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From Shirakawago, I move on by bus for one hour journey to Takayama where I will take train back to Kanazawa. It was around 2pm and still have time left for me to explore this by the way city of Takayama. Not much that I know about this City in Japan's Gifu Prefecture. It was unplanned exploration. I took the self tour walking guide map from information counter which near the bus terminal then went to reserve seat for my train ride to Toyama for Kanazawa. I reserve seat for around 5pm train. I think should be enough time for me to walk around this interesting city. Aihhhh!!! Kawaii! Late lunch at nearby Japanese Noodle Shop. This is first time I enter this kind of place for meal. I choose Yama-kake Soba which cost me 600 JPY.  Yama-Kake-Soba is hot soba noodles in bonito broth garnished with grated yam and raw egg. Haih!!! I should have order Sansai Soba which comes with wild greens. Yama-Kake Soba kind of sticky with yam. I still finished my meal because it


Just like painting! Lovely house with golden readily to harvest rice field and beautiful cosmo flowers dancing lively. Smells of fresh air, green vegetable farms and fish ponds readily to accept the life cycles on earth. Shirakawago has kept the village unspoiled and well preserved for centuries. This area of steep thatched roved farmhouses gained UNESCO World Heritage Site status in year 1995. . How to go to Shirakawago by bus from Kanazawa? I took Highway Express Bus. - Kanazawa Station East Exit Bus Terminal Platform 2 . Departs at 8:10am (reservation is required. I just reserved it on the night before my trip) - Total journey to Shirakawago from Kanazawa is around 1hours and 15 minutes. Buy the map from the tourist information center 100 JPY. Then enjoy the walking guide from the map. Cross the bridge to get to the village. Just walk around and enjoy the beautiful view of this village while taking a deep breathe of fresh air. The people of these Gass


My feet was still hurt when I reached Kanazawa after exploring and mesmerized with the beautiful nature view of   Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Routes the day before. This doesn't stop me from exploring Kanazawa city on the next day. If Matsumoto is a city popular with Ninja and Samurai, here at Kanazawa popular with Geisha. They even have Geisha district here. Kanazawa is the capital of Ishikawa Prefecture , on Japan's central Honshu. It's also known for its well preserved Edo Period districts, art museums and regional handicrafts. Started my morning walking towards the famous market of Kanazawa, The Omi-cho market. This market was established about the middle of the 18th century. A MUST VISIT place if you at Kanazawa. Its operating hours start around 8:00am and end around 5:00pm. There are around 170 stores including sores sell the fresh fish and seafood caught from the Sea of Japan. I seriously go crazy greedy walking around this market. So much food to samp

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