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MBA over I did it

My final paper last Sat is MRC - Management Research & Consultant. When I read the paper... OMG the question was so damn boring! Almost fall asleep by just reading the questions. Too much theories and it does not interest me at all! Whatever... I 've been a good girl that day completed all the questions within 3 hours and 40 minutes as required. Oh! ok not all... I miss out quarter! ehehehe don't know how to answer that part. But I know I still can pass anyway.. Ok ok the truth why I stay put until times up??? This is because I made an appointment for Thai Massage at 1pm. ahahahaha.... Anyway.. the massage was sooooo goooooddd!!! I reached home by almost 4pm.... then a friend called for outing well so call celebration for my exam over...went for Nyonya food at Ah Tuan Ee at The Curve and for the 1st time watch movie at Cineleisure - Spy Next Door... verdict - the movie sucks! like watching Walt Disney movie, Jackie Chan old and saggy..even the intro song was sucks too! the

and i am flying like a Superwoman

SCS is over... hihihihi happy happy Not that difficult and not that easy. Matter of you want to score or you just want to pass. Exam suppose to over at 12.40noon but I am outta the exam room before 12.00 noon. Not to say that I am too clever but when that lady said 'you can write'. I just write and write and write and write none stop. I guest I dont give myself time to think at all..... ahahaha As I said not that easy but not that difficult. My head feel pain again... feeling suffocated and feel like throwing up again... Yeah! guess my blood pressure getting low again.. I just took off from that exam room straight to my car and drive and drive and my destination just my home... i feel like flying or floating or don't know how to describe. Back home thought of eating something... but donno what to eat. Hate that feeling...especially you feel like throwing up again and headache and feel like floating again... Decided to go for a walk at Pavillion or Bukit Bintang... Taking so


Last night still the same. Can't sleep. Neck still hurt. Headache and vomitting... people may think I am pregnant.. well impossible coz I am single. Swallowed 2 tablets of painkiller and another tablet that suppose to make me drowsy. No effect! Today, I mean this morning was at Plaza Sentral for an appointment. Ah! the position is Finance Manager. Me ? Finance again??? huh! My destiny I guess? I am running out from Finance but Finance keep coming again and again... look like I have no choice.. need to keep updated in all the Accounting Standards and compliance thingy! Ah!!! hate it! As usual although still weak , I still manage to show my positive face and start selling myself. Bla bla bla bla bla.... I can do this I can do that... the company should do this and do that... well I am asking at this price and not negotiable... I am taking the risk and the company taking the risk well win win situation... I am the talent you need and di dididid daaddaa... me the Queen of Babbling or w

Mix feeling

These few days , I have a mix feeling. I don't know whether I should feel happy or feel upset. Let me begin with the suppose to feel happy. I make my dream comes true when I launched my on 16th Jan 2010. My online store brings OEM stylish gadget from Chinese manufacturer. Most of this items from Samsung, Nokia technology. 1st week launched my sales reached almost USD1k beat my record in ebay which is USD750 for one month. I feel so blessed and after MBA plan to concentrate on creating online advertorial for Malaysian web surfer and allocate some funds for facebook and google adwords advertising. So far most client from international country like Russia,UK,US,Spain and also middle east. I see the oppotunity and hope business grow and I will continue strategise. Sad news is my health not so good. My workload at work place killing me. I am very upset with my Boss. Maybe my personality who unable to relax and take thing too seriously make me at nervous all the time a

Mini Yee Sang Day

I was committed the whole Saturday morning to late afternoon for my SCS study. Case study was very boring one! But forcing myself to understand what the heck they trying to deliver. Gosh!!! final final final... I need to concentrate for my finale next week and the next week. Then merdeka! merdeka! Saturday night dinner was the most exciting one after the hard work during the day time... Yeah! early mini Yee Sang at Sushi King! Here goes the story........ Waiting for my food to be served. Look like an 'Angel' ehehehe... My Hotate Sushi My donno what sushi... but got long bean on top Nice nice My wasabi plate after digging on both sushi.... yeah so good manners huh! very ugly scene with sushi rice all over the plate ehehehehe... My favourite garlic rice & Saba Udon..yum yum Delicious!!! Dig in time! Mini Yee Sang from Sushi King.... so proud coz got to eat Yee Sang early this year. Very fresh and nice nice and nice... I am so bless... Loh & Loh & Loh & Loh

Blood Donation 2010

I am glad!!! I am eligible to donate my blood this year 10th January 2010. Although the level of eligibility is just at the boarder line but ... Thank Almighty God! Well... I end up spend RM100 for 2 bottles of prune concentrate. I hope my life will get better and better. My health will recover soon. Hope my love ones for the same too. I am very nervous for this year. I have many plans in my mind. It will all start after 30th January 2010. I will be more busy than next year except this year is bigger think. It will involve a drastic change to my life and future too. I want to be a different person. I don't want to be Rina 3 years ago. I want to be more enterpreneur! I want to create job for myself. I dont want to be a slave to that @#$%! God give me strength and God please bless me!!! This year reso: * beautify myself * Create a job for myself * be more enterpreneur to earn for a living * start savings to aquire a land & dev (to make my long time dream happens) * do more charit

Its all about u

This week is not a good one for me. Everything seems to be against me. My emotional level getting worst! 10 factors built in and causes this emotional condition. And all because of ONE and only PIKACOO.... 1. It is giving me hard time. 2. It is being unreasonable. 3. it is weirdo. 4. It is a psycho. 5. It is mad. 6. It have small heart. 7. It is trying to be my enemy - well you are my enemy since my 2 week there. 8. It think it is GOD! and ppl to worship it! 9. It think it is the smartest and the most successful animal in the world! 10. It likes to press ppl. I just could not take it anymore... it surpass my patient level!!!! My temper... is going over the limit!!!!! I feel like can die with heart attack listening to every word come out from it mouth. I feel like my head going to blow and my artery gonna explode of anger everytime see it face!!! Everytime it start talking is like listening to.... mmmm can't describe the feeling but I prefer hear the dog barking to my ears rather t

My 1st Damage in Year of Golden Tiger

I was sticking in front of computer working on my SCS assignment since Thursday night, I am very ambitious this time choosing Walmart towards becoming sustaining corporation. Result I was still doing it up to now. 2000 words is very hard to achieve this time since I am loosing my words. My mind just not working properly this time. Come on! this is my final please co operate on me. I need to achieve my target to complete at least by Tuesday. Then I need to move on to my MRC - Research Proposal on Natural Health Farm on Staff Retention. Gosh! not that easy and not that tough. My target to get it done by Saturday night! Then I will be waiting for Case study for our exam on 23rd Jan 2o10. I need at least 2 weeks to work on it! Finally , manage to see the specialist on my Jaw problem. Doc mentioned the its all because of stress. My Jaw disc move forward and it cause the blockage on my jaw movement thats why it got stuck. Thank God my jaw is not dislocate. Its still doesn't make sense to

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