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starbucks cup with a name on it

I was sulky for the last 2 weeks. Not in the mood to even do anything. Goshhh!!! aging syndrome is closer to me. WTH!
I manage to get to my senses to the reality of living and surviving alone. Don't really have anybody to turn to for comfort , I comfort myself easily. WTH! Sounds pathetic life, huh? I chose to live this way anyway...I will choose this again if giving a chance again. ish ish ish...stubborn fella. One lonely anti social fella!

Back to the reality of life again...I am having this painful which I thought just a normal muscle pain for the pass one month. I got it from my own negligence. Haihhhh!

I wanted to get the car lock from back seat. Since the lock ran far from my arm length reach, I end up twisted the whole body to the 45 degree...eerrrrr I guess its 45 degree because I don't the way who measure that? Thats how its happen. From then, the pain is bad and still bad while I am writing this post too. It is ok when walking but its super hurt when I sit and then start to walk if I don't adjust my position properly.

At night, the feeling is awesome hurt too. I thought its bone crack or something or hit the nerve. I decided to see doctor after a month.


The waiting area at 5th floor Orthopedic Specialist clinic at Gleneagles KL. No point asking me to make appointment when you still entertain me only after 30 minutes. Huh! Me and my impatient face. So attitude problem ar me? Some more made me watch the AFC channel which made me super hungry with all those good food.

I could say here is better than waiting time at government hospital.

framed certificates

Prepare my mind set to reject all those expensive tools or medication after the consultation.

Kuala Lumpur skyline

I was led to this room with this nice view. They don't even clean the window properly. My photo could have been clearer and better than this without that dusty glass window.

NO OPEN MOUTH POSE!!! Now I can see my lower lips is thick...haihhhh

I was told to change to this Light Green hospital uniform. Gosh! that nurse ask me to take off my pant. Lucky still can keep my underwear on. Then realise that this uniform tied on the back. This means that back will be exposed?
This means if the doctor ask me to turn my back and bend bottom will expose to him? 
Omo! my I wore my favourite green color know how its like when it come to favourite things in life. We wear it over and over again even it faded or even its torn. isk isk isk isk...why I don't think about this detail before I come for this appointment??? Wae? Wae? Why? Why?
I will be humiliated today....thats the first thing come to my mind.

I waited in nervous position. Mind busy thinking. How to act? How to save myself from being humiliate badly! Yeahhhh!!! since I can't totally save myself 100% so I can at least salvage the whole situation up to 50% , right????

Doc : Hi , Rina! How are you doing?

Me : Not that good! Old woman just crack her bone, maybe....

Doc : Old??? You old woman? You look so young? Married? 

Me : No. Single.

Doc : Divorce?

Me : Doc! just because I am in the forties doesn't mean I am a divorcee if I am single. 

Pouting my lips angry bird attitude starting...

Doc : hahahaha... thats not what I mean! Sorry! I am sure many man out there...get to know them...

Me : I don't want to spend my life taking care of others and do house chores....hehehehe cheeky laugh.

The doctor laugh with me...and sighhhh...shook his head.

Doc : How long you have been in pain?

Me : A month.

Doc : What take you so long to come?

Me : I thought just normal muscle pain and it will go away eventually. No big deal! Who knows this last for a month and the pain make my life a misery.

Doc : Let me  check you. Lie down here.

Otteokke!!!! Howwwwwww??? The humiliation moment is coming now....

I lie down nervously...then the doc check on my big toe.

Doc : You have bad flat feet. Why don't you consult Dr Loh. He is an expert at this. You need a surgery fast. If not it will get worst and you will be limping.

Me : Surgery? Many stories I read surgery is the last thing to do. 

Doc : Go get consultation fast or you will regret.This definitely going to get worst. Yours is inheritance. Did you blame your parent? 

He was laughing while pulling my leg to front to check my flexibility.

Me : Done the blaming game long time ago and now live with the fact that I am going to grow old as handicap old woman.

Doc : Why say that???? Go get help. Talk to Dr Loh. He will help you.Now I want you to lie to the side and your back facing me.

Ommooooo...the moment of truth will reveal. Haihhhhh!!! I turn to the side slowly with hesitation. WTH!

Doc : Next time wear short ya...

I can feel he was smirking  at that time he said that.

Ommaaaaaaa!!!!! shall I jump down now?????????? Somebody strangle me! Please let me faint! Harry Potter!!! please lend me your invisible cloak! Chaeballllllll!!!!

Haihhhhh....the rest of test was like me holding up my embarrassment. Cold sweat and whole body feel hot. bad! I should have been more thoughtful. 

I throw away my favourite underwear that night itself! You are history to me!!!!

Doc then sent me away for X Ray. Then meet him again with X Ray image. 
Thank God! My pelvis bone is still intact and everything in order. Doc said it may be my muscle twisted badly. He prescribe with some medication and some external acu pressed plaster which I rejected and insist on getting my own salon plas which is cheaper. I am now attending a weekly physiotherapy session to recover the pain. 

If by next appointment which will be another 3 weeks, I still not recover...he will send me for MRI. Haihhhh...X Ray and his consultation cost me hole to my dear purse. MRI may burn my purse. haihhhhh!

Doc : Don't do any house chores. Don't lift up any heavy things too.

Me : Don't worry! house chores??? Well..I am single...this chores not even in my life book. I live as I pleased!!!!! 

Doc : Lucky woman! Many women will envy you with that statement.

He send me away from behind.

Me : hehehehehe...yeayyyy!!! C you soon!

While making a peace sign.

Doc : C you....wear short next time...ya???

F!!!! Why he need to be this naughty to remind my embarrassment?

I turn to him... and look at him...

Me :  Why you need to remind me thattttt???? Haihhhhhh!!! 

Not sexy to wear short underneath long pant! What you know??? Never see woman wear bikini before meh??? Just this is one ugly bikini! huhuhuuhuhuhu...I wish I can spit out that words to him. But it will give me more shame than ever!

Put my head down and cover my face with one hand then walk away soonest possible.
I wish I can disappear with blink of eyes! Ommaaaaa!!!!

I heard he was talking to nurse...that Rina... so funny. She make me laugh!
He was laughing at hate him! I want a gun at that moment and shoot him away!
I can't even take that as compliment but totally embarrassing for me.

This stubborn woman vow will only attend physiotherapy for one session next weekend and then decided to do the rest herself at home. 


I want to avoid this place!!!! Now I walk slowly like a tortoise when the normal me walk so fast. My colleague said I now walk like penguin. WTH!!!!

My new nickname is 'PENGUINA'! haihhhhh!!!!!


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