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Once upon a time.... When I was young...   Rock!!! yeah!!!! You're the unforgiven..... Exit light...Enter Night.... keep me alive forever..... Def Lepard...your love bites make me high....   You re charged me when I feel sleepy... You keep me rockin when I am down... I blasted you to my ear drum....and doing the head banging like high of drug...WTH...   Present day My medical result on Monday came out...both ear handicapped at one particular sector...which normally cause by loud music or listen to too much seminar with loud speaker. Regretfully... and... Obviously , loud music....not the seminar thingy..WTH!!!! Too late to repent anyway... Doc said don't listen to loud music no more... now just take precaution since I am getting old. Damn!!! Now imagine myself growing old and becoming that deaf old woman...WTH!!! Oh no....   Can this be rectified??? Hell no!!!!  


Last Monday, I was on half day leave...yeah...went for medical result appointment. Jeng jeng...need to reduce my weight due to my knee problem...I am fat meh? Not that fat what!!1 Anyway, for health reason...Doc said less carb and eat more and more and more vege and fibres stuff. So after came back from hospital...with high for my vege... One busy woman who don't have time to cook or cut vege to I just need to do this once and just open the tub and eat it...crunch crunch...snacking my vege. Here goes the hard work for one hour just to prepare my a month kimchi stock snack.     Cabbage with white raddish kimchi   cucumber pickle with honey and vinegar   white raddish and leek kimchi   My favourite drink....honey lemon...drink this warm with sprinkle of cinamon powder....refreshing   mmmmm...proud of myself...but because of this month stock my cute petite fridge...pack with all this and when I


Am I the only one??? I can feel it.. Money is getting smaller. Right after election... postal rates increased drastically...since I am online business I am feeling this pinch...with lower margin only hope that the currency is getting better...yeah my hope is hopeless now...getting worst...aish!!! Then I went to shop for my grocerries...ouccchhh... the price of my favourite tuna in can is like RM5.20 when before election it cost me at least RM0.30 - RM0.40 cheaper. incident or well planned...well...I don't know. I am not the leader of this country. I am just a 'kici meow meow' contributor for this country. In this country the middle income earner like me... ' they' squeeze us to dry. How much will my EPF money worth when I reach 55 years old. Is it enough to cover my cost of leaving before God call me??? My savings...can I still earn 6% interest??? mmmmm...i foresee i will end up paying the bank instead of earning interest


What is your favourite color??? Mine is Purple! But I found out most of item I bought is black and gray...mmmmmm... as usual I don't really understand myself.   I found this somewhere...sharing is caring :)  


  hAppY mOnDaY!!!! i AM MenTaL NOW.... P.M.A What is that???? Pathetic Mental Attitude? Passive Mental Attitude? Pitiful Mental Attitude? Pevert Mental Attitude? Playful Mental Attitude? NO!!!!!   I am on Positive Mental Attitude!!!!   Later going to visit doctor for my medical check up result and I am going there with positive mental attitute...P.M.A. wish me luck and pray for the not so bad result!  


Yeah!!! I am one woman who never give up to prepare myself to live my old age in style.... O...Yeay!!! Live in style during my golden years....Oh well if God will... If God allow me to stay breathing healthily on this earth...of course I want to preapre the best too as much as I am accumulating credit for my after death time. Recently, keep thinking...Oh..I mean keep imagine myself still working at other people company at age of 50 years old. OMO!!!!! hard to accept that imagination of mine... Chinggu give me encourage words for me to take up company secretary license. Without thinking...I bought thick companies act bible and other related books... WTH!!! Yeah!!! WTH!!! and say this 3 times... Nothing impossible...I will give this a try... Just now looking at bungalow lot at very inner outskirt area...yeah!!! afordable price but imagine me staying there and rot there by myself....OMO!!!! Scary.... Ah!!! need to focus on obtaining that 'money worth signatures' fi


Our company is scouting for candidates to be part of our team... Accounts & Admin Exec Personal Assistant Marketing Exec The response from my online ad...Oh Wow!!! many.... Reading the resumes until my eyes turn up side down... My brain rolling down from my head... My nose bleed to my feet... What a horror descriptions???? huh? No ... as usual drama queen...this time horror drama! When this post is up online.... I already met most of potential for 1st screening! Yeah.... 9 -10th May then 13 - 15th May 2013 and this spill over to next week before 'Wesak Day'!!!! OMMMMAAAAAAA!!!!! imagine meeting at least 12 person in a day???? Gonna throw up!!! I will update on my experience soon. Just one advice for those who are applying job... Can you not attached photo like you going for photoshoot for a magazine or something??? Drop that fur shawl.... and please don't give me that alluring look...and please don't do 'selca' Giyomi style.... and tha


Aissshhhh! They are sending me to Myanmar again??? WTH! Don't even want to go there ever again. But what to do.... they still want to go there anyway!!! Bless or Crazy... huh??? Send me for travel? I am fine with that! Send me to work??? I am so not fine with this arrangement.... hehehehe... I am so lazy ass to work now... Can't blame me... I am ageing...getting older the lazier side of me starting to come out. Oh well.... no matter how hard I protest...I am still at losing end.... I will go as your instruction my monthly pay master!!!! Whatever you want me to do Master! Next life ...I will make sure our position will be the other way round... I will become your master....muahahahahaha


  I am feeling Blueeeeeee!!!! Weeeeee......... my favourite 'Kkotminam' aka Pretty Boys' band is coming for concert in Malaysia.... CN coming to Malaysia in August 2013   Event : Ground Sale for BLUE MOON 2013 CNBLUE WORLD TOUR CONCERT IN MALAYSIA Date : 18 May 2013 (Saturday) Time : 10:00AM - 6:00PM Venue : Fahrenheit 88, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur   For those who can't come to the Ground Sale, don't worry! They will open online purchase on the SAME DAY! Tickets are available at , from 3:00PM. You can also purchase the tickets at AirAsiaRedtix Outlets. I am saving money to go to Hong Kong for my leg treatment and Macau for suicidal experience at Macau Tower. So don't think can attend Oppassssss concert!!!!


