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Miss Ismail

I received a call yesterday afternoon for job interview in Kepong. However, since I am one psycho emotional lady and he started the conversation with Miss Ismail instead of acknowledging my given name, I feel a bit offended. Thats my dad's name for goodness sake! Think first before make any calls. He sounded like Malaysian Chinese , can't he tell from the name and have a bit of education to address people name properly rather than just call me right away without thinking? Hahaha.. actually thats not the real reason I am deciding to pass the interview, the main reason after investigate and ask around about the company, I find it is wise for me to pass. Not worth it to give my best shot and I sense another crappy job! Yeah! maybe i am being sceptical but yet my heart is telling me not try. I am believing my heart more than anything now. I believe more will come soon. I just need to select wisely so I won't get trap anymore. Although, I am jobless my online store still can sus

Why me

Very busy today. As usual meeting and meeting, with clients, vendors and also staff. Sick of it ! What to do? When he said to others I am represent him when he is away. Basically , I am his eyes and his ears when he is away. For example just now stucked in the meeting , well talking about Finance is not a problems. Negotiating term is just a piece of cake for me . Then they talked about technical, I am trying hard to understand and absorb whatever information register to my brain and start processing the data. Well since my pentium is not upgraded and dont even have anti virus or security so more or less a bit corrupted. kekekeke.. When I updated him in Singapore on Finance side for the meeting, he then asked me about the circuits and codes. Hahahahaha again you are testing the wrong woman... kekekeke Based on my notes, I just read it out via the phone as if I am a pro and talking about it until he is speechless on the other end. kekekeke Thank God! its not the face to face updated, if

Pretty Girl - Game Plan

I am too exhausted this week after too many attacks from my enemies. The attacked came from all over the place until my mind feel numb. As usual I remain silence and keeping myself mum. This company , I can say in very critical situation unless : 1. Terminate that agressive fella 2. Terminate that politician fella 3. The owner to step out from the cocoon. Today I made very drastic decision and also against my norm principal. I insist on beauty with brain or the ugly with brain but yet here I am breaking my own rules and just hired a girl just because she is pretty. Why? This is my strategy against my 2 enemies. Since the owner refuse and strongly disagree to sign on my termination letter, I need to use this tactic in order to survive. In battle sometimes we need to distract our enemies and here I am using this tactic to distract them in order for me to survive until end of my contract. Hope this will work until I strategize again for my next plan....

King of Hyginotic Broad Bean's Prisoner

My name is Elanora Elmm. I was snatched away from the King of Perfectto Lettue (King Perf) to King of Hyginotic Broad Bean (King Bean) beacause of my expertise in multi tasking and make thing work in the castle. I was known as a good assistant to the King. I was brought into this new castle called 'Castle of Finggie Sanita'. My presense in the castle is not welcome by King Bean's 2 Generals. One is General Fukkio Stupido (Gen Lion) and the other one is General Assie Foolo (Gen Assie). Both Generals are fighting for power. Between these two Generals, Gen Fukkio is the most aggressive. To cut the story short, since I came to the castle, Gen Fukkio never stop attacking me and also the King Bean. King Bean as usual remain silence and never show off his power as King. This leave me Elanora fight her own battle to ensure the castle run smoothly and try my best to protect the maids in the Castle. One day, I was attacked by Gen Fukkio due to Gen Assie bad words on me. King Bean was

Malaysian Drivers 2

Here goes my defination on Malaysian Drivers attitude based on my every day on the road observation.. The Oportuinist They will in and out of the line just to get to their destination. As long as we leave some gap to our queue... here they are... trying force in with their poker face with full of selfishness. Very irritating isn't it?? The Fickle minded They will be at the left and then at the right and then at the left and at the right and on and on and on... they just cannot make up their mind!!!!! so headache! The emotional Beware of this person. We don't know what they are thinking. We don't know whether they just got fired or bf or gf dumped them or their wife just ran away with other man or hubby screwed her bestfriend. You never know....So if you overtake them just because they are too slow or you just wanna to overtake them... they will overtake you back and break right away and make you horn them. Well honking them will not solve the problem. They will get more emo

My computer hate me

I was up working since 5am for 2 days in a row. At least 4-5 hours stuck in front of computer before heading to morning shower. My shoulder and neck end up stiff like wood. Tired and exhausted but what counts is my efforts to work and move forward for the sake of getting out of employment under other Bosses. I want to be my own boss. Trying hard to get out from corporate employment world and move towards self employment. My acer laptop was damn slow for pass 2 months. I end up purchase a desktop last month just to make thing speed up. But getting use to get some programme compatible to window 7 are really tiring. I am trying hard to be patient and control my anger. I end up with frustration for the last 2 days. I can't install my flash player and my attempt to edit and develop my new online store really distrupted. I have my own deadline to catch. Festive season and end of year business is coming and I need to catch up before mid Sept. If not all my plan go down to drain....:( I ju

Malaysian Driver

I am facing the traffic and on the road for at least 3 hours everyday. What fascinate me is the way our drivers manage their way on the road (including me of course) Based on my observation the way we drive is who we are in managing our life or even at work. There are many type of drivers out there. Here are the list : 1st - The opportunist 2nd - The fickle minded 3rd - The emotional 4th - The Hot temper 5th - The Road King 6th - The Dreamland 7th - The Honey sweet 8th - The Chillis 9th - The Dark Witch 10th - The Ice Queen 11th - The Crazy Punk 12th - The Breaker 13th - The Chatter Box 14th - The Elephant 15th - The Ostrich 16th - The Celebrity many more to list down... I will explain one by one in my next entry. Tired to type everything tonight... I have all in one package with me right now. Fever, Cough, Flue and headache.

