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I got fed up with my credit card of 10 years with the same bank. It is due to expire on Apr this year. I then decided to sign up from another bank. I downloaded the form and prepare all the necessary supporting documentation. Since the bank is just like walking distance from my office, then I just drop by and pass my application in envelope to the banker there. I was told the lady in charge was on break time. I asked for the in charge person name and inform that lady to pass to her. The same day the lady called and said the form is not the correct one. I told her I downloaded from their website. She told me there is a new form. Fair enough! I asked her to email to me. She said she will right after she put down the phone. Evening back home, check my email there were no form coming through. The next day waited again. Her phone always engaged. No way to connect to her. No way I am going to walk there again just for one bloody form when they don't have a


Now almost every weekend end up hunting for best cakes. I was at Chapter Two at Pavillion. Chinggu & me hoping to savor our favourite Red Velvet cake. To a disappointment no Red Velvet this week. They only have Chocolate Velvet. We gave it a try...and they gave us to sample that awesome carrot cake too since we are now regular..kekekeke. Me : Chocolate Velvet ..not bad what! Chinggu : I like Red Velvet better. that one more moist.This Chocolate Velvet so dry la. Me : No la..almost the same what..just color only la... Chinggu : You think ..when red velvet coming har? Me : How hell I know that. I think depends on that baker mood le...this week he or she like week la..may be...sometimes all this baker...depends on mood cause these type of people got some attitude problem one... Chinggu : You ask later la. Me : Hissshhh....ask just for your red velvet??? You buy and eat one piece only leh.. Chinggu : Maybe not many people eat Red Velvet ...only we


Last weekend, one lady asked me this question... Lady : "Rina! when you old and not working in office anymore...what will you do?" Me : "Huh?" This question really caught me...I paused for a few minutes... Lady : " Business?" Me : "mmmmmm.....what business? I don't want to lose my savings money and pour into the business that I still have doubt..." Lady : "Ya lor...cannot like that like mad dog all sweat and tears ..oh i forgot blood money too..cause pms every month ma..." Me : " Ya ya...blood money" Lady and me laugh out loud....trying to hide both worrisome on what to do if not working. I bet she has the same worries like me too. Then both of us silence for a while...busy thinking...what to do after not working. Then ... Me : " Aiyahhh!!!! cannot be we continue life waking up...donno where to go newspaper..then do what??? watch korean drama ar???" Lady : "


Last weekend, I was like craving for red velvet cakes. When it come to cakes...I am very picky. I don't eat just any matter how delicious it is. I have certain cakes that will suit to my classy or so attitude problem huh? That is why...when it come to birthday...friends around will have problem with my birthday cakes...and I prefer with no cakes. Oh well...the story for this post was about my craving... I found this cafe opposite Merchato, Pavillion. Newly open call Chapter Two. Just a humble small cafe. They serve fresh red velvet cakes. I seriously give this Red Velvet Cake at Chapter Two Pavillion....5 stars! So generous with my Stars!!!! This Red Velvet Cakes seriously bake with love and passion. The cake texture...really moist and solid. Not dry and crumble type and not too spongy. If that passionate baker could add in more cocoa powder in the will be more KICK! Its not sweet and you need to eat it wi


I decided not to battle with old me... Feel tired to battle with my past self... I am trying my best to anticipate who I am to become... I am trying to love my current self more.... I am trying to love my present and anticipate the future.... ...and live my decent human being... Gosh!!! this woman...emo mood again... reflecting myself a lot these days,..... ...and its only February in year 2014...haissshhhhhh!!!! Why feel tired so early this year????


I love to read fairy tales...most fairy tales I read end with...and they live happily ever after. When my friend announce she found her love and on the way to wedding thinking was like...and they live happily ever after. When my friend said her bf is getting back together with her after long ugly break thinking was....and they live happily ever after. Too naive... imagine that there will only be happiness ahead. Sadly... In reality, that happily ever after ending is just a mere single moment in a never ending story. I need to live out the remaining part of that story....and this is life story! I am not living in fairy tales but as reality's life main character. I am the lead actress in my own life story. The life story that I don't even know what moment may be waiting for me.... " Thinking Mode"


