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Beauty Inside Out with Newly Launched Hada Labo Hydrating Water Gel

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How to Buy the Right Bra ?

Warning! This post is all about 'boobies'. If you have an allergy to 'boobies', please do not read this post. Don't blame me for not warning you. Read at your own risk. 😝 I really love shopping. Who doesn't? My most favourite shopping items are clothing and beauty care. There is one thing will give me an eerie and heavy heart if you even give me free shopping money for this item. Bra! For such a small item of clothing, bras are the hardest task for me.  First of all, I have bad experience shop for my own bra a long time ago. My perception, the salesperson who man the bra section mostly aunties who just care about the commission. Unlucky me always met the sales person who will criticize my 'poor boobies'. I have experienced one salesperson scoop up my 'boobies' just to check on my size. WTH! Super rude! I was taken aback at that time. Immediately made a 'U-turn' and never return. I was so puzzled and confused at that time. Why sh

Best Online Gift Shop in Malaysia

Best Personalized Gift Ideas We are now in the 3rd Quarter of the year 2018. Nowadays, time flies very fast. Soon we are moving towards the end of the year where everybody is busy to get some gift ideas for our festive season.  We have Christmas coming and New Year soon. Well if it is not the end of the year, we are still cracking head to get a good gift for friends, acquaintances and many more. For me buying a gift for somebody is always a difficult task especially for a man and somebody you are not really close to. Sometimes when we want to do the gifting, we are looking for something more personalized to create long-term impact and its something to remember and suitable for the keepsake. Here I compile some of the possible unique personalized gifts based on each personality which you can use for your gifting ideas soon. 1. Coffee / Tea Drinker Find out their drinking habit and 'Bingo' you will get some ideas on what to give them. We always hav

My Favourite Pants

I want a place to rant my unhappiness for these few months. Current workplace opens up myself to a totally different new world. I am kind of introvert who love to be left alone all the time. Being among many people make me feel super uncomfortable. The previous workplace, I would have the most is 25 people and this new one...I am talking about 400 minimum. When I accepted the offer, I was quite nervous myself. There are many eyes looking at you. Finding faults and so on. I become paranoid and restless. Almost quit after being told off I can't wear my 3/4 pants to work. huhuhuh... so hate those corporate styles. Stiff and fake too. 3/4 pants is a fashion la 'Ah Soh'!!! You can wear 'Ah Soh' sweater to work like you have 24/7 fever? Why I need to sacrifice my most comfortable 3/4 pants? Tell me why??? Suddenly I feel a bit childish after writing this post. But 3/4 pants are still my favourite pants ever. They have been with me since 10 years ag

10 Secs Real Fresh Skin Detoxer

Have you heard about Korea's no.1 Beauty TV show, Get It Beauty? 'Get It Beauty' was started in the year 2006 gaining popularity with its beauty contents like food, exercise, life, makeup, fashion and many more. The first host was Gong Hyun Joo and then pass the baton to former S.E.S member Yoojin and then subsequently Yoon In-na followed by Lee Honey. Recent main host position of Onstyle's Get It Beauty is top model Jang Yoon-Ju. Get It Beauty offers various and broad beauty experiences. Synonym to its contents, Get It Beauty recently creates a new beauty ritual with Althea, the trend leader of K-Beauty in Southeast Asia for beauty enthusiast like me.  There are many times your skin trying to communicate with you.  I need a detox! If you don't turn in- you may miss them. This lack of awareness towards yourself may lead to your skin don't look the best. Some of the signs you may notice : 1. Pimples pop up out of nowhere 2. Blackhead an

Part of Althea Beauty Ambassador Community

Hello! I am Althea Angel Cindyrina... Thank you for selecting me as part of your Beauty Ambassador Community.  I remember knowing this online beauty store since it started in the year 2015. Yeah..since Althea is a baby. I think they are the fastest-growing start-up that expands tremendously in Southeast Asia. A well known online beauty store to K Beauty Addict like me spread their wings and love virus from Malaysia, Singapore, Philipines, Thailand and Vietnam. Awesome right? In only 3 years they grow like Giant and conquer the online K Beauty store and bring us more awesome products at a good price. They a very famous for its Beauty Box once. So sad when they discontinued that now. isk isk isk. Then they introduce their own skincare brand called Althea Bare Essential which I heart it so much. I also love their Althea Petal Velvet Powder. You see..all this have good quality at a very reasonable price. That is one of the reasons I love to shop at 

Brand New Glamora - NATURE meets TECHNOLOGY

Before I get invited to their official launching, I never know this brand exist. I was told Glamora has been in the market for quite sometimes but recently get a major rebranding. Synonym with its tagline 'When NATURE meets TECHNOLOGY, you Skin Reformation begins', Glamora believe beautiful skin is healthy skin. It combines the power of nature and progressive technology to create safe, high-quality skincare that is good for you. This is really something new to me.  Glamora introduce four amazing skin care series c ater to different concerns : 1. Snow Glow for Radiance and Brightening (suit all skin types) - this range is the combination of Edelweiss Snow Flower and X50 Capsule Technology . 2. Age Limit for those who are looking for skin repair ageing skin (suitable for aging skin like mine) - this range is the combination of Australian Lime Pearl and 3D Prolonged Release Matrix. 3. Clear Capture (suitable for normal to oily / acne-prone skin) - this rang

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