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Chiangmai nick name is "The Rose of the North" which suit the name very well. This beautiful city pack with natural wonder and history. You can look forward to visit the ancient city with fresh air to breathe. 1. Beautiful view Chiangmai full of nature beauty. You can imagine visiting to ancient Thai city within lush green rain forest with magnificent waterfalls, exotic animals and rich ecosystems.Mother nature is close to you with a beautiful view from the Gate of Himalayan Alps. 2. Ancient City Chiangmai was known as ancient Lanna Kingdom. This city is unique that it walled city surrounding still remain until now. The moat surrounding still strong intact! 3. Delicious Thai Feast You won't go hungry if you are here. You can taste and eat the mouth watering exotic Thai food till your heart content. Oh! if you can't take spicy food, you can request for mild one. 4. Fabulous Ancient Temples This place have aro


Time is Wealth... Wealth can be accumulated... If you let Time slips away just like that..... Can you turn back that Time? The place that I worked are rather small to get own despatch to run errands for the office. Anyway if hire one it will be another headache to manage them. Odd job such as pick documents and all those running around task totally need someone reliable to do it. Can you find someone reliable easily? If you get one...can anyone vouch they are reliable? I always wish that if money can solve would make our life easier. People like me don't have any liberty to use that term money can solve everything since the money that I have is rather limited to do that. haihhhhh...  Anyway, for small thing like running errands that can save my time, I would rather spend some on this to eliminate unnecessary obstacle in performing my paid day job. I installed since last year but only have faith to use them because I am so des


Recently, unboxing some of my last year Christmas sales shopping. I love shopping nearer to Christmas and New Year sales. I can get many pretty and good items at good bargain. Yeahhhh!!! its a bit late to unboxing my shopping bag but hey...I bought it as my beauty item stock. So now only need to use it! I gotten this 2015 limited edition ZA perfect for two way foundation by Kayo Horaguchi. So love the casing full of floral and butterflies. I bought it during the Japanese cosmetic sales at Isetan, One Utama last year. Who is Kayo Horaguchi? She is a fashion designer who starter her new career as an illustrator and graphic designer in 2006. She is well known with her elaborates romantic image by illustrating vividly colored girls , nature, animals and other many motifs overlapping with each other.  She also has her own original brand " Kayo Horaguchi " where she designs interior, stationery, clothes and other daily item.  Recently , she is well known fo


Early this year, I was at Chiangmai, Thailand for 5N/6D trip. I will share summarize itinerary in my later post..maybe next week! After came down from Pai and Mae Hong Son, I spent 3 days exploring Chiangmai City. Since I stayed in Boutique Hotel which smacked in the middle of busy old I just took my time walking and exploring around that area. I even have favourite breakfast place. I found this awesome place while wondering around for breakfast. Yeahhh!!! I don't buy breakfast at hotel this time. I just wanna live like local.  But...while most local eat noodles for breakfast, I end up eat bread and western style breakfast here. I just can't resist the fresh from oven bread smells at this place. When I read this signage...I was like..Whoaaaa!!! Blue Diamond The Breakfast Club. Do I need some sort of membership to dine in here? I was so wanna sit down and dine when I randomly walk in this corner lot terrace house which converted into a cafe.


I gotten this Damyang Bamboo Fresh Soothing Gel from The Face Shop last  Christmas. The Face Shop was having a Christmas party and I happen to be there browsing around. Not sure how much is this gorgeous thing cost because I got it as goodies bag. I think its not expensive.If you are lucky you may get to buy one free one for this item. This tub is super big for the price. Since name also Damyang Bamboo...even the tub look like bamboo. Nice one! I am quite a fan of Aloe Vera Gel because of its soothing effect. I usually brought it along with me when traveling especially to hot and humid country. I can apply the gel on my face and body to soothes it out. One thing I hate is the gel will be sticky...yucks!!! Tadahhhhh!!! this The Face Shop Damyang Bamboo surprisingly less sticky and easily absorb into the skin.  It contains 99% Damyang Bamboo extract with no perfume contained. tadahhh!!!   my stereotype pose ...kekekeke My experiment result : * Applie


I was sulky for the last 2 weeks. Not in the mood to even do anything. Goshhh!!! aging syndrome is closer to me. WTH! I manage to get to my senses to the reality of living and surviving alone. Don't really have anybody to turn to for comfort , I comfort myself easily. WTH! Sounds pathetic life, huh? I chose to live this way anyway...I will choose this again if giving a chance again. ish ish ish...stubborn fella. One lonely anti social fella! Back to the reality of life again...I am having this painful which I thought just a normal muscle pain for the pass one month. I got it from my own negligence. Haihhhh! I wanted to get the car lock from back seat. Since the lock ran far from my arm length reach, I end up twisted the whole body to the 45 degree...eerrrrr I guess its 45 degree because I don't the way who measure that? Thats how its happen. From then, the pain is bad and still bad while I am writing this post too. It is ok when walking

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