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So...tomorrow is independence day??? wonder today's traffic smooth like smoothies...I like... I thought I want to be late to office today but end up the first in office...WTH! Everybody seems like in the mood of celebration for tonight! Today and tomorrow and day after and after and after I want to give my mind Independence Day too.... Tonight don't party too hard then drink and drive and get yourself into trouble,k! The best is to reflect yourself on what you have done to independence yourself. What craps am I talking about ,right now???? Anyway..... Happy Independence Day UOOLLLLLSSSSS!!!!


Hot girl now.....Miley Cyrus grinding performance at VMA 2013... Gosh!!!! this girl really a hot topic now. Where is that Hanna Montana sweet girl look???? Is not that we are all that saint! But don't have to act in such away... I wonder what is her parent reaction watching this performance.. I watch the 6 minutes plus video....she look like she is high on drugs or something....     this is common attire...this is call hot pant??? or merely bikini??? whatever!!!   before she took off...   the best reaction from Will Smith and Family The bald guy can't bear to look...Goshhhhh!!!!   What ashamed.....really make me feel disgusting on all your other song too...You don't need to act this way to grab attention...there are many other way to increase your popularity....   I miss Miley!!!!   Watch her here and enjoyyyyyy


Last Thursday, I drove to work with full of 'high spirit'... Why??? Metallica concert on the night before... I went to Metalica concert??? Huh!!!! Me??? jamming with all those human???? Not my style... The radio dj that morning got totally hook up with the concert ant he played metalica in the morning...WOW!!!!! Head banging while driving???? Not advisable!!!1 Driving with attitude...yeahhhhh!!! rock in!!!! post title is not Metalica right....kekekeke ... got carried away... My Thursday breakfast.... my 'tak jadi' kimchi...damn got to work on my skill... yam cake and lobak cake eat with spicy anchovy... What do you think of my last Thursday breakfast??? Totally Asian...kekekekeke Korean , china, Malaysia...WTH!!!!


I was craving this...this...since Fasting month... One freaking whole month you know.... Everytime I went to Pavillion during fasting itchy leg like gonna walk to Sg Wang look for ths waffles. But me..hor...cannot eat...because I don't think my stomach can make it!!! WTH!!!1 Last Sunday...when Chinggu came in the targeted this one...and aim this right after we off from Starhill carpark...WTH!!!! I am not looking for other food but my target is just to eat this... I ordered 3 different flavour for the first time... ...and then go nom nom nom nom...feel reluctant to even share even one bite to Chinggu.... so greedy me... huhhuhuhuhuhu This waffle is the best ever when eat it hot!!!! YUMMYYY!!!!!


Since Dom left us in last Dec 2012.... Damn! this sounds so sad... Dom left to Beijing last Dec 2012 ...Jamie aka Cili and me only find time to see each other after ...oooooo gosh...more than half a year???? Dang!!! Both of us living in same country same state and distance to each other just like one hour drive! Imagine ....for three of us to meet again when Dom is like 4-5 hours flight from here....gosh!!!! that will take us years and yearssssss.... Yeah!!! I am so Drama Queen....kekekekeke.. The fact Dom came back in Feb for CNY early this year...I can't make it to meet him... Oh busy woman???? pretend busy???? I have something came up...yo! So..last minute cannot turn up... Talk about my meeting with Cili last Saturday....nothing new catching up the more than half years story... She is busy recording my next available time for next appointment....WTH!!!! Am I a Lady Minister or something???? Gosh!!! What to do I have hectic life st

That Lady

That lady She is staring up to the sky Is she thinking of that guy? That lady She look so lonely Did she live her life properly? That lady Her eyes is tearing I bet her heart is tearing... That lady She doesn't look sly Is she going to cry? That lady She make me want to know her story What is her the story? That lady I am looking at you As if I can get to know you That lady Why suddenly I feel this piece I am writing making me like I am not 'straight???? WTH!!!! I am straight!!!! That lady... I slapped myself... Pinching myself... I need to stop staring at her I need to stop wondering further Gosh!!! why am I writing this????? Haishhhh!!!!!... I have my moment know that sentimental mood...but this is not what I imagine...thinking of that lady???? Who is that lady anyway??? Why can't I write about man???? WTH!!!! Oh Wow!!!! I must be lonely....