Back packing

Here goes the story... Open my email on Monday morning... my worst enemy shot an email on Friday night. Working late huh???? Yeah! since you are the only one working in this company the rest all 'shaking legs and booties'!!! Wakakaka... Anyway, talking about that nasty 200 words email as replied to just one email asking politely, 'do you mind forward me our existing HSE policy?' Not worth it for me to feel upset on Monday morning, especially when my temperature is already damn high (fever). Anyway, the best about him is... jeng jeng he cc the email to even my Boss! GOOD!!!!! very very good!!! you kill yourselllllffffff!!!! I don't need to do anything at all. His words tell the story... wakakaka...wanna roll off the chairs instead of mourning and feel upset about it! I win! I win!!! I feel tired like mad when my fever getting bad complete package with flue and cough. Ah! I can't drink and even eat medicine. Today I just hired one girl as admin&hr assistant. I

Stay positve

Last week its not good week for me. Many dramas going on. Why? Person who feel threaten to my exisiting in the company is back. Of course lot of games going on... Don't know how to use my Tai chi ledi... I just try my best to keep calm and maintain positive. My confirmation is due tomorrow. I wrote to my Boss and ask him to release me. Yes! I am not at the right mind at all. He replied back with saying he is more than happy to confirm me. He asked me to wait for him to come back to KL. uwaaaaaaaaaa... i am crying in my heart. (Yeah! call me weird ... I refuse to be confirmed please fire me!!!!) I must be doing a good job for him until he still wants me after few nasty emails I had sent to him in separate occassion... as usual I am emo and outspoken. I write emails like I am speaking my mind out! Can't wait for Sep... another 2 -3 weeks... Fasting month never been easy for me. I am sick today with bad throat and toothache. Ah!!! so hurt... not to forget my endless neck and shoul


Today is the most weird interview day. I allocated 2 candidates to come in the morning for the post of Admin & HR Assistant. 1st Candidate She came in as a descent 23years old girl. When she start talking will be with hand gestures as if she is in debate class or something. I asked her one question that I regretted until now. (I shouldn't asked her this question) Me : How should I called you? Candidate : Tamus! (with proud and confident face) Me : Tamus? very unusual name? Where do you get this name? Bible? (I have not read this anywhere in bible) Candidate : No... I am like hippopotamus.So I put my name Tamus! Hippopotamus have big mouth same like me. See see I can put in the whole hand inside my mouth.... (She really put in her whole hand inside her mouth) OMG!!!!!! This is seriously weirdo... I can't even blink my eyes for 3 secs and seriously at that moment I am speechless. 2nd Candidate 29 years old and very talkative. She talk too much and reveal info she is not su

Jin Ho Land

My BOF fever is over! Go Jun Pyo love ended... I found a new love.. Here goes Jin Ho love on the way.... Lee Min Ho acting as Jin Ho in Personal Taste is killer! Killing my heart though... How I wish I am Park Gae In in that drama... How I wish I have gay pretty friend by my side and then he turn into a gentleman... wow!!! Call me freak call me lunatic but being in love to a character in the movie is my hobbies. hhahahahahahaha ( with my crazy laugh ) Got carried away a lil bit... back to reality.. Recruitment day just now is a flop! Many never turn up! I have 2 candidates turn up. One too shy to even talk and the other said got no ambition at all and also hate to take people instruction. mmmmmm.... don't know what to say... Guess!!!! all these people don't need a job. mmmm ... I will change to my plan B then. Talk to my Boss in Yangon, he sounded sick! Ah! continue sick and don't come back please!!! yeah! me with my evil mind again... My worst enemy whom just came back f

My Fruitty Weekend

Last Friday was not so happening. Problem after problem at my work place. I feel tired to crack my head and try to maintain calm and try my best to solve it one by one. While I was driving home, my headhunter who introduce me to this new workplace, called me. mmmmm... well she were asking me about how am I doing in this company. My feedback was easy, don't do business with this company again if you want to maintain good rapport and not to spoil talented people future. Basically in harsh statement I would said " This is craps and hopeless company".She asked me to stay at least 6 months. I will not comment on that and this is my future you are talking about dear. Don't make me scream at you. So stop it!!! i am trying to be nice here.... I was rolling on my bed at 8.15am , and received a call asking me to bring her for baby clothes shopping. So Saturday end up, spend time at Jusco selecting baby clothes. Really get crazy to see all these cute baby clothes. Since she is e

Lower down my expectation

I came from very tough and demanding environment... Expectation on work quality is high. I try my best to lower down my expectation on my people to suit their capacity.. I can't lower myself to low! Thats nonsense... we are doing business not running a charity organisation. But wait a minute... even charity organisation emphasis in good and quality service. Well... today I received one resignation. There are talks about me flying around this organisation and it fly to my ears. I am too hard on these people, maybe. Whatever! I can never please people. and I will never do that because I don't care what people say about me. My ultimate objective to give good service to people who employed me. But if you decided to hang around shaving your beard and shine your nails in this office, well you are dealing with the wrong leader here. I am one result orientated person. I will guide and teach you but I can't concern too much on how you do it. If I need concern on these small things,

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