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I checked my UNISA email and my Leadership Dynamics individual assignment was out! Got High distinction for that. Congratulation to myself! Group assignment result was out 1 week before Raya and we got Distinction. mmm... now need to buck up forexam this 17th Oct 2009 and hopefully could get overall a Distinction for this subject. International Business , if I can get a Credit I would be happy with myself. These few days after Raya week, i feel down. Maybe one main reason due to my PMS. I feel tired with my life and feel like incomplete. I don't have my camera to entertain me. I feel lost! I miss snapping my own photo :) I want you back my dear beloved camera!!!! My job are the hectics one! I am tired listening to people! I just feel tired! How I wish I could shut him off or maybe just mute him whenever he call me in his room or meeting room. How I wish I could just tell him my peace of mind on how I feel and what he is talking about is freaking nonsense. 'Syok sendiri' ! G

not because i ate too much

I was reading Women's Weekly Oct 2009 issue when I discover this article saying , stress goes down to waist line... o la la la ... I was singing.. my mystery solve. Now I know on why I had built up too much of unwanted muscle around my waist line :) Everybody said I was eating a lot! But in real fact not at all.. I tried to skip rice and even skip lunch.. but that big bulky ring on my belly keep growing. Same goes with my exercise regime.. I do sit up. I do stretch up. Yoga and dance .. ah ! name it! been there ! done that! not an inche reduction... ah! so frustrated ! But after I discover that not because what I ate..its not a problem.. i change strategy! hihihiihihihiih.... secret weapon for new me... new body.. new attitude mmm that attitude part a bit difficult hahaha... Now.. let me read one chapter of that leadership dynamic for my exam...

Short listed candidates

I was following up on my shorlisted candidates, and to my amaze all this young people really have one kind of attitude. 1st candidate - we gave her nickname of 'Tomboy' since she dress up like a boy not a girl. The 'Tomboy'gave me positive answer since she is over positive despite we painted her the tough job she is going to face, ah! I am the one feel worried on her behalf. Yu ! she is joining us on 1st Oct 2009. 2nd candidate - we gave her nickname as MD since her ambition to be MD of the company within 5 years. Very ambitious! But hey! I don't know what sort of MD she is going to since she can't even decide on taking up the offer and everything seems not so clear to her despite being told and briefed many times. I kind of not dislike her from the start since she have the potential to be one of those b@#$ in the office. My Boss like her! Whatever! she is not joining us... Thats my decision for sure! 3rd candidate - we called her 'snow white' since she


I reached with donno what to eat, as usual. I feel no appetite at all and everything seems not right at all. As usual when got back in the house, I will on the TV and computer. But tonight.... jeng jeng I almost scream oh i did screamed and cried when I saw what near my balcony sliding door... that ulat gonggok iewwwwwwwwwww wanna type the name make my hair feel eerriee... How the hell did this creature climbed up here? This one is one of my biggest fear... I feel sick suddenly! Yup! fever.. same like when I was 7 yrs old when this thing appear near me. Damn! i just tried my best to use brooms and sweep up to the dust casing and boommm here u go to the toilet with 10 times flushed. Go away! Go away! Dont disturb my miserable life. Today especially feel not so good when my group members are freaking happening. OK Cindyrina just suck up your efficiency since you are among the most 'tidak apa' group! I thought I will only find this kind of attitude among the Malays.. But hey! all

Belitong or Balitong

Balitung & Water Melon Juice Balitung Balitung So? What for Saturday? I am out of my house since morning. Yup! as early as 9.30am. Here goes my car servicing plan... gone. Next week morning then. I went to Cheras Mahkota waited for my potential downline. Appointment at 10.30am but she reached around 11.30am. mmmm... no comment :( Anyway, I was busy registring my VIP Shoppers to system and as well as selecting my maintainance products. Then do presentation to my potential and walah off to go for site recee. I went to Melawati and Wangsa Maju. I guess almost 10 years never been there. That place under seriously developed like nobody business not to mentioned they even have new Wangsa Walk! Fabulous!!! Then around tried DUKE highway and heading to One U. Thought of watching movie but end up do some window shopping. Too many human inside the shopping mall. Break my fast with juice work - Sping Clean - a mixture of Celery, Water Melon and Apple. Verdict : for RM8++ too many ice an

What for dinner?

