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How To Make Your First Home Feel Special

"There is no place like home" We often heard this quote.  It takes me a while to make myself comfortable in a new place.   I currently moving into a house that I will call home for the rest of my life. That is my biggest wish because I really hate the idea to move again. It really takes a toll on my body really bad. This will be my first ' so called' home ever. All the while I have been staying in the kind of office set up. I really spend time to decorate and even organizing this new place of my mine because this place is really special and will be here most of the time. How did I find this new place? Well, after a long survey and consulting some of my friends who are residing all the way in Toronto. Yes! my long-distance friend whom I seek for advice whenever I need one. I did mention to her the property here in Malaysia is getting more and more beyond affordable. She told me, the price in Malaysia is still affordable compared to Real Estate in Toronto . She did ment

Best Skincare Routine For Sensitive Skin

  What is the sign of sensitive skin? If you are having redness, itching, burning, stinging, tightness or even dryness - this means you have sensitive skin. There are many factors for your skin to change and become sensitive. Leading a hectic lifestyle and stress is some of the factors contributing to this change. I would say having sensitive skin would be unpleasant and annoying. If you have sensitive skin, don't go around using just any products to your skin. Make sure to apply suitable skincare for your skin to make it better. Since I am a huge fan of the Hada Labo skincare series, I would recommend Hada Labo+ Sensitive Hydrating for sensitive skin solutions. There is much range of Hada Labo skincare but Hada Labo+ is a specially formulated skincare range to target sensitive skin.  Hada Labo+ not only soothes irritation but also protects the skin from irritation as well as helps strengthen and repair damaged skin barriers. Hada Labo is well known for using the best ingredients

Let's Make Slushy In One Minute

  Gosh! the weather now has gone hair wired. It supposedly isn't this hot in the month of Nov onwards, right. But seriously, it has been freaking hot, nowadays! I don't usually drink ice because it will make me sick. Let me use the hot weather as an excuse to indulge myself with ice cooling drink. Once in a while, I need to stop being too good. Let's enjoy the paradise taste and worry about in hell later. Huh? Recently, a box from Ambrosial reached me. As far as my knowledge this brand is famous for its delicious Greek-Yogurt style drink. I have tried that before, it tasted delicious when drink it, chilled and good for guts too.   The ambrosial box contains : 👉 6 boxes of Yili  Youngfun Milk Flavoured Drink 👉 One Lazy Ghost Squeeze Cup Yili Youngfun Milk Flavoured Drink  The one that reached me is Yili Youngfun Milk Strawberry Flavour. To be honest, I am not a big fan of strawberry milk. Sacrifice my palate for this review. WTH!  How does Yili Youngfun Milk Strawberry Fla

How I Spend My Birthday Recklessly This Year

  I waited at 12 midnight, just in case anyone want to wish me early. But gosh! no one. Pathetic! Aihhhh...I thought having someone special to wish me that early. Why do I expect something that obvious? In my dream, isn't it.  It is just another day on 12 Oct 2021. Check on me in the mirror and notice 2 strands of white hair. Oh! you came out already, huh? I thought got an exemption from this. Eheh? Dream on again. Morning came, my whattapps went on 'ketok! ketok! Ok, some people remember my existence. No, that pathetic. Not bad! Not bad! At least someone knows I exist.  Then checked my email, hohohoh...My conservative BFF sent an 'Ang Pow' to my bank account. Awww...Thank you. A good start! My 2 sisters sponsored a retro-style multi-cooker. They knew I am one practical person. So always ask anything I need before purchasing something for me. They sponsored an Air Fryer for my birthday last year and I have been using it conveniently. Love it too. Thank you, sista! One o

