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Beauty Inside Out with Newly Launched Hada Labo Hydrating Water Gel

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The All-New Crimson Crunch Chicken from Texas Chicken Malaysia

  Texas Chicken Malaysia is drumming up the festive spirit with the all-new Crimson Crunch Chicken. Inspired by Malaysians’ Chinese New Year favourite snack, the dried chilli shrimp rolls – this new Crimson Crunch Chicken will send your palate tingling with the explosive combo of sweet, spicy and savoury flavours. The lingering umami taste comes from the coating that features a mixture of breadcrumbs and crispy prawn chilli which have been combined with key ingredients like garlic, dried chilli and fried onions.   Tham Yue Foon, General Manager of Texas Chicken Malaysia shared, “ At Texas Chicken, we are constantly innovating with flavours in order to provide new and unique sensory experiences to excite consumers. This time around, for Chinese New Year, we were inspired by this simple yet delicious condiment which is familiar to the Chinese community – the crispy dried shrimp sambal or hae bee hiam - which goes well with bread and rice, and is also the flavour of a popular crispy rol

NUViT Clean Beauty Derma Calm Amino Acid Micro-Foam Cleanser Review

  NUViT skincare is nothing new to me.  have tried their serum, sunscreen and face mask but this is my first time checking out the facial cleanser. I will skip all the didi dada preach about skincare and act like I know everything. 😆 Let me dive straight into the product itself and share my experience. How to use NUViT  Clean Beauty Derma Calm Amino Acid Micro-Foam Cleanser? Step 1 💕 Pump out 2 to 3 of Amino Acid Micro-Foam cleanser into the palm. You don't have to shake the bottle before dispensing out the product. Step 2 💕 Apply in a circular motion to damp face to the neck. Just make sure you close your eyes. Step 3 💕 Rinse well with water and tap your skin dry then follow with your usual skincare routine. My experience using NUViT  Clean Beauty Derma Calm Amino Acid Micro-Foam Cleanser : The foam that came out from the bottle is foam-like and it is really lightweight and airy. It does wonders for the skin by gently cleanses and rinsing away impurities. My skin feels soft an

How To Achieve A Healthy Mind and Body During This Pandemic Time

  By now most of us has been missing out on our usual normal life like previously, right? Step out from home with a bare face (no mask up), don't have to concern about social distancing. We enjoy our high flying job with a monthly paycheck, eat out and take out and so on. I am not sure about you, but I personally miss the freedom, I used to have back then. Some of us has begun to start living a normal life but not some of us are so lucky as you, thought. Many of us lose our job due to pandemics and are forced to explore other possible available opportunities for survival sake. It's really hard to cope with losing the job and at the same time freedom was taken from you too. Everything is within whatever space you have at home. Those who are in a rented place is worried about paying the next month rent and so many other commitment. Totally mental health affected for some of us. This is where the news gets sadder and sadder when we read the suicidal rate has increased drastically

Signs Your Skin Needs Vitamin C

  You have been loyal to the current skincare routine blindly if you see these signs on your skin : 💦 Age spots and brown start to appear 💦 Acne marks haven't gone away 💦 Melasma and redness is coming up 💦 Dull skin 💦 Uneven skin tone Ladies wake up! These are the obvious signs you need to include Vitamin C skincare in the routine. Yup! you read it right! Vitamin C. Vitamin C isn't just important for body and health wellbeing. It is fairly important for skincare too. Vitamin C helps to disturb the cells that create the pigment and with this, it will fade or lighten the dark spots and also prevent new ones from forming. Not easy to make your current pigmentation or hyperpigmentation disappear overnight unless you spend thousands for some laser treatment. Vitamin C as I mentioned earlier could lighten up the existing pigmentation and prevent the new one from developing. The question is ...which Vitamin C skincare? Too many and hard to tell the best for your skin. I have trie

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