A walk to remember

Like many others... I have memories to remember my younger time. The smells of refreshing 'old trees'.... Calming green lake.... Peaceful view of tree branches bowing down to the water... What a lovely scene.... I just love this beautiful nature... I want to remember this forever....     For old time memory sake....hhehehehe ...WTH!!!!   Oh Gosh!!!!! ridiculous scene...trying to do the surfing pose...WTH!!!! I guess my photographer almost rolling to the ground trying to capture me...WTH!!!   'Chatime' at Taiping Lake Garden   This is nothing got to do with lake garden but trying my best to be a obedient daughter... By eating this 'roti telur' for breakfast???? Nay!!!!!! Waking up early morning... and that morning happen to be raining day... The feeling to force yourself to get out of warm comfortable blanket...Gosh!!!! For my parent sake.... End up volunteering to drive them to morning market....ear


When people gain freedom they're ecstatic at that moment together... but soon after that they forget what they fought for... When it's in their hands they forget the importance of it.. Then only after they lose it.... They would regret again.   Don't blame them so much because wavering or betraying easily for something dangling in front of their just human nature!!!


For us the grown up... We wish you back to our childhood where we live without worries... For children who are growing up to adulthood adore adult freedom... Students amd the young one!!!! Everyday you face lots of complaint... Parents often say things like .... " Don't live like me " " You must live like me" Those words are not important to you... but to your parents themselves. That's why compared to what you learn, what score you get in school or studies is more important. What you learn is yours.... But your scores and results is for your parents to brag about... If you give up your freedom....there is no pain... You can live comfortably under the protection of you parent money. If you don't want to ....then be prepared to live out independantly. Work hard to support yourself... Remember...there is no freedom without pain!!!


Most of us feel this life is very hard for us to move on... Sometimes deep in our heart we feel we are not needed... We feel like giving up our life....end up thinking about doing foolish things.. Stop acting like an idiot!!! Stop whining!!! Every living thing has a right to live. Nobody has the right to give their lives up. You can't abandon yourself.... As soon as you born , you are precious to someone.... Stop being anxious... Don't be scared.... If you don't give up on yourself, no one else can.... You have to believe that you're precious... Then with that heart, instead of doing bad things to others or yourself.... You have to live knowing that people around you are precious too.... You are not alone!!!!


When people do bad things to do I feel??? Of course I angry and hate... I am just a human... This is normal people first reaction. That was me long time ago... I am now trying my best to forgive... What??? Forgave??? For what they has done to me??? I am now thinking.... I don't have much time left to live in this world... I don't want to spend what little time I have left to live on hating someone... Waste my effort! What matter the most now is my very last emotion that I feel before I leaving this world. I don't want it to be such an ugly emotion such as that...HATE? That is why I am trying my best to forgive whoever hurt me.... Oh! well... I am not forgiving them because I think they are GREAT person..... I just don't want to waste my life by filling it with HATE for someone... I can only LIVE once! Even if I choose to spend it filled with LOVE...... It still wouldn't be enough!! < MODE POSITIVE MIND> still


Women!!! They can just do anything to stay young and pretty... Will you do this snail facial treatment??? Will you allow those snails to slide around on your face???? Me? I don't think so.... Research from Japan result , Snails mucus is anti wrinkle remedies...Oh wow... I need to to try this... So I end up doing some online shopping for snail cream and mainly from Korea. During ramadhan time , I usually wake up early in the morning, sometimes 4:30 am and during lazy time, I will end up waking at 4:45am for early breakfast. Must wake up to drink my black coffee..without it, I feel my day is incomplete. Normally, I don't sleep anymore after meal. No good for body and digestion. So end up surfing the net or watching my drama or study...and most of the time doing online shopping..ehehehehe... So the other day did some damage to my wallet by ordering these cosmetics shipped out direct from Korea. Mizon snail cream Totally love this cr

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