Expensive Morning Business

  I went out for the annual standard car service last week. Usually, I can wait at the service centre but not this time. The nearest place to wait was McD which is just a walk away from the centre. The lady who attended to me said they require 3 hours to complete.  I was OK to wait at McD for 3 hours provided the place isn't that crowded. I ordered the small rice porridge and one cappuccino. Not many people, just around 3 couples. Aihhhh! Is it valentines day already?  Ate my breakfast peacefully while browsing my phone. Isn't this is how people kill their time nowadays? Finished the porridge and notice the crowd started to build up. Aihhhh... Then at the same time, my bowel is calling to be emptied. Aishhhh!!! not now. I have a long way to go. I thought have emptied this morning. Why suddenly so active? I checked the time and it's only 30 minutes after I left my car. I still have around 2 and a half hours more to go. The situation totally needs to go. So sian ar? McD toile

Something I have To Deal With

  October is my busy month ever after long hiatus. Sounds like a celebrity huh?  I went to do some inspection on my new home works. I have not been visiting that place due to MCO. My kitchen cabinet still missing the tabletop. Apparently, the one I chose is out of stock. Then I have to choose again. Then the stock is only available in a few weeks time. Finally, they are installing today on birthdate.  From my site inspection findings, the contractors thought an Eight feet tall person is living in that place. I am only 5ft 6inches tall. The rain shower head was beyond my reach at all. Too high up. Damn it! I feel like a midget walking into my main shower room. Can't even reach out to the showerhead to adjust the direction properly. I need a climb a ladder just to tweak the showerhead direction. Even the water heater switch is way up beyond my reach. Re-do? Gosh! they will ruin my tiling. Let me accept this as fate? My beautiful ceiling light is already out of light. WTH! Gosh...I ne

Why October Month Is So Special?

  October month has always been a special and meaningful month. Not because it's Halloween month. 12th October is my birthday and to be exact this year will be my 47th birthday. If God gives the permission, I will be reaching my FIVE-SERIES tiers in 3 years time. Urghhh! Even now, I feel like living in the 60s body.   As usual, no celebration because I don't have friends to celebrate though. My last birthday celebration is a farewell to my most fav workplace. So, I was a bit traumatic for a so-called birthday celebration, though! It's a good intention from others to make them feel less guilty towards me. I allow that to happen and it hurts me until now.  I usually travel abroad and enjoy my moment alone wondering at other countries like a lost soul. My last birthday trip was in the year 2019 to Tianjin. I remember wandering around at the Italian Street there and enjoy an Italian Pizza in one of the Alfresco Italian Restaurants. Then fill up my special day cafe hopping and a

Why You Should Choose A Botanic's Floral Sheet Mask

  Sheet masks have come a long way and over the years have earned their place as an additional step in skincare routines. For beauties out there who wants an immediate boost of nutrients and moisture and better skin condition, it is advisable to use sheet masks at least once a week. Recently, I had a chance to try out Mentholatum NEW Collection of Botanics Floral Sheet Mask . The Botanics Floral Sheet Mask collections come in three variants: Swiss Edelweiss Anti-Oxidizing Mask As its name, this mask is suitable for those who are looking for naturally powerful antioxidants to strengthen the skin's from pollution and environmental forces. It contains : 🌺 Kakadu Plum Extract contains a rich source of Vitamin C to give skin a youthful glow and healthy radiance. 🌺  Hyaluronic Acid helps infuse moisture deep into the skin for long-lasting hydration. French Calendula Soothing Mask For sensitive skin types can try out French Calendula Soothing Mask to soothe and calm the skin as well as

Reputable Developer Doesn't Guarantee A Good Quality House

  I am writing based on my own personal experience. I made my decision to settle down and live in the landed property as my retirement home. Location wise, certainly far from the city centre due to affordability. I also consider the developer reputation to avoid any abandonment in the middle of the project. I will cry a river, blood tears if this happens to my hard earn money. I bought mine from the best property developer in Malaysia . I received the key end of last year,2020. MCO and everything so everything at a halt for almost a year now. Revive back the plan only on September 2021. I plan to move at end of October this year or early Nov 2021.  Since I don't have anyone to rely on. Everything needs to be settled on my own. Using my two not so experience eyes screening the handover house and armed with a sticker on my hand. I was so disappointed with the end products. The quality is worst and for the price that I am paying, not to mention the reputation of the developer. Damn it

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