Tonight seriously sad case. Why? Reached home around 8.30pm. Seriously don't know what to eat. I drank plain water on the way back home. Don't know where to stop to buy my dinner. I feel sick to eat mamak food again. I settle with 2 pieces of Munchys Dark Chocolate Biscuits and one mug of hot green tea. Feel hungry again but just feel like no appetite at all. Tonight! crash study on products. Tomorrow my plan change suppose to send car for servicing but end up with early business appointment at Cheras Mahkota. Praying hard for Miri potential sign up under me. At least when I go for interview they will notice on my expanding network and outstanding potential. Gambatei Cindyrina!!! God! please let me have this one... dead or alive!!! Too busy these days.. Finish up my assignment then busy prepare for my exam coming Oct then busy with my interview.... Hardly can eat properly and breathe properly... Tiring!!!

May God Bless me

This morning went to office as usual although I am sick. I have been vomitting since last night. Food poisoning , i guess! I just ate one spring roll and my favorite peanut butter waffles. I don't which one make me sick. For sure I will blacklist these two snacks for month! I am still stubborn not to break my fast until about 2.00pm. I am feeling like almost dead since I have many interviews came in. I need to put up my positive and sweet face to all these candidates. Actually, I feel like going MC but I just can't do it. Why? As usual I will put myself into all this cadidates shoes. Some of them may even took leave just to come for interview. So , I rather suffer than bring trouble to others... hehehe God Bless my kindhearted!!! Not so easy when I am controlling myself from vomitting. I guess today I have been running up and down from my room to toilet around more than 10 times. Reached home cook myself a porridge. One hopeless and useless porridge. I give myself no star to co

Is there any hope left for me?

Today.. is most challenging day! Fasting can't drink, I don't bother too much about cannot eat at all. But can't drink? Today my 5th recruitment day. I have been seeing almost 4 candidates and talk and talk. I find a lil bit difficult can't drink even a drop of water but yet need to talk a lot. Most candidates are 2/10... where are all the good one??? Then here goes one bad news coming and disturb my emotion. Ah! here goes my hope... I feel very very down right after. Its my only hope! Why God just don't want to give me the chance? Am I that bad?? I feel giving up... but being me by nature, I will fight to the end although I will hurt. I will continue feeling down tonight and hope can be positive back again like I always did. Cindyrina way of living her life!!! Gambatei!!!! Gambatei, Cindyrina!!! I went to Tropicana City Mall to buy my food. Nothing much I can eat there.. End up buying waffles and spring roll for my break! Nice??? mmmm 2 star out of 10 hahahah since

If I were a boy

Who to blame if I am not enough time to do my assignment! Nobody! just myself... Although, I realise this but yet I still living in my own world in 'Boy Before Flower' world. I just want to be closed to the character that I hate most. Gu Jun Pyo played by Lee Min Ho. The character just give me the goose bump. The character is like love and hate collide. How I wish I just in my dream and never wake up. If I were to be one of the character, I want to be Gu Jun Pyo character. Yes! not to be one of the love interest but I want to be him! Ah! how i wish my life like him. Arrogant! yet so fragile and soft too.... Like Beyonce latest song .. If I were a boy... Yes! if I were I boy I want to be the bad boy! I want to be the rebellious boy.. I want to be somebody who dare to do anything freely... Not about courting a girl or what... just want to be somebody that other will admire because of my daring and courage..mmmm ... if I were a boy!!! But I am just a girl.. How could I make ppl un

