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World Milk Day

I was walking to my Gym and overheard a girl asking her man " Brad! do I look fat?" and I heard the guy answer the girl , "No Dear!!! you are not fat!" I walked slowly and let them pass me. Huwaahahahahuwahahaha.... I almost burst!!!! manage to control my laughter... If I am the girl I don't want to ask that guy. Although he is my boyfriend or whoever he is. That guy is damn fat!!! very overweight and the girl is obviously chubby and plum... Silly Girl you got to ask the right person for your important question. I know I know I am very very bad to say this but hey.... please ask the right person for honest answer. Sunday!!! I read on the newspaper about the World Milk Day @ Pavillion. They are giving away free milk. Well I am so ambitious to be part of the crowd. Reached there arggghhhhh totally let down. Nothing much to expect just an event organised by Dutch Lady!!! Chehhhh!!!! Well, I end up went straight ahead down to check on my Honeymoon Dessert Bar. Its

Work that body

This week everytime came back from Gym , I will watch Japanese series title Bambino. Lead actor is Matsumoto Jun the one played that Hana Yori Dango. Story about a passionate Chef. Its all about pasta and pasta. When I watch they cook pasta look so delicious and feel like having one on my table. mmmm since tomorrow is a holiday so maybe i should experiment some pasta. Ehehehehe ... look like somebody gonna burn the kitchen again!!!! These 2 weeks was working hard with my body. I will work out for almost 40 minutes. Last night was the most suffering part. Doing cardio work out with my personal trainer. OMG! hurt every part of my body. Hope this work to kill off that flabbies around my waist. Dreaming about having a nice body is a beautiful dream. But to make it happen... OMG!!!! I feel like dying....with all the diets... drive me crazy!!!! Tomorrow I saw Cheras Gym Schedule , they have inline dancing at 10am. Thought of driving there and have some work out and sauna then back home to co

End of 1st week

I manage to find my way back again!!! congrats to me!!! Ah! happy nyeeee... Last night ,I went to gym, walk and walk manage to walk 2.2km for 30 minutes and burn 125 cals. Hey! not easy to burn 100 cals. Next time don't want to simply eat food. I need to eat better food so I can burn it fast. Then I move on to cardio work out for 10 minutes. Today, I can see progress. Manage to walk for 2.65km for 30 minutes and burn 137 cals. Then as usual move to cadio manage to do for 15 minutes then off to sauna for 30 minutes. Wah!!! I can loose 5 kg like this. Hopefully! Currently at 54.4kg. The intructor said I am not fat but full of body fat. uwaaaaa!!!! I confuse what do you mean?? Anyway, he said my ideal weight is 47kg. This mean I need to loose at least another 7 kg??? Ngor Sei lor!!!! sure need to watch what I eat. Aiyoh! what to do getting ageing is the worst because more difficult to loose weight. These few days spending my time working on my presentation to my Boss on this Sunday. H

4th Day

Early morning, busy entertaining the politicians. Then off meeting with the bankers. Call for staff meeting on messy accounts. You won't believe my findings after doing surface checking on the closing 2009 in this place. I don't know what that fella doing over there. My Senior Accounts staff here almost gone crazy after I taught her to do some internal cross checking. Now she know, thing is not as simple as she thought! More things to be done dear! I just show you a starting point and let me lead you and just wait when you reach to the peak! With another girl who wanna resign because she feel she can't grow with this company. But I manage to talk thru and she agreed. Now she know how many thing she can learn from me. I will from now on, call for at least once a week staff meeting to just solve their probs. Hope we can be the most efficient team in the company. Yesterday, I manage to come out with my 1st draft for the employee handbook. Not that thick. Just 25 pages long! Ma

3rd Day here

3rd day.... ahahaha finally manage to find my way back home. Many things to be done in this place. At least I am now getting started and hope can finalise some issues by this Saturday. Whatever.... it is still early to judge thing over here. I just need to play some drama here and there. Last night, my 1st gym session. I don't even know to use the gym equipment. So, asked one of the trainer there to help me with the machine. I was a lil bit angry when I overheard him called one of his Personal Instructor and say, ' Bro! help this Filipino girl! she need a trainer'. Filipino your head! I am Malay le Malay le... Then when get to know this Trainer he was talking to me as if I am a foreigner here. Aiyoh!!! After using one steps machine for 15 minutes, I hear echoes from his voice and everything started blurring. I grabbed his arm and said I am fainting! I am fainting! He panicked!!! He quickly lead me to the floor mat and asked me to lie down with both leg up on the gym ball. T

2nd Day here

How should I write for my 2nd day experience here? Seriously I am not familiar with the road back home. I took almost 2 1/2 hours to reach home on 1st day and same case happened on 2nd day. The feeling??? Sucksss!!!! I can say hopeless case in term of journey back home. Traffic jam are so CRRRRAAAAZZZYYY!!! Yesterday night end up sat in with one of Fitness First Consultant. Yeah! again I am being difficult with people for not giving up my credit card details. The consultant got very frustrated with my stubbornness ahahahaha so end up one of manager in charge being called to convince me. Of course I still in rejection mood. They just gave up to my demand... yippeey!!! So today I am very positive to start my exercise. Ahahaha again see how long I will last. My diet is getting along quite well with Yong Tau Foo soup (strictly 3 items on tofu only) for breakfast and lunch. I opt to replace my dinner with fruit juice mix with wheat grass. I give myself 3 month for the result. How am I doing

