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My Birthday Dinner 12 Oct 2009

My 35th birthday is on 12 Oct 2009 ,Monday. Its just another day , nothing special but I am getting older. When we get older, what do we get? Wrinkles.. Health not so good.. Boob and booty are sagging hahahaha But I can feel I am getting wiser.. well ageing not that bad after all. Happy because this year manage to visit the unfortunate home and deliver them some dry food. Thats all I can afford! Just love to see their welcome and happy face. No matter what race and what is your religion and I don't bother about your past but whats matter we are all trying our best to survive in this world. Our existense here is not by our wish but some how we were created. Waiting for dinner to be served. I was so stressed up thinking about exam another 4 days. even my bra strap is twisted lol Try my best to stay positive .. cheer up!!! I am so pale and fat!! so sad.. my stress seriously goes down to my waist a lot this year!!! I never been this fat and flabby.. so damn ugly arggggghhhh!!! Never tr

Close but still far

Yes! I know Min Ho in Malaysia. He was in Sg Wang and I am at Pavillion. I may like his act as Jun Pyo in BBF. I may adore him and like him but not that crazy to wait for him and see him from far. I still can control myself. My addicted is just I watched BBF for almost 40 times! Yes! almost every night! May consider buying the DVD rather than watch online or spoil my sis DVD ahahaha ... She will kill me.. I categorise myself as mature fan! Hihihii... The one that like you but wont cry over you. The one will watch you over and over again but wont spend a dime on you. The one who will obsess to see your photo then only off to bed but if I ever meet you one day.. I will not care to say hi or even show the interest!!!! Thats all about my craziness on BBF. I just hope they could come out with season 3 another 2 years! Anyway , just Min Ho who came here not Jun Pyo. The person that I really fall in love with , is not even exist. He just a character and I can see him in different version. Man

Green Day - 21 Gun Do you know what's worth fighting for, When it's not worth dying for? Does it take your breath away And you feel yourself suffocating? Does the pain weigh out the pride? And you look for a place to hide? Did someone break your heart inside? You're in ruins. One, 21 guns Lay down your arms Give up the fightOne, 21 guns Throw up your arms into the sky, You and I When you're at the end of the road And you lost all sense of control And your thoughts have taken their toll When your mind breaks the spirit of your soul Your faith walks on broken glass And the hangover doesn't pass Nothing's ever built to last You're in ruins.

Sunday after exam

Finally , can have normal Sunday like others do. Woke up with very good mood. surfing to net and received orders from my beauty store. mmm ... I feel so good! In the afternoon, study products knowledge for my coming interview on 8th Nov . Hope everything goes well for me. God! bless me for my fighting for the store... I want it I want it... help me with this. I am putting my 105% effort and hope God grant me with 45% luck! In the evening went Pavillion for my favorite Yau Char Koay with porridge and Ipoh Seafood Curry Laksa, then treat myself with soft and creamy J&J Co. doughnut! Heaven!!!! Back home re charge for tomorrow war at work! Suddenly my spirit goes down to the drain!

Trouble is A Friend Trouble he will find you, no matter where you go, oh oh No matter if you're fast, no matter if you're slow, oh oh The eye of the storm or the cry in the morn, oh oh You're fine for a while but you start to lose control... He's there in the dark He's there in my heart He waits in the wings He's gotta play a part Trouble is a friend yeah trouble is a friend of mineAh ooh... Trouble is a friend but trouble is a foe, oh oh And no matter what I feed him he always seems to grow, oh oh He sees what I see and he knows what I know, oh oh So don't forget as you ease on down the road... He's there in the dark He's there in my heart He waits in the wings He's gotta play a part Trouble is a friend yeah trouble is a friend of mineoh oh So don't be alarmed if he takes you by the arm I won't let him win but I'm a sucker for his charm Trouble is a friend yeah trouble is a friend of mineah ooh How I hate the w

What a life

I have a very bad migraine these days! My head feel heavy and hurt. I miss my favourite TV shows. I miss to read newspaper every morning. I miss my life I can play I can sit down and dream and can lie down on bed at some other time other than at 12.00 midnight. I miss my old days! My life right now seems to be full of too much serious thing! It hurt me a lot! Is this a sign I am getting older? These days my life all about working and working and studying and studying. Well for now... how about next year? How my life gonna be? No more study but just working? Am I still going to be at the same place? I hope not! I need to plan for next year. Next year is not far from now. I can't find time to plan... thats my biggest problem now. My place now in a mess. Don't have time to do proper cleaning. Gosh! so tired right now but still need to crack my head for my IB case studies! Nak mati rasanya... Maybe I will die due to overworked myself! One day everything just malfunction and there I

Another new week

Tomorrow its another new week. Monday! I am suppose to feel positive about Monday. I don't know why, I feel not so good. Maybe I am nervous. 3 reason to feel nervous this week. 1st - My interview coming up on 20th (Tues). I need to load my brain with all those serious info. Serious meaning business talks. Get myself updated. I don't what to expect but I definate try my best. I need to get myself into this corporate world if I want to be somebody important. Yes! This is important... can I make it to be in the corporate scene? What do I need to sacrifice? I don't know... I hope not a big one... My current small timer business its my preparation if my bunion feet getting serious and also for my old age. Most of it extra income which I think helps me a lot! 2nd - How to skip my work to go for that interview? I feel guilty about this. However, my future is more important.. don't you think so??? Hope everything fine and God give me courage for this 'white lie'! 3rd -

