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Weekend Ramadhan Feast

During weekend, Chingu will drop by to bring me out for delicious iftar. Normally will end up at Sushi King or Secret Recipe...well not much choices there since this is the only restaurant we could find seat and willing to entertain us during that peak hours. Normally , at sushi king I will settle with assorted sushi but there is one weekend, I end up ordered....     Spicy udon   Takoyaki   Red bean fish bread   Yeah!!!! so greedy of me...and end up over eat all those...   The other day, there is no seat for us at sushi king so we both settled at Secret Recipe...they have vegetarian choices but me feel don't like it end up ordered..   Thai fried rice seriously the 'sambal belacan' damn 'syiok wei'! I ate it all... Reached home ...throw everything in toilet bowl...yeah...stomach couldn't take this very well... Damn 'syiok' but unable to digest!   This is chingu set at Secret Recipe...I think i

Simple Ramadhan Feast

This ramadhan , I didn't buy much food during weekdays. Most of the time cook my own meal. Just a simple one will do...for me.     Sometimes..I end up with this plain pumpkin soup...aiyoh! lazy to blend just much it and swallow will do.   during lazy time...this instant porridge from Maggi become my iftar meal..I just add in sesame oil and lots of veggies in.   I normally started my iftar with some fruits like turkey apricot   and sometimes cherries...   Like Chingu said ...I have expensive and rich woman taste. I only eat those fruits...especially the cherries which is the must have in my fridge now... Can't blame me...this is the easiest to eat among all the fruits. Why? You wash it and just eat it. It not too big like apples or pears. It so small and I definitely can finish it1


My favourite all time this cherry tomatoes. Very easy breezy to make this snack.   * Tomato cherry clean thoroughly * Then cut slice in the middle...don't cut it all the way down * slices of dried plum or in our term call 'asam boi' * Then insert in slices of 'asam boi' to the middle of cherry tomato * keep it in tight container * leave it in the fridge * best to eat it after keep it over night in the fridge * delicious to munch this snack while watching favourite show.   Give this a try! You won't regret!

Peaceful Sunday

Bird chirping sounds outside....sha la la la sha la la la... Slow rock song.... Fresh Lemon grass scent smells from aromatheraphy set...  Lovely Sunday ahead....   I was up since 4:30am in the morning for early breakfast. I have long black coffee from starbuck coffee powder, steamed whole grained flower bread with melted butter and cherries. Delicious breakfast ever!   Then I started writing my book. Yup! continuing my hold up resolution since last year. I am hoping to publish it by end of this year or at least early next year.   Ah! people may think with your kind of English think you can make it as a writer? Have you ever hear about Editing Service? We can just pay people for this with money. Money is not everything but it can solve some of your weakness. Don't you think so? All you need is some investment in your time, ideas and of course small amount of money to realise your dream.   Am I writing for fame? Nope! I am writing to sh

Another 2 Weeks

This ramadhan feel very fast... I guess I am getting matured...eheh...don't want to use that word 'old'. I don't feel that bad for not drinking a single drop of water the whole day. I don't feel hungry at all...... So far back from work head straight to my fridge to take out whatever in the fridge and strat thinking on what to cook. Yesterday, I cook kimchi soup with soy bean curd and lots of vege throw in... Half way eating feeling so good ar? You think I can lose weight like this ar? mmmmm... I guess my body give up to lose weight. I don't eat much and don't drink that much of water too....but my weight has been very stagnant...WTH!!!! ooooppssss....'puasa'. Another 2 weeks.... 'raya time'. Received this morning from Chingu at 12:21pm.... Chingu : Good morning! you wake up ledi ar???? Me : Of courseeeeeeeee!!!! Chingu : Wanna watch movie??? Me : Of courseeeeeee!!!! Chingu : What movie ar??? haiiisssh

You want to be Happy?

