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Staying Alive

Thank God! the presentation was over! My nervous breakdown much more better than my 1st presentation. I still unhappy because I still unable to put that confidence when talking. I admire one of my coursemate whom sat down on the table and just talk and talk without even having any notes to refer. So confidence! I am over jealous and envy him! As we predicted since our group present Proton Berhad so many question arises when Q&A session open to the floor... We need to submit the written report soon so currently , I am working on it. Many analysis need to put in but there were words limit. To write and elaborate is not that difficult but to cut down the words from 2,000 to 1,500 is the challenge. You feel everything is important! My other team member will hate me so much because they give me no choice to throw some of their write up to appendix in term of referrence table. Forgive me! I need to make sure all of us to comply with the rules. I am trying to finish all this at least by t

Busy Busy

As mentioned before, its busy 2 months ahead for me. Enough to say I have been like nomad for the past few weeks. Work loads and studies. I am also busy managing up in the company. I feel like I don't have any private time. I come home to just have some 4-5 hours sleep. Most of the time on the road or office. I miss my korean and japanese drama. But sometimes when you getting older you don't have time to watch all this craps anymore! If I still have time to watch all this meaning , no progress in life. I am working harder.. yeay yea people say work smart not hard.. I tried to be smart but I am not that smart so have to accept the fact and work harder and put more efforts! Tough journey! I wish to see my so called silence enemy at the top. I want to look down at him one day and say hey! I am more successful than you with my own effort. Nothing to proud off if you are overidding on story such selling magazines door to door. But the story need to be consistent. If you can afford R

Life is like a BIG WHEEL

Life is like a BIG WHEEL... Why did I bring up this issue? I known one man whom thinks he is on top all the time. He may have money. Not that much money to compare to any other tycoon but just enough for him to retire and live for another 1 generation. What I want to point out here.. He always thought he is the most successful person on earth. As 3rd person whom see the '3D' version..(ny point of view) he is not sucessful at all. He may be a businessman but not that successful one. He may be thought he may grow his business to become multi national one day! Yo man! long way to go... Build up the team to be successful.. You are nothing without any loyal team. You are nothing if you don't trust people. You are nothing if you are not willing to let go. You are nothing if you think money is everything. You are nothing if you don't learn how to delegate. You are nothing if you do every single task on your own with thinking only you can do the best job. You always thought yo

Happy Monday

Another Monday morning.. I am enjoying my Monday morning listening to forever awesome 'Boys Before flower' soundtrack ' and drinking my old town white coffee' after one wholesome 'Red Dragon Fruit' mmmmpphh! I feel fresh! What a good Monday morning.. It is good to start early on Monday. Many things to accomplish. Hope my mission complete this week. Yeah! this week is my classes week. So life a bit like hell with that hahaha.. I will try to maintain cool this week.. although don't know what to expect! Last Saturday , went for group discussion. Appointment at 10.00am and as usual Malaysian being Malaysian some even turn up at 11.30am never respect other members time at all. We had came very early wait patiently for them. Good that we manage to complete something during the meeting . Last us around 1.30pm. Drove back home and checked in to TGV for Terminator hahaha yeah! naughty Rina! Suppose to study back home back end up facing the big screen and do some wind

What's Next???

Although I am currently busy with my studies, assignment and exam preparation, I can't help to not to think about my future. MBA! what is next? I don't really know what should I do after this? Can I be someone in that top position in corporate world? Am I ready to join that dirty world? Oh yeah! I can't expect my life will be clean if I decided to be one in that group. Should I just stay where am I now and live happily in my own world? Should I start a small business that can sustain me at least another 10 years? Yeah! in my previous entry I should just go travelling and give myself a break after my MBA. I think I should move on and find ideas what should I do after my MBA. I can't have a break. Time is not waiting for me for a break. Time is behind my back chasing after me. I can't turn back the time if I miss it. I think I need to really sit down one day and just think and think hard on what is my next step in order to sustain and survive in this world. I need to