Feeling Sulky

Finish my Leadership exam just now! One down one more to go! This one need trillion effort and really really really need to buck up or I doom! I am seriously cannot even look at all those people who cause me just a pass for group assignment. I feel like vomitting to see their faces just now! I can't forgive them until now. Yes! my heart not that big to forgive such unforgivable wrong doings on me. We can avoid this thing and can at least earn a credit! Its not I cannot handle pressure to do last minute job. Well, I have done this many many times but that was work and due to not enough information or what so ever. However, this one really can be avoided and do a well plan and structured. If you guys and old woman follow my structure sent earlier , we may do as good as other team. My hand was so tired just now, writing and writing . I need more practise so that I don't feel hurt during exam due to writing too much. After exam I went straight home. I walked out with hope to get at

Deepavali exam

Yes! I neglected my blog for quite sometimes. I have been very busy and need to focus on something more important. My 35th Birthday on 12 Oct 2009 Nothing special! I declared half working day and end up running errants up and down for half a day. Rushing for interview appointment all the way at Kota Damansara. Then rushing back before post office close to arrange delivery for my downline in Sabah and Sarawak. I end up having lunch around 4.30pm! Night time thought of having sushi for dinner but end up at Manhattan Fish Market. Well my verdict is 1st time is my last time. The food was so oily! Yucks!!! Ended my Birthday night with nobody want to propose to me. So sad and sian!!!! sob sob sob.. end up being alone until I die...what a looser!!! Tomorrow is deepavali but also I am sitting for exam at 10am. Leadership Dynamics. Am I prepared??? No comment! I will try my best! I just launch new website selling general heathcare products. Hope it will do well! My ads will run starting tomorro

Study is the hardest thing

Today since morning when I reached office and thing about the workload waiting for me and the needs to change hats many time make me feel sick! Angry! Furious! My anger level up to my almost maximum limit.. I feel like want to kill myself immediately to end the story! But when I think about how messy is my house (I cleaned last week but the messiness come back again hehehe) I love to throw thing so what you want me to do.. mmm at least if i die the house is in order so when other come to the house will have a good thoughts about me. From morning to the evening , I just like wanna cry (almost cry though) and feel angry angry angry... Then reached home went for mini gym for a threadmill walk for 30 minutes. At least my anger reduce and manage to calm myself down. Drink horlicks for dinner! Then here goes my study! I am about to open my leadership text book here come my Goo Jun Pyo to my mind. So end up watching Boys Before Flower again! Aishhhh! thought of watching 2 episode but end up w

Got carried away again

I feel proud of myself this week. I went to Genting after 10 years. Best thing is I drove up and down there... ish so terror la me! Hebat! hebat! I feel like Jay Chou in Initial D, my car not 86 but 5756 hahah... cepat sing song like Jay Chou and sell tofu... uhuhuhuhu But of course i drive with two hand on the steering not only one... over la.. If i can do that...mmmmm i become drift queen ledi.. Cool babes!!! Yeah cool babes yang comel! When you are 35 years no more cute la no more comel but yuckssss!!!! Genting was very very cold! Aish! how am I going to London??? Air Supply? mmm the show ok. I only know 2 of their song. The singers old and saggy! But overall performance entertaining! I can see all the auntie and uncle singing and dancing and they are just in their own world. Even one auntie sat behind me was singing like she is the back up singer for the night. They were young once. Maybe I will like them when Linkin Park come another 10 years from now!!!! huhuhhuh oh nooooo... Not


Month of October getting very weird to me. Why did I said that? 1st I have been very supportive towards my Boss. Not like me at all. I normally against him. 2nd I have to drive up to Genting after 10 years this Sunday. 3rd I am watching Air Supply because I am supportive to my Boss. Why not Beyonce or All American Reject concert ??? Why?? Aish!!!! need to put up with all those mushy mashy love song.... naeyyyyy!!! 4th Manage to show pathetic face to Boss for room sponsorship Thank you Boss hehehe Should have booked the suite hehehe my boss will reply back ' Your HEAD!!! ' haha 5th Manage to ask permission to come to work late this Monday with some lame excuse. Thank you Boss again and again... are you going to treat me bad or good after I come down??? aish!!! forogtten I have to spend at least 2 hours with him for cheque signing on Monday! God Bless my soul!!! huhuhuhuh suffer ..with the nagging... enjoy and suffer.. the pain is so great! Should have ask for whole day leave...

My Birthday Wish

Since my mood not so good this week and week after. Let me entertain myself with sweet dream :) My crazy wish for my 35th birthday : 1. Holiday on 12th Oct 2. Breakfast at dome near lot 10 3. Go shopping 4. Lunch at Japanese restaurant 5. Buy grocerries and donate to 3 orphanage homes 6. Visit lil france and enjoy coffee while wearing white dress. Romantic nyeeee 7. Dinner Steamboat and grill at lil korean restaurant 8. I want new canon camera 9. I want my KENZO Flower perfumes and ever after Elizabeth Arden 5th Avenue 10. I want dior lipstick 12. I want new speaker for my computer 13. I want IPhone 14. I want car mp3 player 15. I want buy new clothes from at least 5 boutiques at Pavillion 16. I want LV bag 18. I want DIOR watch 19. I want and i want and i want and i want.... list will continue until my last breathe mmmmmmmmmmmmmm I hope I could be go jun pyo super rich and realise my dreams... for time being just my sweet dream... Gosh! got to drive up to Genting after 10 years never

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