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Drama in Bali

Every where I go , I will observe people around me and create my own story... Yeah! if it is not because of my non photogenic camera face I would become an actress by now or a script writer ..huh! it is just my dreams. I still dreaming to be an actress but afraid to pursue my dreams. Why? I know my emotional not so strong enough to handle all the critics from others! I am a little mermaid and I want to find my way back to my under water world.... Digging! digging! digging... ahhh!!!! water water... I am almost there... Life is difficult! but I will move on with my head up! I just want to play dead! omo omo who is going to feed my 12 kids at home ??? ah! I can't play dead yet! Berapa bu? Tauhu nya?? sedap nggak??? you think you the only one customer??? sedap ni sedap ni... semuanya ya! saya beli!!!! 1 2 3...... Yeay!!!!!! We in Bali!!!!! Son! if you can dig thumb of gold for me I will bring you back home.... if not... you better dig your own

Legian Beach Sunset

I have a feeling I am gonna start my new year with running nose.... I can feel it coming....the symptom and the sneezing... huhuhuhuh I dont like it this way :( Back to my long journey in Bali kekeke... when I said my 24th Dec 2010 ends at Taman Ayun Temple... I am wrong hahaha... I finished my Bedugul Trip late afternoon. But hey! it is Christmas Eve why should I stuck in the hotel watching that Indon sad drama. mmmmm armed with my camera and of course my passport and cash (dont want to end up in Bali lock up because I am foreigner here). I went strolling by Legian beach and noticed many people sitting waiting anxiously... what are they waiting for? Just like normal human curiosity comes to my mind. I waited like others... I stand there and look at the same direction like other human.... not alien ok repeat again human!!! Owhh!!!! magical! I am fascinating and like being hypnotised with the creation of God! Beautiful! marvellous! amazing.... hehehe a bit out of space because this is m

Bedugul Trip - Part 3 Final

Here goes my part 3 for Bedugul Trip... my 24th Dec 2010 ends here....Taman Ayun Temple. Emperor temple and garden. Beautiful scenery everywhere. I love this view as much as I love Tanah Lot. I didn't make my trip to Uluwatu since they are having major worshipping starting 23rd Dec 2010 for 3 days. It will be crowded and I just settled for good self touring aroung Kuta and Legian by myself on foot. kekekekeke yeay!!!! I surrender myself to the sun and also witness God creation... the beautiful sunset view at Legian Beach... i will put in my next post and I have drama in bali too ..... Cannot enter this place so just snap from outside... they are preparing for worshiping...yeay!!! now I know why people practice Yoga in Bali.... spiritual place...and my driver said they have magic like harry potter and ' lord u know who' kekekeke ... I like the roof of all the temples... according to my driver again the black roof only can be used for temple... house and any other can't u

Bedugul Part 2

Bedugul Trip - Part 2. Snap snap at Tamblingan Lake and Ulun Danu Temple. This is Tamblingan Lake from Botanical Garden...Fresh air, marvellous view.... OMG .... God are too great to creat such a magnificiet view like this ... i enjoy it here... love it love it Ulun Danu temple the floating temple above Lake Bratan.... another wonders... I just love the feeling to be here finally in middle of the lake wonder whether the foundation can stand that long... A Frog as guardian Under hot sun and windy ... i still cam whore owwhhh!!! i am so brownie since yesterday was at beaches..... by this time my energy getting slowing down because I am too hungry Look at that!!!!! Floating bamboo too

Trip to Highlands Bedugul - Part 1

24th Dec 2010 - charter car with driver again heading up to highlands bedugul for several tourist attractions. This place is almost similar with Cameron highland. Strawberry & vegies every where .... visited Beratan Lake, Ulun Danu Temple, Taman Ayun Temple, Tanah Lot temple and botanical garden overseeing tamblingan lake. Very beautiful scenery and sightseeing... flora.. Local junk food Singkong and macaroni... not bad another beautiful farm Nice greenery view and great fresh air Splendid view A cheeky french girl looking at me A lonely farmer Tanah lot temple... they having worship for God of sea so i can't go in... too many people in there praying.... There ... some of the local with their costumes It is hot and sunny day and view is magnificent from my eyes Many of them walking toward temple on the sea Ah ... another beautiful scene ... i can't take off my eyes Damn! its beautiful Wow! look at that wave so beautiful....tanah lot locals walk towards temple vie

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