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Beauty Inside Out with Newly Launched Hada Labo Hydrating Water Gel

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Reduce Cholesterol and Unblocked the Arteries

How to Reduce Cholesterol and Unblocked the Arteries ? My medical check up last year shows a high cholesterol level result. WTH! I was told to reduce it so I can be more healthy. I tried my best to eat healthily but the food in Malaysia...seriously no joke! I am not a Saint at all! WTH! The amount of temptation always make me get lost in the haven of food. Chingu suggested me to try this ginger garlic tonic recipe.I read this tonic has been around a while and proven beneficial for well being. Some call this super heart tonic. Benefit of Ginger Garlic Lemon Tonic * Lower down cholesterol * Beneficial for those who diagnosed with heart blockage and heart disease * Good for those who unable to afford or unable to go to by-pass surgery * Reduce constipation and ulcers * Weight loss Ginger Garlic Lemon Recipe Ingredients : * 1 Cup Ginger juice  * 1 Cup Garlic Puree * 1 Cup Lemon Juice * 1 Cup Apple Cider vinegar * 3 Cups Organic Honey Jus

6 Blogging Mistakes I have made

Is blogging for everyone? Starting a blog is very easy. All you need to just follow simple steps and 'walahhhhh' you get yourself a blog. is easy to create a blog but to maintain a blog is another story. For those who wanna jump into blogging. Here are the real life mistakes for being unsuccessful blogger after few years in blogging industry.I am still struggling and learning until now. 1. Poor Writing Skills For those who read my blog would know my writing skills is should I put it ? I admit on the poor grammar and all those spelling mistakes. I do have ideas but to deliver it through writing is a challenge for me. Well..I did received some haters comment on my writing style.  Hater Comment 1 : " Rubbish"  Me : (feeling hurt) " depends on how you read it " Hater Comment 2 : " Poor grammar" Me : (head down and admit) " Well...I admit of my poor grammar but I can't help it"

Nicole Kidman is NEUTROGENA® Global Brand Ambassador

NEUTROGENA® Global Brand Ambassador NEUTROGENA ® has recently announced Academy Award-winning actress, activist for women’s cancer research and Goodwill Ambassador of UN Women, Nicole Kidman as its latest Global Brand Ambassador . According to Cory Price, General Manager of NEUTROGENA ® at Johnson & Johnson US, “Nicole embodies the true spirit of the women that we are committed to everyday. Their passion, strength and focus are what makes NEUTROGENA ® women so special. Nicole will help us encourage women to embrace their beauty through the lens of skin health and empower women to see what’s possible with NEUTROGENA ® ” . In Malaysia, NEUTROGENA ® is known for its wide array of skin health-focused products starting from cleansers, hydration serum and masks to sun protection lotions. “We are pleased that a Hollywood big name like Nicole Kidman has become our global brand ambassador. Besides keeping the NEUTROGENA ® brand top of mind when it comes to

Something Different for your next Cafe' Visit

Café Culture in Malaysia The café culture across Malaysia is really blooming fast with their thought-out interior, staffs and baristas that are a lot more passionate about what they are serving you as well as the attention paid to the food quality. Not only are these cafés totally Instagram worthy, the whole ambience, the food and just everything about the cafés here in Kuala Lumpur is a must visit. I occasionally joined the club of café hopping. Seriously, there are many café around and I could say most of us are spoil with choices. Some good and some just up to par. Well? D on’t know which one to visit first? Here is a list to help you out. Namoo Café on the Park I am one big fan of Korean Food and Korean Dessert. If you are talking about trying Bingsu..... Namoo is the one place you can get a Salted Caramel Bingsu with a very hearty serving of chewy ricecakes, popcorn, caramel sauce in a 500ml measuring cup. Namoo goes all out Korean, serving an awesome rice

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