Reached home very late on Friday night. Attended this Malaysian Media Awards 2009 at Shangri La. Anyway, Shangri La again??? Never!!! The quality of food sucks!!! not like before...even the service not like 5 star. I don't fancy going to all this function. But since this is part of my job.. gotta go meaning gotta go eventhough you are freaking tired. You have to put up you drama smile to everybody. Ah! so freaking fake!!! Have to put up a smiling face eventhough the person beside you have a very heavy liqour smell on his breathe ... Yeah ! Guiness the main sponsor.. damn!!! hate it when I am sober and the rest almost unconscious! Pepole shouting screaming yelling of happiness ... is it true or just because they are freaking drunk! I don't know!!! I am glad when things ended yeah the winning team will stay on and party till the dawn.. Me? what the heck to wait until dawn if I can get myself outta here... Drag myself to drive all the way back right after the function.As usual I

More to go..

I have a sleepless night these days, due to staying up to do my assigments. I never read this much in my life. Whoever know me , for sure know me as one person whom hate to read so much. I mean all this serious book. As my tagline "wanna live my life like princess", one can tell from the tagline what kind of book can make me fascinated ? Fairytales!!!! hahahahah yeah! and more I love mysteries and historical too. Oh ya! back to my assignments, I done my part on Group assignments for LMP and part of CS this is due to the other part need me to evaluate and recommend which is I have to wait for the rest of the group part. How to evaluate? The truth is... hell! I don't know!!!! CS is new thing for me. I have not attend any class yet for this subject! Another heart popping out moment coming since I need to present on CS. Ah! I hate presentation. Gives me butterflies and ants and also worms in my stomach. Like throwing up. Hate public speaking! Introvert I am! I feel nervous an

My choice..

I was very busy since Monday with work and 4 consecutive days of classes. Many due dates to take note. Assignment deadline and workload deadline. Ah! I feel dead! My Leading and Managing People's class quite interesting however the lecturer a lil bit carried away and we end up finished our class quite late on Sunday. Oh! so tiring. Tought of going through my assignment tonight. But I think I better have a good sleep tonight and start with fresh mind tomorrow. Moreover, tomorrow is Monday. Normal dreadful Monday meeting and more things waiting for me. I hope my choice to continue my study is worth it. At least can get me better position and better pay next year! ( Hopefully global economic downturn recover) By the way, I finally got my Graduate Certificate in Business Administration from University of South Australia last Thursday. At least can claimed myself a Graduate now .. hahaha Hopefully, can go through this another 6 subjects smoothly and finish my MBA at least Feb 2009. I am


Lately , I realise my body is like hot air balloon. I am lacking of exercise and not having proper meal. Many of my pants are very tight and my belly is sticking out. Yeah! ugly scene. Getting worried to this scenario, I am trying my very best to loose weight. I blame for my mid age low metabolism rate... (yeah! we are just human always want to feel good and pass on our guilt to others) I took diet pills for almost 3 months and at the same time continue with my normal regime yoga and stretching. Ah ! never work. Latest trying to eat healthily like fruits and vege (which I neglected for quite sometimes). I hate vege and fruits. Yeah! I am a carnivor. Meat eater! But I also can just live by eating just fish and anchovies (big fan). This week, I went to my all time favourite Night Market at Bangsar. Yeah my favourite. Having the best spicy nasi lemak at Devi's Corner then shop at near by Night Market is perfect Sunday Night for me. I manage to shop for my all time favourite Red Dragon

When you are married...

I was in the lift with this couple. I am not trying to be nosy but can't help since both of them were arguing. Husband : ' For 5 years you have been listening to me. Why this time you are so stubborn?' Wife : ' Because the 5 years I 've been listening la .. this time I am not listening. so... ' Husband : You have to listen to me because I am your husband ' Wife : 'No! I am your wife you should listen to me sometimes...' This goes on and on until both of them left the lift. I obviously support the wife... not because I am a woman myself but don't you think married life about sharing life therefore both says matters? not just one party decide but need consent from both. Anything should go through a discussion and consent, right? I have a girlfriend told me that she regret to get married because everything have to be decided by the husband she got no says at all. Husband were different during their courtship. She misses her singlehood life. Sh

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