Great Weekend

I finished my 1st assignment last Saturday and submitted on Sunday morning. Now I have one more to go. Hope to finish off by this Friday. I am still in honey moon period hahaha yup! got carried away since finished one assignment. My purse does my handbag :( Yesterday visited Sg Wang to get one purse. LV hahaha dont really want to get LV but somehow bought it and only realise its LV. RM30 worth of LV what the heck! hihihih fake LV!!! Can't get bag that i wanted ,so no handbag settle with old old one from my box. Thought of going to Food Republic @ Pavillion for my favourite Ipoh Curry Laksa. Somehow too full of people and got no place to sit at all. I remembered my friend Brandom open one 'Little Ben' @ Pavillion . Walk towards 'old town' and found my friend's restaurant there. mmm love the set up. Very nice! I settle with Nasi Dagang and Sailor Mee and also lemon grass tea. Splendid! The food was marvellous! Right now! I just got carried away and entert
Everyday break my fast alone... No appetite at all but if many people also make me headache. Sometimes don't feel like eating at all. When alone complain lonely but if married or have family worst... why? Imagine go back home see the same old face. again and again and again... boorrriiinggg!!! vomit blood! Sometimes I also don't know what I want. Aish!!! not sometimes but everytime hahahah ya one lost woman!!! I am very tired today... Tonight! is the night hahah tonight is the night to continue my LD assignment. Tomorrow submit then start to study product knowledge. Next week test jia yor jia yor Long weekend many many thing to do...

Smart Girl

Although my mood swing are very bad today.. I still manage to put up my usual fake smile... drama! Anyway, today recruitment day 3. I have been talking and talking and talking bla bla bla selling the company and selling my 'BOSS' how good he is and bla bla bla ... ah! if I have choice, I will tell 'em the truth! Thank God ! I am on menstrual so still can drink after talking so much! Plus today everybody came and looking for me. Everybody called in looking for me too.. I wish I could duplicate myself. But I can't :( Next week will be worst! Got to Puasa and talk and talk the whole week frm 9.00am to 5pm. Damn!!!! I am seriously selling very hard here... Today I bought 3 Sweet Dorothy Perkins top straight from London... hahahahahah (big laugh) My very very 1st item from overseas and its London (yeah! what big thing about getting thing from London??? Nothing just feel happy hahahaha) I don't mean to keep it for myself My very 1st oversea item is a Teddy Bear from Harro

I wish U wish

This morning, almost late than usual due to overslept... Not because I overworked myself but overdreamt lol.. Yup! suppose to do my assignment but end up watching Lee Min Hoo. I wish I live in that world! I know its all fantasy but don't you think its nice to make it reality..mmmm wonderful life! I don't wish myself as Jan Di the girl character. Yeah! character a lil bit the same clumsy, silly and temper! But I don't really have that much courage like her... Today line up 3 candidates to come in for interview from different post. 2 for accounts position and 1 for trainee. End up 1 call said grandma pass away. 1 turn up and the other one said too busy to come today. What the heck??? I wish this people realise how disappointed I am today! The accounts fella... how to say ya... reason leaving current company because he is married and now have kids and need more money! When asked what have you done to upgrade yourself in order to earn more money? The answer is nothing! Simple a

If I have the courage like Britney

Britney Spears is not really my idol but I just admire her courage. She be the attention to media since she was at tender age. Whatever she does become a talk to media. No matter what is her attention good or bad always become a talk to people around the world. How she handle all the talk about her? I believe , take her a lot of courage to face such situation. Your wedding become to attention. You got pregnant being publicise widely. Not to mention about the break up part! Now on getting more love life again...she just can't stop from all those people talk about her and make money out of the story. I believe she miss her normal life but deep in heart she always remember she need to sacrifice to gain something. She gain her popularity and money but lost her freedom in life. Me? I currently live my life like an ostrich sticking down her head into the ground. I am ashame of myself of not being confident and capable. I don't know when I can put my head up again.... I just feel so

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