bald woman soon! Many people who are near to me said I am wasting my precious times for these few months and many also said just take my times.  I really in dilemma and at the junction which I don't know, whether to move forward? or to turn to the left or to the right and for sure not a 'U' turn. Which path shall I take? My decision at this age is really crucial. When it come to making decision, there are


I was doing some online reading to refresh my memory to management theory. I am sharing the Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs which is all of us are surviving for and working hard to achieve in life. Do you achieve all 5 in this Maslow's Needs Model? How satisfy and thankful you are with your current needs fulfillment in life ? This is one of my favorite theories which I have learn but forgotten over the years due to lack of practice. isk isk isk. Year 2014 is going to over in another 2 weeks. How is your life so far? When talking about life , I remember that movie called 'Forest Gump' and it famous saying, LIFE IS A BOX OF CHOCOLATE. I elaborate further on why is Life is like a box of Chocolate you received. We are not talking about a box of chocolate with assorted one. The moment of choosing which one to eat it will result in completely different new taste. Once you have chosen and don't look back no matter how it taste. If you decide to pu

MELVITA : NECTAR BRIGHT® Brightening Exfoliation Mask

You know new year is around the corner and next week is Christmas....I am getting ready and beautify myself to attend some friends gathering and Christmas and New Year dinner invites. My face was all dull due to lots of UV exposure. I need some brightening and exfoliating to my facial. Today I am going to review MELVITA : NECTAR BRIGHT® Brightening Exfoliation Mask. I really can't get enough of Melvita products because they used certified organic ingredients. This creamy mask combines a complex of five white flowers with brightening properties and exfoliating silica microbeads. A 2 in 1 mask and also a scrub with its unique and innovative formulation which has a true illuminating effect. This product has test conducted on 25 women for 4 weeks. * 88% of women said their skin looked even-toned immediately. * 80% of women said their skin looked lighter and brighter from the very first application. I am not that kind of person who believe all this instant


Woot! Woot! Lazada is having online revolution sales on 12th December 2014 which is TODAY! Let us go for online shopping at Lazada since they are offering shoppers 24 hours exciting promotions and exclusive deals across a wide range of categories. For those Night Owls you can start log on in early hours for special night promotions on Lazada Midnight Sale which is only available between 12:00am to 8am. If you are not the late night hours person just take advantage of bargain prices with unbeatable hourly flash sales from 8:00am to 11:59pm! Since we are now at festive season, Lazada promises great brands at affordable prices so you won't break the bank for this festive and givings season. To add to the attractiveness, CIMB Kwik Card, Debit Card and Credit Card holders will receive an additional 15% storewides on the 12th. Start shopping with Lazada using my affiliates link by clicking on Lazada banner ads in my blog and enter this attractive voucher to enjoy some discount. 


I use to wear lipstick a lot. One thing I hate the most when wearing the lipstick is the stain on the glass or coffee cup. It look so damn dirty and ugly. Yes! Yes! I heard about the non stick lipstick. I am not that 'ulu' la... But I hate those because I feel like wearing long lasting paint on my lips. Furthermore, it took lots of that remover to just wash it off from the lips and this will cause my lips discolor and dry due the chemical from the remover. Then I found PeriPera Lip Crayon when I went to HK last 2 years. I bought PeriPera Gel lip balm at Watson Pavillion last year. I really fall in love with PeriPera colored lip balm. Oh! this PeriPera not type of chicken dish ye.... Recently, I bought this PeriPera Butter Pang from one of those underground shopping place near Busan. Totally fall in love with this one. This PeriPera Butter Pang come with 3 colors. 01 Cream Butter 02 Peach Butter 03 Pink Butter The one I am wearing right


Who love to eat Nasi Lemak???? Me! Me! Me! Who like Seafood Curry Laksa??? Me! Me! Me! Regret to inform all my like consist of high calories and fat! One plate of nasi lemak itself is 644 calories  which is also equivalent to three bowls of plain white rice. Then if added the fried chicken? Please add another 290 calories to that 644 calories. Please do your own math to it! isk isk isk isk ...and more sad story...if you add teh tarik to go along with your nasi lemak ayam? Please add another 83 calories to it. After eat, an OL aka Office Lady like me...will stick my big fat ass to the chair to do my work. Only lift it up when there is urge to go to the bathroom. When busy or rushing for something....just hold the urge because the work comes first! Imagine how long the time spend at work from 9:00am to at least 7:00pm. This is the minimum hours! The result to the calories and the constantly sitting..... There you go...the 3 - 6 tiers easily build in on that waist line


New Year is around the corner the corner.  What is the common thing that everyone going to do when it come to New Year?  Many would say they want to have a new start. New Year , New You! Is this a just a Mantra for everyone to sing song when it come to New Year? A lip service, perhaps? The New Year will certainly change to 1s Jan 2015 but you will likely remain as you and it is hard to change.  Do agree with me if I said if we made a New Year's resolutions it will stick to us? Do you agree with me, unrealistic resolutions are fated to go down the drain and to be recycled the next New Year? Guess what? Accept the fact that when you tie your behavioral change to a specific date , ie. over committed from what you can deliver, you are robbing yourself. High chances for you to fail! Many will end up trying to recover from failure and to feel better....this famous phrase will occur. "Maybe Next Year!" Gosh! this is just a comfort phrase and most o


image cr to google search I have been adapting drinking water upon waking up from sleep every morning.  This practice is for health purpose. Apparently is very popular in Japan. In Japan overall longevity hosting over 50,000 centenarian or in another laymen word 100+ years old. Regardless if drinking water as you wake up from sleeps practice in general helps in improving your health and well being. Why not to give it a try? How? * Every morning drink 4 x 160ml glasses of water. (make sure you drink it before you brush your teeth. You feel disgusting? Disgusting your 'foot'! Everything you swallow is from own produce.Its all about your health!) * Then brush your teeth and clean mouth and take show as usual. Make sure you don't drink or eat anything for 45 minutes. * Breakfast - You can eat and drink as usual after 45 minutes of fasting. * Breakfast -  You can only drink again after 15 minutes * Lunch and Dinner - you can drink only afte


I have been blogging for 6 years now and this is my first time organise a giveaway to my readers! Its season of greetings and givings. Let me share with you something for New Year Joy! You stand a change to win any of prize below : * 1 Box Etude House : Age Defense Skin Care Travel Kit - 1 winner * 1 Box Cremorlab : Hydrating Travel Kit - 1 winner * 1 tube of Himalaya Herbals Neem Face Pack (150ml) - 1 winner * 1 tube of Himalaya Herbals Purifying Neem Scrub (100ml) - 1 winner * 3 Mask Sheets - 4 winners * 1 Mystery Gift - 2 winners There you go.....10 lucky winners will be selected. RULES AND REGULATIONS  1.    This giveaway is open to all participants with delivery address in Malaysia only. 2.    To participate in this giveaway, kindly register via the app and complete all mandatory tasks. Do make sure you key in your valid email address so I can inform you via email. 3.    Incomplete entries will be VOID. ** No cheating! I will do the cross checking to ensu

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