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How To Choose A Home Water Filter

If you are an Asian like me, it's common hearing mum or elders nag to drink more water all the time. Well, nothing annoying about this. In fact, this is a good reminder since drinking water at least 8 glasses a day good for your body and immune system. Hydrate! Hydrate! Hydrate! I am not sure about other country but especially in Asia, we don't blatantly drink water from our pipe in the sink. We either require to boil water or get a good water filter. At least water filters remove contaminants. There are many types of water filter in the market. Some even offer hot and ice cold water features. It can be difficult to choose the best water filter. Here I list down some of the basic checklists to help you to make a good decision on which water filter suit your needs. How To Choose A Home Water Filter? 1. Study on POE (Point Of Entry) and POU (Point Of Use) systems Commonly, there are two types of water filters available for home use. POE systems treat all the

Why Flowers Make Us Feel Happy

If you could see the miracle of a single flower clearly our whole life would change In my youth and younger days, I used to hate flowers. Why? The flowers will be withered and it such a waste of money. Now I have grown older, I see the thing in very different ways. I have grown wiser and matured a bit!😊 Flowers will definitely withered, but the value of emotion and psychological is priceless. Flowers are linked to immediate happiness and feeling which relates to satisfaction towards life. If you noticed, flowers are always linked to alleviation of stress, mood-lifting and ease away anxiety and depression symptoms. Did it ever cross your mind why people used flowers in the social environment? Is having flowers decoration around just mere eye candy? The power of flowers can help to enhance the environment to create a more welcoming ambience, cheerful and warm.  Many only think about flowers when it comes to birthdays, proposal and romantically love. Do you know

Same Day Fresh Flower and Cake Delivery in Singapore

The year of 2020 has been declared as Social Distancing era globally . We have been advised to minimize gatherings to reduce the spread of our invisible enemies . This doesn't mean we can't stay connected with our friends and clients. Some of us who are natural-born introvert doing just fine by this social isolation order but for those who are extrovert, this new norm will drive them crazy which led to psychological distress. There are many ways to stay connected, the most guaranteed way to uplift the mood of our dear friends or love ones is by surprise event. There is no need to be physically present to organize the sweetest event to remember. All you need is to place your order with the right and trusted place.   If you have someone you treasure and to pleased reside in Singapore, Whyzee is definitely the right place you should be looking for. Whyzee offers freshly baked cake and flower delivery Singapore . Whyzee was born from a name combination of two passi

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