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Land of Strawberry

For all of you who cannot resist with temptation please dont read further....... kekekekeke... Strawberry delicious so yummy.....I am full with satisfaction ooo lalalalala.... So not cool with lots of calarioes swallow into my body.....repent repent Drooling drooling.... with my weekend feast at Cameron Highland. Honey Strawberry Crepe So beautiful and yummy!!! Strawberry Strudle...and you can't resist Strawberry Chocolate.... lovely... Land of goodies and cakes like in the fairy tale.. Strawberry or pumpkin? grown beautifully Strawberry flowers a moment to remember Siamese triplet strawberry Rock Melon? Sea coconut on top of the highland? which part of this place with sea??? Lord of the rings jungle... this is my best shot!!!! ehehehe proud of myself enjoy more flowerssss below... and I just remember...ooooppppsss forgot to upload my most desirable sconessssssss and Masala tea I am so passionate... waiting for this bee sucking honey from flower... beautifu


I was so lazy... ooppppssss ... not was but still lazy. Somebody called me last night and still asking me the same question. Have you decided? mmmm... ah! should I answer or should I not answer. Dont want to be rude and dont feel like to be polite either. I reached home almost 12.30 noon and my mind focus to my marathon plan. Marathon for Playful Kiss...Manage to finish the entire episodes (16) until 12 mid nite.Yo! I am with my Zombie face to work... overdose of radiation from my computer. Anyway, I am happy and satisfy.I even dream about Hyun Joong at night.... wow...dont feel want to wake up at all.... I like the feeling of being in dreamland again... I was waiting for this for so long ever since Boys Over Flower and Personal Taste series craze ended. I have many photos to upload but yet I am so lazy. My CM trip was the most memorable journey. Of course hiccup here and there but manageable with my snobbish and cocky attitude make into play. hehehehe... Yeah! I am trying to be a DIV

My various weekend finally

Whoa!!! don't really achieve much this weekend. I wish I have extended weekend..... wahahahaha or never ending weekend. Eat and eat and eat... the most enjoyable moment in life... My Saturday Brunch.....being greedy again! squid sambal, omelete, triangle bean & chicken rendang... mmmmm rated 4/10 Saturday brunch dessert.... sweet sweet cupcakes... yucksss!!!! rated 1/10.... I want bisou cupcakes I saw hanging duriansssss just now Sunday brunch - Tarbush Lamb briyani rated 5/10... I wish its hot but serve it cold... Tarbush - lamb swarma...rated 5/10...not bad! not to forget me ehehehe Sunday teatime - 2 cute egg tarts plus one cute girl kakakaka and another cute girl wahahahaha plate of enemy @ the gate toast bread one special brew coffee ooopppsss kopi! broken dam toast bread and another cute sailormoon pose Christmas feel @ Pavillion... ahahaha same old tree and deco like last year and me again Faranheit Christmas deco for the first time Me digging into my pocket f

No pain no gain

Frust again .... stupid internet line don't allow me to upload my greedy lunch and dinner photo :) and :(.... keep rejecting and make really drive up my blood level... ok ok I am trying to calm down! Busy weekend I believe. I am expecting myself stuck in front of computer for the whole weekend. Ah! my back bone feel harden and my muscle so so painful. Even my neck need a lubricant to turn. My fingers feel numb. My eyes feel strain. My shoulder... ah my shoulder so so hard and painful. My butt oucchhhh numb too... I think I end up getting a flat butt soon. My waist ouch ouch so hurt... Everytime I turn I can here my bone kluk klak kluk klak.... ohohohohoho... need more calcium I believe... and some good stretch out. OK my body... I will do YOGA for you.... sigh!!! so damn lazy to exercise but I can see and feel I am getting fatter and fatter due to my laziness... Why? I am working on my online store ad campaign. I need to develop at least 6 banners with 6 different sizing. I have to

Low Cal vs Hig Cal

I was busy interviewing candidates today until forgotten I miss my lunch. My gastric hit me again!!!!! By the time I realise, almost at tea time. I have no appetite to eat anymore after reading thru my inbox. My worst enemy is coming back on the 10th. mmmmm my wicked thought keep coming into my mind. Myanmar is now in the midst of crisis.... is appropriate if he appear to be one of the victim of that nasty army bullet...or .... Boss asked him to extend his stay..or ... his mistress announce she is pregnant with triplet...or ... the plane engine he is boarding malfunction due to bird accidently fly in... .... he just decided to be a monk and stay in tibet or... .... he decided to apply for long leave and go for another honeymoon with his wife or ...he is down with chicken pox like our PM or or or or STOPPPPPP!!!!! Rina???? wake up!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stop your wicked thinking!!!!! reverse reverse reverse another another step... I was driving back home and start thinking what for dinner

Do it right

I was keeping quiete this few days. I spend my time with more thinking than talking. I observed things around me and try to analyse my life. Am I at the right track? This is the question keep coming into my mind. Do I do thing right ? or Do I do the right thing? When I was thinking about both .... I manage to list down: * Do the right thing. * Do it for the right reasons. * Do it with the right people. * Do it at the right time. * Do it in the right order. * Do it with intensity. * Do it for the right results. My time at my current place almost up! I had accomplished many things and learn many things along the way. I hope change I brought in for this company will benefit them. I know most of them want me to stay and of course some of them more than happy to hear the news I am leaving but my biggest challenge right now is to break the news to my boss. I know he can't accept this fact! Although sadness I can't stay for long but I had decided this is not my stop. Better future wai

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