I read this interesting article early this week , The 20 Things You Need To Let Go to be Happy written by Ashley Fern from elite daily.   All of us wants to live our life happily.... Who wants to live life sadly???? 'Micheossuh' !!!! Crazy ar??? Want to be happy need to let go many think happiness comes for FREE ar? 'Micheossuh'??? Crazy ar??? 1. You need to proof you really don't care what other says... Many says they 'don't care what others say' but when come to reality how many people dare to live without gaining approval from others around them??? How many??? So we do care??? Then to be happy??? So worried about what other will says and think about you???? 2. Learn to accept other people anger / resentment with open heart Who never get scolded before??? How many times we gain apology after get scolded???? Many of us feel offended and frustrated when get scolded.... Life will be easier if we could learn to

ssssshhhhh...everyone has secret!

So you claimed you are Honest??? You don't have any secret? Nothing to hide??? Are you an angel? So saint? Think again...... Many will think be honest to gain trust from others... Get real!!!! No one in this world who's living their life perfectly honest. Everyone has a secret they hide from others.... Sometimes people pretend to be honest in order to hide their secret from others... Honesty can be good and can be bad too... ...... and being a living creatures in this world we are aware ...the truth will reveal to the matter how far you want to run and no matter how  hard you try to avoid. With this statement...don't you think honesty is the right thing to do? mmmm...depend... if for you being honest will harm other people...just forget it for time being... find the right time to do that. I have gone through so much... and I can say timing is very important to be honest. Why??? Honest meaning your spell out the facts and truth. Facts and


Sharks!   Many people will scared to death just to listen to this name....more if your shout that name when out in the middle of the ocean. Out of many sea creatures...I feel pity for sharks. I feel pity for them not to say I support their agressive lify style eating other creatures and so on. Oh well...I don't support violence...   Do you know sharks has no air bladders? They have to keep moving to stay alive. They even move while sleeping... You can imagine how tiring their life can be... Such an exhausting life... I imagine myself moving on the treadmill 24 hours.....ooopppsss no need 24 hours...give me 2 hours...I feel like dying already.   They are the strongest in the ocean. Yet..they are the most hateful creatures....   Don't you think that sharks is just surviving their life???? So do we...right? No matter.... tiring and exhausting our life is...we still have to keep moving forward... We are all just matter what o

People Like Us - Kelly Clarkson

So in love to this song...Happy Monday! " We come into this world unknown But know that we are not alone They try and knock us down But change is coming, it's our time now Hey... everybody loses it, Everybody wants to throw it all away sometimes And hey... yeah I know what you're going through Don't let it get the best of you, you'll make it out alive Ohh People like us we've gotta stick together Keep your head up, nothing lasts forever Here's to the damned, to the lost and forgotten It's hard to get high when you're living on the bottom Oh woah oh oh woah oh We are all misfits living in a world on fire Oh woah oh oh woah oh Sing it for the people like us, the people like us Hey, this is not a funeral It's a revolution, after all your tears have turned to rage Just wait, everything will be okay Even when you're feeling like it's going down in flames Ohh People like us we've gotta stick together Keep your head

Desktop blown up and fasting

Dear Diary, Happy and positive Saturday morning ...bird chirping happily outside my window. Really make me feel good to start the day. I was up since 4:30am for my early breakfast....and fasting after 5:30am and will be having dinner at 7:30pm later in the evening. Not having food is no problem but can't drink for the whole day...feel a bit miserable. Anyway, I keep telling least I am certain I am going to eat and drink later in the evening. To think about those poor and unfortunate who are not certain to get any of those in life.....I feel bless and thanks to God for giving me chance to be born as me. Yesterday, I was working late... my 'King' is in got to serve him..WTH! Anyway, not a single drop of water or food reach me until only 9:00pm yesterday evening. I feel sick because of my gastric...was driving back while squeezing my stomach...WTH! Keep telling myself ...I am bless I am bless because I food and drink waiting for me at home. Th

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