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I feel Better

When I received call from my coursemate last night saying result for MF is out, I feel very nervous. I expected to flunk on this subject because it was toughed.I am very nervous to even look at the result. So scary! But when I saw the result, my tears started rolling down.. Oh! my God... I don't need to re sit! yeay!!!! Happy! happy! God Bless me! Thank you.. Thank you.. Although just a pass without a credit I more than happy and thankful... For E&I as expected I got it through smoothly and as long as I maintain credit in my result I more than happy. A distinction will be a bonus to me. So far manage to get through with all credits on 5 subjects plus 1 pass. Its tough though. Good! everything as schedule and hey finish my MBA on Feb 2010 .. here I come... I am planning for far away trip after my MBA. Adventurous Rina is going backpacking to London or Brisbane coming Feb or Mar. And for now... I need to concentrate on my new subjects which starting since 9th May 2009. Next week


How to start this week post? Nothing interesting in my life and I feel boring Let me see...I just got back from my North trip. Not that great but just fine! Back to work overloaded as usual but manageable. Health not so good as I am feeling very weak and hope everything back to normal by end of this week as I seriously need to catch up on my studies and assignments. I just not in the mood to start anything but hey I still need to force myself or else..... Looking for swimming instructor to teach this fat ass woman how to float and swim. I need to swim to stay in shape and healthy currently all my exercise routine seems doesn't work at all.However , my biggest fear is to get into the pool. I can't swim without not getting in?? hehehe Let me go and soak my feet there first for a start. One toe in at one time then the whole feet in then walah... got in and float. Ah! the water very cold and how if somebody pee in the pool damn I will get itchy whole body.

Heading North

Quite long time, I didn't drive back to North alone. I guess almost 3 years. This Friday I will be driving back alone for the 1st time. I normally car pooling with my Sis since my car is old junk and quite dangerous to travel that far. But now since she got married and I bought new wheel and also expecting busy for next 2 month, I just grab the chance to pay a visit to my old folk. Yeah! owe them due to last Raya end up only one night due to unexpect tragedy. How I feel right now?? Nervous actually because I am afraid I will get lost. I always have bad sense in term of direction. Remember when 1st time bought my car and suppose to drive back for Raya for the 1st time. I told my mum I will be starting my journey at 5.30am and by 9.30am I am still in KL trying to find way to get into the NSE. Yeah! that bad. My full tank petrol need to refill due to too many rounding. Make thing worst its Fasting month! I am so panic like mad and almost give up. Early morning call whoever I can just

Naughty girl - repent

Today, I am feeling good as usual because is Monday! Monday is 'The Mother' of the week so it is important to start my week right or else... Work as usual nothing new.. meeting few scary look people. I left around 6.30pm with good spirit and thought will do SERIOUS revision for my studies. On the way home stuck in traffic jam at Kerinchi Link towards federal highway as usual le.. But... today a bit different One hot guy in Dark Grey Honda City beside me hihihi... I suddenly feeling flirty.. ( yeah! I am bad today) I look at the guy and he also look at me.. just want to test power hahaha I throw my sweetest and seductive smile to him and wink hahahah BAD RINA! Very unusual of me.. mid life crisis like that le.. POWERFUL ONE!!! Response... haha he actual look at me smile and wink back.. as mentioned he is at the other lane. He look so adorable but... Seriously I feel guilty.. When the traffic start moving he actually accidently kiss the car in front of him. Oooopppsss ! not my f

Adventurous Weekend

Yesterday (Saturday) is the best day for me. I love travelling and be adventurous and discover new places. Its all started with going to Semenyih Post Office to collect documents and Semenyih Town is new place for me. Semenyih town is very busy and very small and old town. I reached there around 1.30pm and its lunch time and then I decided to have lunch at the restaurant nearby. Ordered one Mee Jawa and Lychee then add on 5 mutton , 5 chicken and 2 Perut Satay. Wow! I ate a lot yesterday. Despite being told by my chiro doc in the morning not to take too much meat and hard thing as my jaw allignment still not in good condition. As usual I love to break the rules... Oh ya! talking about my adventurous day yesterday... After collected the documents then suppose to head back home. But suddenly I remember watched one tv programme on Ostrich Farm near to Semenyih. Aiks! thought I saw the signage just now on the way to the town... so I divert to Ostrich Farm instead of heading back home. Actu

What is family mean to you

The other day when I was talking to one friend, I did mentioned about my worries on who is going take care of my body when I am dead? How?? Since my family is way too distance from me. Its not that I am not good with them, I just got so carried away with my career and totally don't know how to pick up from where I left. I am totally feel embarassed on my attitude towards maintain good relationship with them. As much as my PR skill is 'sucks' towards people around me same goes towards my 'so called' family too! I am that bad ha??? Yeah! I don't deny! I am concern about my feeling too much until I am afraid to show my affection towards others. I just afraid to get hurt and to get turn down.I don't like disappointment. This is also affected my personal relationship as well. I am too afraid for rejection or disagreement. or maybe feel unhappy with me or anything that make people judge me. I wish to have close knit family like other people. Sisters or broth

