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Safety and Security Comes First

What is the crime rate in Malaysia? The answer is around 170,000 cases every year, averagely 19 cases per hour and every 3 minutes 1 case!!! Hurl!!! every 3 minutes??? Jaw drop shocking fact! What is the accident rate in Malaysia? Around 530,000 cases every year, averagely 61 cases per hour with 1 accident in less than 1 minute!!! The number is still rising. I am not surprised if this becomes every second for 1 accident. Our living condition nowadays has become more and more competitive. Everyone is trying their best to make a living for the sake of surviving. Along with the surviving factors, there are some greeds. These people who are with greeds and evil heart to harm others just for the sake of their satisfaction. Most goes crazy due to the tough living condition. Some even choose to live their life with no responsibility at heart. With all these, unfortunate event happens to some of us. Regret that unfortunate event never chooses to who it's going to ha

Self Guided Travel using GPS

Whoa!!! can't believe the year of 2018 is going to end soon. Then we will welcome the year 2019. Its all about hard work throughout 2018 and I am one person who believes in balance life. My travel episode is starting soon enough. Here I am writing a blog post on my travel journey again. Just wait up for experience sharing session next month. It is my pleasure if my travel article can help others too. Sharing is caring! Since I started my abroad trip in the year 2012, I always feel such a waste to subscribe to a data plan. I don't have time to even online in the daytime since I will be busy sightseeing. I can just go online at night time using free wifi from the hotel I stayed in. There are good and bad at using my method. Let me tell you, why I said so. I usually plan my itinerary by reading other people blog and articles. Most of the time I will just bookmark on my browser. Hurl! I can't afford to print that article out and bring with me. That is so much of hassle

How To Improve the Marketing for Your Small Business

If you are a small business owner, you want to make the most of every opportunity that you have. Most people who start and own their own small business are already experts at their own product or service, but they then have to learn to handle all of the other aspects of small business ownership. This includes issues like payroll, taxes, human resources, and accounting, but they also include marketing for your product or service. If you haven't been as successful as you have wanted to be in marketing your small business, consider the following suggestions. The first thing you should do to improve the marketing for your small business is to make sure that all of your promotional materials are of the highest quality. One way to do this is to hire an expert for advertising photography charlotte who can help you capture the pictures that will sell your product for you. You should also consider hiring a copywriter who can craft your promotional materials in a way that will

3 Steps to the Beautiful You

Last Saturday, I was invited to a beauty workshop and product launch at Ant Cafe . The cafe location below Petalz Residence Rimbunan, Old Klang Road . It was a nice setup cafe. Many patrons too, I think mainly the residence and mainly from nearby people. This is my first time here. I have a hard time looking for this cafe.  The beauty workshop was set up upstairs of the cafe. It was prettily and well set up with much details and meticulous deco. So lovely! Our beauty workshop for the day started off with products description by Nicole and Missa a duo who organized this workshop - N Star x Missa Queen . N Star x Missa Queen also provided a small capital to play online entrepreneurial platform and their strength combination will continue to develop products with conscience quality for all beauties out there.  The product introduces on that day was specifically selected suitable for Southeast Asian and urban women. They are introducing a simple step to all bus

2 Days / 1 Night in Malacca - Relaxing Trips

Sometimes end July this year, I brought my parent for a short trip to Malacca. Both parent really has a problem with walking far and so on. So the trip itinerary is a bit limited. I have a big headache to plan this for them. My objective for this trips is to make them happy and satisfy with the trip. You never me everything is the last since we never know what will happens the next day. It is very important to treat the 'now' time as precious. We started off our journey from Kuala Lumpur and reach Malacca in two hours. Thank God! my last sister willing to come with me. So it's not so difficult to handle both old parents. What is so difficult to handle old parent. are not talking about the ordinary old parent. They are both a child alike now. If the really small child, you can scold and advice. You are talking about 'old baby' who are both stubborn who you can't even spank. Well enough about that. Jonker Walk My first

Better Looking Skin with Dr Wu

There are times when I end up using a not suitable skincare onto my skin. This is the situation 3 weeks ago. I have a very bad skin condition which sort of oily on my 'T' Zone and skin look super bad when I applied CC Cushion.  I end up sacrificing my Dr Wu Hyalucomplex Hydrating System series which I have been saving for my next long vacation. Kind of ashamed unable to finish off my current skincare. I know if I still using that my skin will become serious bad. Here I am sharing my experience after using Dr Wu Hyalucomplex Hydrating System and this skincare series from Dr Wu totally save my skin from getting worst. I own 3 of items from Dr Wu Hyalucomplex Hydrating System : * Dr Wu Intensive Hydrating Toner with Hyaluronic Acid * Dr Wu Intensive Hydrating Serum with Hyaluronic Acid * Dr Wu Intensive Hydrating Gel with Hyaluronic Acid I know my set is not complete range but sufficient to even make a difference for my skin. They are quite a pricey range

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