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Beauty Inside Out with Newly Launched Hada Labo Hydrating Water Gel

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How I Survive Staying At Home Alone During Covid19 Curfew? A Guide for An Introvert

For an introvert person like me, the word social distancing and stay at home is something common. I have been practising this in our daily life. So, with this MCO thingy that everyone huh hah about....its easy breezy for me since this is basically my day to day life. I went out twice to replenish my food stock and survive with what I have bought until now. I already opt for frozen vegetables instead of the fresh one. Hoping, I don't need to go out of my house ever again until at least 14th April 2020. Since I am one person who always expects the worst to happen most of the time, I end up preparing myself for the worst all the time. This doesn't mean, I am one of those who did panic shopping. In general, my home always stocks up well. huhuh... The only regret, I didn't buy any mung bean. I could have eaten fresh bean sprout by growing them at home. hehehe. So, how did I killed my time, be a good citizen and try to stay alive confining myself at home? 1. Wat

How The Movement Control Order Extension Effect to Malaysian People ?

Warm up the Car Engine and Check on Mailbox I woke up this morning with a sound of 'sore throat' car engine. It seems like the owner is trying to start the engine but failed. In the end, the car owner ditched the car. This reminds me of my own car which I have been ditching for quite sometimes now. Time to visit my poor 'silverbot'. Armed with 3 ply tissues - one to press the lift button for going down, one to open my mailbox and one more to press the lift button for going up to my house. Face mask? Obviously! I went back up and quickly head to the bathroom for a morning shower. Purposely skip it before going out.  Movement Control Order Extended Grab my morning coffee and check my news on my phone. WTH! The MCO extend for another 14 days. I more or less expected this to happen. Since it came true, I am sad as much as other people too. It is heartsick news for everyone. I am not talking about those family who unable to brace themselv

Top 5 (Dai Chow) Chinese Restaurant in KL You Can't Miss

In Malaysia, we are spoiled with choices when it comes to food selection. Most of Malaysian are well known for their food hunting hobbies during the weekends and public holiday. We hunt for good 'makan place' and enjoy the food until our heart content. Here some top 5 restaurant list, especially for our foodies who are craving for authentic delicious Chinese food to bring you back to the old-time taste and some home-cooked that you miss. Photo Credit to @gankimpoh 1. Chong Yen Steamed Fish Head Restaurant Address: Off Jalan Chan Sow Lin 4, 22-24, Jalan 2/89C, Pudu, 55200 Kuala Lumpur Operating hours: 10am - 4pm (Closed on Sunday) When it comes to satisfying your craving for a steamed fish dish, it got to be at Chong Yen Steamed Fish Head located in the light industrial area of Jalan Chan Sow Lin.  The steamed fish here only served with two styles. For those who are more in light taste, bud can go for a classic style which is the fish head steamed

Free Korean Drama and Korean Show Website List

Our PM has announced to the 'restricted movement control' from 18th to 31 March 2020 due to Covid 19 . Most of us require to either 'Work From Home' or just ' Stay At Home' . For those who are require to 'Work From Home', please don't complaint. At least you still get paid during the period. For some unlucky who unable to work from home they were told to go for unpaid leave . You can't blame the company since you are working with a profit organisation, not a charity organisation. By law, they can do that except for certain level according to employment law. For those unfortunate people who go for unpaid leave, you shouldn't complain too. Why? At least you still have job waiting for you after the period is over. Think about the people who lose their job due to job redundancy and others. You are still blessed for sure! Stop should have some savings to sustain for 14 days salary cut if you have been living a responsib

What Do You Need To Get A 'Soft Girl' Look?

Be gone 'VSCO Girl'! Here comes 'Soft Girl' invaded the fashion trends in social media. If VSCO girls often use minimal makeup and like nude colour, I would describe 'Soft Girl' as peachy and pinkish The 'Soft Girl' look innocent, girly and often look sweet and cutesy. They loved floral and heart patterns. Mostly donned with oversized sweaters and plaid skirts with heavy pinkish blush makeup on their face. Can you imagine that? I recently, did some mind shopping at Sephora . Mind shopping? This is my own terms to replace Window Shopping. If you visit the shopping mall and visit most the stores and back home with nothing in hand, same goes when you do the online shopping. You browse the online store but end up check out with nothing. I call this 'Mind Shopping'!  During my recent 'mind shopping' at Sephora, I listed some of the possible items to achieve 'Soft Girl' look using my imagination on my own face.

Cloud 9 New Berry Twist Has A Very Satisfying Flavour

I am still in Cloud 9, a box of chocolate reached me at 11pm when I was craving for a night chocolate snack. As far as I remember Cloud 9 Classic taste is caramel, peanuts and soft nougat coated with rich chocolate.  Plus another signature taste of caramel, cereal, crispies and peanuts wrapped in rich chocolate really something a bar of craving chocolate satisfied. This year 2020, Cloud 9 has a new flavour addition a New Berry Twist chocolate . When I have the first bite of this new Cloud 9 flavour, I really can't get enough with just one bite . If I would describe to you in words on how this new berry twist Cloud 9 taste?  Well... imagine a bar of chocolate indulgent of rich milky chocolate-filled layers of sweet caramel, soft nougat, full of nutrition almond, crunchy nuts and a burst of flavourful raisins and tangy cranberries. Since I am an avid traveller - not necessary abroad, it can be stuck in the traffic jam, this new Cloud 9 Fruit an

[Travelogue Guilin China] 4 hours Drive from Yangshuo to Longsheng

Finally, able to sit in front of my PC to finish off Guilin Travelogue. There will be 3 more episodes coming up after this.  As I was trying to finish off my travelogue to China, everyone is aware there is this life-threatening virus invading the whole world. Airlines and Hotel have been affected by this. Airlines have been reducing the airfares. some even offering free seats.  Tips: Don't travel for the sake of updating Social Media and be proud of. Travel wisely and aware of the situation before you go ahead to fly out. Whatever situation lies ahead of you out of that journey only you responsible for the consequences. Reminder and Disclaimer: I travel to China during last Christmas. Safely back to Malaysia before the CoronaVirus news break. My travelogue to China is just to share travel experience. I don't mean to urge you to travel to the place and expose you to the virus. Please don't email me with your brainless question on why I keep writing about China dur

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