Here goes my waffle

I started out very bubbly and chirpy as usual on Monday morning. Everything went hair wired after lunch. No.. no.. not due to heavy lunch! I just took mushroom omellet and my favourite 'okra' for lunch. Maybe part of it due to my 2nd day PMS. Yeah! when you are not married and mid 30s your hormones tend to influence your system and emotion. I can't deny this. Mid life crisis hahaha... Yeah yeah I still can laugh despite having a bad day. Not too bad but still unexpected for Monday. What happen after lunch? I got bad migrane and make thing worst I have to maintain my sweet smile despite being in pain just to make sure my emotion doesn't affect people around me... If not people will start saying yeah!!! she is not married and lack of sex thats why so emotional....Ah! so painful.. I went back on time today. Thank God! my Boss went home early today. My uterus part very painful plus my head feeling like got hammered or something. I still need to drive home.. on the way feeli

It pays to have fun at work

Sorry for bad quality photos. My old junk camera almost dead at that time but just still need to keep snapping though or you miss this moment... My last day at PWR Design Sdn Bhd From left : Jack Tan (Fireball in the Company) & Me From left : Wai Gin (always thought she look like Sally Yeh) & Me In photo : my friends at previous company - from left : me, Brandom (My Teddy Bear) and Nev (Queen of Screamer) I read this article by Roshan Thiran in StarBiz yesterday title 'It pays to have fun at work!'. Very interesting article, talked about Southwestern Airlines-CEO Herb Kelleher. At his Company, employee working hard , achieve result as well as having fun at working place. They even have weekly team activities and after lunch crazy hours. They have fun together and result to this activities... bonding to each employee and most of them tend to be very motivated and don't want to miss work. Even their work performance increase! There are few reasons why having fun is

Amazing Friday Night

Mel's 21st birthday falls on 9th May 2009 which is Saturday. As usual once I stuck at home on weekend I will never want to go out again. So, I decided to throw small birthday party in the office for her on 8th May instead. I love to arrange theme party but this is ad hoc case. No prior proper plan so I can say its total fail plan. But hey.. just to comfort myself.. at least something for Mel! I walked to Tropicana City Mall ordered one Chocolate Cake (well you will never go wrong to choose Chocolate- my theory) and gave them the wording 'Happy 21st Birthday to Mel'. Then paid for the cake and off to get some drinks and other side 'throat junks' - my phrase for side menu. Finished all my shopping then went to collect my cake. Damn! the writing on the cake was so horrible. I refused to accept the cake! The sales assistant look so frustrated and quiet angry with me. Hello! I am the one suppose to show my frustration here no you.. mind your attitude. You suppose to


As I was driving to work this morning, I saw many couples in a car with their todlers and children. Maybe to fetch their precious on to the nursery. I believe every parent in this world love their flesh and blood more than anything. There's always a saying get married , start a family (in another word start breeding) make your life complete. Raising your kids like an investment. At least many feel secure they have somebody to take care of them when they go through their old age. Breeding another life and feel secure? If you have enough money to provide this fruitful of love with best education, best medication and they turn up to be a good kid to you, then its fine! But, if they turn into otherwise? Do you think its a mistake to bring in another life into this world? My point of view , many people nowadays, breeds with wrong intention. Living in this world nowadays getting tougher and suffering. If you think to breed with your own benefit without thinking about what your fruit of l

Teddy Bear oh Teddy Bear

My dearest friend snap me this photo on his trip to Teddy Bear Land in Korea last Christmas. Amazing experience he got there and thank you for snapping me this photos appreciate it! Very adorable... I am working hard to save money to visit this place. Teddy Bear wait for me...

New York New York

Enough le Mel.. Happy hours also want to work! Employee of The Month for Executor New York New York Received good review from Mel & Zef and 'mati mati' both want me to try Lets go then.. The Little Black Book? Sounds like that movie..mmmm Since you want to snap my photo here my sweetest smile for you to remember hehehe.. Sweet or not? Cute?? From Left : me, the cute Mel and Zef my victim for 4 months Hello!!! I am so hungry both of you show some mercy... You have plenty in front of you.. isk isk Don't take my chicken!!!! Say Cheezzz!!! From Left : Johnny, Me, Mel, Zef and Nigel Ahh look at that Nigel.. he is having audition for toothpaste or something??? The smile is soooo weird... The end.. Dinner @ New York New York - 30th April 2009 Zef & Johnny - Both of you most happening interns and hope you guys could find better placement in Advertising & Media Industry. Good Luck to both!

Teary Saturday

As usual Saturday morning is my Chiro day. Positive result since my Doctor said she see the improvement on my spine. Hopefully everything goes very well. Since I am on 2 weeks break so I don't be bothered to even think about studying hehehe..Thought of doing my facial but since I am one spontaneous person, I end up with disappointment when I walk in to the spa centre and they are fully book for the day. Damn! so 'hot' meh? Stop by to my favourite restaurant and 'tapau' my lunch. Don't eat anything since morning. Do some readings on the newspaper. Death here and there ah! so scary, then watch korean movie online. Ah! this movie really make me cry my heart out! A therapy for my eyes but not for my mind. It is a touching story, when it come to part the actress found out the birth mum dump her to orphanage and she went to find her mother and tell her straight to her face how she hate her mother for dumping her... Deja vu !!! I just can't my help crying hard. So

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