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Assignments assignments assignments

Mum spoil me with loads of chocolates Yesterday post show my determination to finish up my assignments. Well... its a failed mission. I was reading Monsanto case study yesterday then feeling tired. Decided to lie down on the bed. It was 5.30pm. I woke up when feeling hurt on my bladder. Yup! seriously hurt. Went to toilet and then thought of continue lying down on the bed. See the clock and almost jump out the bed. Aik!!! 2.00am? Checked the clock at my dining then confirm at my phone clock then another watch. Ahhhh!!!! I overslept myself... Here goes my assignments.. End up continue sleeping until 6.45am. Wake up ,clean myself get a coffee and continue my assignments. Seiously , locked myself in and my meal until now just a guava, rambutan and chocolate and everything mum gave me to bring back home. Feeling hungry for proper meal right now! But it is late for dinner. I will wait for tomorrow to have proper meal. Up to now , I finished 2 cases out of 4 cases to analyse for 3rd Dec due

Yes I am back

Mum bought me Teddy! yipeeee... Friday morning woke up as early as 3am and start my journey around 4am. It was dark! duh! early morning! Many cars thought... Since my eye sight not so good with driving in the dark, along the way at highway I kept seeing the flying lorries above me. Well I can't really see the fly over above me so everytime one big lorry pass by on the flyover it will look like as if the lorry is flying above me. Woooo my hair standing and feel spooky everytime its happen. I was so hungry since my journey started very early. Tried to find food at every R&R was seriously a disappointment. Yup! end up reach Taiping around 7am with my gastric.... ouchhhh!!! I head straight to kitchen when reached home that day! Yeah! my mum chicken rendang and fried rice... Then I cook Laksa Sarawak for everybody... well very tiring. Not that nice anyway ehehehe well my so called once a year cooking... what to do I am one busy woman. With only 2-3 hours sleep before seriously make

New Baby

When everybody is crazy on owning an apple Iphone, me too have same ambition. But what stop me is the budget. I can't afford RM2k for jz a phone. However , my determination to realise my dreams is more than anything! I received mine today! China version Iphone called odyssey. I can use 2 sim card. Can watch TV, WIFI,Radio and many more function. I believe functions is more than Apple Iphone. How much it cost me? mmmmmm less than RM500. I just need to get use of this new gadget of mine. This is my 35th Birthday gift cum xmas gift cum New Year gift to myself. Hope I can enjoy this new gadget of mine :) I manage to download Wondergirl - Nobody for my ringtone ahahahaha happy nye... Oh ya not forgetting my SCS & MRC assignments.... uhuhuhuhuh I need to get back to my reality now.... ah! can't wait for Feb 2010 then...

Pre Xmas 2009

Last 2 weeks been a madness week for me. Classes, assignments,works, deadlines and more and more. I was very stressed. Xmas & New Year this year is not that happening and what I am waiting for like previous years. I just hope 2009 never end. When its end , I am afraid to face 2010. I am afraid to face what coming for me. I dont know what to expect. I believe I worked hard these 3 years. Although, I can feel my life change from 15 years ago but I am still lack of something. I need a life. Life like a normal people do. Not just about working only. Coming week will be another stressful weeks for me . Yes this will only end after Jan 2010. So my life from now on till then will be up side down and stressful one! I almost skip my usual Xmas Dinner with Big B , Lil J and Pretty Xiao Mei. I will find room to meet them although I feel hard to breathe with my tight schedule. I will still find time to go back home to spend time with the old ones! Although right now I feel betrayed by their be


I feel suffocated with too many deadlines coming up! Current workload at workplace. My study, assignments, exams. My interview for my ecosway shop and many festive coming up. Xmas dinner and year end dinner with friends. I just dont know how to allocate my time and which one to chase after. Month of November 2009 Week of 15th - 19th : 1. MRC assignment no. 1 due date on 20th 2. Company Xmas & Year end Night with Client 3. eCosway 1st trial interview and form submission 22nd Week 22nd - 29th 1. Raya Haji on 27th definately need to drive back Taiping in 27th morning. Hopefull come back by 29th early morning. 2. SCS assignment 2 - due date on 3rd Dec 3. Co. Accounts & reporting Month of Dec Week 29th Nov - 6th Dec 1. SCS assignment 2 due date on 3rd Dec 2. MRC assignment 2 due date on 11th Dec Week 7th - 13th 1. MRC assignment 2 due date on 11th 2. SCS Class on 11th - 13th 3. SCS Presentation on 13th Week 14th - 20th 1. SCS Assignment 1 written report due on 20th 2. Executor staff

