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Me without my smile

Me at almost 35 years old - still single and with career lead me to no where..:( Interesting.. I was looking back at all my photos, this is the only photo without me showing my outstanding big front! even my mykad and passport photo can see my front teeth.. Look quite sad though.. yeah! this because I am going off to sit for exam right after the photo hehehe yeah ! still can take photo eh? I just love doing all this crazy stuff to make me happy a bit. For this case I am sitting for my Competitve Strategy paper , you think I still can be showing my teeth?? Now since the exam is over.. I still can't enjoy my break period since my new study term starting. Very fast! I have 4 more papers to go.. I just downloaded my new subject online readings and maybe will print tomorrow. My next class is next week. I have been in a sleepless night these days due to doing too much of thinking. Yeah! again me and my looking forward to the future. Very nervous on what will happen next ... Ho

How to cure Exam Fever?

I am scare right now! Tomorrow is the day. I have been praying for Saturday to over soon but same time afraid to face it! Sound contradicting ? Last week, I on leave on Friday suppose to at least do some revision but end up pampering myself with head massage treatment and nice predicure. Whats new with Rina.? She just love to treat herself good stuff! hahah What should I do today? I can't concentrate in even read the stuff! Butterflies butterflies flying in my tummy.. I guess only pampering myself can keep me calm and feel good right now and face tomorrow with confidence. Yeah! going out to buy good pen and also visit to nearest salon for hair wash & blow and nice head massage. mmmm my head will feel as light as cotton and the feeling on floating in the air after nice head massage. Ah! damage to my purse again but anything make me feel calm and good. Why not? I work hard for all this.. what stop me??? nothing... Jia You ! Jia You ! Rina you can do it tomorrow.. I gone through t

Feeling Sick

Not feeling well tonight! Itchy in my throat. Feel like vomiting then feel hurt on my knee then hurt on my back then feel hurt in my heart then feel hurt im my head everywhere hurt now! Butterflies in my stomache in rebellious mood.. I feel very worried on my CS exam on Saturday. :(

Totally clueless with Toyota

Tonight ! I seriously very tired. I did continued on my Toyota question answering and at same time do some reading here and there. Feel so so tired, right now! I just can't wait for the exam to over! My eyes feel tired and my shoulder and back acheing like somebody just stabbed me. I am thinking of my bed and cozy chilli red blanket, right now! Also feel very upset because my friend just turn me down when I request to teach me swimming :((( gives me sort of reasons and pulling down my spirit to learn. Ah! so called friend... Look like I don't have people to depend on at all. Gotta pay for class then... :( Hope this Saturday come quickly.. then can catch up with my sleep.

Stay Positive

Rainy day and very cold! Driving to office as usual with my eye half shut! Sleepy and tiring! I just wish I don't have to wake up from my bed and do my rolling rolling on the bed until 10.00am . Reached office very early again about 6.45am. Thought of starting to do my work then feeling not right , end up continue with my half cook Toyota analysis. Tiring very tiring but yet need to maintain my positiveness. I have been doing this since last night and half way through gave up! Feel like giving up now too but I just can't and have to force myself. Hope to have a good day today. Wish my Boss don't disturb my emotional today :)) If he does......, drastic response he will receive from me... both will end up very very hurt and ugly. Not in good mood at all! I am afraid of myself right now. Don't know what will happen if I can't control myself today. Seriously my mood swing is getting bad these days... people say going through menapous-too early lah... can't be.. and

Don't know what to do

This morning I was up too early and end up out to work around 6am. Yes! call me Crazy! Night before I was so tired to do that Toyota case studies. I still have plenty to catch up.. ah!!! I just can't wait for Saturday to over. As usual although very tired, I tried my best to keep my positive face and cheerful talk. Although , my position in the Company are consider in the range of Plateau which means no more growth. I tried my best to keep myself motivated. I am also in crazy mood today when trying to put myself into racing with one car. Yeah! he started it by challenging me. Manage to tease him by pretended to be into the race. But hehehe the best part he end up racing alone! Love it ! love it ! he is so damn piss off .. hahahaha How to race with you when my house is on the next junction, you IDIOT! Back home tried to do the analysis of SWOT,RBV,PEST, VC and PORTER 5.. but quarter way through I got fed up! So I quit and decided to continue later. No point to force myself when I am

3 days to go

I am so freak out right now! 3 days to go.. I am still in that usual day and night dreaming mood. Everything seems to be not registered to my head! Aishhhh!!! I am so angry with myself. HR here HR there but I seems to .. DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO??? And another week to go I have this CS coming up and Toyota Strategy to analyse! Oucchhh!!! I need to pinch myself hard and wake up from my dreaming mood. Vow myself not to update my blog in another week!!!! I will stay focus and study smart!!! GOD BLESS ME!!!

Its another Monday

Since last night I went to bed early.. This morning I wake up with fresh mind.. stay positive Rina.. Exam this Saturday... huhuhuuuuu.. I don't have a clue what to expect! I listed down all the questions possible for each chapters then try my best to do some research and answer the questions.. Hopefully this method work! Later need to attend this routines Monday morning meeting! Lazy!!!!! but no choice.. I am trying my best to stay strong and try to eliminate any negative vibes around me... Hope this week a good one!!!!