    Oh!!!!...feeling flowers dancing all over my head.... Not that I knock my head somewhere and feel dizzy.... Yeah!!! I am having 'Kkotminam' aka Pretty Boys fever right now...     The ticket price.... Jeng Jeng Jeng...   Check here...   Tickets will be available starting April 29, 2013 (Monday) at 10am. For VVIP zone tickets, you will only be able to purchase them at the Jazzy office. Ticket prices are listed below: - Zone VVIP : RM 683 - Zone VIP : RM 453 - Zone A: RM 283 - Zone B : RM 183 * Ticket price including RM3 processing fees Uwaaaaa.....   Lee Min Ho can sing mehhhhh???   I only know he only sing one song only.......   Anyway...for those with extra cash to spend to see Min Ho Oppa...sing song and Kenanga City...purchase your ticket now!!!!   Can't wait for Min Ho Oppa new drama The Heirs...coming soon!!!!


Hehehehehe long title huh???   The other day when I went got Health Screening...there few funny incidents...   Scene 1   Doc : Hi! Good Morning! Me : Oh! Good morning to you! Doc : So...where are you going to study???? Me : Huh???? (puzzle look) Doc : Yeah! normally young people like you come for medical check up to go oversea study... Me : hehehe..Doc...check my birth of date first...then you know why I came here...hihihiihi.. Doc checked the form... Doc : Wow!!! you almost same age with me???? Me : hehehehe...ageing medical check up.. Doc : you look young... Me just go hihihihihih...   Scene 2   Doc : beautiful!!!! Me : What beautiful??? Doc : Don't you see that??? you ovum and your 'V'??? Me...trying my best looking at that X ray image in front of me... Me : huhuhuhuh...beautifulllllll!!! Yeah!!! like a fool ...I said that word....hell!!! can't see what so beautiful about my ovum and 'V'.WTH!!!! On


Since I took leave on Monday, then I just went ahead to JPN for my new IC collection. Not easy to park at this lunch time hours. Chinggu office is near by so I end up called Chinggu for help. He waited in my car and me went ahead to collect my IC. Doesn't take long since not many people.... Chinggu said my photo in my new IC look like Altantuya....aiyoooo Chinggu ya.... How could that be????   Then went for lunch with Ramen Shop nearby...       My spicy ramen on this hot weather....   mandoo....


Mum's birthday falls on polling day. I choose not to go back on that day. So brought my parent for a weekend gateaway to Cameron Highlands. Me the 'superwoman' drive  them up and down to cameron highlands. mmmmm driving up ad down to that hilly side of cameron with full of confident. I regret not bringing over Jay Chou Initial D soundtrack with me....hehehehehe...yeah!  me an my great imigination again... I even feel like I am part of fast and furious team...WTH!!!! Drama Queen is full of big imigination!!!! wahahahaha... big laugh for me!     treat Mum with the end need to finish them all because they are diabetic...WTH!!! so thoughtful of me to buy this ....huh!!! again...another thoughtful treat from this daughter to a diabetic mum and dad...WTH!!!! sorry lorrrrrr.... me so insensitive!!!!   nice gaberras...   lovely hibiscus   fabulous lilies   not to forget strawberry   salad too....


I have not do any health screening for quite sometimes... I think my last was around 3 years ago... Wow!!! since I am reaching 40 in next 2 years so I think health screening is necessary now... My first choice was at BP Health but hey what to do since they are so so 'efficient'... * not replying to online appointment through their website...duh!!!! what for to have such service but unable to do the replying! * call them at my choice of branch...Cheras the nearest but that lady who answer my call is like don't want business. She just say they are busy and no appointment slot for my choice of date. don't even want to give me alternative. WTH!!!! * Such a great customer service you have there BP Health... After long reasearching for other alternative and Health Screening Packages.... I choose Gleneagles HSC. It took me 1 month before to get an appointment with them. One thing is they respond to their online appointment. During the screening day...w


Whoa!!!! So long for me to update final episode for my Bagan Trip... Busy very busy.... So no joke!!! I am totally focus on my work in office. Oh! well for this final episode on my Bagan a day trip to Mount Popa. A last minute arrangement before my evening flight back to Yangon and fly back to Malaysia the next day. Well a trip to Mount Popa took me at least one and half hour journey by car. Open my eyes to the wonderful layback daily life of people in Bagan. Mount Popa is a volcano which errupted quite sometimes ago... and from big mount popa it splitted into another one small mount popa. So they have big mount popa and small mount popa. Small mount popa has beautiful pagoda built on top of it. Big mount popa has beautiful resort built bought over by one well known rich myanmar tycoon name Tay Za. Even my rich myanmar boss also unable to own a resort like that.     pack pack pack     mini transportation   stop at one of the s

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