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Renew Passport in Malaysia

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Another Outing

Snap photo from inside car - Gunung Nuang look so shy up there. small road which we don't even know what is waiting for us reached at this beautiful stream or river...mmmmm don't know which one is this...small shack at side for weekender picnic lover to sit and relax continue the journey again...with no specific destination in mind whoa!!!!! beautiful lake by the road side oh!!!! not a lake but a damp

Adventurous Weekend

Yesterday (Saturday) is the best day for me. I love travelling and be adventurous and discover new places. Its all started with going to Semenyih Post Office to collect documents and Semenyih Town is new place for me. Semenyih town is very busy and very small and old town. I reached there around 1.30pm and its lunch time and then I decided to have lunch at the restaurant nearby. Ordered one Mee Jawa and Lychee then add on 5 mutton , 5 chicken and 2 Perut Satay. Wow! I ate a lot yesterday. Despite being told by my chiro doc in the morning not to take too much meat and hard thing as my jaw allignment still not in good condition. As usual I love to break the rules... Oh ya! talking about my adventurous day yesterday... After collected the documents then suppose to head back home. But suddenly I remember watched one tv programme on Ostrich Farm near to Semenyih. Aiks! thought I saw the signage just now on the way to the town... so I divert to Ostrich Farm instead of heading back home. Actu

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