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Vegreen Vegan Skincare Review

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Adventurous Weekend

Yesterday (Saturday) is the best day for me.
I love travelling and be adventurous and discover new places.
Its all started with going to Semenyih Post Office to collect documents and Semenyih Town is new place for me.
Semenyih town is very busy and very small and old town. I reached there around 1.30pm and its lunch time and then I decided to have lunch at the restaurant nearby. Ordered one Mee Jawa and Lychee then add on 5 mutton , 5 chicken and 2 Perut Satay. Wow! I ate a lot yesterday. Despite being told by my chiro doc in the morning not to take too much meat and hard thing as my jaw allignment still not in good condition. As usual I love to break the rules...
Oh ya! talking about my adventurous day yesterday...
After collected the documents then suppose to head back home.
But suddenly I remember watched one tv programme on Ostrich Farm near to Semenyih.
Aiks! thought I saw the signage just now on the way to the town... so I divert to Ostrich Farm instead of heading back home. Actually , its the same way to Chinese and Christian Memorial Park.
It was a very very very hot and sunny day... so travelling back to greeney place is cooling.. hopefully.. Snap photos on the way there...
Talking about ostrich actually I didn't manage to really play with Ostrich as I chicken out when I reached there. I really not that good with animal and just scared Ostrich will harm me or I end up harm that animal... hehehe I just snap photo from outside and far and then off ...scared le coz that ostrich very tall, even taller than me. Their neck look like a giant worm to me...
Then I continue my journey , don't know what I am going to discover next..
I saw this signage saying 'Ladang Bunga bungaan' Oh! lovely.. diverted there with thought could have nice flower view during sunny day. The road very narrow with jungle left and right. On the way I saw few 'Mat Rempit' quite scared though but luckily nothing bad happen.
Did I really see the flower ??? Ah ! just see the photo below. Thats all I found after that journey.
On the way even saw this signage said got 'Kolam D Rimba' mmmm sound interesting but there was not really a kolam but just kolam for fishing.. misleaded this poor lady again..
Continue the journey ahead since the road link back to Ampang. Then saw 'Teratak Tekala'. Yes ! finally can see the real nature. Paid RM1 and walked in. Many people mainly family picnic near water fall. Very happy family!!!
Just have a short walk found big ant on the way, then found wild mushroom, tall trees and few monkeys... Cooling and green so refreshing view.
Then continue journey to Ampang, stop at 'Ampang Yong Tau Foo' for dinner (actually its around 5.30pm) then go window shopping at Ampang Point. On the way to car park saw this 'Cash Converters' yeah! I heard about it but never been there.
I just drop by and have a look. Many people but the items? No comment! You should check it out if you want to know more.... I wonder.....ish ish ish.. like that oso can sell.
Start journey back home but on the way pass by Leisure Mall end up watch Startrek and learn Vulcan style of greeting people and reached home at around 11.40pm. Very tired buy yet feel satisfied! I went to bed and sleep like a baby..... I m loving it!

Nice tree! look like the tree trunks is kissing!

Road to 'Ladang Bunga bungaan'

This is the frontage of that creepy ladang bunga bungaan

Kolam Saujana D Rimba yang penuh hutan rimba... iyeee

The only flowers I saw at that Ladang

Workers at Ladang Bunga bungaan

Beautiful trees.. don't know how old but bet been there long time

Pond in that Ladang Bunga

Me in front of Ostrich Farm

See all those Ostriches! and the fierce creepy black dog with saliva drooling down waiting for me too...
Now you know why I turned back... scary!

Christian Memorial Park - nice landscaping

Frontage of Chinese Memorial Park

Teratak Tekala - cooling and refreshing

Wild mushroom

Nice trunk like a snake

This tree is very very tall

Greenpeace!!! Cheezzzz


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