Here goes my coffee bean

Saturday morning... I suppose to get out from my bed at least 7am but I end up rolling rolling like a spring roll until 8.00am. Then went to do allignment for my Tae Bong! End up went to college around 12.00noon. I dont even have time to have breakfast! Here goes my layparking at coffeebean mont kiara isk isk miss that moment very much... Toyota Strategy- ish... heavy readings though! My head feel very heavy and like spinning 'gasing' to see the wordings... amma! Then went to my sis place to check out on her since I feel uneasy because unable to reach her. Good that she is fine! I had wasted half of my Saturday just now. But at least manage to see the sisters and they are all doing quite ok. I am glad... Now I am back and hope to catch up something on my LMP then have to go out again... aiyoh... I am so tired driving today... When can I watch my Transformer and Harry Porter and another film by my x bf Johnny Depp (miss him so much in 21 Jump street last time). See how crazy I a

Apple Part 4

Finally! my Apple case analysis submitted just now. Nothing much I can do, other than keep my finger cross. Now concentrating to study for my 17th and 25th July 2009 exam. Tomorrow need to wake up early to do tyre allignment and battery checking for my Tae Bong aka my Car. Then need to go to Mont Kiara to collect my Case study for my 25th July exam. Collection time 10am to 1.00pm. I miss layparking at Coffee Bean , Shoplex Mont kiara. So i thinking to wake up early bring my LMP reading and have my breakfast there then collect the reading and come back home before 11.00am. Then do more readings and going out to KL Sentral in the evening to meet a friend.

How should I feel?

I was driving back just now, I experienced horrible traffic jammed at highway. when I reached at the cause of the jam , I saw one white bluebird overturned. No other car involved , just one! I notice this car earlier, the driver were driving in very rude and reckless manner. Cutting and zig zagging here and there. He even have guts to flash at me when I was at middle lane. I just ignored him at that point! here else did he want me to go.. Hello! traffic moving slow, car in front so slow and I am at middle lane. Then he manage to over take me from the left and accelerate loudly and brake to show his anger! What with that attitude????? Although, my heart really like want to blow due to very angry. I just ignore him. I guess so does other car drivers.All of us choose to maintain our professional driving skill on the road and being a good driver too. I am trying my best to control my anger towards him by imagining , if I have a gun - I will just shoot his car 4 tyres! if my car have loud s

Apple Inc - Part 3

Yeayyyyy!!! done my Apple Case analysis finally.... Submitted to Turnitin and hopefully got at least 70% green result then can go ahead submit to Uni on either Friday & Saturday. Then my burden lighten and I can concentrate on my 18th & 25th exams. I had sat down in front of this laptop for almost 10 hours without a single food to my stomach just because I feel so fire up to finish up this assignment. The moment I stop and gone for dinner, my body feel so so hurt. I am going to organise all these papers lying around me and go to sleep. I am sure God will always with me and will help me to go through this stage with all courage and strength.

Head Drilling Session@ Cyberview

Here goes my Saturday... Not a lift up hips but a lift up headddd... A day at Cyberviewlodge Resort. I love and thankful for this opportunity to tour around this beautiful place. However, spend a day stuck in the room listen to so called successful people talk... yeah I pick up what I feel right for me! But hell not all. Anything relevant the rest is just a boast for me!!! I am bit stubborn here... Idea to eliminate family and friends are too much though! I may want to be selfish to get to the top but my heart is not that cold ! I love the earlier part of the talk and show on RICH DAD POOR DAD by Robert Kiyosaki! Learn a lot and I am definate want to practic the formula.... I dont want to be rich but I just want to have enough money to do what I always want to do... Back home I am tired. I want to dozz off now and wake up early and work on my unfinished business (my apple assigment) hope can come out with my 1st draft tomorrow. OK ! I will determine to finish it tomorrow. Lock myself a

Apple Inc.Part 2

Gosh! this is tougher than I thought! I know the tools but how to use ? Damn! I am still clueless. I have been reading the case studies number of times and trying to apply to the tools given but ..... How to write so that my turnitin result come out positive ? I still see Apple Apple Apple flying around my head... Now I feel like want to cry.... isk isk what should i do ? 2 nights and yet I am still blank... this is no good sign.... I am running out of time!!!!!!! GOD only you can help me now!!!!! Feel like banging my head to the wall now! angry with myself! I am so upset with myself for being so clueless...

You have to tell d tales

I have problems to claim for my NCD refund after I bought my new car. I had waited for almost a month and no clear answer given. They failed to even let me know what is the status on my claim and even don't even know who is the person in charge.Argh! Rina is really really angry. I can be one very patient and tolerance person but yet I can change my hat pretty fast to be the mean one! My blood rose to the top today! Mess with me? Let me use my 'power puff girl' power today!!!! Not because just the money but talking about right and wasting my freaking time to write and fax and fax and call and call. I wrote very 'nice' letter comparing the insurer to their competitor and told them how their competitor are now moving ahead without looking back in term of 'mint customer service'. I even quoted , if I were given a chance to speak to their CEO and this is the list of thing that I need him to improve. I even have guts to write about them not to come our with any ne

Apple Inc Part 1

This morning I was driving with one eye open due to my contact lense came out. My eyes too dry.Is so difficult and scary. Thank God! manage to reach office safely. Last night, I am suppose to start my analysis on SWOT, Value Chain, PESTLE and many other tools that I had learned in my Competitive Strategy class on Apple Inc. Yeah! need to complete that by this Sunday and send over to turnitin and get the cert. then can submit on 10th July 2009. Worst thing! I end up staring at the computer blank and don't know how to start... I suppose to think about Apple Inc. but end up think about Apple as a fruit. Isshhh! for 3 hours sat there with all apples flying above my head. How to start? Even this morning I am in the office I still don't have any clue on how to start. I will try again tonight and think hard about this when I am driving back tonight. I am also very worried on my coming Saturday presentation. Ah! for the sake of getting the salary at the end of the month. I will give m

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