My 1st day

My 1st day really make me have a big headache (migraine to be exact). Maybe I push myself too hard this time.Over do it again! Too much information and too much issues to solve. Big time issues. Most of the people I interviewed have problems on not clear job descriptions. Yeah! need to see people one by one to understand each individual function. Part of restructuring exercise that I need to do for this company. I know its hard to do it but I need to put my brave face and just do it! Today , I manage to see only 3 people ( more towards mid and lower level staff) but enough to give me migraine due to much input to absorb and digest. Early in the morning already interviewed their COO for almost 2 hours plus 1 hour in the evening just to get better picture on whats on in this company. I see opportunity every where from the issues highlighted but I need to sit down and strategise well to get the message through to the board! The way I looking at it the organisation structure is out of pla

Tomorrow Tomorrow Tomorrowwwww

Tomorrow is my 1st day. I feel nervous and afraid. As I mentioned in my earlier post I need to put up my brave face and move on... Yes! this is what I need to do. I need to stay positive and adapt to new environment! Today I started my 'big' project. I want to make my dreams come true. Hopefully can finish by August. Here are my this weekend snapshot.... usual camwhore Bee Pollen Chee Cheong Fun @ Low Yat enjoying my dinner shrimp sambal chee cheong fun Shrimp sambal chee cheong fun and Fu Chuk Paku pakis @ BB Park Bourgainvilla @ YTL Corp Building Beautiful flowers Kenzo ambient @ Pavillion - I love Kenzo perfumes Me @ Pavillion enjoying 3 layers coffee My last 3 days @ Executor camwhore with my bear bear Me @ soon x station

sO mAnY tHiNgs

Received call and he will not be around next week to greet me. He need to extend his day in overseas. He mentioned had brief his people to organise and show me around. OK! not a problem. I am a survivor and independent so ... this is a small matter ahahahahahaha (going crazy laugh) I went to dentist again... finally solve my left side tooth. OK next 22nd May will be my right tooth... ah!!! money money money.. I seriously don't really aware what I have been doing for the last 12 hours apart from gone to the dentist. I feel like I am dreaming most of the time. I think I did some readings but I don't really aware what I had read. uwwwwaaaaa..... what happened to me today??? Ok ok ok I am just over acting.. I am still aware that I cook sour curry mee hoon for myself (put too much lime). Actually or to be exact finally manage to organise and hang my clothes today. Too many things I have accumulated within 15 years. Imagine never throw away any single thing in 15 years. Argggghhh!!!!

Over the Rainbow

What is my favourite old song which I feel meaningful towards my life? The answer will be Judy Garland song ' Over the rainbow'. Why? The lyrics is beautiful and meaningful. " Somewhere over the rainbow, way up high There's a land that I heard of, once in a lullaby Somewhere over the rainbow, skies are blue And dreams that you dare to dream, really do come true Somday I'll wish upon star And wake up where the clouds are far behind me Where troubles melt like lemon drops away above the chimney tops That' s where you'll find me Somewhere over the rainbow, bluebirds fly Birds fly over the rainbow, why then, oh why can't I? Somewhere over the rainbow, bluebirds fly Birds fly over the rainbow why then, oh why can't I? If happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow why, oh why can't I? " O How I wish to be that happy little bluebirds fly beyond the rainbow and see what's for me on the other side. Can I ever reach over and beyond the rainbow

So Long and Farewell

Today is my last day at my three and half years workplace. I feel a bit sad when driving out of the office. I reached home and read a long email from my just x boss , of course I feel upset. I can feel how he feel today and tomorrow and the day after tomorrow for not having each other around. For him to use to me reminded him in many things and for me to drive all the way to work and get use with all my tasks.... aiyoh! I am so devastated right now!!!! No doubt we bitch about each other all the time. Yeah! that was me ahahaha.. Although, both of us always have disagreement in many things but yet the feeling towards each other is unexplained. Both actually feel heartbreaking to be departed. Well, life must go on! He always encourage us to move forward and be a successful people. It is his advise that I listened , to leave and find other alternative if you think current one is not good enough or have limited chance for you. I just hope he could develop his own team and bring the company

Ip Man and IP Man

Wet Sunday.... raining almost through out the day. I was at Pavillion just now watched Iron Man 2. I was there around 12.00 noon, thought it will be crowded with people but it was amazing since not many people at the Cinema. Well... when paid for the tickets then I understand why.... Ticket price comes with service tax (entertainment tax). RM12 + RM3 = RM15 per ticket. Not a good idea to bring girlfriend to cinema anymore. I guess all of us need to think of other alternative such as buy DVD and stay at home. Imagine 2 tickets = RM30 and 2 lunch can cost aroud RM25 here you go RM55 gone not to forget transportation cost and maybe some desserts to impress your love ones....Costly!!!! OK back to Iron Man 2, well it was a very damn boring movie. Almost fall asleep but since paid so expensive need to stay awake to the end. However, it was a total let down since I was waiting for this movie ever since watched the 1st one. Talking about Ip Man or IP Man. I read in fb many people is looking

Shanghai from my eyes

I enjoy beautiful scene. Ahh... why suddenly I am crying when start my writing??? I was watching Drink, Drank and Drunk... the actress Miriam Yung is crying due to heartbreaking.... uwwwwaaaa I also crying together... what the heck! Ok ok lets start again.. I enjoy beautiful scene. Greenery , nature and colorful places is my favourite. Historical place is top of my list if I go travel. My interest to know the foot print of each place I go. Below are some of my captioned during my trip to Shanghai - Hanzhou - Shanghai. The camera lense is from my view to appreciate every single scene I 've been through.. here goes ...

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