Malacca Trip Jalan Jalan cari Cendol

Next week will be a busy and stressful week for me. Thanks to one person who always trying to cheer me up... Brings me to Malacca since I have been requesting for this trip for quite a while. Main reason to Malacca this time is to visit Jonker Walk and hunt for best Nyonya Cendol. Happy smile.... near to river side under the hot sun.. Hot hot hot Ah... who is that fatty woman?? Hungry hungry thirtsty thirsty Hot hot.. faster take my photo Here goes my Supermodel post!!! I am at Laksamana Point Holland??? or Malacca??? Back lane and river side... mmmm many things can be done Boat ride... Jonker jonker... I am coming Yes!!! finally i am here.. lets the hunt begin!!! 1st dessert called Amoy - Fishy shape waffle with nyonya kuih pandan flavour as filling 2nd - gula melaka nyonya cendol mmmmm yummy..... Cendol - ok la can't really taste that gula melaka Nice door and signage Fruitty chocolate.. delicious Jonker walk Waiting for dinner Grilled cockles & lala & sushi... mmmm y


I am so Octopus... My patient level is over my head... Feeling like exploding ... well of course not orgasm explode but seriously feeling like my head is exploding. I feel like couldn't take it anymore. Rina this Rina that and at this age I am still like this. I feel so a looser right now! When is it everything going to be under my control? When is the time I can manage all this thing well? Am I having a problems handling critical issues or I am just not strong enough? I hope I can manage myself well this time, I mean maintain my composure and bleed inside... mm not period bleeding but heartsick bleeding! God! give me some strength to manage all this dark forces around me. Please help me to get rid of this bad thing. Crying inside and here goes my migraine getting back to me... This is what happen if I am keeping up my anger to myself. Suffer and my head is getting heavy and heavy... Time for Dart Board! Imagine the Dart Board is his face and kill kill kill die die my anger...

I want to be there

As I read today The Star newspaper , I feel upset. Winter Wonderland and The Forbidden Palace in Beijing blanketed in white. I wish I was there to feel the coldness and see the beautiful scene of all white. Why Forbidden Palace? I don't know why ever since I was 15 years old I feel belong there. Maybe I am once a concubines or Sweet Princess or maybe I am an Empress or maybe sweet helper in that palace. I just feel the connection. Todays news and photo make my heart crying inside wanted to be there. Maybe in last time I died due to freeze to death? Who knows! Well enough about my dream to be in Beijing. I read an email from my Mei Mei and she was so heart broken and demotivated. Yes ! I understand her feeling very well. I know this is coming... I just hope she could be strong enough to face this evil creature! I just pray for her to hold on and stay positive. I just hope she could make use of her ability and her unique fighting energy and be on top of this evil creature. Dont let t

Halloween Weekend

Enjoy this weekend while I can. Next week will be my 1st interview to open Cosway Shop. Right after will be my final term. Then my days will full with study, assignments and assignments. Here come another Raya... ahhhh another Raya? Why so many??? Halloween... since nobody invite me for Halloween Party so decided to entertain myself with some sushi and my favourite walnut brownies...mmm yummy... Sunday decided to enter Maggie My way contest.... Milky Curry Mee... Sushi King... and I am Sushi Princess Sushi Princess cheese shushi??? Cutie Cutie .... 2 + 2 = 4 ahahaahaha My Brownies & Choc Fudge & me.. Ahhhh.... so delicious and sweeeeeettttt ...mmmmm Cutie Cutie .... 2+2 = 4 yup!!! still 4 Maggie My Way Sedap tak??? mmmm boleh laaaaaa... enough for my Sunday Brunch..

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