I watched this Korean Variety Show called "Appa Oddigga". This is a show where the celebrities Dad brings their kids on trip. They have to cook for the kids too. One of the Episode..the dad cook this omelette and add in seaweed on top..then he flipped it over to become half mood shape. My attempt to fry my own seaweed omelette..... nicely done..hor??? Kimchi in...and layer of seaweed nicely place on pretty!!!! I am proud of myself.... OMO!!!! Oh My God!!!! This is what happened after my attempt to flip it into half moon shape...and I am ashamed of myself because my omelette turn into burnt omelette...haissshhhhh!!! should have just dial dominospizza!!!! wasted my freaking precious effort!!!! wasted eggs and kimchi too... Taste suckssss too!!!!! I added in too much salt!!!!...and the kimchi already salty...WTH!!!! What am I thinking,huh???? I feel like digging the hole and put my head down like the Ostrich....My meal


I am glad today is Saturday!!! Enjoying morning black coffee after morning running...totally my style!!!! Yesterday, I feel I took the longest lift ride down from 20th floor. There was this couple in the lift together with me. They really made me feel like I am 'Lamp Post'! I will refer them as Boy and Girl... Boy : Cutie Pie! where you want to go for dinner? (Pie Comel! mana awak nak makan malam ni?) Girl : Ah! Pumpkin! you choose la... (with very babyish tone and she really made my hair strand stand still) (Ah Labu! awak pilih la....) Boy : you choose la... (awak pilih la...) Girl : aloooooooooo..... (she made this sound with the nasal voice ok...and it was damn long..aloooooo) Boy push girl and girl push boy and kekekekekekeke sounds of childish giggle from both of them. I may sounded a bit jealous because they have each other....but seriously....I keep thinking myself as Ally Mcbeal... you know that comedy series in year 1997..


I am at this stage...reaching to the eruption level. I hope I don't explode that bad... Trying my best to control my speech...not to hurt people..not to make enemy... Trying my best to love instead of hate... Trying my best to control my bluntness.... Arrgggghhhhhh!!! this is killing me softly! I am praying hard my temper don't explode and make me an ugly person. I am praying hard ....I don't regret on my act! By holding all this ...I think ...I am going crazy...the anger is like boiling hard! I wanna let it go...but I keep thinking about it and this make me more angry! Seriously, I am not adorable when I am angry! 'One of my EMO post'


step 1 : Chestnut you can buy the pack chestnut from hypermarket or 7 Eleven. Step 2 : Crushed chestnut until become like this I don't have food processor...and I am lazy to wash my blender. I just put all chestnut in plastic bag, then took my hammer...repeat again hammer...just hammer it down..crushed it until like that! I have good time crushing this chestnut...good to release stress with that hammer!!   Step 3 : standby disposable plastic glove...then make that chestnut powder into small balls like that....but mine hor...not small ball...make it big ball because I want to finish it soonest possible..impatient!!! Step 4 : rolled over your chestnut balls with your favorite flavor. In my case , I have black sesame and soy bean powder I rolled my chestnut ball onto that two flavor powder. Mind that ball shape...not that Artistic to make everything so perfect round....hehehehee this is the impatient type of bal


I went out with Chinggu on Sunday and got some CNY goodies for me...I feel so blessed!!! * Yummy homemade prawn crackers! * Delicious sweet cherries * korean seaweed * my favourite kit kat * Angpow..DAEBAK!!!! This kiddo so pass out at One U Starbuck!!! Eat too many CNY goodies...somebody dragged her out...I feel her being forced....when she feel like not getting out from her bed...hahahaha ...poor girl! Settle with some brunch at Dubu Dubu...whatever it is that rice drink is awesome..although I break my principle and drink ice drink muahahaha That 'goreng Pisang' auntie from SS2 got some money and set up one small kiosk in One U Street food section...not bad are awesome...guess this is the third or fourth generation way to continue the  family business for years.   End my first CNY outing with this Yee Sang moment... as usual both of us whispering away the Yee Sang moment... to avoid next table hear our wishes..


"Though we've got to say goodbye for the summer Darling, I promise you this I'll send you all my love everyday in a letter Sealed with a kiss" Yup! I am in sentimental mood...unable to face the fact my holiday is going to be over....goshhhh!!! Tomorrow is the day to face the reality of life... Wanna live means you gotta earn...wanna earn means you gotta work!!!gotta work means...need to face all those traffic in the morning...and bla bla bla bla...more and more whining going on here... I really feel like doing some protest because Mr Holiday is leaving me. But useless to protest with nobody listen to me....protesting to myself is useless...haisshhhhh!!!! Mr Holidayyyyyy!!!!!...don't leave me...I wanna live with you... But the Mr Holiday said...he is over me...I told him I am in love with him! Mr Holiday promise to visit me ...but not so soon...I am going to miss you Mr Holiday...madly deeply truly....Mr Holiday! you are so BAD!!! Here goes my

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